My week began following the path of the small stream that runs along the side of the hermit hideaway I’m in. This was clearly once a mighty river that had the power to run watermills for grinding grain into flour. I’ve been honouring that old frequency by baking bread here. Also because the nearest place to buy bread is a vending machine 6km away.

They’re not even wholegrain or six cereals, said the bread snob. So I’ve been baking my own but eating it so fast I forget to take photos. Back to the river.

I followed its serpent like path across the fields from the roadside. The stream was narrow and hidden in the landscape but I could hear its faint trickling as it danced by distantly.

Then I passed a group of cows close to the water and called out “Bonjour!”. I even sung them a little song but they were so uninterested that they didn’t even stir. Lazy cows.

Onwards I strolled until finally I couldn’t see the water for trees. I leapt over a bramble covered wall into a grassed corridor to try and reconnect with the sound of the water. The bubbling sound returned and I was closer than ever to the stream. The grass was awash with morning dew and as I tend to hike in flip-flops, my toes were in heaven.

At last I was actually walking along the water’s edge and happy and flowing along with a big smile on my face until suddenly the entire pathway ahead was blocked by stinging nettles and brambles. I tried to march on but my toes soon said no as the stinging started.

Back on the road and unable to distinguish between the sound of stream and the sewers I waited for nature to help. It came in the form of butterflies. I just followed them and trusted that they would lead me to the source of this much forgotten stream. They bought me to a large gate, which of course I opened with great difficulty. I would have climbed it but I was weighed down carrying all my cards and equipment to create a reading if I could find the source of the water. Bingo. I could hear it but not see it.

I knew that this twin tree was the marker point of the source and so I gentle asked the tree to help me locate the sacred source it was protecting. Deep beneath the undergrowth was this rocky fissure from where the source of the water emerged. I had to carefully pull aside the thorny curtains to witness the magic. The photo doesn’t do justice to the gentle magic at all but i needed to be able to show you the spot.

I sat down and chatted with the tree and the water spirits before cracking out the cards and creating a reading. The stream was once a mighty river that gushed and roared and powered watermills as it danced down to the sea. It still runs into the bay but very quietly and softly now.

Taking the high moral ground

Monday I woke early and set off along the cliff paths to the nearest town to go shopping. It was over 10km away which is not far and would be a joyful stroll in the countryside. I hadn’t considered the endless steps though up and down the many valleys that spilled out into the sea along Europe’s highest cliffs. It felt like 100km and took me 5 hours.

I felt very much like a smuggler weaving the high costal paths feeling the energy of custom officers hiding out to stay one step ahead of the lawbreakers. Struggling with the smuggling that abounds most coastal pathways I was sensing the standoffs and battles as bodies were hurled from the clifftops onto the jagged rocks below. The views were amazing though, when I could bring myself to look.

There were the ruins of stone dwelling high above the sea nestling perilously close to the edges of cliff. Nevermind nightmares I would struggle to fall asleep incase the wind blew the entire building into the sea.

There were tiny hamlets of a handful of houses and derelict barns everywhere. Then turning down a country path I stumbled on the tobacco hole where smugglers hid their wares or that’s what I thought after the energies along the cliff tops but it was where tobacco was stored in the summer to keep it from drying out in the heat.

The roads grew less and less paved as I continued on towards the town. They went from open dirt tracks, to slippery wet narrow pathways just wide enough for a small tractor to leave giant tyre tracks in the muddy sides. This dark hidden desolate track grew steeper and steeper in its descent.

Then as I reached the bottom the road turned a corner and it was deep, thick, wet mud!

But I found a way to get round all the obstacles as I was being followed everywhere I walked in this magical place by a host of butterflies like confetti at a pixie wedding. I arrived in the town to be greeted with this most splendid road sign.

I was in bliss. A brisk half a day trot along the most splendid clifftops and my destination was the weirdest and most suspicious vending machine I’ve ever seen. Three minute pizzas!

Yes, yes you’ve finally got to the bit you wanted…

Pick a Dragon

So this week I asking the sea to answer the fun question of what’s your Akashic purpose?

Time Stamps

Earth 0:38
Air 8:27
Fire 13:20
Water 18:24
Shuffle 22:48



29 Replies to “struggling in the footsteps of smugglers

  1. RUSSELL!!!!!! The gasp I released as I got to the bottom!! I get as excited about these post as I do the videos you upload. Glad I subscribed. The journey in itself sounds and feels so symbolic. The beauty sometimes defies the treachery and peril. I’m so stoked and excited! My inner child is alight with the fantasy of dragons lol. I’m choosing Earth Dragon because it looks wise and kind. Can’t wait! And thanks again!

