The solar eclipse has rolled by setting up a whole new energy reality as this Buck Moon waxes full and teases us all with a partial eclipse that will anchor us all to the planet. As dusk strode across a cloud filled sky on Friday 5th July there was a massive Cosmic pulse connected to the eclipse that changed the frequency of everything. I felt the wave and then the electricity in my spine as it permeated everything. In the hours leading up to this shift I was ahead of time. Like deja vu but not the same. My spirit was ahead of time. I knew what was going to happen and then it happened. Boom! Then I was just in a bliss-filled state of being totally in the now. Lots happened and I’ve been downloading and understanding so much more that this morning I awake in a different reality and yet here we all are. My reality is different and I hope to reach out and help others to seek this gear change too. 

I have connected with my cards in a whole new way to bring you all these messages for the coming partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday 16th July at 22.30 BST (21.30 UTC) and here in the UK the moon will wax full ten minutes later. I’ve included the usual reading for Starseeds and added a new reading for Pagans & Shamens.

This partial lunar eclipse is all about anchoring ourselves to the natural world and seeking union with the Earth. This is not about the moment of darkness that came with the solar eclipse but about staying in the light. Under the shadow of the Earth’s umbra we are being gifted with a moment in which to release our personal misgivings at how we treat the planet and to take responsibility for our future relationship not just with the planet but towards everything here on this Earth. 

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Boundaries are the central energy of your reading. The Hazel tree has for eons been planted in hedgerows and as such is a symbol of defining boundaries. Don’t get caught up in situations that are not yours as this depletes your energy. Hazel is a tree of Celtic wisdom and the forked branches are used to divine water. The Ten of Wands is all those branches overburdening you Cancer.

Your spread is a call to you to anchor your divine masculine energy what with the rods and Kokopelli. Even the crow is resting on a rod. Kokopelli is the young god of music and fertility. When he plays his phallic flute the sexual snake energy awakens in all plants and creatures. Kokopelli and his consort birthed the divine race and so they honour all children with special talents. When this personal energy stirs it must be embraced it even though you do not know where it will lead to. Kokopelli is about connecting to the divine unknown and not being frightened to take risks. 

Crow is a powerful and clever trickster. Crow is like a shaman teacher and offers surprises from which to learn many lessons for the future. Crow is smart and able to negotiate the invisible world as well as the physical world. Crow offers the understanding that you have the gifts right now to walk the path of your own choosing. The shipapu stick is used to seek grace from the gods or to increase fertility. Crow sits in bold meditation on the stick for crow feels equal to the gods. To remind the gods to be humble too. Use your powers but do not take yourself too seriously. Crow requires some humour.

Dragon is here as your divine masculine form that must seek balance with the Lady of the Lake, your divine feminine Gaia energy that poured into the Southern Hemisphere at the solar eclipse. The Two of Pentacles is about no longer struggling to balance life but to see that with a deeper understanding of the spiritual balance with in you can find joy. So your task is to really upgrade your masculine energy to a divine masculine energy so that it can ground you in the world and address the imbalance with your divine feminine. To do this you must find a way to transform your male selfish desire for survival at all costs and become the High Priest or Hierophant who co-creates life with Gaia. See your darkest side and own it. Then soften and transform it into a creative springboard to higher consciousness.


Anchoring a connection to find your strength and the falling away of illusions and indiscretions are the themes for you Leo this full moon partial lunar eclipse. It is a time of great healing. This is happening for you as you are about to enter your own sign. This is all about reviewing the last year and seeing the truth of what has passed for you and how you wish to move forward into a new astrological year.

Hilarion is divine healing and he asks you to pause and recharge before the sun enters Leo and you roar back into life. However Hilarion is calling on you to heal yourself with the divine purpose of reaching out to heal other with your stellar magic of pure sunshine. This is the time to reflect on all around you that is veiling your mighty power.

The Mother Nature oracle cards are guiding you to understand that there are things you are allowing to disrupt your flow and drain you so they must be faced and cast aside. Narcissus pöeticus is the card of illusion and begs that you rip away the masks that exist around you and that you hide behind. Primula auricula is the beacon to see the indiscretions of ourselves and others that weaken us. Do not let your light be dimmed by this. Below these two cards is the Seven of Swords often called the ‘thief in the night’ card. That which sneaks in and steals from you. This is to remind you that there are attitudes and people in your life who are stealing your true strength.

