I hired a bike, to cycle out and visit some of the hundreds of neolithic sites that sprawl across the entire length and breadth of Bretagne. After the last ice age the hunter gather people of northern Europe began to settle and farm the lands that had previously been covered by the frozen ice sheets. In Carnac (Karnag – Breton) these early inhabitants left the world’s most prolific series of standing stones, Menhir and burial sites, Dolmen and Tumulus.

The Mother of Many

I set off with the desire in my heart to pedal right around the Gulf of Morbihan to Arzon, to see my first of these magnificent ancient sites. I was so excited and incredibly curious as to the frequencies I might experience. These ancient stones have been calling to me for some months now.

The bays are laced with rivers, salt marshes and inlets, so when Google maps delivered me to a crossing that was tidal in its nature I was stuck facing a footpath of mud yet to reveal itself. I would now have to cycle almost the entire distanced already covered to cross that water, far inland and start the journey all over again. Instead, I decided to head to a Dolmen that I had previously ruled out seeing that was half way back along the salty inlet.

I was so glad though that I was called to this remarkable Dolmen du Gorneveze. I was so unsure as what to expect. What kind of message might come through? I just sat there for ages staring at the five stones unwilling to touch them. I did immediately sense the frequency of hunting and searching for something lost however. I offered a little local cider to each stones and sat again just feeling the space.

Finally I reached forward and touched the top stone that seemed to defy gravity by floating above the four teeth stones. Straightaway I felt an immense sadness and deep loss of joy. I felt strength and power too but hidden far back. Then a teardrop of cider rolled slowly down my wrist and I gasped.

It was time to crack out the cards and ask if there was any kind of message. What followed was so deeply profound for me and those who watch this video after. Truly amazing and beautiful but not at all what I expected.

Part of my 13 Moon Galactic signature is the phrase that I ‘Seal the Store of Death’ but it seems here that I was able to connect into that store and open the door to release this Priestess spirit, so that she could return to us and heal others. I remain truly humbled and honoured to have been called by her so she could be remembered and empowered again.

I also tapped into the energy of ceremony that took place to create this Dolmen by her tribe to honour her and to bury her. Seeing how the small community was that created this Dolmen by using earth to surround the supporting stones and then they pulled the top stone over the top. A few days later this insight was confirmed when I visited the Musée de Préhistoire in Carnac.

We can’t be totally sure that these early Dolmen were left as covered mounds or exposed but my sense is that they were left covered over in soil and then trees or plants grown next to or on top of them. The highly acidic soil has removed most bones and evidence. Later Dolmen were much larger and some have a corridor into them so that further bodies could be added later.

Full Moon in Aries

With the incredibly moving responses to this post I could feel the priestess was still with me unfolding her story and adding to my understanding of her presence. She didn’t feel like a new guide that would be working with me for long but she did say that she would help with my readings for a few now.

Her truth was to go out and settle into the wider community again and be the ‘Mother of Many’ as she described herself to be known. I felt that this Queen of Wands card best described her energy with all the candles around her. Obviously she has a dog not a cat. This Huntress of Inner Fire suggested that by lighting a candle and calling to her she would come and assist all who called. She has already been guiding others to learn new esoteric skills in prophesy.

So I settled into the Moroccan courtyard of the tiny house where I am staying and Mother of Many communicated her messages for my full moon reading for the 1st October. A favourite day of the year for me as it’s my birthday. More about me and that day later. Here’s the reading.

The Double Dolmen

Setting myself an even longer bike ride the next day to the opposite side of the Gulf I set off to see a double Dolmen and its two silver birch trees. Again I was sent off track by Google maps but this time it was to keep me off the main road and the very fast cars that were so ignorant of my vulnerability as they shot past me on the often very narrow cycle lane. It took me hours but I arrived and sat down for a well deserved rest.

This place was so peaceful and so calm and so full of loving energy as I suspected it would be with its twin silver birch trees I’d seen in photos of the site. The silver birch tree yes where are they?

They had been butchered and destroyed in an act of foolish preservation that was in truth an abuse of the energy of the place. I did notice an fledgling oak tree though attempting growth and so I spoke a protective spell for its continued growth.

