I hosted my first Power of Sound Healing workshop with Beets, Pulse & Thyme this month and what an amazing day it was. I was a guest coach on their Deep Connect Nature Retreat last year. This latest joint venture took place during a void moon which lasted all day and allowed us all to explore the inner workings of our soul, minds and bodies without any energetic ripples flowing out into the cosmos. It was a Sacred Space to seek our inner workings calmly and safely.

It was an amazingly energetic day that was bathed in the newly emotional sun that streamed through the floor to ceiling widows that looked directly onto the see at the amazing venue. The achievements of everyone present were profound. Everyone connected with a new vocal strength and found healing frequencies within them that they will carry for life. 

We began in the morning with a series of very deep meditations to connect our molecules into the energy of the Earth Grid and bathed ourselves in the new golden light of the root chakra which is shining now in 2020 with a new frequency that is no longer red, aggressive, selfish light. We pulled our Divine Feminine Cosmic consciousness down through our Crown Chakras and rooted it into the Sacral so that we could begin a process of self love rather than being drawn into the frequency of self loathing. These were magical deep healing meditations.

We then moved to the lower Heart Chakra of the natural world to anchor our energies into the body. All this was framed by the double breath technique used by professional singers and developed by myself during the three decades I spent teaching in the Music Industry. This technique draws prana or chi into the body creating an energetic flow that invigorates every cell in the body. Many found this flow rather dizzying at first. This is very natural and incredibly energising but also worked up a great hunger in everyone. 

Lucky for all of us that lunch was included by Daniela of Beets, Pulse & Thyme. We devoured the orange squash ‘Sacral’ soup with roasted seeds, tahini dressing and gluten free bread like hungry hogs at a heavenly watering-hole. The food was selected to tie-in with the energy work focusing on our Sacral. Eating well is essential to keep the mind focused and the body sustained during this full day of deep healing. Thanks Daniela.

Then Daniela presented the dirty vegan dessert that was created by Michelle McKenzie Nutrition. Dark chocolate disks filled with almond butter and topped with raspberries. Absolute finger licking filth. Pop to her website for this divine recipe. We all sat for a while stunned at the bliss now pulsing through our bodies. Yum yum yum yum yum. 

The afternoon session was all about finding our voices and learning about the pitches that relate to our bodies and helping to create healing frequencies in each other. We played with harmonic frequencies too learning to sculpt sounds to create the ethereal overtones that fly above the sustain pitch of our voices held in our throats and chest.

We all had a splendid time find our pathways to the true power of our voices. It was such a beautiful experience for everyone. We all became stunned when one participant of the group suddenly unlocked the Sound Healer from within their soul. It was breathtaking to witness this vocal and energetic epiphany. Truly the most splendid day. 

We will be creating more of these events soon and I am always willing and available to visit and attend similar workshops if there are groups of people who wish to host such events around the globe. If you run retreats and are looking to boost the powerful healings you are creating then get in touch. I am able to offer packages of healing and learning to connect with your own voices. The Power of Sound Healing is profound and my Sonic Shower technique unique. So let’s unlock the potential in everyone. 

The Banner image is from the superb double deck of cards I use for many Tarot Readings:

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards (combined as one deck)
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

3 Replies to “the power of sound healing workshop

  1. I am always led to the appropriate information at the appropriate time. Thanks for your Chiron video. Going through a huge transformation. Sun Leo, Rising Libra, Moon Pisces in yod with Neptune and Pluto, Moon conjunct Mars. Nice to connect with a fellow sound practitioner (tuning fork/acupuncture) although I can’t sing a lick (hee). Phoenix Rising oh yeah!!! Grateful, grateful.

  2. Hello,

    I have been mesmerized by your readings and intrigued reading about your sound and vocal healing. I am a DF with fibromyalgia diagnosed 20 years ago, and recent almost debilitating pain was a catalyst toward my inner work on my TF journey, but thankfully has improved a lot.

    I am a pediatric/postpartum/NICU nurse, soprano vocalist and flautist. I would love to host a sound and vocal healing workshop with you sometime when you are available. I know you are very busy and highly sought after. May God richly bless your work and ministry.

    With gratitude,
    Elisabeth Mary

    1. I’m sure this will come into being now it’s working itself into the spaces inside time

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