The Strength card is you Leo. This is the card of soul expansion. The divine feminine maiden holds the divine masculine beast at bay. Without the disruptions in life that you allow to rob you of your truth you cannot find that balance and strength to inspire and heal others. We must focus on the yin and yang in us all so that we can stretch and grow our soul into a force of healing love and strength. You are a born leader but a deleted or weak leader is no help to their tribe. You have the qualities to change this.

The Eastern Cottonwood is a sacred tree to many Native Tribes across the Americas. It’s leaves seem to constantly rustle as if in prayer to the Great Spirit. Understand that you are connected to all things and all people. Seek the connections to you in everything. The Banyan tree is a magical tree that sends out aerial roots into the ground to anchor itself further into the world. This spirit will help you to ground yourself in the natural world so that you can grow and increase your strength and support others. Hornbeam is one of the forest’s strongest trees. Its wood is so tough and hard that it is used as the cogs in windmills and watermills. The inner strength you seek will allow you to be the moving parts that help others to find their purpose and to function at a higher frequency. This strength you are seeking through personal healing will spark a new passion in your soul.

The Nine of Pentacles is the earth card of abundance and wealth. This is not about money as much as it is about a richly independent individual that is so self assure that wonders and joys flow in avalanches of abundance. Seek to recharge yourself Leo and allow your connection to all things to anchor yourself to your truth and seek to roar once more with strength.


You stand tall and proud Virgo like a Totem of your individual history here on this planet. You have a date with destiny’s karmic wheel that will bring you closer to your goal of total happiness and joy. This image you have built of yourself and the stories you tell yourself have been edited by your ego. Your ego is trying to create false truths to save you looking deep inside yourself where you fear you will be lost. You won’t but you do have to fix these fibs you show the world. the first four cards total 81 which is a 9 so this will feel intense. Flowers are a gift of help and assistance from the heavens to lead you along this journey of inner-self rediscovery to emerge back into the world with a huge sense of loyalty to yourself and the Earth. 

The next four cards total 33 the third master number which is a spiritual awaking and integrating. This is a 6, which is all about harmony. Notice the echo of sun and moon in the Heavens and the Two of Pentacles or Earth. Seeking to find balance in all things. See how your actions effect the world around you. What you create the world reflects and unless you can be more like the Corn Mother you will not address the imbalances all around you. 

The corn mother is quite understandably all about fertility. Corn Mother is the Earth Goddess Gaia or Mother Nature. By rubbing her body she produces corn, life and sustenance. In some myths she is naturally put to death but in other she escapes to the heavens. However in both, before departing she gifts humanity with seeds so that they might survive the death they sentence her to suffer. She often has a sleeping child in her arms and is partnered with the Sun God naturally. She is the message that sometimes sacrifices are needed to bring something from a seed to life. Be gentle and patient. Be calm and forgiving and the Corn Mother will reward you with growth for she is loyal to life. 

The final two cards add up to 23 or 5. This is the number of discord but not the final count. By seeking to readdress your darkest fears you will emerge into the light and feel like a startled rabbit or deer. You will feel you are somewhere new and this will briefly feed a worry that will soon wash away. 137 is the full total and this creates 11, the first master number and then 2 which is union. Find a way to create a union between yourself and the planet you call home Virgo. Stand in your full truth and you will regain trust and loyalty from all around you. Notice that Dog which is loyalty echos the earthly, easy-going Knight of Pentacles. Dog sits by a warm fire and has the crystal ball of wisdom and vision at his feet just like the Knight’s Pentacle of Certainty he carries in his hand. Move forward with compassion and assurance Virgo.


This spread has a theme of transformation and love through balance. How many more transformations are you going to be asked to perform Libra? This one begins as most do with the reminder that Letting Go is the key to success.

The Coffin card is as it suggests the place to put all the old thoughts, ideas and emotions that are troubling you and no longer serving your journey. With the Seven of Swords to clarify that it is time to move on taking with you only that which you truly need for the future. Mother Mary is hinting that you only need to pack a bag that contains love and peace for the next stage of your journey.