Here the energy of place while calmer was much busier having been in constant use right up into the Romano-Gallic period as there were fragments of statues of Venus found during excavations along with a Celtic mask and shards of a goblet or beaker. The message was about the Universal Language of Love and the ‘Mother of Many’ just winked at us again at the very end.

The Alignments of Carnac

I came to Vannes with the sole intention that on my birthday I might visit the world’s largest collection of standing stones and burial chambers from the neolithic period, Carnac. I tried booking my entrance to the Maison de Megaliths but it was fully booked until Monday the 5th but I was going to be put off. Unperturbed I did book a time to visit the Musée du Préhistoire, a separate museum containing most of the artefacts from many of the excavations all over the region by James Miln, Zacharie Le Rouzic, his locally trained assistant.

Arriving at the entrance to the Alignments du Ménec, the sun shone out for the first time for two days and I thought I pop into the Maison and try my luck. It clearly was my lucky day too, as not only did I get in for free but also my birthday is the first day each year when visitors are allowed to actually walk among the stones which are fenced off all summer to curb tourist erosion. I stared to watch the film of the history of the site but quickly decided that I needed the place to unfold naturally for me as I explored it myself.

Like Avebury the stones and the place itself have sadly over the millennia been disrespected. Houses and farm buildings were built inside the stone circle at the head of the Alignments. Many stones have also been removed and used as building material for those very houses. I would say its shocking but it’s just what happens when newer cultures rise, they supplant the sacred sites of those before them to demonstrate their dominance. This morning with the sun out and feeling so warm, my first glimpse of the Menhirs was with their shadows being cast. It just felt so perfect.

Off I went with the boldest spring in my step and for the first hour or two I was entirely alone among the sacred stones. This was a divinely special moment and I was so humbled again to be somewhere so special.

What energy was I feeling here? Firstly I was getting joy, happiness, community and stamina. Vastness and counting. Not a need to count the stones themselves as such, just counting. They are arranged in 11 rows, the Master Number of the Earth Grid in my understanding but why?

For me it was the sense that the stones are markers or demonstrations of growth. The grand stones at the start fell away to smaller stones and some rows vanished altogether in places but that could mean either stolen for building material or walls or removed entirely to make way for roads.

Some were twice as tall as me others didn’t reach my knee. Some were surrounded with grasses and others with gorse and wild flowers such as heather.

The first great arena of lined markers flowed over the rolling landscape and slipped away as a road intersected them, obliterating any sense of their continuing ever onward. Here there was also another handful of stone cottages.

Then came a division created by a brief pine forest and the obligatory high season overspill carpark and toilets with a viewing platform above.

This was ended as the next great eruption of granite monoliths burst to life like a stone forest. This second area is called the Alignments de Kermario and was even more impressive than the Alignments du Ménec in their height and placements.

This marked something new and also contained the first Dolmen to the far right hand corner, squashed next to a road. These stone giants were mingling and bustling with a new story that I wasn’t able to understand other than it marked an expansion of the original community into new pastures. This felt very different and though the layout altered from du Ménec it was still rowed lines that flowed down hill and shrank in size again. The Dolmen here was quite a big space for multiple bodies.

I soon reached and stopped at a view point atop a converted water-tower. The view was great but the stones here had been depleted and so not were not impressively regimented for a photo.

There are of course many myths surrounding the stones. One saying that they are an entire Roman legion turned to stone by Merlin, hence the lines. Merlin is connected to the forest, north of this site but not in the Neolithic period. Also suggested is that they are a group of pagans who were trying to chase down Pope Cornelius, hoping to stop the spread of Christianity. He prayed to god asking that they were turned to stone. Again this is just the wrong period in history but I love a myth.

Some of the stones are from 4500 BCE while others are believed to be from around 3000 BCE but exact dates are difficult to pin down as they were few artefacts found to Carbon Date them. The frequency I was picking up was that the rows representing tribes or family lines or settlements. Each stone was created at the birth of a new child. This growing pathway of Menhirs was a reminding connection back to the founding elders of the area.

As people died and were buried in the Dolmen the people moved up the lines toward the largest stones, becoming the new elders. Open air community meetings could also be held or festivities enacted with a sense of connection to the dead ancestors as well as the living elders. These elders could pass down the rows and then bring thoughts and decisions back to the circle at the start of the lines for the elders of each tribe or community to discuss.

