Wassail from my Hermit Hideaway. Thank-you everyone for making this sublime moment in my life possible.

I am feeling so in tune with the energies of this place and the magical messages are really able to flow beautifully. You are all such kind and amazing people, following my journey towards the truth in all our souls.

So here are a bunch of photos to help you visualise the staggering beauty of this divine bay. I am so overjoyed I keep pinching myself to stop myself from crying at how fortunate I feel thanks to all of you.

I went on a hike in my finest colours to the nearest village to go shopping for food. I certainly surprised most of the dark clothed ramblers striding the high cliff paths.

It has been a bit tempestuous here since I arrived with wonderful howling winds. Judging by the trees though there seems to be a lot of that affecting tree growth.

It was a gorgeously sunny day and there were so many wonderful things to see of immense beauty as I wandered through the picturesque villages.

Hydrangeas seem to be the order of the day here, along with gates. Beautiful painted gates that contrast the giant clusters of blooms.

And then there were the gates made from branches that are so simply woven together that they shout “beware of the pixies” haha.

After stopping in a slim shop that was attached to the side of a restaurant I stocked up on jarred goods, dried pulses and vegetables. Everything here in this tiny Aladdin’s cave was organic too and they even had oat milk for my tea and coffee. Then back to the Hideaway to hideaway. The bay is a place of such natural beauty.

I swim in the sea each day and the waves are so cheeky. Being a large flat bay they rise up and foam and break with a force so well suited to the few surfers that stop by. The water is soft and creamy too but those waves can be taller than me and they make me scream with joy as I leap up throwing myself into them.

There are so many fantastic rocks erupting from the sand at low tide and seaweeds of so many colours were pouring in the first few days during the amazing tempest conditions. The sea is crystal clear and so often appears spa blue. Hard to capture this colour with my camera though.

The rocks are cut and layered like geometric patterns, skirted with seaweed and flat circular pebbles at the high tide mark of soft pastel shades.

The weather as well as the light changes so rapidly. Here in a matter of minutes the warm shining sun dipped behind a cloud and the entire scene changed as the pools of water suddenly shone sky blue.

And then there’s the moon sweeping across the sensual hills each night as it waxes full.

Oh and of course there are endless sunsets of such magnificence that I am left speechless. Silver ones as dusk approaches and then pink and fiery orange ones as it sinks from view.

So here are a few glimpses of the paradise where the energies are so magical that the messages are flowing with renewed clarity. There’s so much more to come from spirit folks so settle in and enjoy these views for now. We’ve of month here in this heaven.

Thank-you all from the bliss in my soul


40 Replies to “the paradise you all made possible

  1. This is so fantastic! I can feel the emotion and clarity and calm and beauty welling up by the time I finished reading. So gorgeous! And so open to flow! Displaying all of their colors right on cue. Feels like a scene that understands the cycles and seasons and reasons so innately that it turns just as everything else does. Feels like there’s a trust in the land too. I’m glad that you get to experience such bliss! And that you’re sharing it That second branched gate doesn’t look inviting at all though But it does pull on the curiosity a bit I wonder what its message would be. “Proceed with caution. Boundless magic awaits. Only masters can tread through this tempest. The easily tempted and weak of heart, mind, and spirit are the delicacies of the denizens beyond. Best make sure your gills are on before you give into the siren song.” Like it would be so wonderfully beautiful that it’s face alone would turn travelers into tenants… but it’s not for one to stop in. Or to prepare to be a tree if one would seek to make that a home. And after a few lifetimes as a tree, then one would be granted legs or wings, but would speak a completely different language. Well done!

    1. Patrick that is such a beautiful mystical tale. I’m tempted to return there with cards now I think I was so full of bliss I would have wandered in like a lamb to the slaughter. I do know it felt woven with magic though for sure

      1. I might’ve been a bit overly selling it but it was the energy lol. Very whimsical and beautiful, but intoxicatingly so. It made the mind wander as I tried to feel into what it could be. Not bad… just feels like a paradise that so many wouldn’t want to leave. Especially in this time and space, but there is much still to be done on this side of the gate. I suppose a brief trip wouldn’t hurt though. I’d for sure be interested in that message