Swan, Raven and Horse echo The Empress, the Lovers and the Emperor cards. Swan is the continued message to transform and to allow your psychic gifts to dictate the flow. Much like the Empress who is connected with the moon and represents abundance and fertility and the love of all life. The Emperor is her consort and the male energy force that opposes and compliments the female energy of the Empress. She loves all life so much that she allows all to flourish even though some life will naturally destroy other life as it seek to survive. Remember that all life is made of the male seed and the female egg.

The Emperor has a sword to edit life back so that it might continue to grow. He recognises that which is choking life and removes so that all might flourish. The Empress needs to trust the Emperor to understand how to prune her creation so that it might flourish sustainably. This is the message of Horse. Accepting help from others and delegating. This is about trust. Can you place trust in another that they have your back Libra?

Raven is magical coincidences and you are being told to seek trust in the greater powers that you are on a divine pathway to inner balance of your male and female so that you might find outer balance with the world. The Empress is so impressed with the Emperor’s efforts to support her work that she sees pleasure and joy in his company. This is where the Lovers card slips into the world of twin flames. I do not usually read this card like this. It is usually energy balance and choices but with the Empress and Emperor either side it is shining out as a card of divine union. So Raven is reminding you to seek the signs and synchronicities so that you might open your heart to recognise that a twin flame is entering frame now and through this union you will find success and use the golden Key to unlock the door to a wonderful and sensual new future.


Scorpio it is time to rise up and be counted and a miracle will occur. You begin at the base of the reading with the Archangel Michael who is a very popular and busy boy but here he is making sure that you know that the angels are with you for this climb from struggles and heartache to the heady heights of the greater Cosmos and your divine connection to all things.

The Five of Wands is the battle and struggles that you have been through that like the heartache of the Three of swords has ended and passed but has not yet left your spirit as your ego and bad thought patterns keep opening up the rabbit hole back into these false emotions. Key offers success and closure so that you might lock a new doorway to somewhere new and Flowers is that burst of luck that you are refusing to accept to help you move forward. Ask Michael to help you. Tell him what troubles you and ask him to show you how to move forward from it.

The Two of Wands is the clarity of vision that Micheal will offer you so that you can begin to look back at the past and feel the warmth and comfort of nostalgia and happy memories that are currently blighting your journey. This is the reconnection with childhood and storytelling, poetry, music and magic that we all lean to close off. Find your inner Bard and let yourself sing and dance with the world around you. This will lift your spirits and begin to help you connect with the world at large once more. You are seeking Partnerships not wars or battles and you need to be the one making the world around you a better place so that only joyful and happy energies flow towards you.

To reach for the Stars. This card is about seeking to see the vastness of the Cosmos and its infinite wonders and magic. By dreaming huge and grand hopes you will be able to find the magic and miracles that the Holy Spirit offers. You must rekindle the belief that you alone can change your world so that you can bring even greater changes to those around you. Birds are all about finding the connection with everything that allows birds to fly and soar as one mind. You are on a pathway this partial lunar eclipse to take flight after you realise that the past is just the past. By living in a wondrous present you create a brighter and more harmonious future foe everyone.


15 cards Sagittarius! Very greedy haha but with Ginko being such an ancient prehistoric tree that has been alive on this planet for millions of years it is able to remember and teach so much. It has a lot planned for you this lunar eclipse on a spiritual pathway to wisdom and fulfilment. Olive is the spirit of peace so you’ve much to look forward to.

You begin however with the Seven of Pentacles. Usually a card of not quite yet reaping the financial rewards of the efforts you put into the fields it is here shown as the promise of abundance once you have combed out the tangles. Tangles can however be very stubborn. Ring any bells? And this is the Key to your success. You are seeking to connect far more greatly with yourself and the world around you in which you live.

Both paths are telling you to find that divine masculine force that is the fire in your belly and the arrogance you wear like a shield and to seek to tame the beast. This is not an easy task but the moon is here, twice, to beg you to go within and listen to your intuition. This is a tricky reading as the cards are so interwoven but they are crowned by the grey suited Hierophant who sits above as a transformed Emperor who now understands the greater spiritual pathway. His presence is the key. Can you seek to find the Three of Cups within and control your emotions to create unity between your soul, mind and body? Tame your ego to be free to allow your higher self to make judgement calls before your ego kicks off. The Ship is the marker of a long journey within yourself to find that unity. No one part is greater than than any other.

