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With the recent amazing and kind gestures by both San Tarot and Cindy from Awakening to Spirit posting to their Subscribers suggesting they take a look at my channel they have be significant players in changing my entire life and I am so grateful. They have been the instrument to activating my Finger of Yod aspect on my birth chart. Amazing and so now I am about to let go of everything I hold dear and walk to the Himalayas to eventually visit Anup Panthi at his Sound Healing Studio in Kathmandu.

I’ve been reading cards for over three decades and have recently gained a great many orbs and new subscribers on my YouTube channel. I want to say that all those who watch my videos and post comments are the most splendid and beautiful souls ever. Thank-you. I am truly blessed by all that you say and share together with one and other and with me. You are the special energy that makes both my channel and my channelling so magical. I’ve been trying to read and respond to all the beautiful messages you all post but I just do not have enough hours in the day to message you all and to respond to all the wonderful emails. I am trying.

Many of you are seeking personal readings and I want to be able to oblige you all as this will help to fund my epic journey and all my free content. To book a reading or to donate please visit my PayPal account and include a description of what you require. Prices are below.

I will be walking the coasts of Europe for the coming months and so I will only have evenings in which to sit and cast cards. I’m uncertain as yet, how many readings I will be able to fit in but I’m always over optimistic. Always, so I must try to be realistic. I might managed two 45 minute readings a night but I will not be able to do that every night. I also know that I will likely talk for longer than 45 minutes because I get over excited and alwayslose track of time. So my plan for now is to offer video recordings that I can post to YouTube and you will receive a link. This is all well and good depending on the availability and speed of local wifi where I am walking. It might be that this becomes impossible and I may need to record audio files and send those with a photo of the spread. I just don’t know as yet what will work as I wander.

Which decks to take on tour?

Well obviously this chap goes everywhere with me

Watch as this beauty jumps from the deck as I call for him in this video

Only taking one bag my packing is very tight so I will be leaving many of my most beautiful decks of cards in the safe care of friends. I feel bereft already. But I will take both Chris Anne Decks, the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck, my double Anna Stark, the new Odin of the Nine Realms and a tiny Lemormand. Oh my life I feel so alone with just those decks.

Sessions and Reading Rates

So for now I will only be able to offer a 45 minute video reading that will be uploaded to YouTube and I’ll send you a link. Please be patient as at this moment there are so very many email requests for personal readings that I am going to be working flat out to reach you all and honour all these kind requests. So I suggest you please either email me or send payment via my PayPal account but please include a description of what reading you are purchasing. I will record the video as quickly as I can. The list is growing very quickly but I’ll have time each evening soon as I walk the Coasts of Europe. Payment will be £100 – €110 – $125.

I do also use the Lenormand Cards which are from the 18th Century’s most famous fortune teller and genius Mme. Lenormand. You can book a Grand Tableau Reading which is a very in depth look at the future that awaits you if you choose to follow the pathways laid out by the cards but as this is a 90 minute reading it will be £200 – €220 – $250.

As with my remote Sound Healing I may be able to offer face to face 90 minute readings but these will require me booking into a hotel to guarantee the wifi connection for the reading and so they will need to be properly scheduled ahead of time and will cost £200 – €220 – $250

If you are following my progress and live on a coastal pathway I am due to pass then why not contact me and we can arrange face to face real time readings that will be €65 for an hour or €100 for 90 minutes. I can also arrange tarot reading classes if you can rustle up a group of friends for a day long workshop. Or join me for a leg of the walk.

I have posted this Rabbit reading as it still never fails to make me laugh every time I watch it.

10 Replies to “tarot readings & prices

  1. Chatting you up love.
    I’d love to book a reading with you. The 60min is calling my name. How do I go about doing this?
    I was hoping you lived the the US (no such luck). I may still come see you in person. I’d love to take your tarot class and do a sound bath.
    Have you thought about doing the tarot classes live and online simultaneously? Zoom or something.
    Anyhoo, this is Sacha Hawk. I’m stalking you.

  2. Hi there, I found you through San Tarot and your readings and energy have very much resonated with me. I was wondering if you do remote readings, as I’m in the states? Thanks so much!

    1. I’m just finalising how I’m going to do this now so watch this space. Or some space haha

  3. Hi…just caught you on youtube recently…I find the details in your readings are amazing. I was wondering if I could purchase a grand tableau reading. Could you please send me where to send payment and any details needed.
    Thank you..

    1. I’m just about to post details of how this might work so hang in there for a short few hours

  4. Please may I come and have a tarot reading with you either Thursday or Friday? I live in London but would love to come down and see you. Your YouTube videos have been the sunshine of my lockdown. Thank you so much for your joyful wisdom!

  5. Aloha! I would love to book a reading with you, please let me know where how and when!

    1. You just need to email me and then I can send details. I might not have made this clear enough on the updated page though so thanks. I’ll check it out

      1. Thank you! I responded to the email you sent, please let me know if it got to you! ❤️

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