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Thank-you all so much for giving me the opportunity to reach out to so many of you throughout my journey within. You have all allowed me the space and love to explore who I am in my new now. You have all participated in my ability to grow and renew my entire existence. I am so grateful to you all.

As you may know I have spent the last eighteen months creating a Rune Oracle deck. I am just a person who has always believed in the power of the collective. I have used that love of humanity to reach out and try to tune into the frequencies of healing needed to raise the experiences of anyone who might find their way to any messages I share. This experience has brought up shadows of vulnerability for me to face too so that I might transform my fears and grow. This is unfinished work but I am getting closer to ending a long cycle.

We are about to soft launch the Liffruma Healing Oracle Deck but we have lots of work still to complete for the deck’s website. We are actioning everything step by step.

I have set up this page to thank all of you who have been part of the support during the creation of the Liffruma Healing Oracle deck. It is now having a pre-publishing print run. It’s too exciting but also frightening, which is an old pattern from my life that I am facing and staring down with vigour and fortitude.

If you were part of the wonderful online community that Raked Runes and posted videos in the early months, we have set up this page so that you can leave a comment and list links to your posts which will be included on the website for the deck. If you just want to be listed for being part of the Collective then just leave a message with your name so you can be included. Comments left on here need approving before they are shown so please show patience as we catch up with everything. There is so much to get done for this launch.

Thank-you everyone I am personally so grateful as are all the people involved in the team for this first deck, of many from Our Collective Oracle.

We really do have such enormous love for you all and look forward to creating more decks and drawing in new people to be part of this collective project as it grows.

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  1. This is so exciting! Congratulations!! I hope you will give us the opportunity to pre order once you are ready to go to print.

    1. Yes we are going to create a page to pre-order. Lots to do to get that up online

  2. Russ – I am so proud to be a small part of your process and community, even if it is just to cheer you on! I am looking forward to getting a copy of this wonderful deck. Thank you for what you are doing.

  3. so incredibly beautiful are you, Russell, and all who have been inspired by your quest and journey as it resonates with their own… like me, a nomadic soul, ready to come out in oh so many ways, false starts, injured hearts… zero-point new beginnings… with open heart, i feel ready to go out and trust whatever may come… thank you for your joy and honesty and the blessings of your gifted presence… the deck poetry drew me in and the imagery is stunning… diving the depths. will be happy to have this deck as a companion on my way… shy of social media thus far, will see what changes the near future holds… nothing but love for you all.

  4. I “found” you through Miss Reemie!!
    I have been following your journey ever since. Love you, love Reem and this card deck!

    I always send good vibes to you. I am so thankful for your spirit, life, healing and bravery to live your dreams. This is a beautiful birthing.

    Cannot wait to purchase the Liffruma.

    You are in my brain. Slipped up and was mad at myself for something and was harshly speaking to myself – and I stopped And said, “That was harsh. I am not that. I am the Liffruma.”

    Birth a deck and coin a new word. Cool. Very cool. CONGRATS to the whole team.

  5. Hi Russell

    Congratulations. Can’t wait to add this deck to my collection. Thanks for your wisdom and kindness. Please continue the great work.

    Reem and Rob thanks as well.

  6. I don’t have a link or page but just wanted to say the experience of drinking the rune water after watching one of readings using this deck was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It connected me to the dragon realm and as a warrior in the underworld that I had been struggling to breakthrough in my Shamanic practices. Don’t ever doubt the work that you do Russell, and Reem, and the others who collaborated on this deck. You have touched so many more than you can ever know. I am just one small spark isolated far away in South Africa, but the world you have helped me access, and be empowered in, goes beyond all time, space and consciousness. Xx

  7. I love how you inspire those who thirst to know thyselves to dive even deeper within themselves. Your wisdom is the light that shines a path for those who cannot see their truth within the darkness of distortion. Raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness, creating a new beginning, a new blueprint, a wonderful gateway- connecting them to a state of greater understanding. And to a deeper meaning that truly feeds their soul! You’re awesome! And I can’t wait to read the illuminating intelligence of your poetry.

    1. Thank-you for such a kind and emotionally charged comment. I shared this with the team

  8. Russell, et al, thank you for carrying us along on your inspiring journey. The Liffruma deck is more beautiful and healing than I could ever imagine. The readings I have seen in which the deck has been used I feel have had all the healing in which you, everyone involved in their creation, and Spirit has imbued them. I am eagerly awaiting the public sale launch.

  9. Where can we preorder? Also there is a website that does fundraising for card developers decks. I could look it up if you want me to get back to you. Email me

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