The main park in Cascais is nestled in the museum quarter, nudged by the castle and marina and it’s teeming with magical birds. The present Parque Marechal Carmona was formed in the 1940s when two regal gardens were combined. The Gardens had been in use for both pleasure and food production from the 16th century. The entire area from Sintra to Lisbon is packed with palaces.

The gardens became state property in 1834 after the conclusion of the Portuguese civil war. Though there is some mystery still attached to this tale as the Palácio Condes Castro Guimarães to which the gardens are said to belong was not built until the very end of the 19th century, so quite why the Counts of Castro still seemed to own these state gardens seems odd. So too is how they were sold and owned by various wealthy men until the Viscount of Gandarinha bought the gardens adjoining them and created one park. Eventually this new large recreational pleasure garden was bequeathed to Cascais in 1944.

Possibly hoping to free themselves from maintaining the park, local authorities gave permission for a hotel to be built on the edge of park where an old ruined sports pavilion was to be demolished. The proposed solution was to hand the park to the hotel as a private garden. The townsfolk were naturally incensed and the hotel never built, though still to this day I feel more effort could be made by the District Municipality to invest fully in the park and to restore all the splendid water features that are totally empty except the duck pond.

No water in dry fountains, manifests drought in so many ways, this will effect the future of this city that has very few natural water resources. The town is building endless modern apartments for the wealthy and I fear for the supply of water in the future as the town grows. To this end I am trying to change the energy of the park and the people through Earth Grid Magic to return water to the park for future generations and for the prosperity of all of the district.

Absurd Birds

During my first visit to the park I enjoyed all the hens and cockerels but especially the cock teasing Chanticleer. He scooted around me as I read the cards sitting by the giant feet. He kept running close and crowing and showing off. It wasn’t until I watched the reading back that I realised he had appeared at the perfect moment. Pick a door and enjoy this reading bursting with the crowing of the cocks and the chirping of song birds.

Theres a link in the pinned comment on YouTube to the appearance of Chanticleer behind me if that’s all you want to see.

Peacock Alert

For my second reading I was charmed not just by the discovery of a sunken garden with wonderful blue and white ceramic tiles but by the magnificent splendour of one of the park’s peacocks. He too teased me wandering by before I recorded the video and opening his tail and displaying his divine beauty.

The reading in sunken Garden brought my new friend to the fore as he joined the conversation, calling out from the shadows at appropriate moments. Then rain came but I refused to be stopped, continuing to read as my peacock friend shouted at me to clear off. Peacocks are harbingers of rain in some culture. The reading is filled with laughter and has a showstopper finale as the peacock descends from on high, flying in, as i mention the divine masculine.

What the Duck…!?!

Birds seemed to be clambering to be part of the readings so I decided to move onto the ducks. Ducks being waterfowl begged for my attention next. The were all gliding around on the small pond with the floral bridge that crossed it. I had a super title that would surely deliver more laughter… wrong!

I was told to ask what’s below the surface that’s trying to alchemise around you? This seemed a great theme but then I was guided to crack out the Lost Tarot of Nostradamus. I should have realised that this meant more sober messages were waiting below that surface. I found a magical spot under the gaze of my old mucker, Neptune.

By the end of this reading I was aware of a deep yearning and sadness that was pulling on me. Making me tired and somewhat in need of a healing myself. Then Cindy from Awakening to Spirit mentioned Neptune behind me looking uncomfortable and bingo… I knew what I had to do.

Healing Neptune & Grid Work

The lack of water flowing from the God of the Sea is an anathema. The statue was sad and so in need of unblocking. I can’t march in and demand the city switch the water back on. I tried at the Tourist Office. I tried to explain that they should return the flow of water to all fountains throughout the municipality to ensure the prosperity of the entire district. Decisions have been made during this pandemic and changes are too full of bureaucratic red tape and flowing water and emotions is still something to fear just now. The water features have in truth been dry for decades, according to locals who don’t ever recall seeing them working. Look at this magnificent god.

I had a chat with Neptune to see what could be done to cheer him and set about mapping the area with my divining rods to see what the energy flows are around and about the area. Since Neptune is an old feature and fountain it will have created an energy centre that should resonate with twelve energetic radials. This is how all sacred sites or intersections of energetic flows (dragon lines) once resonated but many are sadly lacking their full power due to a lack of stability in their current use or movements of visitors. Houses or roads also affect the flow as they cause barriers to the natural pathways of energy. Over centuries these roads, railways, districts or other human interventions cause deep distortions.

