Why is the 6th dimension to be avoided if at all possible? I asked for answers and an ugly truth was revealed to me. I feel a bit awkward and judgemental writing this up. It all came across rather beautifully at first even though it made little sense, it was soft and loving until suddenly I felt the sting in the tail.

I truly believe we must all find our own, personal pathway through life. We create our own visions of the personal truth that best fits our moral mindset. Everything I say here is meant as a tool to assist you with finding your personal path but there are some truths, it would seem, that are universal. 

They are many milestones on our journeys, each spaced that perfect mile apart. Some of us though will actually walk hundreds of miles getting from one milestone to the next. These are divine detours and all these scenic ways are chosen by us, exercising our free will. We are all gifted with personal choice but we still all pass the same milestones at various points in life. We are all striving and climbing towards the peaks of our own personal Holy Mountains and at time we journey some paths together but there are other routes that must be travelled alone. 

We refer to these pathways as dimensions but that is not strictly true. We use the terms 3D, 4D, 5D etc. to collectively understand them. Most of these dimensions are places of creativity, free will and philosophical thinking. However some realms are holding stations in which we pause to be healed and reflect on our karmic journeys thus far. Some dimensions are two-way  portals from where we return back to the lower realms to try again if we need to. It’s like a game of Cosmic Snakes & Ladders. We climb up the frequencies ladders and then slide down the kundalini snakes. 

This is a mock-up not a map!

4th Dimension

The 4th dimension is one such holding station where we collectively meet with our Soul Tribes as we all exit the 3D at the point of death. Family, friends and lovers are all there pausing and healing and trying to help those most precious to them, until the entire tribe is reunited.

It’s important to note that whatever deeds or actions you did during your life, good or bad, you are welcomed back with open arms, love and forgiveness. It doesn’t matter what you journey involved in your 3D life it was your free will and you were entitled to live your life as you pleased.

The only snag to this being, that if you still have incomplete Soul Contracts you will have to return to the 3D again and try to correct the karmic errors once more. Once every soul from your tribe returns, your tribe is collectively healed, cleansed and retuned you spend time laughing and loving each other free from the lessons we have been trying to complete. Then new pre-incarnation contracts are agreed and the game of life begins again as we return back to the 3D hopeful we can make better choices this time.

6th Dimension

The 6th dimension is also a kind of holding station where we pause to reflect on changes but this is a different frequency entirely from the fourth. There were so many cards here to explain, but I will try to be as brief and clear as possible. The first three cards came to explain the energetic frequency of the realm, Buffalo, Nightingale and Stingray. Earth, Air and Water. Immediately I was made aware that there is no fire here. No fire? Yes this is a realm of deep emotions and thoughts. This is a frequency of exquisite beauty but also great sadness. Some empaths here in the 3D can sense this 6th dimensional sadness and it feels like a depression they cannot shake.

Buffalo is usually a very grounded energy that sees every hurdle in life as a means to uplift itself through perseverance. Here though the energy of this card was muted. It was like Buffalo would not or could not speak. When Buffalo is out of balance there is a restlessness and a strong sense of a lack of gratitude. Buffalo seemed down.

The air energy of Nightingale is the fearless beauty of song as a healing tool and yet here again was that energy of silence. This bird was trying to sing its truth but with no luck. What’s with this energy? It’s like this dimension is silent so the cards are being muted to draw my attention to it. 

The water energy of Stingray was suggesting that emotions contain a discomforting bite behind them too. A place of no individual backbone but a collective contemplation. The energy is gentle, warm and comforting but silent. It’s beautiful and relaxing too but was somehow just below the sweetness it was slightly raw and edgy. I needed another deck to explain. 


The Mystical Shaman deck threw out four cards to help me understand. In a flash clarity began to form as Crow, cawed its blunt truth. This is Crow World! No this is animal spirit realm. That is why it felt so wonderfully emotional and yet raw to its core. Its where animals come to heal.

Owl actually rocked up first like the spiritual referee to ensure a fair game and Crow is the Keeper of this Celestial Dimension. It’s drenched in the energy of ugly truths. Crow spirit has shed his trickster skin to draw out all the serious and unintegrated emotional truths we hide from ourselves. There is no laughter here. This is a realm where we shed emotional tears in blissful silence. There is no creativity or free will here. Just emotional truths. Faced full on.

Don’t feel scared by this dimension tough. It is a deeply beautiful and compassionate place where the air is thick and sweet, like a honeyed nebula. The sense of love and loyalty expanding into every breath we take, kisses and caresses our hearts. It is this bliss that heralds the salty sorrows of shame and humbleness that arise from our souls.

The Serpent is naturally the many skins we each need to shed here. The Standstill being the signal that there is no time here. Undressing our souls of the smears and stains, takes as long as it takes. Crow knows this is the simple truth. Therefore go with the emotional flow if you wish to grow.

I felt I needed a little more and duly shuffled but the Mystical Shaman Deck had decided to shut shop. It was all about animal energies or course. So I returned to the Wild Unknown Deck and a veritable banquet of beasts was set on the table to be devoured right down to their bare bones.

Noah’s Ark

The animals came in two by two by three by twelve! Yes a dozen dishes of wisdom were served up with extra gravy. Owl got his side order in first bt introducing and explaining the rules first. Whale and Beaver. Both of these being water energies but also notice the difference in size and skill. It is vast.

