Mind yer Backstube – it’s Kamp Heidelberg 

Kamps Backstube – the bakers with  a bum hole logo!

Ancient Chocolate Box Germany – Heidelberg and not a whiff of schmaltz in the air at all.

Antiquariat Hatry


I’m not sure what all the global tourist buzz is about in this old university town of medieval streets and centuries old buildings crammed with seats of learning. And books! Books and bookshops and bibliotheks. There are books climbing the walls inside nearly every window. You can feel the knowledge vibrating to be released.

The very unfussy simple façade of the University Library. There’s a shyness to the architecture of faculty buildings. The decorative restraint is very clear.

Odd bit of yellow star censorship of this statue’s nipples. Might have to get my own out in protest. Everywhere here is buzzing with a happy mix of students, tech company workers, tourists, medical researchers, tourists and tourists and tourists. Did I mention the tourists? At times I could have been in Japan. Best of all is that places with many Japanese tourists have great Japanese restaurants. I had a great lunch today and it wasn’t a knuckle of pork and wurst with white veggies and a ceramic Stein of beer.

Everywhere you stroll, musicians and operatic troubadours fill the lanes with folkish rhythms and mellifluous refrains. It really ought to be stopped.  There’s nothing to see here. Nothing at all. Move along…

Finally a Feinbäcker. Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread. Bread. Wiener Feinbäcker

And Bretzels. Proper lye washed soft Bretzels. Not the bicarb ones I like baking. Proper caustic lye. Mmmm…. Oh Germany your bakers cast a spell on me aged 12 and it’s as strong today as it has ever been. CAAAAAAARBS!!!!!!!! woohoo

Val – You and librarian chums would hate it here! Best not to share this post. Waste of time. Haha – book now! It’s so beautiful – sigh!

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