As many of you know who watch my channel on YouTube I am working very hard to create two new decks. Originally it was a massive 104 card Norse Mythology Oracle, Tarot and Rune deck in one super deck. As a travelling reader I am weighed down by all the decks and more and more I feel that the frequencies of the decks are not in alignment with the New Air Epoch frequencies that are swirling around us. After researching for months to find 104 Norse characters for each card I began to assign runes and realised that I needed more than the standard twenty-four symbols.

Collective Symbols

I set a collective rune for everyone to get involved. The second rune between Sun and Night but as Patrick so perfectly channelled, it’s a really tricky frequency. More about that later if you scroll down from Patrick himself. Today I have blown open the whole notion for you all by grouping together six symbols. You can pick one. You can choose several or all of them. Just have fun. Either add comments here or better still create your own Rune Raker Video and share your Rune Shuffle with everyone. Ill create a page here for all your contributions. So excited.

Rune Raking

Digging in deeply to the history of the runes I realised that there was a whole string of missing runes that came from the many different regions where the runic Futhark alphabet had spread. Soon I had over fifty and then I realised that what was needed was seventy-eight. That would be a rune for each tarot card, meaning that those readers not familiar with runes could find a link to a tarot card to help prompt the messages they were seeing.

I was so excited and drew up all the symbols. Next was the tricky task of understanding the letter or phonetic sound they represented as defined by the rune poems. Their origins were important too, Elder Futhark, Dutch, Frisian, Scandinavian, Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Icelandic, Medieval or Younger Futhark. I knew I needed to channel with my tarot and oracle decks ways into understanding their meanings. This has been a fascinating journey.

Because I just adore sharing everything I decided to ask you, my subscribers on YouTube to contribute your ideas too. Speaking with fellow readers and friends Cindy, Reem and Rob I asked them if they would also share their thoughts. Cindy offered to shuffle some cards and channel some thoughts but suggested she would record it as it was more fluid than writing it down. Great idea I replied, perhaps you might post it online? “Of course I would.” she responded. I immediately asked Rob and Reem if they would do the same too. They being young and lively, jumped in that very day to deliver their very own Rune Raker readings. So this project, so beloved of spirit, as the magical channelling shows, has rapidly turned into a beautiful collective project. We will share our creative process with you all, as we build this deck together and publish it.

It’s so exciting everyday. Rob had been chatting with me about a rune he’s saw in a meditation which I recognised as the rune I was hoping to assign as the Tarot card of the Hanged Man. So surprised at the cosmic gift of a rune in his head he opted to dig into his symbol. When he finished his Rune Shuffle I was stunned at the cards he drew. Spirit is turning on the magic in us all, so that this deck is rammed full of splendid messages that go deeper into the symbols than many modern Tarot decks. Here’s Rob

I was so overjoyed, like the big kid I am and so excited to see the reaction from all of you that when my phone pings and Reem tells me she has uploaded one too for the Rune Æppelbærer, I nearly passed out. I was spinning with excitement. From a brief exchange with Cindy in the morning to six hours later and the Rune Team had sprung into glorious action. My spirit ancestors were really determined to show us all that this deck is something they are excited about us producing together. So here’s Reem’s first Rune Shuffle.

Today I sat down and added a new rune shuffle of my own. I have to say the frequencies I uncovered were not at all the energies I expected but on settling into some research straight after I found the perfect words and energies of the time through the other words that surrounded the two symbols. Choosing to settle on just one clear choice was difficult as there was a gorgeous list of words and phrases in Old English that summed up the layers within the symbols so beautifully. In the end for now I’ve settled on Hod and Ætburstan, Hood and (Outburst) Burst Out. I’ll leave the reading to explain. My 4th Rune shuffle is now out and at the end of this post. It’s the Norns and they had a great message.

