Fearing death is seen as a worry as old as time itself. Yet often, it is the fear of a painful death that really strikes the true fear into the minds of most. I have had a deep connection with death from a very young age. Aged about seven I was gifted with the opportunity to inform a room of about a hundred adults, that they had just announced in a news flash, that Elvis Presley had died. The instant shock and disbelief from everyone, filled my tiny body with such enormous pleasure that I spent decades trying to get that same fix from the death of any celebrity. I know, that’s so wrong but it gave me and death a bond that I cherished. In the 13 moon galactic calendar, based on the Mayan tradition I am the ‘self-existing white worldbridger’ and my given motto is that ‘I seal the store of death’. So I came with that deep affection for uncle Death.

Early on in the exploration of my sound healing gift, I was able to see inside the souls of others and even visit their impending death. This was an uncomfortable frequency that I stopped allowing to happen, very quickly. What is the point of seeing a person’s eventual demise, if you are not able to heal it? Death is always inevitable and while I can heal people of many things, so that they might enjoy life with more joy and no pain, nobody can hold off the certainty of death.

When I was seventeen my older brother was killed in a motorbike accident while on holiday in Gozo. This February my mother finally returned to spirt after the devastating demise down the dark pathways of dementia. The loss of the womb that created me was an incredible and deeply sacred frequency. I journeyed with my mother and the memories that surfaced, to reset my entire energies. I needed to find a new future not just without the woman who gave me life, but the mother who wrote my ancestral genetic code and filled me with cosmic magic. It was my mother’s mother who taught me that death is always with us, everyday and that to deny our mortality is to never live. It is a crippling fear that blocks our truth, flow and zeal to enjoy the world around us.

I am often gifted with visions of a dimensionally distant cave of magic singing crystals, where soul tribes gather to heal together after death. All the souls are lifted and suspended in the sound waves that are created by Galactic Sound Shamans, who sing and draw tones and pitches from the rocks, walls, crystals and the dense thick atmosphere of the Akashic records that fill the space.

Covid seems to me to be an Air Epoch challenge to the entire human species to accept their mortality. I don’t mean that we are on a pathway to extinction, those are theories created from the minds of people who have not come to terms with their own individual mortality. Their mindset seems to be if I must die, then so must everyone. So juvenile.

Death is love and freedom from this part of our journey in the physical world. Nothing is truly forever but as humankind we must stop evaluating life around the time-cycles of only our species. If biblical stories are to be believed as gospel, then people lived extremely long lives in the old testament.

For most of our recent history, through the dark ages to the 20th century, mortality came to most in their forties. Then came the golden cohorts (1926 – 36 ish with a huge pinch of salt) who were a statistical anomaly, outliving all other generations. Science, the medical world and most deceptively, insurance companies and governments told everyone that we were all now going to live longer because we had improved the lives of everyone. This was never true but it was a message that was seen as real, as many golden cohorts began to step into the rare world of becoming centenarians.

Now as expected people are again dying younger and insurance companies are reaping the rewards of the pension funds of those who were tricked into handing over great sums of money to guarantee a livelihood as they approached one hundred. Nobody wants to die either in an age where science has obliterated belief in an afterlife. People live in fear and corporations sell us products using youth as the magical code to happiness. The problem with the young is that they have no disposable income and jobs for life are dying out as quickly as the dream of reaching 100 and enjoying 35 years of retirement, in which to enjoy the eventual fruits of your labour.

Recently I created a reading about the differences in each generation and I felt better able to understand each group much more openly and kindly. The generations must work together now.

As I said death seems to walk with me daily and to many, I would appear to have a cavalier attitude to grief and loss and in many ways this is true. When someone tells me that it’s sad that a celebrity has died I always say that they had a good life with many comforts. When I hear of the death of a poor worker dismantling cargo ships because the corporations refuse to pay decent salaries, or support safe working environments, that makes me very sad and angry. They are often the only income creators in their family and now, their children will be without a father, food or accommodation in so many cases. That’s without all the toxic pollution so many of these disadvantaged families suffer with throughout their short lives.

Covid is Air Epoch energy just like the Black Plague 800 years ago when we last lived through the same cosmic reckoning. This time we need to come together and change the world for everyone. That will only be possible when each of us can face the fear we all have of our own mortality. We must accept death, whether it is due to Covid or any other illness and decide that we want to live. We must stop hiding in our homes fearing each other. We must be more fearless and start living again.

People die and it is so sad for so many left behind, bereft, but for me, having seen visions of what comes next allows me to have the confidence to live my live to its fullest happiness. I am like a child who finds life and the world bursting with wonder. The world is magical and life is meant to be awesome.

Cimitrie Do Zareres

Cats and death have been connected since Egyptian times

Prazeres Cemetery high on a western hill over Lisbon is considered to be one of the finest in the world. Home to the vast masonic pyramid mausoleum of the Dukes of Palmela. Peeping through the holes in the heavily fortified deep green doors of the tomb reveals a chapel with seating.

