It’s that time of year again people when the eclipse tunnel to personal growth will open for two weeks and offer us endless opportunities to transform our lives. This year with the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio you need to look and see what you have in those two houses in your natal chart to understand what you’ll be feeling rise up in your life over this coming year. Also worth having an investigative glance into your natal house 2 & house 8 as that’s also the frequencies swirling around us just now.

This year’s eclipses are the reverse way round to last year in they they begin with Solar Eclipses and close with Lunar. From the energy of the new solar light to the stripping back and seeking ending with the fully lit full moon. Really wonderful with the rebirth energy of Scorpio also involved in this. It starts with the partial Solar Eclipse on Saturday 30th April the same day that Pluto at 28º Capricorn, turns stationary retrograde and Mercury steps into rulership at 0º Gemini. Big changes and the first clue as to the nature of this eclipse tunnel, zero degrees. Resetting.

The partial Solar Eclipse is Saros series 119 and is a very old long in the tooth series that began in 850 CE on 15th May. Just stop and think about all the history it has influenced and witnessed. It’s the 66th incarnation out of 71 so it will reach its demise in 90 years in 2112. In 848 CE there was a Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces, and this Solar Eclipse comes hot on the heels of the Great Conjunction/Mutation in Aquarius in 2020. Saturn is still there in that same house but Jupiter is now in Pisces having just started to separate from another rare conjunction with Neptune. That last happened in 1853. The sun has also just completed conjunctions with both Jupiter and Neptune.

Then there was an aspect absent moment on the 1st April with the new moon in Aries where everything, apart from Pluto and Gaïa (shh… Uranus) was in a conjunction with everything else of no more than a 3º orb. that’s an amazing astrological moment.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th May is Saros series 131 and is much younger having birthed on 10th May 1427. This follows a Great Conjunction in another water sign Scorpio in 1425. This is why I feel this is about old bloodline life-force being stripped back to become a newer fresher emotional truth that is in tune with us not our ancestors. Many people tell me that they feel their ancestors guides are very quiet just now as this is something we have to work out for ourselves.

The moon is shifting between the houses as it always does every two to three days and it is creating all the aspects, tensions and oppositions with some big shaky energies. It’s all about redefining our personal life choices, I know… isn’t it always? We need to work out the life-force that pushes us forward but doesn’t serve us anymore. A retuning of our personal beliefs until the nodes shift again in Aries & Libra.

As with all Eclipse Tunnels, I like to offer a walk through of the 12 columns that existed inside the Roman Temple of the Ianus Geminus. These offer us glimpses of areas we might like to explore philosophically. First a little recap on just what the Ianus Geminus is.

In Rome they built the Ianus Geminus, a temple or passageway dedicated to the primordial god Janus. The speculation for the two faces of Janus is that the second face was to depict the polar opposite frequency of the feminine, Jana or Iana (Diana the moon goddess was associated later with Jana). So here we see the formation the importance of twin energies, Sun and Moon, yin and yang, or Gemini the twins. It was only later that Janus developed two male heads and became the identical twin consciousnesses of Castor and Pollux.

It is worth noting that the earliest deities in many religions were actually androgynous, half male half female. It is here on earth that we have divided existence into duality and polarity. This should help us seek to understand how to unite differences in each other but also within ourselves. How to resolve conflicts in all of life rather than to keep the open wound infected.

For a great period in Roman history Janus (January) the God of doorways and portals was the statue found in the centre of the temple bearing his name. Then at other times it was Saturn. Somehow Saturn sort of became the chief deity after Gaïa (shh… Uranus) decided to become a Deus Otiosus or ‘idle god’. Basically having grown weary and deciding to retire from the scene.

Saturn was primarily revered in Rome as the daddy of gods through a persisting memory of an almost mythological lost Golden Age of Saturn. Saturn was therefore considered the master of agriculture, plenty, wealth and generation or creation. This is why I associate Saturn with the lower heart chakra and the connection between our bodies and the natural world.