The tarot Moon has a single path forward where as the card Crossroads, below it has two. But the second Moon card it screaming at you to make the choice to listen to your intuition and focus on the wisdom the Moon offers to you. The Nine of Cups is the wish card and coupled with the Ten of Cups, emotional satisfaction and happiness is the path you have to find.

So seek balance and seek to transform your divine masculine into the Hierophant but through understanding forgiveness and pure love by seeking to expose your fiery emotions and water them down so that they are part of you rather than ruling you. Cut them back and pop them in a vase as a display of that which you have always thought defines you and let them fade so that the better wells of purer love can transform you into the Queen of Cups. This will then allow you to blossom like the Lilies and find a new sexual awakening to flourish in soulful peace and harmony as you move forward.


This struck me as a complicated reading. There are mixed messages and varied directions along with a sense of luck, love and choices to be made without a clear direction. But thats it Capricorn isn’t it? You’ve been rolling along with all the luck of the Cosmos for quite a while and this has lead you to a narrow fork in the road that is hard to navigate. Trust is the main theme of this reading. Trust in yourself, others and most of all your intuition to make the best choices for you and those you love.

The Horse is running forward trusting in the world at large that all is well but you have arrived at a Crossroads and have stopped. Horse wouldn’t stop. Horse would delegate the responsibility of the correct choice by trusting that the Universe is watching over them. Horse is a proud and noble beast that just rolls with all that flows towards it. Horse is a beast that commands awe and respect and this is what the Lady of the Lake is asking you to find in your spirit. You alone create your path of destiny and you alone can find your destiny but without trust in yourself and others to help you you are standing at the crossroads and both paths are blocked. Remember that Horse can jump any hurdles than stand in its way.

The Six of Pentacles is about balance and flow in the earthly realm. This is often seen as the flow of money and charity but here it is asking you to consider the flow of the forces around you to offer support, to receive and to give support in equal measure. The Star card is about reaching out to the greater Universe to guide your intuition to seek the pathway you most desire. This card is about being granted the chance to wish upon a star as is the Nine of Cups. When you are emotionally nourished you are able to release worries and allow your desires and wishes to open up so that you can gallop forward once more.

The Lovers is all about finding balance within your male and female energies to trust that you are on the correct path to create the future you desire. This is another card of choices that you are struggling to make. Clover is that magical small synchronicity of luck that will allow you to understand the sign post that was missing from your reality.

The High Priestess is intuition and trust. Meditate with the moon and seek the answer you require. Ask the moon to show you the Clover that is hidden from your current perception. Let the moon guide you to connect with the creative side that will be your passion forward that the Queen of Wands promises. Know that the answers you seek are within if you can just let the mysteries of the High Priestess wash through you.

Lilies is yet another card of luck and joy but this is also about a reemergence of sexual passion and maturity. Allowing this energy to flow again will unlock the Knight of Cups which is the warrior of emotions and love. A strange card for an ending and seemingly a sudden isolated late call but it is the journey within yourself to find Trust and your Truth that will also allow you to waken your hidden emotional self to bloom along with all the flowers in the cards.


15 cards Aquarius? i’m not saying you’re complicated but you are often a mystery even to yourself. Your main theme this reading is Kali-Ma – Facing Fears. Kali-Ma is telling you that major spiritual changes are occurring within you and that this is now your chance to soar. However. There is much shadow work in the coming weeks that you must face and overcome but the rewards are plentiful and will lead you to successes you didn’t dream possible.