If a tribe grew and more members were born and they needed more stones, then more were added, this would be a privilege and a feeling of pride and wellbeing with a family tribe. A sign of prosperity among the communities. As the tribes grew so did the need for more arable lands to feed them all and new, taller elder markers Menhirs were created to stake out territories of newer communities. Their elders would hold community meeting and together with their tribe form decisions that affected their fields and pastures. They would be able to send their elders as well to the elders of the original settlements to hold larger community discussions. Keeping the ancestor connection very much alive and in the present. Markers of history, growth and time. I also understood how the stones were decorated at certain times for ceremonies with flowers and leaves as well as natural pigments used to colour them.

Tumulus vs Huacha

I wandered next towards the Tumulus de Saint Michel. This huge false hill or mound is 125m by 50m and 10m high and was used as a community burial site and was built around 5000 BCE. It is also the highest point in Carnac.

This reminded so much of the Huachas in Peru. Large temple complexes that they believed were deliberately buried as cultures died out. My question immediately was “What dying culture has time or enough people to bury its temples under a mountain of soil?”. I suspect in both Perú and here that the soil was always part of the plan, to create dark and sacred spaces inside the earth not just for ceremonies but also to hide these sacred sites from others by making them look a natural part of the landscape and giving a high vantage point to act as a protective lookout.

This Neolithic Tumulus was abused of it original sacred purpose when in the 6th century a chapel was built on the top of the mound. The current chapel is the fourth such building and even that it is now closed and entry forbidden. I wonder at what point someone will realise that the dead aren’t happy with the chapels they keep building?

The Tumulus was first excavated in 1862 which suggests to me that the false hill was believed to be real right up until then. In 1900 it was explored again and a second chamber was discovered with stone chests and other artefacts adding to the complexity of the site and the people who built it.

The Tumulus is the highest point in Carnac with views across to the sea and Quiberon where further tombs and stones can be found.

Le Musée du Préhistoire

Founded by James Miln (1819-1881) the Scottish archaeologist settled in Carnac to live and work. His love and passion for antiquity brought him to seek answers to the ancient sites almost entirely forgotten until now. He employed and trained-up a local man, Zacharie Le Rouzic (1864-1939) and between them they created the World’s first Museum of Prehistory amassing a staggering collection of over 6000 archaeological artefacts covering 450,000 years of history, the Museum was, during Zacharie’s life, listed as a ‘Monument Historique’ by the French authorities.

Here I was able to give a sense of just how large some stones are. There are a number of carved stones which makes the mind boggle as to their purposes. Are they basic primitive art or are they abstract accidents? I suspect some are complex concepts like mapping with contours to be used in discussions or to mark places of food supplies. Or are they just strange faces staring out across time?

These vast carved stones were removed from various sites around the area to protect them, which though something I feel is wrong, I understand the need to protect them from vandalism. Though it seems telling that they survived millennia yet humans of the last century and a half cannot be trusted to respect them. What does that say about the false mask of sophistication that 20th Century humankind hid behind? In truth we have never been so destructive as a species.

This is a strong reminder of humanity’s peak point of muscular strength and physical prowess that has been in decline since the industrial revolution and the age of machines. This was so stark when looking at the artefacts found in the tombs. Jewellery was discovered in many of the burial mounds, presumably adorning the dead. The bones, I said before have been entirely rotted away. They did however eventually discover some skeletons wearing their beads in the site at Téviec in 1928.

Talisman Bead Work

There was a video in the museum showing the process of creating beads for these talismans. It was a fascinating inside into methods of production before metal tools in the later Bronze Age. Flint blades were used to cut away at coloured seams found in rocks from as far away as modern Spain and Portugal. These coloured fragments were then sanded into shape using large flat rocks with grooves worn into them.

Once the beads were shaped, a spindle of another hard rock was glued into a piece of wood with sticky tree sap left in the sun to harden. This was then mounted on a bow and arrow like mechanism allowing a rotating drill action to be created. By pulling down on the string that ran across the bow the shard of hard rock slowly pierced the beads. They were then polished on leather hide to bring out the full glossy colour and strung together. How modern and now do they look?

