Don’t muddle cafés with coffee shops

Head to the old town centre and wend one’s way around the narrow brick woven alleys of the red light district. Much of the sex industry and the world renowned “lady windows” have shifted a little further out. The narrow alleys and canal streets are now distinctly all green light.

The smell of weed pervades everywhere and covers a huge area. All ‘coffeeshops’, seed shops, headshops, cannabis sweet shops etc.

And naturally alongside are Munchie shops! Stoned adults press their noses against the glass windows squealing for the colour saturated sweets and giant-portioned savoury fast foods like starved Dickensian kids. Everyone seems to be having a laugh mind.

The cafés are very good too but Room Milk takes getting used to.

It’s much changed since last time I was here 30 years ago. But I’m all for change. 

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