We begin with the double Tower cards of the left hand side. This is the energies of change and rebirth that can no longer be avoided. I am always happy to see the Tower in a reading as it means change and development. The Cosmos sees you sitting pretty inside your ivory tower with the dragons circling you, protecting the kingdom of your mind. The Cosmos has decided however that you must emerge from this intellectual chrysalis and come back in to the real world. Lightning will strike and break down the barriers you are using to protect yourself with so that you might rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

The Five of Swords is the battle that has ended without any winners. It is time to clear the battlefield and move on and the Queen of Swords is armed with her Sword of Truth to slice away all pretences and excuses so that you can lift the veil from yourself that the Clouds demonstrate. This fog is due to clear so that you can trust yourself and others once more. Dog is the emblem of unconditional trust and love that you have lost. With the crystal ball at dog’s feet, dog can see that the world is a place of happiness and warmth. House is the sign of your home being a sanctuary but it is telling you that even after the walls of your ivory tower are removed you will still find comfort and security even if you are being ejected into the world you find so troubling.

Letter is a piece of your jigsaw that you cannot imagine yet because you are blocking the flow of this news from entering. The Key is the success you seek that seemed to elude you until now. The Page of Pentacles is the first steps into the Earth realm to take your destine place in the world. This return to the Earth will allow you the ending of all those irrational thoughts that have been keeping you lock away in your now fallen tower. Do not stop to look at the Three Cups on the ground but instead accept the new Cosmic cups being offered to you full of new and wonderful opportunities shown in th Four of Cups. This emotional brimming gift will open your heart to a new and purer love that will lead you into Garden which is your rightful place in the world. Garden is often seen as social media but with the current nature connection energies flowing between the sun, moon and Earth this card is literally telling you to get out more and enjoy socialising offline and with those friends you have in the real world.


Your spread is a journey that starts out full of advice and variety all dancing around the theme of love and compassion and it filters down to the bottom card, Merlin to so that you can find focus in becoming one with yourself through total balance.

You begin with the triple aspects of Corn Mother, Woodpecker and Snow Goose. The corn mother is quite understandably all about fertility. Corn Mother is the Earth Goddess Gaia or Mother Nature. She produced corn which is the symbol of life by rubbing her body. In some myths she is put to death in other she escapes to the heavens but in both, before departing she gifts humanity with seeds so that they might survive the death they sentence her to suffer. She is the message that sometimes sacrifices are needed to bring something from a seed to life. Be gentle and patient. Be calm and forgiving and the Corn Mother will reward you with growth. 

The Snow Goose rather oddly given its icy title is all about nurturing love but also loyalty and fidelity. Deep instincts surface with Snow Goose increasing intense feeling of of connection with loved ones. The inner spirit soars high and pushes you to connect with those you love dearly. Make choices based on love, that support loving caring relationships. Feel the union and devotion that connects you with friends too.

Your Tarot journey is one of contemplation through the dark to find endings that lead to happiness. The Hermit is the card of finding your inner truth and lighting your lantern and returning to the world shining your truth for all to see. The Ten of Swords is the promise of endings. This card more than any other is the most ending of endings. This is when you slice away the anxieties and thought patterns that are holding you back. The Five of Cups is the card that shows you focusing on emotional traumas that have spilt out and are over. You cannot refill those cups but behind you for your forward journey there are two new cups that are offering you the World. This card is about a massive Karmic completion that awaits those of you willing to cut your old patterns away and regenerate. This will lead you to the Sun, the card of blissful joy and happiness.

Sempervìvium tectorum is the card of gratitude and Ròsa gallica the card of beauty. They are the challenges to find gratitude in your heart and beauty in all things. This is tied in with the notion of forgiveness and compassion for all life that we must now seek to celebrate.

By filtering down all the muddy ideas and emotions you can purify your essence down to become the Merlin archetype. This energy is one of pure alchemy and balance. A oneness with all once you seek to shine the truth of your inner Hermit’s journey within.


White Eagle has landed in your spread Aries and he’s all about cutting ties with Ancestral DNA trauma. He’s here with the divine alchemy of Holy Amethyst to help you to heal ancient traumas that are not in truth your own but the pay off will be superb.

Your two tree spirits here to guide you to a sacred truth are Sugi and Holly. Sugi is the sacred tree that grows near temples in Japan as they help you to connect with all the spirits that are around you now. It is an old tree that survives for thousands of years and its red wood is resistant to decay much like this trauma from your ancestors. Your own behaviour is troubling you and this is the trauma of you lineage bubbling to the surface. You need to let the rhythm of this trauma grow louder in meditation so that you can call in the spirit of Holly to witness its truth. Holly is spiritual protection and will help to keep you safe as you identify this old wound and cut yourself free from it.

