Yesterday my wonderful host took me to the Great Dolmen of Comenda da Igreja. I woke in the morning and had such a clarity of mind. I was sensing a divine masculine energy all around me, so I tossed out a few cards. Cosmic loveliness flowed showing a meeting point between the divine energies. How this would unfold I couldn’t guess at but I was thrilled.

This Tower Card, that fell at the bottom of the shield, after seeing the Manannán, the XX Judgement portal card was saying this tower was singing, like a new doorway being struck by the lightning of Blue Lunar Storm year. What was I heading towards? Then I got that familiar warmth of Merlin energy surging through me, making my body shift and warp, as his frequencies rolled in. The energetic flow increased and I started to shake and buzz.

I uploading this initial excitement to everyone on YouTube but I could sense something also trying to block the message. It posted though so I put that feeling to the back of my mind. We set off and drove along many small backroads through fields of cork and olive trees. My host, Mathieu had only visited there once before, a decade ago and wasn’t sure exactly where it was.I knew he would find it though. When we passed over a stream Mathieu said we must have missed it. We turned around. He commented that he also missed finding it the first time. We found a gate that Mathieu said looked familiar and we marched into the field. It wasn’t feeling right he felt. Eventually I picked up a signal and pulled up a map. It suggested it was a little further down the road. We jumped in the car but it wasn’t there. We turned round again and the map said it was in fact where we walked before. The Dolmen was hiding. Eventually after entering another field that had been ploughed dry and stumbled across the baking soil there was a sense that it was close. Hidden from view behind a group of trees it flashed into being, atop a small hill.

The energy here was totally off the scale. As soon as I entered the ringed fence to keep cattle and sheep away,I felt the shift into a sacred frequency. This veiled magical ancient space was way more potent than anything I had ever experienced before. I was spirit drunk. I was vibrating and shimmering with frequencies.

The Dolmen was huge, splendid, ancient and magnificent. The top erupting from the hillock was just one story high outside but the inside was two stories deep. Lower down the mound was an entrance that was a long tunnel for walking the shadow path into the heart of the complex. There was something ceremonial here. A energy of The Council from another dimension. Not so much ancestor energy as ancient, current and future magical, woven through time and dimensions.

The top of the structure looked like a single stone that had been cracked in two over time but from the side was shaped like wings suggesting flight up into the cosmos. The balance was surreal and yet stable. The frequency of bird, spirit or Peorð, the rune of cosmic flight. The top was like a vast energetic flash light beaming out to the cosmos while drawing light frequencies in too. The energies as I were off the scale. This is a rarely visited site that you need determination to discover and enter but even then you cannot be prepared for what this space holds. It’s vast.

I took out my fermented libation liquid and set about wetting all the great stones and asking permission to settle into their frequencies. In truth I was already in them though, they were swirling in my soul before we even climbed into the car to drive there. As I circled the stones with my ale, the elements woke within the space. Wind lifted and whirled around me. As it danced across the ale bottle it began to sing across the open top. Each time I poured more onto my hands to wet a stone the bottle sang and wind song over and over again. So magical.

Inside, as I continued around the stones seeking to wake the spirits, I noticed this fishtail and head and I heard Merlin saying “The whale that eats its tail” again. What was did that mean though? I can only say that the word Orca-robous swam around my head.

I was too excited still to sit with the cards and record some of the messages Merlin had been uploading into me. I wanted to but the trouble was I was vibrating so high, that my focus was blown away by the energy pulsating through my entire frame. I tried to slow my thoughts and my surging rhythms to settle down and shuffle the cards. The ground didn’t want me. The tinder dry grasses had entered my shoes and travelled right down to my toes. The thistles drew themselves up into my clothes and were digging into my flesh all over my body.

The first frequency was an awareness of an Elven Ring surrounding the entire place. I was aware of a group of higher dimensional beings, standing all around as Elves holding hands. They weren’t actually holding hands at all, they were holding frequency together like a vast wall. I was shown a group of eighty to a hundred Elves but their power and their message was more like the collective frequency of a billion beings, together, all vibrating as one single pitch of complete understanding. This was a frequency I had never felt before. It was soft but firm. Fluid but solid. This sacred space was clearly a portal. A meeting point of cosmic music from the outer reaches of time to the inner shifting spaces of the planet and beyond.

Most odd was that it was like coming home, to a place I’d never visited before here but somewhere else. Merlin was locked into me and projecting and connecting the Sound Master other-self version of me that I see in dreams and visions. Another me, in another dimension, where souls go when they have departed the physical to be washed clean of all the shadows they played with while living. The Caves of Frequency Cleansing

I continued to pull cards and messages flowed and rolled until my computer began to malfunction. It started to stick and the screen froze as the metal casing began over-heating to the point where I felt it was going to melt like liquid mercury. I closed it up and popped it into the shaded branches of an oak tree while I packed away the cards, just as my microphone took flight and tumbled down inside the lower shadow passage of the Dolmen I was sat on. I asked permission to enter the passage but to not pass through in shadows. It was granted but I was to understand, no more technology here. I apologised and I was allowed to retrieve my microphone. Merlin said they returned it as they didn’t want it to remain there.

In the five minutes since I’d put my burning computer in the oak tree, it had not just cooled down but was suddenly, icy cold! I thanked the spirits, the elves and the cosmic beings for their patience with me for not asking if I might record a message there. I was forgiven with a chuckle and a reminder that they were happy to see me again. I admit I didn’t recall them but they felt familiar. Merlin said I wasn’t meant to remember for now. That’s part of the deal of being physically alive. Then I felt their love, that I could only distantly recall, flow from the Elven Ring and comfort my soul.

We left the magic sacred portal and travelled off for some food. It was sitting here quenching our thirsts, that I realised that the entire reading had been purged from my computer. I smiled and then laughed. My fellow travellers were amazed at my calm but I explained that sometimes a sacred place doesn’t want to share the actual experience of its magic directly. Some magic is personal and deeply sacred.

We headed off the seek three other Dolmen further north. Here we could view site 3 and drive up to the second and third sites high up a hill on the horizon. The gates to the others were locked and that you need to book with a local museum to visit this site. However this site contains what appears like a village of ancient stones totalling over twenty.

We are planing to book a visit and return there next week. For now here is my reading of what happened at the Great Dolmen I recorded the following day. It should go live in a few more hours.

A huge Thank-you to Alex and Angela for the extra photos and of course my amazing host Mathieu.

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  1. What a Magical, Mystical, Marvelous adventure ✨ so happy for You to get that experience. How beautiful, Thank You for bringing us along

      1. Naturally.. my show starts soon, looks like I’ll be catching it tomorrow so I can concentrate on what you’re on saying. Lots of Love Sweetness!! xoxo

  2. Russell, you are such a good visual writer. I felt as if I were there with you, I am amazed by the stone structures.

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