I’m so excited about attending this wonderful retreat in Romania that I’m like a child the night before Christmas Day except there another month before we set off!!

Deep in the Domogled national park in Romania is Villa Matei, nestled in the lush green rolling mountains and overlooking a beautiful lake with its own direct pontoon. Villa Matei is the nature lovers’ dream retreat, set among mature verdant gardens complete with swimming pool, hammocks and al fresco dining from the outdoor kitchen. Relax in the unspoilt wilderness and enjoy freedom you only feel deep in nature high in the mountains. This is what Deep Connect Nature Retreats offer their guests.

Delight in the daily spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, breath work and sound healing.  And here’s the really special bit folks, food! You know how much I adore eating glorious plant based foods. Here at this stunning retreat we get to enjoy foods prepared by the beautiful Daniela Eaxly of Beets, Pulse & Thyme.

And it’s all nutritious delicious vegetarian dining and gluten free too. Plus all meals are made with local, organic ingredients.

And what’s more you get a complimentary copy of Daniela’s fabulous cookbook so you can go home with nature singing in your hearts and continue to create healthy meals that will keep the zing and zest in you.

Spend time relaxing by the pool while sipping a green juice and getting to know like-minded nature loving folk. When you’re not swimming, hiking healing, singing or having a massage you’ll likely be sitting round the camp fire or boating on the lake. Did I mention that this is quite an active retreat. That’s how we refresh to soul by breaking our patterns and tuning in to the natural world around us.

We will visit remote villages set back in time, like the beautiful but decaying decadence of the Old Town of Baile Herculane. We will hike through the mountains to visit waterfalls with views that will steal your breath (luckily for all involved we will be studying breathing with Russell Penn the Sound Healing practitioner). And lets not forget the healing thermal waters in which we will bathe daily. Did you read that correctly? Healing thermal waters people. Gorgeous. When is this?

Yeah I got the June bit but when exactly is this wonderful retreat? I need to book. I want to fill my body with zing and zest. I want to eat fabulous healthy foods. I want to hike in the lush mountains and do yoga and wild swimming. I want massages and Sound Healing too. Stop all your ‘wanting’ that won’t get you anywhere. Book now and join us as we connect deeply with nature to improve our minds, bodies, spirits and recharge our hearts with compassion.

Oh no folks even as I type there are now only two places left so hurry if you want to join us.

I will introducing guests to the essentials of deep breathing, the positions of the 12 energy centres, how to meditate with sound, how to heal the body with tones and manipulating energy using the voice.

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