The feast of Saturnalia began its revelries on the 17th December and it was on this day in 2020 that Saturn entered Aquarius at 0º followed two days later by Jupiter and then on 21st of December the Great Mutation to Air Epoch began and that is what is now echoing in this coming Eclipse Tunnel

This Ianus Geminus passageway, or Vaticinium was composed of twelve columns, for the twelve months of the year, or hours on a sun dial and was set within a walled enclosure. The passageway had a door at either end, Sun and Moon, to create the flow of energies. During times of war the doors were opened and only closed again when peace returned. In Rome the doors were always open!

So what then seems to be the theme for the Eclipse Tunnel this time? Zero Degrees. Nought Point or Null Island. I’m calling this one the Ianus Naughticus, because it stupidly amuses me and both ‘nought’ and ‘naught’ both mean nothing, the latter being the non-mathematical nothingness. Ok so you want the dates and the stats or if you’re in a hurry here’s the video part 1 of 3

Vertex Zero Point Aries

The zero degree point of Aires is where we find the Vertex throughout the Eclipse Tunnel until the exact point of the Lunar Eclipse when it jumps 180º to 0º of Libra. Ahhhhhh!!! Vertex!!! Stop it!! My head hurts already.

So the Vertex is the point at which the 3D pathway of the sun intersects the 3D vertical path that divides the celestial sphere into front and back. I know right… that’s no help at all. However it’s not to do with planets or stars but this intersection point.

So! The zero degree point of Aries is a fascinating point in that as the first Cardinal frequency it relates to the other cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn as well as the the Solstices and Equinoxes. Why???????? Because the 0º point of each Cardinal sign marks the change of season. Aries – Spring, Cancer – Summer, Libra – Autumn & Capricorn – Winter, in the Northern Hemisphere. With the Vertex at 0º of Aries throughout this Eclipse Tunnel we are looking for 0º energies but especially in the Cardinal Signs. Phew!!

30th April Partial Solar Eclipse

This Solar Eclipse is a created by a black moon. This is when there are two new moons in the same calendar month and this is the second new moon of this astrological year as well as being a partial solar eclipse so a rather rare piece of cosmic magic. There’s been so many recent rare alignments and clusters recently and it’s shaping up to be rather significant to our personal development.

The time of maximum eclipse is at 20:27 GMT at 10º of Taurus and is water element heavy. 11 Water, 8 Earth, 5 Air & 3 Fire.

1st May Column 1

Palace Athena is at 0º of Taurus. This Asteroid was part of the Stellium tear back on the 11th February that was started by Saturn.

2nd May Column 2

The Moon enters Gemini at 0º and conjuncts Alcyone but more about that later. Moon conjuncts Mercury in Rulership.

3rd May Column 3

Venus enters 0º of Aries, the ‘I am’ zero point and hits the activation of the Vertex. Being Venus it is rippling with love, emotions, the ‘I feel’ zero point of Cancer and also as Venus rules Libra it is sparkling with the potential of thoughts, air and the ‘I relate’ zero point of Libra. It’s about moving towards the collective and the influences of famous or celebrated artistry.

4th May Column 4

Sappho enters 0º of Gemini chasing a conjunction with Mercury. The Sensual Wordsmith in pursuit of the King of Chatty Discourse Mercury.

5th May Column 5

Alcyone 0º Gemini has been fuelled up by conjunctions with the Moon, Mercury and Sappho. Alcyone is Eta Tauri part of the constellation of Taurus being transform from fixed earth to mutable air. Earth to Air theme of the Great Mutation again.

6th May Column 6

Regulus the Royal Star is no longer in Leo but at 0º Virgo. Here we have the transformation of the fixed earth into mutable that has been building during the first six columns.

7-9th Null Island Saturn is in his House

Three days of playing with Saturn and the Lower Heart Chakra of the Natural World as the moon swings across Leo reaching for a reset.

10th May Column 7

The Moon rolls into 0º Virgo and slams our emotions into Regulus at the same spot to re-earth them.

11th May Column 8

Jupiter enters 0º of Aries. So here again the power of the Aries Zero point is activated again as it was at column 3 when Venus entered but with Jupiter this is fat bigger and more expansive. It’s about cleansing and stripping back to create space of wishes to be materialised moving forward. It also calls for justice and truth.

The moon locks into opposition with Mars at 19º Pisces to create some trembling tension at 19º Virgo. This is tectonic shaking in many ways but there are earthquakes around the globe everyday. Mercury also turns stationary retrograde today in Gemini and sets off back towards the 0º of Gemini.