The brown pathways that have been added around the original position of Neptune have created human flow that acts as energetic barriers that carry an ever more dominating frequency. Trees too that are inappropriately planted and new flower beds all disrupt and change the original flows. It is natural that all things change but it’s also important to consider how we plan and understand these subtle and hidden lines. Most distressing though is the stopping of the water as this would be a natural energy that would help to counteract the changes, especially in a sculptures fountain that has drawn energy to create an intersecting column of connection and harmony.

Columns are magical places with healing frequencies when they are properly maintained. When people enter the space and have an emotional experience they become the 13th frequency connected to the cosmos and the column can change their energies and frequencies. This is why some magical places in the natural world make us feel elated and other places where flows are blocked can feel eerie or creepy and dark.

When I walked around the area surrounding Neptune I observed the movement of the diving rods in my hands.For me they remain parallel where energy flows and they cross. This then allows me to walk the intersection point with a single rod and look for radials as to the directions of energy flowing out from that point. This allows me to follow the dragon lines of energy.

Sometimes the rods will open out to show an energy bleed where the frequency and flow is building up or rushing forwards. In the map below the top pathway has a large red triangle where the energy is over excited just before the crossroads. here the dark shaded path opens into the light and visitors see the duck pond and the café, which causes an emotional excitement that enhances the flow.

There are only seven radial energies still present around Neptune and 4, 5 & 6 are not flowing naturally since a flower bed was added, creating the new pointless pathway along the edge where the large curved arrow is distorting the flow. On top of that the stone wall on which Neptune sits has developed into a barrier caused by people walking the new pathway hardening a new directional flow. The bottom red arrow is the main flow on the largest path and this is swift as it head towards a children’s playground with swings, which to children and adults is more exciting that an old statue with no mesmerising water gushing and dancing into the vast stone bowl. So radial one, flowing from Neptune is not encouraging many to enter this sad pathway imprisoned water feature with seats.

The group of trees between radial 1 & 2 are blocking the flow of two radials but they needn’t be removed to return the missing radials they just need to reconnected with the statue and tuned to the area rather than overshadowing it. Above Neptune’s head there is a narrowing fade of energy from radial 3 to the tree near radial 4. Again this needs to be reset to draw the radials back to their proper frequency.

The caged oak tree in the black square makes no sense whatsoever. I cannot fathom the purpose of the metal structure around the tree but the tree is choking. In this second video I will walk you round the area to illuminate the map above and the feelings of the various frequencies. It also contains the beautiful Sound Healing of Matyas Kočka who happened to stroll by just as I was working on the video. His hand pan music conjures the deep watery emotions that poor Neptune yearns for if only his fountain could flow once more. Many viewers spoke of the salt water flowing as tears on hearing his beautiful music.

There’s more on the way but I wanted to get this first part up for now. I need to create the next steps as video posts to add to this page as I continue to change the energies of the Earth Grid around Neptune.

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  1. I can’t wait to see this by the conclusion! And I didn’t even piece together the different bird themes lol. I heard them and watched the videos as you posted, but didn’t even catch it

    1. Keep up Patrick I’m lagging after my failure to connect for my live so I’m not keeping up either

      1. Is this atypical for your current location? I’m just now returning on a trip to the grocery store with gramma… that involves much more of an adventure. About 3 and a half hours now and I’m heading home. I was bummed that I was gonna miss it, but I guess I won’t be today.

        Is it weird that a part of me still listens for the seagulls? Even though it seems like it’s been so long lol I’ll do better moving forward! I feel like I usually notice things like this but maybe not lol

        1. Ah, dear Russell, as much as I enjoy yoye videos I must say as a fellow writer I enjoy your prose even more. Words were my first sage place to express, to contemplate, to love, in orher eords, to just be and for this reminder, thank you
          I don’t know if I am truly mad or the most sane I have ever been either way, I am at ease and peace.
          Thanks for sharing. Blessings ❤⭕

          1. Thanks so much. I love words and writing them all up and stringing them together to get inside the frequencies of life I see around me

  2. Hey new friend. I’m so pleased to find you! My spiritual reawakening is upon me and your sound healings are reaching me deeply. I would love to purchase a reading with you.

    1. I’m not doing personal readings just now. Apologies but I didn’t have enough time for my YouTube channel and my research for writing blogs

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