Back in Syracuse and while standing with Archimedes I had my own Eureka moment. I suddenly knew I had been in the sun a little too much for the past three weeks and the effects of it had left me believing I was a famous detective on the confusing trail of murder, intrigue and doppelgängers. I was in fact just Russelling around.

The Parco Accheologico fella Nepalis with not just a Greek amphitheatre but also a second Roman one too. James and I then head to the Ear of Dionysus cave. Once used as a prison.

Inside was dark and had an amazing acoustic. Where I sang and my echoes harmonised with my voice. Look at tiny James adding a sense of scale to the photo.

Around the top of the Greek amphitheatre are several caves, once homes and a cave guessing with water. There is so much to see up here and the views are truly awesome.

To visit an actual Greek amphitheatre has long been a desire and it did not fail me. Sitting on stone seats from thousands of years ago and wondering who sat there and what they’ve seen was a little overwhelming. The centuries of emotions there.

I was having a thoroughly decent time seeing places, people and things and being amazed and inspired. I might have to do this forever. So where next?…

Well back to Hastings and time to build a website and type up all my travels so far. Then Cornwall and Spain I think.

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