12th May Column 9

The Moon enters 0º Libra and provokes trouble with Jupiter at 0º Aries. And so now we have the emotional activation of the ‘I relate’ zero point of Libra. Plus Mercury begins retrograding and hits the 0º conjunction with Sappho. This is looking like a really interesting moment of spoken truths and Galdr magic possibilities.

13th May Column 10

The sun at 22º31′ of Taurus creates a zero degree conjunction with the North Node and pours newly refined life-force into our destinies.

14th May Column 11

Moon at 0º Scorpio as it prepares the lunar eclipse by tuning into the South Node.

15th May Column 12

Ceres enters 0º Cancer and the sense of Sacral ‘I feel’ becomes an understanding of self love. 0º of Cancer is also the placement of the fixed star Menkalinan of the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer. In many early Mesopotamian, Bedouin and early greek myths this star was associated with shepherds and goats which brings to mind the one element that seems not tangible in this Eclipse Tunnel the elusive )º of Capricorn.

Opposite Ceres today is the lone planting 0º point of ‘I produce’ in Capricorn and the fixed star of Sinistra in the Constellation of Ophiuchus. An opportunity that awaits those that can step forwards and wrangle the snake to their advantage but this will seem missing or elusive to those who don’t prepare themselves to see it.

The Moon is now at 15º Scorpio and bearing down into opposition with Uranus at 15º of Taurus. This is powerful busting about energy and very seismic in terms of embracing destinies.

16th May Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse is at 04:13 GMT at 25º Taurus for the Sun and 25º Scorpio for the Moon. The Sun will then roll into a conjunction with Demon Star Algol, which is the head of Medusa and speaks of the energy of losing one’s head of perhaps getting our sanity back?

Cor blimey! My head is exploding trying for the last three days to write this all up.

4 Replies to “eclipse season – zero reset tunnel

  1. Dearest Russell, Although I must confess that I am not especially knowledgeable on the subject of astrology, I am very keen on your writing and have always gained much understanding and pleasure from reading your posts. It’s funny, my mother’s birthday is September 17, the day of Saturn. I listened recently to your youtube video talking about death and was so soothed by your words and sentiments toward your parents. I’ve always held you close to my heart because you are admirable in your vulnerability and desire to reciprocate genuinely with others who respond to you. For sure, you have played an integral part in my healing journey and I’m so very grateful for having been accepted into your fold, for I, unfortunately, have been branded a black sheep for most of my life. You are so beautiful and I do understand the pain of dealing with bad teeth. I can’t imagine the courage you must have had to garner to post videos without teeth, but I think you’re beautiful all the same to the ones who matter. I was actually happy when you cut your hair and shaved your beard, because all that was covering you up. Although some may have seen the beard and hair as wizard like, I ‘m much happier to see YOU! You give me the strength to see through my own crap and to believe in what is the future rather than the “has been” as you explain in your last video. I’m a mere 46, but I sometimes wonder if I will make it to 47, so your explanations and inspirations on life and death give me much comfort. I love you so very much and thank you for everything you do, all you are, and the community of lovely people you’ve amassed. Sending you my love and appreciation, Rebecca.

    1. Wow Rebecca this post is very humbling to read. Such kind words, truly. Life is a journey and there are so many times when it feels overwhelming but eventually I also find the energy to get back up because I love living, learning and sharing. Until I started YouTube I was a very private guy and all that has changed. By sharing I am able to explore more than just me

  2. Hi Russell, I just wanted to drop a note of appreciation here for all you share. I went through a similar dental experience over 2 years in 2017-2018. It’s quite a journey and I really respect and am inspired by your courage in sharing about it so openly! You look beautiful in your recent videos and as a fellow toothless sprite I salute you! Money is a little tight right now but I hope to be able to send you some tips soon!! Much love, Sister Moon

    1. Wow thanks Steph. It has been a big hurdle to get through this as I was letting it become a mountain sized blockage. I’ve been having fittings for a denture but that keeps making me feel like I’m going to gag. The dentist wants to try again but right now I am so happy to be with any tooth or gum pain that I’d like to just sit still and rest without any upper jaw teeth.

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