Nestled in Hills and Mountains

I started by taking a short trek up the hillside to the castle. The view was amazing. So I thought let’s go a little higher. The double funicular railway to Königstuhl was sadly shut so I just kept walking. I suddenly decided I wanted to see the view from the King’s Seat. The Bergbahn takes just minutes to reach the top however the road sweeps back and forth up the mountain forever and ever and ever. I was prepared though. I had no water and no food. Only the thought of sharing it with you all kept me going.

Left: Himmel Treppen – heaven steps. Wet, wonky, long and scary.

Middle: deep green mountain forest.

Right: I find my Native American roots in a German pine forest Totem Pole.

Mein Gott!

Heidelberg is tiny from the top of a mountain (hill). It’s a 7km trek and half way up I nearly stopped. Thankfully I met a couple of campers who encouraged me to go on. I made it but there was no King’s stool/chair/throne/stone. its just a name. Not some Wagnerian magical elven coronation spot. Luckily though with my immense thirst, there was a café at the viewpoint.

Look how tiny and far away Heidelberg looks from up here.


First thing this morning I had to go to the train station to change my ticket to Berlin to a later time as I now have an interview at the University with the head of faculty. I strolled back along Philosopher’s Walk where great folk have ambled and pondered for centuries.

Heidelberg Castle

The magnificent sprawling ruined Heidelberg Castle that looms large over the old city. And so I find my sculptural bearded doppelgänger in the castle gardens. This would be my nipple protest. I waited so long at the far end of the lawns for a tourist to snap a photo of me and then 30 come at once and all stop to watch. Decided to keep my trousers on as I caused enough of a stir topless. Even my photographer’s friends left in disgust. Whoops.

Monkeying about Town

Great Monkey “insert head here” Sculpture by the old bridge..


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