Your Rune Shuffles

Patrick who has been a friend for over a year started a channel without me realising. So rude of me. Today he posted his video ‘My Rune Raking’ as he sat with the energies of the rune I set for everyone to have a stab with. I’ve posted here on my website because it would be great if more of you, amazingly intuitive readers had a go too. I was fascinated that part of the energy for Patrick seemed to be distraction. Like a Cosmic hand trick to stop him looking in the right direction when it was actually part of the energy he was about to channel, something fleeting and intangible. That soon dawned on Patrick as he’s always as sharp as a tack and like the lightbulb going off he suddenly opened himself up to the frequencies. Then so many ideas rolled and tumbled out.

I have no idea yet what this symbol might be but Patrick has opened some interesting first thoughts and captured some energies that I trust he and others will expand upon. It’s clearly a difficult rune to capture but what a fun project. So over the Patrick and waking the bears.

More From Team Rob & Reem

Reem settled into a second rune and was channelling what I glimpsed might be the forces used by the High Priestess or the Empress, in Tarot terms, to create life within physical forms. Us, plants, animals even bacterias. I’m not saying I am right, I am just sharing a first thought that flowed when researching the rune symbol.

Rob, Reem and I piled into a live feed Patrick was doing, along with many other YouTube tarot readers, to show our appreciation for his Rune Shuffle and to enthuse each other about the collective frequencies of the runes and this project. Live feeds have such a different energy frequency that is full of joy, laughter and magic created by everyone together, that Rob was inspired to jump with that joy into a live Rune Raker for a set of four symbols.

The frequency was so magical and the messages gleaned by everyone sharing this project allowed the most wonderful messages to emerge, until he hit the card of the World Serpent and the energy of Ragnarok. The frequency was a shift into a darkness and the connection dropped. He opened a new feed to complete the Rune Cycle but Ragnarok in rural Portugal didn’t let me rejoin. I love how spirit is playful and tests us just like the messages in the runes the collective was exploring. Amazing.

What About An Artist?

I’m glad you asked. We have been lucky to engage an amazing artist who works with clays and earth that she digs up from the world around her and turns into paints that shine with the energies of the natural world. Olga Lamas is a beautiful friend of mine for over twenty years. We met in London when she worked for the artist Andrew Logan. I have travelled around her native Peru with her which you can read all about on here.

Olga has a Masters Degree in Art from Goldsmiths in London and is a well known curator in Peru too. Her art is full of layered expression and she works to create form to the energies she sees in the natural world, to express the sounds and feelings all around her. Best of all she channels her expressions thought the alchemy of the entire process, weaving energies into the paints as she creates them and then drawing these frequencies into patterns and forms of deep expression. She is also working to soften the runes into fluid movements of distinctive ordered form and direction to express the mysticism within each symbol. Crafting the calligraphy.

I will elaborate on Olga and her gifts in a few weeks when I go to stay with her, here in Portugal. This is a glimpse of work she has done recently, though not for this deck. It’s shows why Cindy, Reem and Rob are as excited as me as they contain layers of expressions and images that allow readers to dive deeply into the artwork to retrieve hidden depths. I just wanted to get you all excited about Olga’s work and the creation of this magical project.

Here are my Rune Shuffles too.

And here’s the second one from me.

Love the fluid inter dimensional image here

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  1. I love getting email notifications when you make a new post! Can’t wait to read it!

    1. I’m waiting to see what everyone else gets. This one eludes me. Sun and Night make me think of the middle one as an eclipse. Where night meets the sun. Or as an artificial light, but I don’t know why/how they’d have a rune for that back then. So then I think maybe it’s a mirror? Or a reflection. Who knows lol. No vivid imagery or story this time lol.

  2. Sun + Night brings to mind ‘midnight sun’.

    Areas crossed by the arctic circle that are so far north that from May to July the sun travels right around the sky each 24 hours but never dips below the horizon (or not far enough to get darker than twilight) are all called the land of the midnight sun.