In your meditations seek to hear the rhythm of this wound and then realise that it is not yours. Drum is on hand to remind you that we all have our own rhythms and you will need to bang out your own beat to remove the wound that you inherited. Snake is a reminder that we can shed our skins and become renewed but bigger and stronger.

Holy Amethyst is followed by a string of Wands to focus the mind on ideas to purify yourself. The Queen of Wands is that part of your soul that allows all thoughts to rise and find a place which is how you must approach meditation. Do not try to block the flow of thoughts but let them all rise until Holly guides you to the truth and then take that Wand and like the warrior of the Seven of Wands hold on to the truth and push all the other thoughts away. This will then allow you release of the wound and it will transform into a limitless Ace of Wands like a Cosmic gift to aid growth in a new and stable direction.

The Ten of Cups is the card of emotional healing and completion. This happiest of cards will allow you to feel that you have a balance in life. The Two of Swords is about holding that balance blindfolded and confident that you are on the correct path now. This balance in your soul will unlock Kokopelli within.

Kokopelli is the young god of music and fertility. When he plays his phallic flute the sexual snake energy awakens in all plants and creatures. Kokopelli and his consort birthed the divine race and so they honour all children with special talents. When this personal energy stirs it must be embraced it even though you do not know where it will lead to. Kokopelli is about connecting to the divine unknown and not being frightened to take risks. 


What a magical set of cards are spread before you. Your connection to the natural world is clear here and your journey into your true power through healing is strong and marked.

Owl and Olive are two nature spirits that focus on wisdom and sanctity. Owl is wisdom but through the release of self deceits. What are those stories your ego has edited about yourself that are not fully true? The Olive is the sacred tree of peace. You are tasked with seeking inner peace through purification of truth. It is time now for Letting Go of all the false barriers around you so that you might transform your entire being through the wonderful card of Death. Date Palm spirit is here to help you through the underworld. In ancient Egypt this tree was the home of Nephthys the protector of the underworld. She greets new arrivals with a tray of dates. You need to find how to be more flexible and bend with the winds of change.

The Serpent is about healing through knowledge of the true self. It is time to allow time alone to journey through your soul and shed the old skin so that you and your energies are reborn. Scots Pine is the spirit of construction being used to build ships and homes due to its straight trunk. For the Druids logs of Scots Pine were burnt during the Winter Solstice to represent the return of the divine light. The resin of the tree eases lung congestion. It is time to construct a new existence so that you can be more straight up and breath with renewed ease. This reconstruction of your truth will allow the spirit of Dragon to breath fire into your life and enhance your power and strength. Dragon is a powerful energy to have at your side or in your soul. This Dragon is your divine female force of love and compassion that is now require to walk forward in balance.

The Eastern Cottonwood is a sacred tree to many Native Tribes across the Americas. It’s leaves seem to constantly rustle as if in prayer to the Great Spirit. Understand that you are connected to all things and all people. Seek the connections to you in everything. The Star card is all about seeing that the Cosmos is a giant place of infinite possibilities. By sending out your thoughts far into the enormity of the space around us you will see that all things are connected. There is a Music of the Spheres that sings down to all things. It is time to Communicate your passions for balance and harmony within yourself by accepting the truth of the masculine rawness within your soul to seek to balance this energy by seeing the divine in all things so that you can join your masculine strengths with the greater strength of the feminine compassion for all things. This inner connection will allow you to become the Merlin archetype. This energy is one of pure alchemy and balance. A oneness with all that sees you deeply connected to not just the Earth but also the Cosmos. Seek to find ways to heals yourself and the planet.


So Gemini this reading is about you seeking to find balance not as identical twins but as twins with different source energies. The unfolding of your divine Masculine and Feminine energies and then getting them to enfold themselves together as one super energy flow. Every aspect of this reading is about separation and unity.

Strength is the Tarot card of the maiden and the beast. The yin and yang of the soul being exercised to achieve greater elasticity and depth at both extremes of the soul. This is the card of the Gaia energy controlling the Magi force for survival at the expense of all other life. With Book below it you are seeking to uncover hidden secrets of soul and shadow work through a Shamanic pathway to divine connectivity within.

