I’ve finally completed the first working draft of the new Alchemy of Astrology deck. It’s taken a couple of months of deep research and we’ve only just scratched the surface. I’ve been using the deck on my YouTube channel Russellingaround and today I’ve completed the first major step to moving the deck forward. I can now send the cards to Debi Angel who is the artist bringing them to life. Debi is an amazing artist from my home town in the UK and we have been planning to create a deck together for over two years. You can check out Debi’s Instagram page to appreciate how stunning this deck will be as she conjures them into existence.

When I first met Debi I was totally blown away by her artwork and she even painted a local scene with my Sound Healing studio in that was framed and hung on my wall in the studio. Here’s a couple of beautiful images by Debi. I love you so much Debi.

Debi Angel
Debi Angel

For those of you who don’t recall the debut of the Alchemy of Astrology deck here it is

For all of you who follow ‘Us Lot’ (Cindy – Awakeningtospirit, Reem – MissReemieHealings & Rob Odison) as we created the Rune Deck together here are the links to the free PDFs available in their 1st Draft raw form so you can print them off either complete with the alchemical symbols or blank templates so that you can draw the symbols yourself to imbibe your deck with personal magic. There are two other decks currently being developed and all of us are so excited about publishing the finished decks with their full artwork as soon as Debi & Olga complete their mammoth tasks.

Full Deck Print

Blank Template

I’ve added some new details including the solar orbits of the planets and asteroids as well as Astrological Houses on some of the alchemical processes. These choices and meanings will differ from the traditional understandings due to the nature of how the process of the Magnum Opus works in Alchemy. Nothing is yet set in stone and many things will change in the coming creative process. Next I have to compose backs to each card that are meant to represent the Alchemist’s notes for each card.

I’m also including the information I used for the series ‘Your Philosopher’s Stone’ readings for all signs, that this deck was inspired by. I will link all the Signs below. Please have fun with this new deck. It is a work in progress and it will change over time.

Woohoo. Thanks to all of you for all your advice, support, care and wisdom. I love all of you who make my life and these decks possible.

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