I sensed that with the toil and labour required to create such jewellery and the bloodied and damaged fingers created by working with just stone tools that creating a piece was a labour of love and would have been undeniably the property of the person it was created for. These were surly people who felt little pressure about the image of their own beauty but were fascinated by the image of stones when transformed into beads and strung together.

There seems no sense of inheriting property from a family member on their death. What was theirs in live went with them at death. These charms were theirs and their story was attached to it and so it was required to keep them safe on their journey forwards into the next world, hence being buried wearing their precious talismans.

There was an amazing variety of bead talismans too but mainly created from this distinctive jade colour though they used different rocks the seams were all a similar blue/green colour. This tradition seemed to continued in Bretagne culture well up to the end of the 19th century as can be seen here. Only now utilising beads made by different method during the Industrial Revolution.

The Unalignments of Carnac!

There are times when no matter how prepared you believe you are for life, the Music of the Spheres can serve a curve ball directly at you. Though exegetically it hits you silently, you carry it and it unfolds in its own unique time. I was hit by such a frequency early in the week and I didn’t suspect it at all. Mine was a Neptune/Pluto volley that hit me and unfolding during my birthday. I tried hard to ignored it but it was an echo from my birthday 30 years earlier when my deepest personal wound was lanced into my life and my entire world collapsed leaving me tormented with self-hatred and depression. I’ve posted a series of ‘Depression Confessions’ under the tab ‘Opening Up’. I’ve included the link so that I don’t have to write it all again.

What’s additionally interesting is that 2018 was the year my half life completely fell apart. It was in April that year that Chiron, the wounded warrior returned to the same spot in my natal chart. Chiron takes about 50 years to return and swings forwards and backwards in a sign for over 8 years. My Chiron is 0° 45′ of Aries which is a very powerful point as it is the ‘Aries Point’ of the Zodiac. The new astrological start or with Chiron, an old wound picked open again to see if you’ve really healed from it. I thought I had laid it to rest but it was back, crawling out from under a rock.

So how does that work? Well Chiron slowly meanders back and forth slowly progressing through a sign. Back in 2018, when my return began, I realise my partner was a cowardly narcissist and I walked away from him triggering my worst depression ever. I needed this though to find me and my self-respect for the first time in my adult life. I have spent the last two years doing with endless shadow work to assist my transformation to self acceptance.

Observing thoughts and the faults they opened in my psyche seemed endless. Changing those faults/thoughts to newer more caring behaviour towards myself at times seemed impossible too. This is, the Shadow Work I talk about so often in my readings. Questioning every aspect of myself to see why I do things. Changing patterns of behaviour I believe define me to create a new and better self loving vibration. The Music of the Spheres is constantly shifting and while I have healed myself a great deal it wasn’t as complete as I believed. This week was when the test returned to check in on me and see how far I’ve come. It’s like an emotional wobble to see how strong my Luminous Warrior really is..

So since Monday I’ve been on a countdown to Carnac, checking in on the decades old wound that I used to think had ruined my entire life. It was actually the making of my life but it took me decades to understand. It also took years to learn to forgive myself. I have however learnt to truly love myself and it’s been a long battle. I can even say “I love me” out loud, without hearing my mother tell me to stop blowing my own trumpet, which was also a huge barrier to self respect. I needed however to change my inner narrative and to stop blaming myself for problems dumped on me by others. They were projecting their self-hatreds on me to disguise them from themselves and they were displaying jealousy in their cruel actions.

I had always blamed myself or took responsibility for the faults of others because I believed I made then behave that way. I never considered that some destructive actions are the fault of other people’s negative projections. This is a complex paradox though as I manifested that behaviour in some ways too because I believed I was to blame all the time. We are responsible for our own actions but so are other people responsible for theirs. I finally accepted that I blame nobody and judge nobody either because all the dark traumas have been the rungs on the ladder to get me to this point right now where I can say I love all that I am. It helped enormously chatting last night with my wonderful friend Misha, who is also an expert astrologer. We worked back through my charts to see the frequency of the Cosmos when I was first deeply wounded and saw that there was a karmic element written in as a life challenge. Thank-you Misha I love you so very much.

