For over 3 decades I’ve been shuffling, casting and reading cards to help myself and others find a way through the bumpy pathway that is life. I offer various readings and spreads to help you to see a clearer vision of your journey through life towards fulfilment and I have so many decks and oracles that help to clarify those troubling moments.

30 minutesWhat is holding you back from success in life?£40
60 minutesWhat pathways are open for your journey forward?£50
90 minutesWhat karmic lessons from past lives are still here?£70
The Divine Nine Spread

The 30 minute spread is a way to look at energetic traps that hinder you from progressing in life. Beginning with the Divine Nine Reading or Tesla Trap the cards will identify the patterns that hold you back from expanding your life purpose to greater fulfilment. This is a reading I developed around the Magic Code discussed by Nikola Tesla to explain the esoteric mysteries of numerology. This reading concludes with a general spread to show pathways forward.

Free Form Reading with multi decks

The 60 minute spread is a free form reading that opens with three abstract current energies that are at the surface of your current pathway. More cards are added and stories unfold that include past traumas and blockages and offers Shadow Work solutions to help you move forward with greater flow and happiness.

Nine Past Life Lessons

The 90 minute spread is Nine Past Life Challenges that you are currently experiencing that the Cosmos wants you to complete to elevate your spirit and free the Karma so that you can spring onwards and upwards feeling happier and lighter.

This reading also uses the Lenormand Cards which are from the 18th Century. you can book a 90 minute session to have a Grand Tableau Reading which is a very in depth look at the future that awaits you if you choose to follow the pathways laid out. This also costs £70.

If you live near Hastings I offer taster readings in the Blue Bee in Courthouse Street every Sunday 11am – 4pm. It’s just £20 for 20 minutes. You can book or just rock up and grab a slot.

I also teach Tarot courses over three 90 minute workshops. Each course is £60 or you can pay £20 weekly. You will need to be able to attend all three workshops. They take place at the Blue Bee. We cater for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced as well as occasional Lenormand Workshops too. Email me or Roma at the Blue Bee to put down your name and your best free days and we will organise the courses.

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