The Shaman climbs and descends all the realms seeking guidance and healing for everyone. It is now time for you to diligently seek solutions to problems that you have been too scared to face. Like the cards before you it is about letting go and exchanging that which has ended for that which has yet to be, What do you seek as opposed to what does your Ego seek? They will be different.

The Knight of Cups is the emotional warrior. The Five of Pentacles is the earth based energy of feeling abandoned or shut out. But it is you who has shut out your dark side. It’s time to face it and allow your divine female force to transmute that darkness. Stork is the card of anchoring and you must search to ground that dark force and the show it the Star blazing light that fills the Cosmos with pure compassion to take control of the divine Masculine within. The Man card.

Your divine Feminine pathway is punctuated by twos. The Birds and the Fish are symbols of connectivity to the whole but with a choice being made to accept quality over quantity. Tree is about finding health and stability through connection to the planet. The male force created the blueprint for all life. It was the divine female energy that breathed life into all things the male force created.

The corn mother is quite understandably all about fertility. Corn Mother is the Earth Goddess Gaia or Mother Nature. By rubbing her body she produces corn, life and sustenance. In some myths she is naturally put to death but in other she escapes to the heavens. However in both, before departing she gifts humanity with seeds so that they might survive the death they sentence her to suffer. She often has a sleeping child in her arms and is partnered with the Sun God naturally. She is the message that sometimes sacrifices are needed to bring something from a seed to life. Be gentle and patient. Be calm and forgiving and the Corn Mother will reward you with growth for she is loyal to life. 

The Woman card is the opposite of the Man and they are almost together in the end of the reading. It is just the card of clover that is required to complete this union. Clover is a little piece of luck that will take hold and never let go and the two central cups cards are the clue to this magic.

The Three of Cups is about reunion. So you can understand that the two energies seek to be one again as they always were. The Seven of Cups is the Cosmic gifts of many emotional opportunities to draw the two energies together in divine union. You have all the tools to enable this but you alone must seek the knowledge from the Book to achieve this.


The shift in energy since the solar eclipse is all about balancing energies between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. This is to prepare those already awakened to the next step in the Cosmic plan due with the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal on the 8th of the 8th (August) just a week after the Leo New Moon (31st July/1st Aug). this energy portal will bring focus on Forgiveness. 

The Divine Director is here to allow you to sense that the energy shifts are all intended and flowing and that help is being offered to those who truly seek to integrate the changes now being offered to increase you frequency and allow your higher self to hardwire into the 3D body. Many will find this extremely arduous and frustrating but that will just block the process. The opening of your DNA to accept this higher vibration will be felt throughout the spine and nervous system like trapped electricity trying to flow throughout your entire spine as it attempts to anchor throughout your body. 

Frog is all about preparing the house for the fresh influx of change. But this house cleansing is not just about the home, though it never hurts to clear the flow where you live. This cleansing is about the soul, mind and body being purged in preparation for the flow of forgiveness. You will likely start to slip into the endless synchronised flow a few days leading up to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse as you begin to link into the Cosmic mainframe to receive new codes and downloads. This is what Raven offers and is emphasised by the Magician, the divine masculine force that is now awakened. Bear is the clarifying card of waking up after hibernation. Powerful and strong bear wants honey just as you will seek the ambrosial flow of the new energies throughout your body. 

Forgiveness is the key to this new process and will require the knowledge of both Pomegranate and the Indian Bean. Pomegranate is the tree of Inner Journey with the fruit of the underworld. This talks of meditation to allow your intuition to flow with ease. Indian Bean is about vitality. Getting back the energy flow that lifts you daily. This asks you to greet each new day with enthusiasm and to focus your intentions on the good in all people regardless of you boxes your ego tries to hold them in. This is the art of forgiveness. What you project you will receive so doing your best each day to seek compassion in all will increase the frequency of all encounters. 

We all need to reconnect with our inner child who saw the world with joyful enthusiasm. The child who believe anything was possible. As we have grown up we have suppressed the wonder and awe that we projected onto everything in life. We have learnt rules that now trap us all in a 3D world of fears and anxieties that are making us stressed and unable to access our higher consciousness. By trying to see the Cosmos with the eyes of innocence we are better able to integrate the new energies on offer. Letter and Rider are both cards of news and new information that will be downloaded through your intuition when you can allow the body to fizzle with the changes that are occurring. This allow the higher self to flow into our bodies so that we can be more gentle to everyone and everything and to work with greater diplomacy like the beautiful Deer. 