Thankfully too, while at Carnac and in the thick of the emotional soup, I had my new friend the white stag Priestess, ‘Mother of Many’ by my side to protect me from the ‘Keeper of Karnag’. This ancient Guardian of the Stones was here to poke around in my psyche and prod the old wounds. He was here to throw a fog into my head to confuse me. To see if I was brave enough to march on still. As the afternoon rain fell on me and drenched me I walked further and further away from Carnac towards any place I could grab a bus out of there. Trouble was there was no bus for hours and I was very wet, so to cheer myself up I bought myself a dry shirt and scarf. It’s what they sell in Bretagne, shirt-wise.

I was worn out, tired, miserable and broken but I never lost my faith that I was flowing through the correct frequencies to learn something important. Once home I thought I had yearned to visit Carnac because it felt cosmically aligned to me but it had left me feeling bruised and bullied by my past.

That was the point of course and why it called so loudly to me. Carnac connects us all to the past. I thought I’ll never go there again but I have decided that I shall return and I shall seek counsel with the ‘Keeper of Karnag’ because I have passed his test, his initiation. I will return there, knowing that I didn’t crumble in the face of the heavy energies. Instead I allowed them to unfold their ghoulish waking real-life nightmares and I shadow-walked myself through them. I’m very proud of me for doing that. When I return and I shall sing to the place. I shall reconnect it to my Alma Mater, Stone Henge through Astral projection and gift Carnac with a celestial healing in thanks for bringing my traumas forward to be finally laid to rest properly. Chiron I am healed so get with my future plan or sod off.

Pick a Menhir

Yes people I will be posting a video for you all. There’s no theme this week I want each stone to just tell its story. Hopefully it will be Sunday but we we see when the ‘Keeper of Karnag’ is ready to obliged us. I fear they might be quite dark energies but we are strong and we are ready as spiritual warriors.

Time Stamps

1/ 11:18
2/ 29:32
3/ 52:40
4/ 108:47

Wassail and thanks again for all the kind wishes on our collective full moon birthday xx

28 Replies to “seeking the mythic in the neolithic

  1. I got a feeling a while ago that there are/will be spaces where the shadow cannot exist as a shadow. Now I’m wondering if Karnag is one of those spaces that it’s Keeper tests. It gives me some comfort knowing that The Mother of Many found her way to you before you made it there for some reason. This read a little rough towards the end, but I’ve been on my own journey since November 2018. I was actually a week into my daily meditations when I left for London, and I’m glad I was centered before I left lol. It’s seems I’ve energetically gotten a bit closer to you unwittingly on my part, that you popped up in my dream the day you uploaded the thank you video. Now that I’ve heard about the “Keeper of Karnag” I wonder if that adds a layer to the dream because there was a lady lost to time who appeared as you started to purge your emotions and face some things again. It was so weird and interesting. I’ve dreamed of the inner emotional states of others before… but usually it’s someone in my personal life who is nearing a rougher time. You did bounce back even better at the end of the dream though and I was not fit enough to keep up with you lol. I don’t think I’ve really run in years… if ever! Lol! Part of me wants to say that I want to visit Carnac to test my own mettle. Another part knows that I’m gonna be getting a Chiron trine here fairly soon as it also conjuncts my Venus, so I’ll gladly pass lol. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your journey with us. And for being the Worldbridger that sees us through safely. Almost like a Charon lol. Ferryman over the River Styx. So too do I feel I must thank you for journeying beyond! Beautifully written and pieces together as always.

    Don’t think I’ll pick this week. Something tells me not too. So I’ll just watch as the stories unfold.

    1. I’ve been turning up in other people’s dreams too I’m told. It might be to do with us all growing in our collective closeness or you might just be a witch yes I was meant to meet Mother of Many first. She was lost to time but we found her again and she has a reason for wanting me to return to Carnac. The frequency there is distorted and I understand I am meant to sing a bridge between there and Stonehenge. It’s something i’ve had to do before but that was like a practice run. I’m sending this link so you can scroll down and see a photo of me three days after I sang to the stones there. I’m covered in the flames of Hengenergy. http://russellingaround.com/travel/stones-in-my-bones-at-the-winter-solstice/ yes that pesky Chiron return has Mars in Aries too and Pluto turning direct was activating Neptune in my first house which is about deep delusions especially about how I saw myself for so long in the old heavy raw male frequencies. It all feels much better now. I’m still recharging as I integrate all that transpired this week. Gosh it was a very big time energetically. It’s nice that you were there not running by my side I’m glad I came back stronger though. I feel like I’ve had some vast clarity gifted to me this week having corrected a 30 year old birthday trauma. It was exhausting just trying to blog it but it allowed the clarity in. I asked for a dream about this week but was denied it. I had to approach this fully conscious to heal it so perhaps you had the dream for me?