It was begun in 1833 after an outbreak of cholera and was crated in the Estrela district. It covers about 30 acres and is composed entirely of Mausoleums. Amália Rodrigues, the Queen of Fado singing is buried here. This seems so appropriate as the pain and emotional energy in Fado is just a whisper away from death itself. I’m sure she’s a Galactic Sound Shaman now of in the past before her life in Lisbon.

This is a true Necropolis, with street upon street of stone tall tombs like a series of miniature houses, where you go to live on, in death. The magnificence and skill demonstrated all around by the stone masons, conjures not just the melancholy of the many cholera related early inhabitants but is also the dying breath of the art of stone sculpture itself. The beautiful statues that adorn the countless cupboards are like magical portals into the families and characters of the lost Time Lords from Doctor Who.

Death & Rebirth

Springtime is the eternal season of rebirth and life and as we rounded another narrow street came face to face with the fallen purple blossoms of a tree bursting into life. The pretty flowers reminded me of the Roman Emperor, Elagabalus who is rumoured to have created one of the most bizarre executions, ever. After hosting a banquet or orgy he smothered his guests in petals that fell from the ceiling. So many were the flowers that the victims were said to have choked to death struggling to escape. This was captured by Alma-Tadema in his 1888 painting The Roses of Heliogabalus.

So obviously I had to try and recreate it for no reason other than there where fallen petals, we were in a cemetery and I had a bottle of gazpacho to use as blood.

The King of Sintra

My favourite is the stone resting home of Brazilian millionaire, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro. One of the richest men in Portugal but also one of the most eccentric. He was the builder of the Palácio da Regaleira in Sintra. He was an altruistic, mysteriously cosmic soul who dabbled in many esoteric endeavours.

The lock to his Mausoleum was the same as that of his palace as he wished to have only one key. The details sculpted on his resting place are deeply symbolic of many differing religions and philosophies.

Pick a Death Door

What might your next incarnation involve? Choose a door and see what frequencies might be on offer. If you’re not sure then choose anther door. There is only one rule, choose what makes you happy in life.

Good Grief

Here are two readings to help those finding the loss of a loved one or pet difficult to comprehend and process.

The Grief Section begins at 37:11

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  1. This lands in my inbox at the same time Prince Philip pops off, how timely!

    1. Yes I was writing it as the news broke. But I’ve been with death all day yesterday and since my mother died. I felt Philip was off soon oddly. The 99 years of age has spooked me as I talking about reaching

  2. Did you know that Prazeres in Portuguese means ‘Pleasures’? So if you’re going to be laid to rest, then Pleasures Cemetery seems like a good call. Love the photo of you with the petals…

    1. No I didn’t know that and I shall tell my Portuguese friend he’s a rubbish host not telling that thanks

  3. i always love your articles, they are so rich in scents, sounds, wondrous sights, history, myth and spirituality! I am an hedonist at heart so I really appreciate the deliciousness of your writing. Having said all this, I want to share a line that I completely mis-read and had to re-read a couple of times. You wrote “This is a true Necropolis, with street upon street of stone tall tombs…” I read stone tall WOMBS…. I gotta say, what an interesting spin that put on things given the subject matter. Keep up the great adventure, kind Sir!

    1. When I read ‘womb’ I immediately thought of the womb of death. Even in death there is new life wanting to emerge. Energy never dies, it can only be transformed and as we grieve what has died and release it, we can then allow what has died to transform into a new life, a new energy. If I am grieving what is gone then death continues to sting. But in allowing the grieving process to work it’s magic, then the object of my grief now has the permission to be born again into something more…something it is meant to transition to. If we grieve that the chrysalis doesn’t hang from the branch any longer we miss the new life that came from the destructive process.

      1. I just noticed something odd…I was looking at the date stamps on the replies that have posted. Hmmm….they are all for future dates.

      2. Oh so beautifully put. Yes. My brother told me to release him from my memory. I did exactly this immediately with my mother and it was so sacred

  4. Crap!! Had a flowing, glowing review for your article ending w/a laugh and it didn’t post!! Aaargh…. I’ll get to the punch line…. you wrote about the Necropolis and stone tall tombs and I read stone tall Wombs! I laughed out loud given the nature of your article. Keep up the good adventure kind Sir!!

  5. Aah Russell, thank you for the elegantly, poetic sojourn. Your artistic recreation is magnificent! Your expression is perfect and so wonderfully shown in this photograph. It would make an excellent painting. It gladdens my heart each and every day since I found your channel and knew I had found my soul brother. ❤ thank you for being you, for your sharing your journey with all of us. You set a wonderful example of a person living a joyous, authentic life. Thank you for your presence in the world and thank you for giving me the present of your presence- the openness and the lovingness with which you gift the world your presence. ❤

    1. Aw wow. Thanks so much for all these incredible words and beautiful sentiments. It’s so amazing to see that energies and ideals are shining out for others to notice

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