I have a unique gift for stepping inside a person’s body with my voice to locate energy blockages. While I’m in there rustling around I can shift the energy centres and realign the subtle energies of the physical body. With my overtone singing I am able to listen for the hidden subtle energy flows and release them.

The body is fed by two energy waves that meet in the heart. The lower chakras are Earth Energies and the upper chakras are Celestial Energies. A Sound Healing session involves all 12 chromatic notes being sounded in the body.

I hear inside the body and draw a detailed map of where the energy centres are and where any blockages or bleeds of energy exist before rebalancing them. All clients speak of sleeping so well after a session.

Sessions are just £70.00 for an hour and all bookings are handled through my email address russ@russellingaround.com

Join me and take a seat with the sea stretching out before you. The Sound Healing room is also a superb place for small yoga classes and a host of other therapies. And any clients who arrive early find the beach to be an exceedingly stunning waiting room, weather permitting.

The space is available to rent between 7.30am to 10.30pm daily for other therapies at an exceedingly good hourly price. Please email me for more information, rates and availability at russ@russellingaround.com

Located on the seafront at No.1 Marina, St. Leonards-on-Sea my new Sound Healing Studio is part of a healing therapy partnership with Roma at Blue Bee in Courthouse Street Hastings. Working together to span the two towns both places offer spaces and support for healers, readers and other holistic therapies including Reiki and Body Stress Release. One space is the Earth healing Hive and the other the Air in which the bees buzz around.

So whatever your therapy needs or if you require a Tarot reading get in touch with us and we will introduce you to one of our specialist therapists and point you in the right direction to one of our healing spaces. Good Health people – Wassail !

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