Whale is all about diving deep to dredge up our seabed of deepest, darkest coldest emotions that are riveted tight onto the hulls of our darkest truths. Whereas Beaver is the ever industrious, hard working engineer of the animal water kingdom. If Whale can locate a blockage Beaver can chew through and release it. This is what you do here over and over again until you are no longer the great heavy whale but a tiny wee sprat and light as a feather.

This is a process of washing clean our shadow selves. Purifying our souls of the most inexcusable excesses of desires and self-satisfaction. And it feels like it lasts forever in this timeless heaven. It is needed and I’m really feeling love here but love that is stripped bare. Exposed with absolute deep guilt or shame.

Then something extremely odd happens and catches Crow’s eye. He thinks he saw the burst of a Firefly’s phosphorescence but it was so brief he must have imagined it. But Owl whispers to the Firefly to try again. This is the divine spark awakening in the blissfully clean sprat that has been basking in the unity of group love. With the following cards of Wolf and Elk we see a change in mood and colour. Both of these cards are earth energies and they begin to get all fired up.

Wolf stares and dares crow to come and have a go. Crow stiffens his beak. Fire begins to rise from wolf as a new personal truth. Crow flaps his wings but remains rooted to his spot.

As the fire unfolds into Wolf’s head, a passionate desire to reach up and connect to the divine masculine sun energy howls silently through Wolf’s intuition. The fire burst through the skull and forms antlers as Elk takes shape. The sun begins reaching down to Elk to ground itself beneath Elk’s hooves. Elk let’s out a snort of sweet nectar form his nostrils and the silence is broken by this primal grunt.

Everything everywhere stops to see what broke their peace. Elk laughs and births into the full fire energy of Hyena. Hyena is the balancing energy required in Crowdom. Crow stands taller and watches Hyena, beadily.

When the Hyena has calmed his initial peels of glee Hyena settles back down to allow the flow of divine feminine force to comfort and ease the heat that flared in Hyena’s soul. So Hyena becomes Gazelle and she recreates the echoing energy of The Standstill and emotional peace returns once more.

Gazelle allows a new understanding to flow through her learning and integrating. Fox energy forms from this new frequency and clever wise Fox understands what this means to have returned the missing element. The fire element was needed to complete a Universal truth of five. Four elements and Source is existence.

Crow looks through Fox confirming that this new truth is absolute. Clever Fox understands why though it deliberately hidden from you in the 6th dimension and bingo! The penny drops and the Phoenix rises just as a Cosmic egg descends hatching a tiny fish.

Now you have shed your heavy emotional Whale and reached the final stage of Fish, you will realise that this lighter, emotionally purified frequency is the key into the 7th dimension. You are now free to swim once more in the right direction. Offer yourself to Deer the Celestial Keeper of the next Milestone on your journey.

So you can stop reading now. This last bit is to explain just what the shameful sadness and sorrow was that needs to be removed layer after layer here.

This is the Animal Spirit Realm and we have to see the ugly truth of how we abuse animals. This is a long and deeply tangled web of karma that is not dealt with in the 4th dimension as we are mostly there trying to sort out our karma with our human soul tribe.

I was uncomfortably amused when the animal spirits encouraged me to describe their arrival in the Ark as food items waiting to be served up to make them sound delicious and appealing for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t like calling them meat on a plate. All creatures are divine and connected to us in Oneness. I don’t want to tell anyone what they must or should do as I believe we all exert free will in all our choices. I have not eaten meat for three decades but I don’t criticise others for their choices. They are wrong consuming animals but the animal spirits themselves have something to ask everyone.

“Please consider a plant based diet and stop filling yourselves up with our dead flesh. You are creating bad karma deep deep in your soul and you don’t seem to care that you are destroying the natural world with your insatiable blood lust.

Some of you have the audacity to moan when a tiny bug bites you and it hurts. Think about it. You consume us daily, wear our skins, prize to horns and hang our heads on walls. You drag us from our homes with nets and choke us to death. You stalk and shoot us. You zapped us and slash us and wrap us in plastic. You grill us and cook us, you bake us and boil us, you roast us whole with a pole driven through us. Yet your crowning shame is you feeds us to innocent children creating deep bad karma in them too. What is wrong with humanity?

When you come to our world we envelop you in love and loyalty. We wrap you in compassion and forgiveness. It’s no wonder that you break down in shame and sorrow? And it should be no wonder that your tears must be silent? We’ve heard it all before and before that too. We cannot hear your shame expressed aloud anymore.

You have to face this change of heart alone now. You have to figure out why you refused to see the Universal truth that was staring you in the face. Stop abusing animals large and small. It’s up to you but remember this Universal truth, that we love you, regardless.”

Wassail Russell

There was a real awkwardness to the entire writing process of this blog. It’s like the energies of the animal spirits forced into words were extremely uncomfortable. Let’s hope the 7th dimension is more fluid.


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans 

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  1. Sooooooo interesting! I just watched a channeler who said he channels Adronis from the
    sixth-density Sirian consciousness existing within the star of Sirius A. Can that be possible with a multi universe, confusing? I Trust your Truth 🙂 xoxo

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