    1. I’ve replied to this three times now Patrick and it won’t send. Apologies. dragons the sea and me – as Ursula Andreas

  2. Oh how beautiful and inspiring! thank You for dharing, I felt my feet wet with the dew, toes and feet speckled with mud, heard the calling of the water- felt the delight and divinity of the source of that mighty river….ah Rissell,…..blessings my friend

  3. Oh such an adventure we are on. I am so excited to see what’s next, on soooooo many levels. As soon as I saw the air dragon I knew that is my Dragon! Woot woot. Farey wedding how incredibly magnificent! I am so overjoyed!❤

    P.S. You make an outstanding pirate

    1. Arrgghh me hearties I’m excited too as I’ve no idea what’s next either except magic ✨✨✨⚡️

  4. I soak up every descriptive detail with no rush to get to the pick-a-card choices! Your personality comes through your writing and I actually hear your voice and inflection as I read it silently!!! What a treat for all of us! What an adventure we are experiencing with you! I love it soooooo much! The water dragon is calling me first, but the blue green earth dragon is a close second – I shall watch both Thank you, dear Russell – sending you lots of love and gratitude, brother❣️

    1. Oh Ellen thank-you. That is such a beautiful thing to read. It makes all the time and effort worth it ✨✨

  5. Those pictures are so beautiful . The sound of a stream or brook is peaceful especially when everything else is so quiet. Did you try the bread in the machine?

    1. No I didn’t. I’ve been baking bread here to honour the place where the river once turned the water mills ✨

  6. Well I guess it’s a pick two for Me cause there’s almost as much as there is Water in my chart…

  7. Utterly bautiful.
    My goodness, did the walk back take 5 hours too?


  8. Oh my oh my!! Pirates dragons Faery weddings you can’t make this up!! When you found the source of the river ooooh that was the most magical place of all. So beautiful. I could feel the peace of it. Ahhhhhh. Oh my oh my. To spend time there virtually with all my russelingaround friends was a gift. Thank you for your time and effort Russell. You are a Prince a Knight A King A Pirate a Sage a Bright Shinging Star and so much more. Thank You for all that you do.
    Your Pictures are outstanding.
    I am picking the Fire dragon because I am a Leo ♌ and I like hot hot hot

    1. Thank-you so much Sandra. That stream source was so beautiful and so magical ✨✨✨

  9. Fab pics! Those vending machines look toxic.
    I’m confused re: ackashic records.
    Can we get more info?

    1. The sea holds memory. It remembers emotions. It is where all memories of all life are stored in the molecules of the water that we breath, drink & pee out. It has been inside most living cells throughout history and for me it can recollect all of time. I swim in the water to connect with the messages stored there

  10. hello hello. You’ve been teaching me for months and I want to say thank you! We started our journeys at about the same time. I went to the mountains when you went to the sea. Too much to relate but thank you for your guidance. The creek here is filled with crystals and gold and runs cold and powerful and is never silent. I do some barefoot meanderings which is pleasant in the cedar grove and a lot of me “ew ouch oh”ing along on the rocks and laughing cause it’s clearly a good joke watching me hobbling along. Today I stood on moss and looked from sparkling creek to sun. It was encircled by a rainbow (partially blocked by two cottonwoods thankfully or what am I doing staring at the sun?) Thousands of faeries in their seedspreader boats floated way up and spider webs glided through the whole of it at a distance I didn’t think I could see anymore and I’m seeing webs catching sunlight! And then a grouse or someone flying from dark to light to dark.
    PS Grasshopper observation as of yesterday re horse zodiac reading: My visitor hopped inside and landed facing the direction he just came. Then he’d turn a bit and go some other which way. Anyone’s guess which direction next.

    1. Thanks for revealing the blissful surroundings you are in. I like the sound of it very much. Yes laughter is the very best way to cope with most things like stumbling and slipping on rocks. I love too that you are witnessing the magic around you. The creek sounds so splendid with its precious contents too. Grass hopper leap of faith action. Wondrous.

  11. Lovely. Still following the butterflies. Thank you for sharing the details of your journey. ☀️

    1. Thanks for reading and enjoying it. It’s fun posting all this and experiencing it all

  12. Hello dear Russell! I hope you are feeling more rested. I sent you money for a Sound Sonic Shower, but I havent heard back – so am anxious you are the one who received my cash?! please let me know what the deal is and when that can be possible, hugs to you from California!! XX

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