      1. I’ll check the link out! Maybe I did have the dream for you. You pretty much drove the whole thing. I was just observing/being present and in awe. There was a bit of you teaching me something that had something to do with breathwork. There was something going on around a sarcophagus (I get lots of Sphinx/ancient Egypt in dreams) like some cosmic mist or smoke coming out of the mouth as it was still lying down and then you started purging some heavy emotional things (one of those relationships came up) that rational me thought you had worked through because you’ve talked about it. And for some reason I knew to do the breathwork you had just taught me and all of a sudden I see the lady who I guess was inside the sarcophagus. Blew me away lol and I was kinda concerned. But you had me describe her to you… and at some point the mask on the sarcophagus blew off. I can honesty see her having an elven shape and appearance, but a little paler than I’d think. Also saw her mostly from behind, so I can’t remember her face… didn’t last too long. I looked over the sarcophagus one last time before we left the little area and I saw her lying there wrapped in a cloth or silken dress… and still couldn’t see her face. She prolly isn’t for me to know. After that was over is when we ran out and I could barely keep up with you. Then I think you said something about taking me out to sea, or having me accompany you. Aaaand I wasn’t too fond of that lol but you said you’d help me get over my fear of open water. It seemed emotionally intense for you, because I was just there breathing as you taught me, but you seemed much much better by the end of it. So I guess your lady appeared to me in some way but only you will see her face. And know her name. She was… quite interesting though lol. Very perky lol. I wish I could show you what I saw. And idk what I am lol. Just a dreamer who dreams sometimes. I actually saw you another time a while ago but you weren’t doing much and I don’t remember anything significant happening in that dream. I was at my grandmothers house and you just so happened to be in there as well. I said hi and the dream kept rolling.

        Also! The shirt and scarf look nice on you! Very seaworthy lol. Gonna check the link now!

        1. Wonderful. The details you can recall too. I’m wondering if Mother of Many was leading this for us both. She’s so more powerful than I realised at first. Of course she is for you to know. She’s not mine she’s just with me for now but she’s with others too. They have written about her visiting them.

          I think you saw a collective vision too in many ways. Breath work and blowing off the mask is about us being allowed to breath life force properly again. This is essential. Going back outside freely too. Like our homes have become tombs. I’m sleeping in a room with a very low sloping roof like I’m in a Dolman myself

          The releasing of fears too is going to be a tricky moment globally. As the walls crumble and tumble on all the lies people will feel hurt and abused and so frightened in other ways. Like PTSD globally for some. That’s why following the path of love matters as we will need to hold so many souls who will be scared of the open ocean of emotion. Though I’d love to help you personally get in the ocean and swim at some point. That’s a DNA memory for sure my friend. It’s not in your consciousness but your bloodline.

          I know what you are. You are an amazing big hearted, laughter filled soul who is stepping from his own shadows. You are a wonderful wonderful magical healer Patrick with a mystical magical mind witch

          1. I can’t even imagine the state the collective would be in. To ask for and seek the truth is one thing. To receive it is another. Nevermind the folks who are perfectly fine with the way things are/were. Those who can be there to hold and comfort the folks who need it will be so important. I think it’ll also help folks once the power of the collective of humanity is realized. Most folks will gladly take the new tomes over the old tombs.

            In the dream we were in some sort of antique shop or place where old things are stored (museum maybe lol). There was a single large metal rod that you picked up and were dowsing with, but also tuning things with(?). Different artifacts would give off different frequencies. And the shopkeep/collector guy was pretty impressed that you could work the dowsing/tuning rod. He seemed less impressed, and a little more concerned, when you tuned to, and activated, that sarcophagus. But what you had done had already set the process in motion. I think dream Russell probably knew what he was doing lol. I wonder if dream Russell went looking for this Time Lady that was sealed beyond door of death and I just so happened to get roped into it lol. It was something seeing you in your element though! The breath work was very deep and not the robust kind at all. I imagine it really slowed the heart rate. Like holding the inhale 6 seconds and holding the exhale 7. It almost makes me think it was trying to get me into that deep sleep/near death low breath and low heart rate mode, and in that way it reminds me of how I had to ultraground myself to be able to approach the space in between spaces where the other lady was waiting for me. This was easier for me because you were the one experiencing the emotions… easier to keep myself centered that is. Not easy to witness the outpouring of emotion, but you prepared me to not get lost or overcome by yours. Very intense.

