Mantras have been repeating in the minds and mouths of devotees for over 3000 years and many yogic practices are the first chance many of us have to delve into this Sanskrit world of secret poems and sacred magic. This often begins with “OM”, said to be the first sound ever uttered, bringing everything into existence but for me the problem was they just didn’t resonate somehow. Was that my mind refusing to be stilled? Was it my ego ensuring that I wouldn’t find control over it? Probably both but now I finally understand why. 

Mantras are not just divine poems of perfect mathematical structure set to music, helping the spiritual applicant reach out for truth, understanding, acceptance, love, guidance or abundance or even wealth. They are religious prayers chanted in so many different forms and styles and found throughout so many different religions that like the gods they are intended for they are varied and diverse. Scholars agree to disagree on their function, form and true spiritual purpose. This means we, like those before us, are able to adapt them to find a purpose that will suit us in the 21st Century.

For me they are all about reprogramming the subconscious mind to reset the soul’s purpose and override the ego. Subconscious behaviours dominate our body and yet through negative thought patterns we are allowing our ego to block certain behaviours or emotions from being brought into our realities. Also because of the sacred “OM” mantra and the musical note of A so often being used to accompany it, we are trapping our mantras in our heads around the third eye. What’s wrong with that? It’s meant to be all about the mind isn’t it? Well yes, sort of but… and this is a very BIG BUT (and I’ve always been a fan of very big butts) the “secret” part of a Mantra is not the content but the way in which you perform a Mantra. 

The Cosmos creates everything and has all the answers you seek but to receive this you need to ask in a manner the Cosmos can understand. So Sanskrit then no? Well yes and no. The language you use really ought to be the language you speak. The everyday language you hear and communicate in, since you are attempting to change how your ego frustrates your subconscious truth. But that’s not the real secret.

The key to being heard as you utter your Mantras is to set the intention of the language to resonate from the chest and the higher heart energy centre. The only language the Cosmos understands is Love. So every time you feel hurt you send out a message of pain, from your heart. It is a message of “pained love”. So the Cosmos offers you back that reality. Therefore you need to sing a Mantra over and over from the heart but setting the intention, to compassionate love. This will allow the Cosmos to respond in like.

So I was thinking, as a Sound Healer perhaps you could send me your favourite Mantras that are written in English, my native tongue, and I could try and fit them to musical notes that key into the correct emotional language and then record me singing them for you to join in with. What do you think? I would especially like to receive Mantras that you have written yourselves. I’ll pick favourites or those where the melodies flow easily and lets see what we can create together. Wassail – Russell

So here’s the first Mantra to words submitted by Tareq Nassri.

I am strong
I am beautiful
I am kind
I am loved

Words by Tareq Nassri

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