Here’s a very simple and beautiful interlocking reading. As well as multiple deck readings I also love to have layers or cards that cross others. Here I interlock a single deck for a sweet and easy reading. I do like cards being interpreted differently depending on where they fall and what that position then specifically means for that card.

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Before you begin reading either for yourself or for a client I suggest that the querent holds the cards and focuses their energy into them to. Breath deeply and begin to let your mind wander on the thoughts and questions you will ask the cards.

Keep breathing deeply into the stomach and once you feel calm and settled then begin to shuffle the cards. If you cannot shuffle then move the cards around on the table however you fancy to stir them towards the question. Then lay them out in a giant line and focus hard as you pick 8 cards.

Begin by building the diamond wheel of cards by laying down the first three cards.

The spacing of the cards is essential to the final shape that contains a cross.

4 is directly below and in line with 2 just as 5 is directly below 1. Notice the small square gap between 2,3 & 4.

6 is opposite 4 and 7 opposite 3. the cross is forming in the centre now. Adding in card 8 finishes the formation of the diamond wheel. Card 8 is added over 7 but underneath card 1. The Wheel of Destiny is complete, almost.

So there we have the cross in the centre and the diamond wheel around it. Let’s look then at the positions of the cards and then an example reading.

  1. Now. The Present situation regarding the question.
  2. Ideals. The hidden or unspoken hopes of the querent.
  3. Past. That which has recently happened that has a current relevance.
  4. Change. What’s different in the querent’s attitude or their sphere of influence.
  5. The Truth. The absolute reality of the question as the cosmos sees it.
  6. New Energy. The influence that the querent wishes to know about. The fresh flow.
  7. Near Future. The likely outcome within the next 8-12 weeks if the querent listens and adapts.
  8. The Lesson. What is the lesson to be learnt? And how to achieve this.

All these positions will influence how the cards are read. So let’s have a go at a sample reading. The Querent asked about a new career and business path they were embarking on.

  1. Now. The Present situation regarding the question:-

Eight of Pentacles – Achievement (8)

The card of the grafter and hard work that is finally beginning to pay off. This is also the card of the perfectionist and the importance of attention to details. This is what matters to long term success. Now is the time to continue to focus on setting yourself the highest standards as you dive headlong into your new career or business venture. You are now starting to see the benefits of having focused so well for so long. Your efforts are being noticed and rewarded. Financial success is within your grasp as long as you can keep your focus sharp. There is the promise of more financial rewards to come.

This is the eight of coins and eights are all about change. And coins in a reading about career and finance are obviously a good thing especially as in the 10 card cycle they are almost at the end of abundance. It is advisable at this point to scan the cards for any other Pentacles. As can be seen there is a second one in position 5 directly below the card we are reading. It is the King of Pentacles and is in the position of the Truth behind the situation hinting that there is more financial reward to come as the apprentice of now becomes the Monarch of Money. in this card position.

2. Ideals. The hidden or unspoken hopes of the querent.

Two of Wands – Vision (2)

This card is the manifesting magic of the Magician but rather than being the source of universal creative power it is about personal power manifested on earth. This card is also a maturer step from the Ace of Wands which represents business acumen and potential success. The figure is well dressed and having demanded attention he holds the crystal globe representing the world in his hand. The querent hopes that all the grafting they have put in so far will be enough to achieve greatness in business but with this card representing Ideals it is important to point out that to drop focus now would be to lose all. 

As this is a two it important to point out the focus of choices and partnerships. This means remaining open to cooperation at all levels. Business requires team work and consideration of others. Wands are about personal power, status and achievements. The other wand is the Page in card position 4 and represents Change. And the page is creativity that’s on fire. So this also promises a good pairing.

3. Past. That which has recently happened that has a current relevance.

Seven of Cups – Possibility (7)

Seven cups emerge from a cloud of conscious possibilities. They contain symbolic choices or blockages. Many cups are offered as choices and all are full of potential. This position is the the past though so here the card tells of the emotional frustrations that have hindered the querent for so very long. It suggest that a choice was made to select a single cup and move forward with that choice as a career or business opportunity. The time came to sort through life and lighten the load. By culling the old and carrying less forward has freed up the flow of energy.

Sevens in Tarot represent challenges after the harmony of sixes. This challenge is at least over as it is in the querent’s past. There are two further Cups to come the King and the Ten of Cups. This bodes well for the development of the querent’s growth since both cards are numerically higher so further forward on the lesson cycle.

4. Change. What’s different in the querent’s attitude or their sphere of influence:-

Page of  Wands – Creativity (11)

This Page is chatty, charming and brings news of great creative projects to follow. This is the card of the artist. Flame made manifest with burning news. This card is Sagittarius and is spirit, drive and ambition. So with this card falling in the house position of change the card is read as representing the querent recently adopting this new courage and creativity. This would suggest that having made that decision and chosen one of the seven cups from the previous card that this has awakened a new energy flow. Daring and courage have entered the present to make the querent willing to conquer their new career or business adventure.

