There’s a trap being laid over 13 moon cycles starting the counting with this Divine Masculine solar eclipse new Moon as the first. And this Upper World magic is being set by all the entities from the 9th dimension. It’s a global spring clean that is part of the energies of the Age of Aquarius. 

What’s the trap for? Detached personal demonic energies. What!?! I know. So as we go through this fear based frequency of the currently dying 3D world from the Age of Pisces we create negative feelings that we carry in our auras. Most of these repeated self-punishing thoughts cling to us and keep triggering feelings of self-loathing. In the old way of thinking we are advised to cut these bad patterns out and free ourselves from them.

The first flush of the Divine Masculine sun post eclipse

This is all well and good but over the millennia these energies of fear, anger, resentment and hopelessness have done just that and detached themselves from our auric fields to roam free. They stay around after we pass over too. The trouble is they are living energy and they are meant to be part of us. This leaves us depleted and ill, feeling tired and sick. The only way to refuel ourselves is to put more energy back into our souls but finding a ready and pure source of this energy is tricky. The energy required is love. Pure love. So we skip in and out of relationships stealing love from others to feed our lack. 

The answer to this problem is to go and find a better source of divine love which is all around us if only we can tap into it. The way to tap into this source is to practise and understand self-love. Only then can we be a beacon-frequency to assist others. This is the calling that is upon us all as we head into 2020. In the Tarot deck 20 is the card of Judgement and rebirth. Second chances to rise from the sticky molasses. This coming year is the time of double rebirth and choices. You can choose to integrate your personal demons or you can choose to keep their insidious fears alive in your auric field.

The Spread

This oracle reading speaks of the journey forward that we are all being called to. It also tells us that the Upper World has a plan to assist us all in this struggle. Over the coming year leading up to the solar eclipse on the 14th December 2020 a portal has been created by the Divine Masculine sun energy. Understanding the damage caused by the millennia of Raw Masculine aggression and greed it is now time to clean up the global energies so that the Divine Feminine energy of love can flow and weave together with the Divine Masculine to create an idyllic world of kindness and comfort for all souls. 

The spread begins with all the forces of the 9th dimension coming together. Their presence as a trio along with the Heart of the Sky and The Holy Mountain is like a Spiritual bomb going off and the 24-25 sequence talks of the natural order of all things. The Council and the Sidhe are gathering their powers to strike like lightning from the very galactic centre of the universe to bring change. To shine a bright path for every soul that will allow everyone to see the route to our own personal Holy Mountain. Where is this mountain? It is in the imagination. We must all attempt to search out and create form for our own sacred space.

The Raw Male curse that has pained and imprisoned us all for many many generations is being withdrawn. These energies are being chased down and sent down to the Lower World from where they cannot return. This means that for most of us, this living negative energy is no longer able to cling to us or infect others. Collectively this energy is the dark sludge we all struggle with daily. Once these personal detached energies are locked away from us we are left with just the internal negative thought cycles which will be easier to understand and integrate into our spiritual ascension. 

This is the global spring cleaning of the Smoky Mirror that we have all been trying so hard to clean. This will shift the consciousness of everyone over time. Lightworkers will be the first to see themselves standing clearly in their truth. This ‘I AM’ reflection flow will create an auric frequency that will draw others toward them to begin their cleansing and upgrade toward the harmonious energy of The Beauty Way. Where only love and happiness flows towards us. The 14-47-4 is the beginning of a new pathway to a sense of karmic clearing and healing. 

The Demon Trap

This magic is now possible through the birthing of the new solar energy that is flowing down from the sun. Yesterday the light from the dawn sunshine was already changed and cast ice blue shadows rather than dark grey. 53-33 is reminding us that the halfway point, 5 has now tipped over into the triple three divine intervention frequency.

Crow is here as the symbol of the ugly truth that we have been so often unable to face in ourselves. Understand that the deeds for which we feel ashamed were intended. We had to go though these traumas as they were part of the cyclical frequencies of the old age. The Lower World being 31 and Crow being 13. Balance and a mirror that references the Smoky Mirror at the centre of this Herculean task. We are now entering a new frequency and all things must change, it cannot be stopped. Crow also bears witness to eclipse energies seen behind Crow on the card. Crow stares at the Moon card so suggesting the 13 cycles needed to close the Lower World down. 

Wind is 36 the Tesla magic code polarity numbers and when these are totalled they make 9 the Divine ether. This creates the Holy Triad, meaning that this wind is a change from Source itself. Serpent is us shedding our old skin or frequency so that we might grow larger. This is the natural state for all souls once the Ghost Dance energy of DNA inherited traumas is cleared up by locking away not just our personal detached demons but also those that attach themselves to us at birth and wait to be trigger so that they can continue to leach life force from us. 

The block to the right is the incoming future energies and circumstances. Thunderous hooves of the cosmic bison are galloping towards everyone. Do not stand in their way but instead run with them. They are here to chase down the demons that are stifling our acceptance as The Beloved of Source.

The Beloved Karmic Clearance

These cards are read right to left creating 65-5 which is a healing and balance, 6,  that will transform us through the 5th dimensional frequencies of 55. We must all create a sacred space in the 5th dimension to elevate the planet to the New Earth frequency. 

The Drum 15, being a healing balanced 6, is a new rhythm that each of us must find moving through 2020. With the King of Karma, Jaguar 28, or 10, completion and new beginnings we are assured that by attending to personal Shadow Work we can all become wholly free of all karmic ties. This will allow us to step into the energy of Soul Retrieval and finally break free of the fear and loathing encrusted chrysalis. This 49 creates 13, again referencing the number of moon cycles coming before the door is firmly shut on the Lower World. 

Flow, Hummingbird and Wild Woman is the reminder that this all takes place to create space in our hearts for the Divine Feminine energy to weave together our lower Heart chakra of the natural world and our molecules with the Higher Heart chakra of our consciousness, where we love others. 62-26-20 is the code of the flow and the 62-26 is another nod to the clearing of our Smoky Mirror. 

To be certain of the messages from this Mystical Shamen deck I threw down 9 cards from another double deck by Anna Stark. I won’t spend too much time typing these up as they have descriptions at the bottom but you can see the echoes of the Angelic 9th dimension and Lightning coming from the Divine Consciousness. Clearing and activating a Sacred Space to continue your soul journey. Aligning your Universe to the new energies through self love and the Boundaries being created in the hidden realms in which all our detached personal demons and DNA inherited ones will be trapped.

This will happen to everyone regardless of Shadow Work but without the Shadow Work the thought patterns that harm people and bring ill health will continue to damage those unwilling to change. For those who are willing it is your mission during 2021, the Year of Completion to reach out and encourage those others by being a beacon of love and transmuting their frequencies by just shining yours out to everyone. 

What a wonderful year 2020 is going to be. I know I’m racing ahead but 2021 is going to be even better. 

Wassail Russell


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards (combined as one deck)
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

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