            Idk. I’m not too sure that getting over that fear is necessary. With air travel I can cross the skies and never need to set foot on a sea/ocean faring vessel. Fires get me too. I’ve been able to get to the stove, but ovens seem so unnatural to me. Why anyone would stick any body part in a hot box designed to cook things is beyond me. But I appreciate all the bakers and the bread they give! Just not for me lol. I guess I’d do well to face both of those though. Things like Titanic have reinforced my not wanting to get on any boats or cruise liners… although I’m remembering taking a ferry at Disney World and that was fine… so maybe it is something that I can release in this lifetime. If for no other reason than to just be able to enjoy more aspects of it! I do enjoy swimming and wish I was a better swimmer. Very averse to both fire and open water. Took me a while to get used to the Bunsen burner in my microbiology lab.

            Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them! I’m actually looking for work in the pharmaceutical field. I joke with myself about it being me healing the legit way. Less “burn the witch,” and “blame the shaman,” vibes lol. [sorry for the mega long replies] Feel free to reach out anytime you need in a dream though lol. I’d love to help if I can be of service! It was quite the experience.

  2. Oh such a wounderful journey. I am so happy for you. The full moon was the perfect time to heal. Sending good vibrations Your way, brother from another mother.❤

    1. Thanks Patricia. It was a wonderful week until the Keeper of Karnag test mind you I have rather been on a very intense week of unexpected connections. I experienced so very much in such a short space of time with a full moon and Saturn turning direct and Pluto preparing to. Whoosh

  3. Amazingly written Russell. Heartfelt…I could feel it to the depth of my soul
    It takes so much courage to share all that. It’s like you said, we have become so close on this journey. The interconnectedness of all things and all of us. We are here with you and together. Hugs from me to you….leave the face mask of…fuck it

    1. Thanks. I so often have to go back to get my face mask so I can walk in a shop. It does have to end soon. I struggle far more with French because I can’t see the mouth

    2. Haha I would leave it off in the UK for sure. I feel a slight need to obliged here as it’s not my country but then I think how much borders and countries are why the world is in such a mess and I think sod it. Sod all your dumb rules I want to be free like Neolithic humans to make beads and put up stones

  4. “I see you”, Russell! Thank you so much for sharing your life journey, can relate a lot. And that is what makes us not alone anymore, not alone anymore. Some big hug from russian girl to you!♥️️️

    1. Wassail wonderful Tamara. It’s essential that I share these moments as I’m always telling everyone to face fears and heal but we all have these moments to test us. So I passed my test and shared it so that others might see that they too can step up and move forward.

  5. You are very brave Russell, just to travel in France at this time. Trying to speak and understand French while wearing face masks seems like it would be a nightmare to me. I walked part of the Chemain de st Jaques in 2016 which seems like another lifetime now and was so drawn to the old chapels containing images of la viege noir. I realize reading your blog how frightened I have become of traveling whereas before I loved it. Thanks for sharing your marvelous mystical journey with us. I am also so drawn to ancient stones and was in Avebury in March. It’s incredible how they can draw the old stories out of us and facilitate our healing!

    1. Thanks. I somehow felt compelled as I always feel a great need to be defiant in the face of authority. The mask wearing is making me cranky as it feels damaging to the health of the body. My brain panics at the reduction in oxygen. It also feels like air and life-force are being stolen from us all like we are going stale. It’s also creating a very lonely atmosphere everywhere you walk as people are deeply suspicious of not just each other but especially ‘non-native’ people. Not all, shopkeepers are friendly as are most staff in museums and tourist attractions but it’s not always easy. I can’t stop though as it feels essential right now to share this and to be seen travelling.