Pages are numbered 11 in the Tarot Numerology and as such are a master number. While other court cards are seen as higher status the page is the wonder of potential that is blossoming. A small warning can be advisable when looking at this card however as this artistic Page is an absolute charmer but should heed the warning to keep their temper in check.

5. The Truth. The absolute reality of the question as the cosmos sees it.

King of Coins – Trust (14)

The King of Coins speaks of bravery, intelligence and success. He is Earth and air. He knows how to turn thoughts into actions and rules over the joys of timeless beauty and art. These gifts are within the querent but they do not realise this yet. They have allowed others to step across boundaries and suppress. This King has ingenious solutions to everything again and again. The querent needs to focus and meditate on this card and become the things this card symbolises. Manifest the changes and the career and finances will bloom and grow. This is the Monarch of Money so let that flow through you. This business venture is blessed with good fortune if the querent could but see it. 

Kings are the number 14 which is all about Personal Freedom. And at the purest level (1+4=5) which is Imbalance. When Kings appear they are shouting that personal freedom is the essence of true existence. If the querent cannot open themselves to this freedom then they reduce themselves to that imperfect out of focus individual with no purpose.

6. New Energy. The influence that the querent wishes to know about. The fresh flow.

King of Cups – Understanding (14)

This House Position is about the new energy that is about to flow into the querent life. This is the energy that will influence their journey forward. Here again we have a King. But this time it is the King of the Tides and the flow of emotions. This suggest that the querent will open their heart through this career move to sense greater love and joy. This is about being happy and full of kindness to others who will like the sun on the sea reflect back the light of happiness to the querent. They will become the King of their own feelings finally. Balance and empathy towards other with a new and honest fairness to their self too. This is further advice to sell personal freedom in the numerology of the tarot messages.

7. Near Future. The likely outcome within the next 8-12 weeks if the querent listens and adapts.

Ten of Cups – Completion (10)

Here we see the short term future outcome if the querent takes notice of the messages of cards 5 & 6. Personal freedom. Do not be a prisoner of other peoples’ opinions. Live the life you are destined to live. The 10 of Cups is a wondrous card anywhere in a reading but to have it as a future outcome is gloriously comforting. This ten that marks emotional completion is a sign that the querent is preparing for a huge Karmic change. This card is about having a joyous full heart, just look at the card with its joining of hands and the rainbow. Social connections will thrive and blossom. Old disagreements will be forgotten. The querent must be ready to forgive any troubles with others and offer pure love and forgiveness. They will be charmed and should enjoy stepping forward into a shiny new start.

Tens are all about transformation through endings. And 1+0=1 which is new fresh beginnings. This card in this House is pure emotional nirvana.

8. The Lesson. What is the lesson to be learnt? And how to achieve this.

Temperance – Healing (14)

There has been much going on around you for a long time. The Seven of Cups confirms that the querent has been faced with many choices. However this card Temperance is all about healing. Simplifying all the noise and calming down all the emotions that build up from others all begging to be attended to or healed. Everyone is calling for the querent to restore order to their lives but this card is about self-healing. This angelic spiritual card offers the chance to heal the past and to reset for a new future. This is about balancing past traumas to  heal the mind, body and spirit. Again this card is a 14. Again that is Personal Freedom. Two kings and Temperance is telling the querent that their personal journey right now trumps all others.

In this reading only the 8th card is from the major arcana suggesting that the lesson and therefore the need for personal freedom is the most important message to take from this reading. So you ask, what happens if the querent can achieve this lesson and find personal freedom? Well that’s the final card. Ask the querent to draw one final card while they focus on the messages so far.

Ace of Swords – Victory (1)

Victory. This ace is about making a sudden breakthrough with an issue that has been holding them back Karmically. This sword cuts through the confused and stale energies to create clarity of thought and mind. This is about using your mental powers to enjoy the new successes and to create a new and dynamic start in a totally fresh direction. This is all about celebrating having made a smart decision. If swords could be beaten into ploughs and hoes for cultivating food the world would be a better place. This is the spiritual energy of this airy ace.

There is just one final trick up the sleeve of this reading and that is to look at the card at the bottom of the deck as the energy that you have moved away from. The card that is the last thing on your mind just now.

Six of Swords – Calm (6)

The querent was promised a life of calm satisfaction. All the conflict and upheaval suffered as they struggled to move forward and change is dissolving away finally. At time it felt like they couldn’t lift the rock that stood before them and they were at a loss as to how they might walk around it. The time to release the crap and step forwards into the flow of calm and gentle energy has begun. The boat is sailing on calm waters to a whole new life. Let the journey be worth the previous struggle. Slip your hand into the cool soft water and feel empowered and alive with the force of your own destiny.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and the method for casting it. I am continually working of new ways to cast and read the cards. So keep posted and I’ll keep posting.  

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