The Life Blood of Dutchland


I set off to look for all that is beautiful and unique in the docks this morning to. A quick trip to the coolest “scum” barbers ever. The world famous Schorem in Nieuwe Binnenweg. They have a training school across the road where all their graduates learn all the barbering skills. You will have to wait an hour or more but they offer gratis drinks and finger foods to all waiting. The place buzzes like a gentleman’s club. I mention gentlemen because no women are allowed inside. They are very firm about this I’m told as I wait. The story they tell in hushed tones is that of a woman who popped in to ask if she could book her husband in? They said no she couldn’t but he could himself if he liked! They face the clients away from the mirrors so they can chat across the floor with each other and then they are treated to their big reveal. After being razored and groomed I set off to the docks. I saw some ships come sailing home. Loads and loads of ships. All kinds of ships. It is Europe’s largest port after all.

Not just mighty tankers and super sized freight is here sailing about but proper old masts and rigging types too.

The endless rigging looks amazing as it juts high above, seemingly snaring the many old and new dockside buildings all around.

Yes I got lost. But here’s the thing. throw away your map.

‘If I had my way every copy of Baedeker should be flung into the Arno!’

Eleanor Lavish – Room with a View

Actually, have a map for emergencies. I suggest going in which ever direction looks most interesting. I did this and got lost. But invented a game when I found the gold dome if a church I could see from my building and played skyline or bust. Find your building or wet your pants. You decide!

Found these flowery busts while wandering.


Ground floor perfumery, stationary and leather goods, wigs and haberdasher, kitchenware and food. Going up!

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