The Five of Cups and the Mice are the obstacles. Any focus on past emotional traumas and anxieties will stop the process in its tracks. You will need to find the focus and vision to see the things that are blocking the new flow and remove them from the present. Bury the past as the Cross Card suggests so that you can focus on the present task and see clearly what it is you now wish to achieve. 

Pagans & Shamans

This tree reading is about the path towards stability and magical connections with the forces of nature all around you. The Yggdrasil, Tree of Life in Nordic religion was thought to be a Yew tree from which Odin hung himself for nine days and nights. The Tree of life is central to the journey of all life in all realms. This most Sacred Tree which allows the Shaman to shift between dimensions to learn the truths of the future stories that need to be shared, so that all can achieve resonances of higher vibration to honour the Earth and all the life it sustains. 

The Sacred Tree is the axis between the world of the Earth, the branches that reach to the heavens and the roots that flow down to the lower world. The Shaman climbs and descends all the realms seeking guidance and healing for everyone. It is now time for you to diligently seek solutions to problems that you have been too scared to face. Like the cards before you it is about letting go and exchanging that which has ended for that which has yet to be, What do you seek as opposed to what does your Ego seek? They will be different.

You are rooted to the lower world by the trees of the Yew and the Giant Redwood. Regeneration and Majesty. The mystical Yew is the Guardian of the soul and speaks of searching your roots for all that no longer serves your pathway forward. It is time for a rebirth and a shift to something greater than you are today. Giant Redwood is the most magnificent tree in terms of the sheer size and girth of the trunk. 

I hear you all tittering. Fat girths of wood will always be, literally very tongue in cheek and that’s the point. Spiritual journeying is meant to be a good laugh so let it out. However the Giant Redwood wants to remind you to be huge, to stand tall and strong among the forrest of souls around you. Like Elm you are a rarity among trees in that you do not rot in water and for you this is a reference to not suffering to grow emotionally. Allow all emotions to be drawn into your trunk from your roots and let these emotions fill your soul with strength.

Crowning your Yggdrasil is the Shaman who walks between the worlds and is the giver of thought and liberty. Shaman’s passing between worlds has taught many great many things and as a teacher can guide you to new pastures but you will have to be brave for Shaman has suffered greatly to acquire knowledge. Knowledge costs and Shaman can guide you but you must pay the price for understanding and freedom. Look within yourself and see this as a time to gain greater compassion for everything in your world. Look inside yourself and be brave. Shine a torch on those fears that hold you back and remove them. Cut out that which hinders you progress to love. 

Shaman offers Protection, Joy and Partnership with Nature and the Earth. You will need to seek out your inner High Priestess or Magana Le Fey to control the balance required to tame your inner Dragon and shine with Majesty. This is about seeking perfect union of the forces of the divine feminine and masculine within you. Once achieved you will be gifted with Spider. Spider and his creative webs are the gossamer threads of divine inspiration. Let Spider enter your thoughts and draw you to your inner truth and worldly pathway. The total of the numbered cards in your tree is 207 and this makes 9, intensity.

The 6 Mother Nature Oracle Cards are guiding you to see the things you might need to remove from your souls. They are tainting the purity of your growth. You might not be poisoned by all or any of these but those that you do still water and allow to flower around your trunk need to be dug up and removed. These cards add up to 101 and as I’m sure you are aware that is the room where all things that no longer serve us need to be placed. 101 is of course 2, Union. Union of your male and female energies and union of you with the Earth. 

Lonicera caprifòlium – Meanness
Primula auricula – Indiscretion
Narcissus jonquilla – Unfaithfulness
Òcymum basilicum – Poverty
Calèndula officinalis – Suffering
Papàver rhoéas – Laziness

When all the numbered cards are added together we see the grand total of 308 or 11. The first spiritual master number and again this combines to create 2. Find your Union this full moon and partial lunar eclipse and seek to show others that it is time to find everyone’s place on the Earth. 

Wassail Russell


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