There is magic in the air all around me here in my Hermit Hideaway in La Manche. Just a few nights ago I was startled by the frequency of sunset at what is called the golden hour. I have been enjoying so many golden sunsets but this mystical night, the magic took on a pink glow of incredible soul moving intensity.

The entire world seemed to sing with a cosmic brilliance that poured into my higher heart chakra. This sublime moment of the orange sunlight of the sacral seeping through the pinks of the higher heart, spoke of the emotional merging of these energies centres. Totally divine, yet fleeting. This solar magic lasted only 10 minutes but I shall remember it forever.

Rocky Places & Deva Fractals

The Genius Loci or spirit of place is the Deva energy that exists as the soul frequency of the nature. These spirits are the architects of the natural world and they work alongside the sprites, fairies, elves and goblins defining the essence of the world we witness. That they exist throughout the natural world but hidden from view by the dimensional veils is undeniable to me. They show themselves all the time in the magic if you just allow yourself to be open to it.

These Devas mastermind the fractal blueprints that echo throughout the natural world and the animal kingdom including humans. It is often said that we are programmed from birth to seek human faces in all patterns and while that might be true it is wrong to assume that the natural world is not trying to demonstrate its closeness and familiarity to us by creating faces for us to see.

These giant faces in the rocks that jutted out of the ancient species of ferns, was like witnessing the souls of the area, looking out towards the sea as they do all around this place.

These rocks and stones have been utilised by generations of inhabitants to build their dwellings and the dry stone wall enclosures in order to protect their labours from the elements. I often wonder what the Elementals think about these uses of the stones stolen them from? It is possible to balance use through thanking the Devas? Nowadays the rocks are blasted from the earth in quarries.

The man built stone structures are everywhere but as they do at least echo the rocky landscapes of hills and cliffs and seem to create a harmonious visual frequency at least. The endless walls forming enclosures are boundaries to keep track of the cattle that are moved from pasture to pasture as they feed on the grasses to produce milk.

The white liquid gold is use by the resident farmers to create wealth, through commodities such as butter and cheese. The farming all around here stills seems based on small scale production methods that were used for centuries. The only modern sign being the electrified wires that saves employing people to watch over the herds.

When not used as pastures the walled pockets of land are vegetable patches were locals grow their own food. There is something very comforting about the entire area even if it is humans controlling nature.

The flora here is also distinctly ancient in its origins and sweeps across the rocky cliffs in swathes of tiny clustering flowers of so many interwoven colours and varieties.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect for me was the way in which the fractal sizes of the plants seemed to shrink ever smaller while maintaining similar shades in the forms of the many lichen gripping onto trees and rocks for dear life. So many different colours and forms too. Lichen is a fungus type growth that is believed to be one of the first plants to emerge on the planet.

This rock, layered with a white marble effect reminded me of a baby elephant or Ganesh

Their life span runs on a timescale so different to most things that it is almost impossible to comprehend. 1mm a year of expansion and it can also remain alive when there is no water. In the arctic there is a lichen believed to be the oldest living organism at 8500 years old. They also cover about 6% of the world’s surface and are found in all conditions. A truly miraculous form of life.

They come in a variety of colours too but mostly are green to olive grey. The brighter colours are due to the presence of acids. They have been pulverised and used to create natural dyes throughout the centuries before synthetic dyes. Harris Tweed famously made use of lichen to create their coloured cloths.

They draw their nutrients from the air and dust around them and behave symbiotically when they are anchored to other plants or trees. Indeed they tend to offer more than they take. A lesson for us and how we interact with the natural world around us. They create sugars for their hosts and receive only water when the conditions are exceptionally dry. In some cultures they are harvested by people as a food supplement and have been used to create tinctures to alleviate skin conditions.

Open Spaces & Splendid Views

All around the area there are rolling hills and high cliffs. Vast open expanses of the rock faces tumbling down towards the sea. Sometimes gently sloping and sometimes breaking in sheer jagged cascades that shout danger to both the land and the sea. There are of course so many lighthouses warning ships of the inherent risks of sailing too close.

Jean-François Millet

I do love a beard on a bloke

Such dramatic and beautiful scenery has naturally inspired many painters and artists. JF Millet, the realist painter was born in the tiny village of Greville, a brisk hike from the Hideaway, on the 4th of October in 1814.

He is celebrated in the village and was one of the founders of the Barbizon school in rural France. Noted for his paintings of peasant farmers. He is best known for his oil paintings but also worked in other mediums. His humble birth house is now a tiny museum dedicated to his life.

