Using my unique vocal talents I am able to offer energy clearing sessions for both workspaces and homes. As we live our day to day lives surrounded by electronic devices and human interactions, energies become stagnant and cause blockages that can affect our bodies and auric fields considerably. Not to mention old energies left behind by previous tenants and spirits from beyond the veil. It is essential to clear out these energies from time to time.

Using the smudging techniques inherited from my Native American great grandfather and diving rods, alongside the powerful vocal magic of Sound Healing it is possible to clear out old energies and reset the frequencies of rooms in the home. This is quite a long task involving mapping out the energy flows and the radials that emanate from the energy vortexes that are created in the home as we live our daily lives. A session in a standard home takes a couple of hours and costs £150.

The spaces where we work are filled with electronic tolls designed to aid us in our working practices but they also emit electromagnetic frequencies that can become overwhelming and create lethargy and tiredness in work. Cleansing offices, workshops or retail outlets can take various times due to the size and amount of computers, phones and other electrical equipment in the premises.

If the public also uses the space it can be even energetically denser and take longer for a clearing to take place. It’s like a Cosmic/Spiritual Feng Shui that involves plotting the energies and the blockages to understand how to correct and shift them. Please email me to arrange a quote.

Dragon Lines and Ley Lines are another area of specialisation too. I am able to utilise my Sonic Shower Sound Healing techniques to move these lines when they are causing problems both inside and outside. Diving rods are used to plot pathways and locate energy columns where lines interact or cross. It is then possible to count the radial energies and bring them back up to the correct number of 12 like the hours on a clock face.

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