        1. The message of the cards that is. It’s feels very “Harness the magic, lest it harness you.”

        2. I will post the details. I wouldn’t leave but I want to keep moving to where the sun is shining and the sea is warm.

          1. I can’t wait! That sounds lovely! I probably wouldn’t stay, but ai’d make sure to have a key forged that could take me back in a snap before I go. I’d prolly find a few more magical gates and get keys to those realms as well. I believe I’ve seen such a fellow with such a ring of keys lately … Might have to go back and give that video another watch! Lol

          2. That’s so funny because I had recently amassed so many sets of keys are having none for so long. Now I’m key free but feel like I could pick any lock with my mind

          3. I had amassed a lot of keychains. People assumed I had lots of keys lol. You might have to teach me that one! I can be a bit forgetful sometimes and wouldn’t want to get in trouble for losing important keys

          4. I just moved abroad from all doors I might be responsible for

          5. Did you ever look into the magic of the faerie/pixie gate?? Any shareable insights? I’m still curious lol

          6. I’m waiting patiently. I tried pushing for an answer but got nothing. It will flow in at some point I’m certain. I think I have to find it and sing to it

          7. I’ve not cast the cards yet. I’m allowing the frequency to build among you I’m excited too

          8. Gotcha gotcha. There are some magicks that only time can reveal. That one moment of majesty in a sunset. The first flap of a fledgling’s wings. One of those moments that holds so much power that it has an impact that defies the brevity of its time. I can stand to learn (and relearn and relearn and relearn) the lesson of patience rewarded. A little bit of antici… …pation is good here and there. Something that you so graciously teach me, and that I humbly accept. Lol!

          9. It’s funny as I’m so very impatient usually. It’s only recently that I’ve started to accept divine timing

          10. I’ve gotten good enough at pretending to be patient that I’ve developed something like it. I just get excited for what you put out into the universe lol

          11. Christmas gets closer everyday. Sometimes the Divine will see it come even earlier. I’ve got a good feeling about it. My inner child does delight in all of the Christmases! The excitement is nearly half of the fun. The other half being the joy, jolly, and good tidings. The gifts are a bonus. I wish I could post my laughing emojis lol

  2. I can feel the magic, all the way in Northern California. This place is on my bucket list now. So breath taking. And the way you describe it really helps me project myself to the adventure. WOW!❤

    1. Oh Patricia I’m so pleased. I really typed that up in great haste as I felt a need to share the Genius Loci of this place with you all so very suddenly. I will put the full details of the place up in a post when I leave. When the tide is high it’s like being on a ship as from the windows you see garden and then sea it’s amazing

  3. Wow, what a fantastic Journey that You are getting to experience You deserve this glorious opportunity. You give so much of Yourself Enjoy ✨✨

    1. Thanks so much Elaine. I do work very hard to share all this magical energies I’m surrounded by.

  4. What a fantastically beautiful paradise you have found!!!! It must be rejoicing to have you there to really see all its magic and play with the faeries and sea pixies… Totally fabulous photos. THANK U!!!!!! Xxxxx

    1. Totally. The place seems to love me so much. But I tell it how beautiful it is all day long‍♂️

  5. A beautiful spot for a beautiful soul; so, so happy for you. Enjoy the Beauty Way ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh thank-you. Also for illuminating that this really is the Beauty Way it’s just stunning at every turn and every moment ‍♂️

  6. Russell you are the color of rainbows. The sea is gorgeous. That silvery sun photo is amazing so glad you caught it! The bent trees, the massive flowers, the garden gates and rock formations are as unique as you are. So glad I found you! Thank you so very much for all you do. Epic journey my friend.

    1. Oh Amy that’s so kind of you. I think I’m just being me and yet as I read your message I realise that most people I used to know never saw the real me. They saw what suited them. Now I feel people see my uniqueness because I’m trying to show everyone that we are all unique and all special. The natural world is certainly obliging us all by putting on a spectacular show

    1. It’s just so beautiful here. I feel so cosy and excited all day. I don’t seem to have any spare moments

  7. I loved every word of your journey. I am following you along…knowing the wild things live in your heart.

    1. This is Cellium, the water dragon. Following you on your journey……..enjoying you and the gifts you share.

      1. Thanks Loraine. It great to know people are enjoying my blogs too. I appreciate that Cellium – everyone has multiple names and I love the reveals

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