Latest melody for strengthening the voice so that you might find a way to speak with greater love and compassion. It uses the spine & nervous system to help to support and strengthen the connections throughout your body.

Here is a sweet tune given to me as a choral composition for a Choir of Angels voiced by Trebles in a piece I wrote called Solomon’s Ring. This was way back when I was 17 and a student at the Junior Guildhall School of Music and drama. Today my guides showed me its true purpose and a new key to help lock it into the physical body. I will dig out the piece and see if there were any other divinely inspired tunes in it.

Exciting News People!!!!!!!!

I’ve been invited to be the guest speaker at the wonderful Deep Connect Nature Retreat in the Domogled National Park in Romania. I will be hosting workshops in Sound Healing and how to meditate with your voice on the 12 energy centres. If you wish to join us in the mountains for yoga, hikes, healing, massage, wild swimming and geothermal pools that all centres around delicious detoxifying dining by Daniela Exley of Beets, Pulse and Thyme then hurry up and book as there are now only two places left. To tempt you a little further I’ve prepared a page to get your pulses pumping and your desires jumping. It’s going to so gorgeous.

I have a unique gift for stepping inside a person’s body with my voice to locate all the energy centres and to understand how they are resonating in the body. When these energy centres are no aligned the body cannot function at its optimal level. For example if the energy centres of the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and spleen are not informing those organs then tiredness is likely as they will not be performing their detoxifying duties properly. Morning lethargy will begin to take hold. If the energy centre for the throat if misaligned the client may present a dry cough. Sometimes physical injuries can also create blockages that will start to lessen once the correct frequency is return to the painful area.

I have created a series of three videos to demonstrate how a sound healing works as the techniques I use are new and unique and do not fit the usual patterns of most sound baths that involve gongs or singing bowls which is why I describe it as a sonic shower.

Here is a typical mapping of a client.

The body is nourished by breath in the form of two energy waves that meet in the heart. The lower belly breathing waters the Earth Energies and the higher chest breath feeds the Celestial Energies. A Sound Healing session involves all 12 chromatic notes being sounded in the body. After mapping is complete and a copy emailed to the client all 12 pitches and energy centres are returned to their balanced positions creating a smooth line of pitch along the spine and down to the feet. All clients say they sleep so deeply after this treatment.

The energy centres as they are when balanced. They have been flattened for this image but in fact are huge overlapping disks.

While I’m RussellingAround inside with my voice I make use of overtone singing. This allows me to check the harmonic sequences in the body and correct them. These are the hidden energy flows of the subtle body and activate deep cleansing at a cellular level.

Using short melodies and tunes I am able to access difficult parts of the body that have forgotten their true pitch. I can also help to create flow within the endocrine system. For some clients I create individual melodies to help them find balance at home and these are uploaded to my YouTube channel. These work best when listened to using headphones. Clients say they can then feel the sounds in the actual part of the body just like when I am with them in the Therapy Room.

There are several melodies that help open the flow of energies to the correct centring in the body. These involve plugging into the spine and nervous system to gain access to the correct road map in the body.

Sessions are just £70.00 for an hour though the first session takes much longer but is the same price. All bookings are handled through my email address

Join me and take a seat with the sea stretching out before you. The Sound Healing room is also a superb place for small yoga classes and a host of other therapies. And any clients who arrive early find the beach to be an exceedingly stunning waiting room, weather permitting. Wassail People.

The space is available to rent between 7.30am to 10.30pm daily for other therapies at an exceedingly good hourly price. Please email me for more information, rates and availability at

Located on the seafront at No.1 Marina, St. Leonards-on-Sea my new Sound Healing Studio is part of a healing therapy partnership with Roma at Blue Bee in Courthouse Street Hastings. Working together to span the two towns both places offer spaces and support for healers, readers and other holistic therapies including Reiki and Body Stress Release. One space is the Earth healing Hive and the other the Air in which the bees buzz around.

So whatever your therapy needs or if you require a Tarot reading get in touch with us and we will introduce you to one of our specialist therapists and point you in the right direction to one of our healing spaces. Good Health people – Wassail !

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