Earthquake!?! Massive destruction. Yet as I can see from this it allowed for the rebuilding of several towns and on a scale of beauty that is now recognised by UNESCO.

Huge great wooden doors that show centuries of paint layers as the sun continues to beat down on them. The shades of green have a sense of purpose when you consider the heat of the sun here. The doors being wood seem to represent nature and invite you to enter the cool interior of the church like the shade of a forest.

Gun Shots Over Scicli

So I woke early to go swimming on my day off when my landline with the long long wire I take to the sea edge rang. My day off had been cancelled. There were reports of gun fire over Scicli from the church of San Matteo high on the hill above the town.

This being Italy I ran to get my head shaved as it’s important to look one’s best when on the job investigating murder. Also this is the place men hang out with looser tongues than normal. I hear there’s reports of several bodies in the church too!

The wonderful Vincenzo Grimaldi at the New Barber Shop in Scicli offers “vintage style for men” and great food tips for detectives who love their food more than their investigations. Mmm… Formaggio con marmellata di pomodoro. I’m going to need a coffee with super creamy local Ragusa milk to get up that hill to the church.

Phew! Let me just catch my breath. The winding path was steep and all the locals I’ve known all my life beckon to me to sit with them and break some bread. The church has a breathtaking interior.

I arrive at the crime scene to discover the church is empty. Not only have the bodies been removed but so has the entire church interior. I suspect the hands of the Mafiosi.

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