Venus is the key to this eclipse tunnel. It begins on 22nd October 2022 when Venus enters a slow Superior Conjunction with the Sun, dipping behind our star and seeming to be lost from our consciousness for over ten days. What will this mean? Well in the crudest terms we will lose track of our connection to love, creativity and material possessions. What!?! Yes, as the suns blocks Venus from view the planet will undergo a transition in time. It’s time to search for what’s lost so you can transform it into something of greater value when Venus reappears from behind the sun as the Morning Star on the 2nd November 2022.

All astrological aspects go through three phases. Applying as they approach each other, then the 0º point of being exact, followed by the separation as they move apart from each other again. This applying and separating aspects can be fast or slow depending on the speed of the orbits of the planets or their position in the sky as seen from earth.

Each eclipse season we go on a journey into the timeless tunnel between the to magical moments that are Solar to Lunar this time. Inside the tunnel is a reminder of the old Roman temple of prophecy used to predict state outcomes. For our journey it is a personal passageway into our soul of twelve stages and ourselves being the thirteenth aspect in our transformation.

In recent eclipse seasons we have met the twelve Dii Consentis. These were likely based on twelve earlier Hittite male gods. However this time there are six alters each with a pair of columns. One asteroid and one planet applying and then separating an aspect over the two column days. You and Venus are the thirteenth column. The purpose being to find personal issues and transform them within forty-eight hours and move on. 

The Calendar 

Venus Superior conjunction (passing behind the sun as seen from Earth) with the sun. Venus will stay hidden there until the 2nd of November which is the exact day the second half of the tunnel begins and Venus becomes the Evening Star. This is the first time since 1771 that this conjunction has happened in Libra. Being Freed to Flow and Move.

Both Juno and Saturn will slow to stationary direct today and there are also two rather unstable Grand Trines in earth and air.

Earth Grand Trine: Stuck with a Sacral Wound

Air Grand Trine: Sits in the Shadows plus numerology 484.

Solar Eclipse

Please please please send comments if you have been running into the energies of endings or challenges since this eclipse started. I have been experiencing so many difficult and testing frequencies that are trying to trigger frustration but I am instead just laughing them off and focusing on positive transformations. I really want to hear from you all.

Partial Solar Eclipse, Saros series 124 occurs, still in conjunction with Venus.

Hugging the Past too Tightly – Comfort Blanket

Columns 1 & 2

Alter of the Unprocessed Past

Eros in Libra trines Saturn in Aquarius. Applying and separating.

Columns 3 & 4

Alter of Emotional Mending

Haumea in Libra Conjunct Mercury. Applying and separating.

Columns 5 & 6

Alter of Warped Witchcraft – Transforming Magic

Juno in Pisces trine the Sun in Scorpio. Applying and separating.

Null Island with Venus

It’s the halfway point of the eclipse tunnel and it’s time for that pep talk with Venus in which you both decide on your new transformations. Will you engage or sashay away?

Columns 7 & 8

Alter of Tangled Guidance – Woven and trapped by our homes – welcoming the wrong strangers

Vesta in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini. Applying and separating.

Columns 9 & 10

Alter of Seeds Inside Fallen Fruits – 

Eros in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Applying and separating. Eros & Psyche finally meet in conjunction at 26º Libra.

Columns 11 & 12

Alter of Indignant Rage


Psyche in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Applying and separating.

Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse Saros Series 136 occurs with Moon opposite Venus. Applying and separating.

The Shadow of the Cradle Test

6 Replies to “this eclipse season is all about venus

  1. 26 October – Altar of Unprocessed Past. Husband (Taurus Sun/Aquarius Moon) and I (Aries + Pisces + Scorpio stelliums) had a bit of a row last night (25 Oct) because he was reacting to what he thought was me hitting my old patterns about money & worthiness. During it I kept telling myself, he is being hit by these eclipse energies! He realized this morning that he was making assumptions and apologized…did I mention today is our anniversary?

    1. Happy anniversary both of you. It’s great that you allowed yourself to understand how these big cosmic energies play out in all of us. That’s how we can transform them instead of letting them burn us

  2. Thanks Russel for this lengthy explanation of what’s going on. What you wrote has helped me put things in another perspective.
    I’m definitely feeling this loss of creativity and love. My dreams are full of conflicts that are coming in for processing. Not just personal insecurities but also collective issues. Not easy.
    Feeling the pain of those close to me. Doing my best to help them process it, through breath and energy work.
    Trying to overcome my unwillingness to exercise. Quite a challenge. Focusing on not judging and being kind to myself.
    But all things considered I can still say I’m happy and reasonably healthy. Feels like time is really speeding up, more than usual. Guess that means I am having fun?

    1. I am so glad you are having fun Gea. It really feels challenging but only when we can’t hold onto the positivity. I’m determined to remain full of joy and to share it

  3. It’s so great to have these all in one place, with perspective. Thank you so much Russ! You are a star!! ❤️

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