  6. You have such a lovely writing style, it paints the picture of your journey inside and out beautifully

    As our journeys continue to spiral in and out of the pain and pleasure, you have come to experience this all again and get the opportunity to change some of it

    Iv been on a very similar journey, I’m and Aries sun and rising with my Chiron in Aries as well as my Venus

    Let’s just say I’m very Aries

    But your stories and your process continue to move me and remind me of the journey

    And sometimes it’s just great to laugh with you- although I sometimes feel like a crazy person

    But you’ve become like a friend whom I love to listen too

    Have a beautiful day … I’m sending love because I can and want to

    Through ever twist and turn that’s why we came here, to learn, cry and laugh
    None of that predictable shit, that’s of the past right?
    To remember to return to love, but move through all the bends, just as tests for our soul before we finally rest

    1. Thanks Summer. I’m just thinking that your name is exactly what I’m needing to get back to fast. It’s become very autumnal here and I’m not sure I like that. I must get back to somewhere warm and next to the sea as I miss swimming so very very much right now.

      Yes that Music of the Spheres has had me all over the place for the last two years but it has taught me so very much. Especially about self respect and self love. Without those I would have remained in a pit of despair.

      I feel like I am making more friends than I’ve ever known in my life but the wonderful thing now is that you are seeing my true frequency because I’m not hiding it anymore. Yes you are right the predictable shit is what causes the pain. I’m kicking my way of any box anyone has ever tried to put me in. Let’s all get out of those local thought prisons and live magical futures

  7. Russell, your generous honesty in sharing the intense shadow work that you have gone through is SUCH an inspiration, inviting us to keep going through our own personal Carnacs with all that’s there, and see that it’s possible emerge the other side with understanding and greater peace, and smile about it all.

    The beautiful images you’ve given us of all those sacred sites and stones beam ancient knowledge and power across time and space, and the incredible gift of Mother of Many is just extraordinary. An iconic moment.

    For all of this, and for your radiant presence on your YouTube readings, a massive massive THANK YOU!!!!

    You are extraordinary.
    Ps LOVE the French outfit too.
    Can u add a beret?

    1. Thanks Zoë. It good to Shadow Walk and to show what it means to remain focused and to complete that pathway. Years ago I would have allowed it to trigger a depression but now I embraced all the dark traumas. They truly allow me to recharge my batteries and shine brighter into a better future.

      Sharing them is essential to help guide others. If I can show how I walk the walk, it means I’m not just talking the talk in my posts.

      No! No berets, they’ve always disturbed me, like a felt turd.

  8. For those of us born with sun in Aries or Libra, especially in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it has been a serious ride over the last few years. Pluto square, followed by Saturn square, followed by Jupiter square (all in serious Capricorn), and including a Chiron return (lather, rinse, repeat). No messing about. I’ve also got Uranus sitting on 4 planets in Taurus so I really feel you. But there’s something wonderful about it, isn’t there, when we surrender to it? Laid bare and touching the Beloved. It’s made me feel such tenderness for all people.

    Thank you for the neolithic tour. The stones are beautiful. I’m glad you had a wonderful Birth Day.

    1. Yeah it’s been traumatic frequencies for sure but I am looking forward now to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto working in my favour now as they are an active Yod in my chart. I think three planets of Karma and a second Yod just switched on with my solar return, surely now… I could have so joy? haha

    1. Its a pleasure, apart from dragging-up and going through all the emotional traumas to post it haha

  9. Thank you.
    You do look radiant in your Stripes de Bretagne picture 🙂
    Looking forward ro the menhirs,

    1. Thanks it’s not a look I’ve ever tried, stripes. Menhirs are still uploading. Im in a big city but the upload speed only worked in Le Havre.

  10. What an amazing Birthday week Dear Russell ! This post, and your insight whoa ! What a gift for us, Mother of many, and those stones! I I honor your openness about your journey and it is helping me for sure to heal my past wounding. Overjoyed to read this blog, You are a Joy to read and listen to. Thank You ⭐️

    1. Thanks Elaine. Whoosh it really was quite some week emotionally. I’m still refuelling but emotionally I feel so much more balanced

  11. Hello dear Russell! I hope you are feeling more rested. I sent you money for a Sound Sonic Shower, but I havent heard back – so am anxious you are the one who received my cash?! please let me know what the deal is and when that can be possible, hugs to you from California!! XX

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