    It includes parts of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and Canada. That’s all I’ve got! :o)

  3. Hi Russell, wonderful and timely project. As with the steady raising of the Earth’s frequency, and the cosmic change of the music of the spheres, so too, the addition or inclusion of forgotten, misplaced, and entirely new symbols, sigils of information.
    The first message I received when looking at the runes you drew above for the unnamed rune was the moon.
    There is something about the runes and the icons relating to cosmic identity that also came to mind.
    We have just entered my galactic year as it happens and I beliwve just concluded yours.
    Still am learning much about that and experienced the most delightful synchronicity relating to the Harmonic Convergence in 1986.
    Much love and thanks

  4. Number 3 Rune video. Been in the same boat Russell, been in the same boat. The second card reminds me of how they put you on a pedestal which are the center markings & then gaslighting you which feels like you are being hung out to dry which is the outer markings–looks like a noose should be handing from it. But technically what they believe they are doing to you, is what they are really doing to themselves…putting themselves on a pedestal and then hanging themselves with their own puppet strings. Gratefully I am at the Frigg moment–I like her. Part of me was Frigg taking notes when I had my experience–intuition butting heads against the glamour. Took me 2 decades to be in the right place & at the Universe’s invitation to pull those notes out & see. With the first rune in this series there is space around the energy in the middle from the hood which gives you the ability to pull that hood off but it is up to you. I watched this one 3 times. Thank you Russell & Frigg.

  5. Perhaps the rune depicts the place between realms, beyond light and dark and the uniting of the two — to something totally different we have not known or understood before. The horizontal line can be the road between, going through a gateway into something totally new.

  6. Hi Russell! I have something about that rune Id like to share with you. How can I send it to you? Un abrazo!

  7. The first rune I did a reading on was the one that looks like a badly drawn 4 with no name:
    From my reading this ruin seems to relate to the knight of cups – it is the right of passage for the divine masculine from young adulthood to fully fledged adult.
    This is about someone who is stuck in a delusion that they are not successful. They have an unfinished song in their heart that resonates with them on a deep emotional level that they want to bring to successful completion, but when they think about what they have to offer the world they feel depressed about their ability to be victorious.
    They have all the raw ingredients to bring this into the world but their destiny is to offer something new to a no-win situation.
    They need to clean up their energy and go on a path no-one else has gone on as a divine masculine. Their emotional abundance will come from withdrawing from seeking victory in the traditional way.
    Co-creating with others will steal their dreams. They need to go in a new direction, show wisdom and maturity by using their fierce intelligence and combine it with their passion.

    1. Thanks Liezel. That was strange as it wouldn’t let me reply at first. There are links here with the Rune I read about boy to young adult. We do need to keep our eyes open for the layers of messages for the emotional and divine masculine frequencies, so thanks for your message and joining in with this wonderful collective project where we at least can co-create without stealing the dreams of others. What a great energy you have brought.

      1. you have brought so much depth to my own spiritual journey – it would be an absolute joy to share whatever I get – useful or not – being a part of your journey is a blessing!

  8. Hello everyone. This is what I´ve got. The next paragraphs were channeled, (I guess, never had such an experience, it came to me suddenly, and I had to write it down), this morning at 7.30 (I took a peek of the rune yesterday night for the first time, and just thought “I´d like to help”):

    “Descent and back again. The whole purpose of the human experience. Descend from heaven to earth (incarnation), and from earth to the underworld to meet your demons (shadow work). You come to earth again complete. Having embraced all the aspects of your being, you are more confident, and therefore more powerful. The cycle of spirit.

    Everytime you incarnate you work on different shadows. You know different demons that call you depending on your current lifetime. We have all kind of demons and shadows, it is impossible to figure it out in just one lifetime. That´s how the universe integrates itself. Everything is connected. That´s how the oneness becomes more cohesive and expands. That´s how we help ourselves and the rest of beings, by slowly but surely becoming one. Integrating our individual self in the collective.”

