SRH Heidelberg MA Music Therapy (in English)

Tante Helke, the administrator at the SRH Universität has not had time to email me back yet. My plan therefore was to stroll quickly over to the building and scout about. The thing with this short trip is that when I booked my room in the Hauptstraße, I had no idea it was Europe’s longest pedestrian High St. And while the famous University is nestled in and around the old town on both sides of the river, the one I wanted to see was 7km away! So the walk was long and damp as it drizzled. Was fun though. Music Therapy MA course details.

If you want to break into a campus it’s best to be discreet and to blend in. Walk at the rear and to the side of groups of students and laugh if they do!

Get coffee and scan the surroundings. Work out the route most students walk, then go for it. I’m up a floor now. I’m on a role.

It felt so wrong sneaking in!!!

And yet playing the naughty spy appealed to me so very much. So from the second floor I took a diversion to the toilets. Then I found the lift and pressed to call it. It arrived. Would there be someone inside who might question what I was doing? The door slid open and I was shocked by the vivid orange interior that was also fortunately empty. To the roof! The view from the Sky Lounge was amazing.

Online the only pictures of the university are of the new blue building I sneaked into. But the campus is quite huge in fact and full of many great buildings. Even a hotel. I descended the stairs to keep a low profile. I found an information desk and asked for the Music Therapy Faculty. She didn’t know. Nor did she have a map. So I gave her mine but she couldn’t read it as she misplaced her glasses and also didn’t know where the faculty was anyhow. She did however speak perfect English and kindly send me to the student office. Here I was furnished with both a map and directions past the cube where students gather to eat, which was impressive inside. And thoroughly modern Millie. Who is Millie?

Students gather around the uni food hub – the cube


The uni library


Then I arrived at the twin towers of the therapy and psychology faculties. I stood and stared at the doors. were these going to become very familiar in my life? I strolled confidently in and found the Music Therapy department and all the offices of the faculty’s professors. All were empty and nobody was there at all. Might explain why Helke hasn’t replied yet they’re on a break.

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