This sweeping view across the lush hills and down to the sea, not far from his village, was the subject of one of his famous paintings.

This is a reproduction at the view point

I was charmed and amused by this vignette created from his work just outside the house encapsulating the essence of the poverty around him that he often depicted in his most famous works.

That’s all the food you’re getting tonight kids

So it’s that time again when the blog becomes all about you. Woohoo, I hear you cry.

Pick a Lichen

Yes it’s time to make a choice and pick a picture to find out what is the oldest frequency anchored in you DNA. Just what is it that goes back almost to the start of time and is it something you need to keep or release?

Time Stamps
1/ 11:36
2/ 21:12
3/ 33:33

Wassail and thanks for reading.

29 Replies to “open spaces and rocky faces

  1. Ooooo! Pick a Lichen! Love this after the dragons. So ancient. I’ve also been thinking of the Devas since the rooster reading and how I’ve been thinking of everything. One of the most beautiful things about Earth is the ability of things to evolve into something more wonderful than could’ve been imagined at its conception. A little bit of flexibility and a lot of love goes a long way. This is a tough pick. It might not come as easily this time. I might pick 2 though because it’s the only one I don’t feel a connection to lol. Gorgeous pictures!

    1. Yes it seems a very ancient frequency. I trust I can read it. I’m sure I will offer a retreat at some point. Need open borders again first

      1. Those would help . Quite the journey you’re setting us on. Reclaiming the truth if this planet it almost feels.

    2. I’m picking 2 as well, I see pictures in it. Love these pic-a-pic so exciting to find out what the cards & Russell of course, have to say!! 🙂

      1. I’ve not cast the cards yet so I’m excited too. Such very old timelines it feels like you guys need to centre your choices and then the energies will open up.

        1. Love the fun thought process on which one to choose… like what present to open first!! Lol I listen to all of them anwyay Have a Beautiful weekend Dear One!! xoxo

      1. I do love your stories and pictures!! Always happy when one pop ups, I know I’m going out for an adventure!! 🙂

  2. How beautiful. I really liked seeing the view point of JF Millet. That does not happen every day. It’s a form of tine travel! Super Cool! Thank you ❤

    1. Thanks Patricia. They have set up these old and new view points in many places to celebrate the art the landscaped inspired. Sadly in Le Havre all the views were completely changed from the bombing in 1944 so it felt rather tragic and wasteful.

  3. From the looks of the face in picture 6 I don’t think they’re very happy about what’s been stolen.

    You do so well with expressing your words, you really should write a book. I wish I was able to put my thoughts on paper the same way they run through my head. It never seems to come out the same…

    1. It’s taken me a long time. I speak better than I write. When I write I feel I need to be all literary and I don’t. Try recording your thoughts and then typing them. Or use the settings that type as you dictate. I’m a slow at typing and forget where the sentence started

      Yeah them rocks look pissed off

  4. Geology is in truth biology. Our earth is made from giant beings, including humans. The faces you see in the rocks were living breathing beings at one time. Many have been tested and they are human DNA. All crystals, gems, etc are the blood of the giants. Some were miles tall. Clay is their skin. Sounds unreal I know…….but this is fact and they try to keep it covered up.

    1. Yes Ymir was the Norse Giant who was slain by Odin, Vili and Ve and they made Midgard from him. I see these giants everywhere I wander in the natural world. Fractals macro and micro throughout everything in the Cosmos. Thank-you for stopping by and contributing such wonderful information

      1. So interesting Eevie, thank you for sharing that!! I gotta ask Russell you know how I am about your mystery!! lol …your see these Giants & Cosmos?

  5. Reverse that first sentence please……dyslexic. Lol biology is geology. Sorry bout that .

    1. I nearly wrote open faces & rocky spaces because I often type with a form of word dyslexia. It only happens when I type not write. Geology is biology too but everything is biology as there’s life everywhere

  6. Theres something bout number one. Lookin forward to your reading. Omg its soooo beautiful where you are! Thank you so so much for it with me.. with all of us

  7. Wow, what an amazing journey and so generous to be sharing it with us.
    I feel like I’m on vacation with You , I very much enjoy the scenery and stories you provide, I feel excited every time I see you post You are a gift Blessings to You for light and Love ✨

  8. I enjoy reading about your journeys; thank you for sharing.

  9. Went down to the creek today to say hello and there was a twig with a minty chunk of “luminous lichen” stuck to it caught between a few stones. “What are you doing here?” I asked. Now I know.

    1. Wow. Fabulous. That took a couple of days to approve. I kept tapping it and it was stuck. Wassail

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