    “The cross (navigation)”

    “As above so below”

    “Number 4” (I know it´s quite obvious, but I started to see 44 and 444 like crazy all morning, and the moment I acknowledged that, it stopped)

    “Learn how to navigate through the underworld. That´s the foundation. As above so below.”

    I draw the rune several times, but something was off. I only started to feel it when I did it in different colors. The first vertical, the one that comes from above, in blue, the horizontal line in brown, the second vertical in black.

    About 4-5 hours after that I did a reading with the Goddess oracle deck and the Raider Waite tarot, but wasn´t really feeling the tarot cards. The messages the oracle cards gave to me were:

    Humor – Healing
    Compassion – See yourself
    Sun – Burn your fears, so you can see yourself
    Cocreation – Essence
    Inexperience – Learn
    Stillness – Be open, learn

    After a few hours, a few more messages came through:

    “Learning how to navigate through the underworld”

    I felt the need to pull four cards, one for each one of the extremes, and this is what came out and the messages I got with each card:

    On the left – page of swords – learn
    On the bottom – 8 of cups – navigating back, coming out the darkness
    On the right – 6 of wands – Come back to earth victorious.
    On the top – 7 of swords – Still work to be done. You have to come back for more.

    On the bottom of the deck – 2 of wands. I clarified, and the magician (as above so below, again), the world (cycles, again), and the 3 of cups (celebration, victorious, again) came out. And then the 2 of wands “told me” about sustaining the world by being open to do what is needed.

    The funniest thing is that I´m Spanish, my English is pretty decent, but it is not what comes naturally to me. Still, I heard the messages in English.

    For me all the messages confirm in one way or another the first channeled message.

    I know this is freeeaaaking long. I hope it helps anyway.

    Thank you so much for letting us being part of this. It was quite a journey for me. And I loved it.

    Love to you all

  9. The rune that looks like 4…. Stargate. Loving watching the collaboration unfold.

  10. Hi all

    First Associations with Day, 24.
    Infinite, a fallen ‘zandloper’… hour glass… in Dutch it says ‘sandwalker’ or sand streamer…

    Felr Strongly drawn to it.
    It is not much. Will sleep on it.

    Loved Reem’s raking on the Sacred one, very strong too…
    Got a lot of Double Hearts on seehearing it. Posted my rather poetic comments with the video.


  11. I’ve just seen the Rune Raker video about the Norns.
    Last night I had a message in my dream about a rune that you haven’t shown (yet), I think. I believe it’s the follow up on the Gatekeeper. It’s kind of close to that image too.
    It’s a square, but with the points sticking out, so the sides are roughly drawn.

    Two hands can make this sign, with the pointing fingers connected to the thumbs.
    And you can make this figure or rune with sticks
    One over one under, a continuous flow, a closed circuit
    A certain perspective, a different way to view the world

    What does it mean?
    A marked off place to sleep: You’re safe against wild animals or threatening energies of any kind. A self made Territory or Enclosure.

    1. Perhaps it’s a sign that boundaries and borders must be broken? Walked Asgard to borderless Vanaheimr?

  12. My comment suddenly flew away.

    I continue. I don’t remember, where aserne belongs to in ‘Solhjulet’. And maybe it is not important for now.

    Vanaheim is east, childhood. The visionairy people belongs to east. I don’t remember witch totem animals, colors, plants, chakras that belongs to east. I have written them down somewhere. At least the Native American ones. But there are differences about the medicine wheel from tribe to tribe.

    Maybe you could be Frej or Njord?

    But in my vision you are Odin for a moment.

    And the vision tells, that you and I will have small spiritual talks in this life time. We will enjoy them. Be friends. But we will follow each our different spiritual path. In the same circle of life.

    You write about bacterias too. Shaman Blue Star talks a little bit about it, in her video on crystals. If you can use it?
    She is the klanmother of several Native American tribes and a souldhealer.

    I will be gone for I think a long time now. Stay well, friend. Take care.

    With lots of love from Laila

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