What’s a void of course moon? It’s the last aspect the moon makes in an astrological sign before the moon shifts to the next sign. What’s an aspect? Yeah yeah yeah I hear you. So many awkward words in astrology. An aspect, is the relationship between planetary bodies and their position seen from Earth, like Square, Trine, Sextile, Opposition, Conjunction etc. Right now though they don’t matter so just ignore them. Here’s a wee explainer from a year ago.

Void of Course Moon

Well it’s all linked to Horary Astrology. “You what!?! Don’t start those pesky weird words again!”. Horary is the Astrology of questions, concerning anything. Again don’t worry for now. It’s another way of working with the planets but it only uses the seven classical heavenly bodies that can be seen with the naked eye, those being the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

So Pluto, Neptune and Gaïa (ssh… Uranus) do not affect Void of Course moons in terms of how some astrologers calculate, which is interesting as the first void I want to mention on the 9th and 10th occurs after the Moon Trines Mars but then passes directly in front of Pluto, conjunct, during this void. I like the concept that the moon is refusing to work with Pluto.

Moon Ephemeris

I have created this short Ephemeris to help explain what’s going on as the Stellium jigsaw completes. Yes yes, what’s a Stellium I hear you sigh! A Stellium is when four or more planets are together in the same house or sign. Some people say three but they are wrong, Cosmic magic is massive and needs big energies. Four is a numerological healing frequency and six, as this Stellium will be, is balance and flow, as well as super rare and super magical. More on the Stellium in a bit.

As I said this first void that begins on the 9th at 02:20 GMT/UTC lasts 23 hours and one minute. 02:20 is such a balanced mirror frequency too. There’s a splendidly powerful mirror date that’s coming too shortly, so hang on to your hats. The Moon goes void of course after an harmonious Trine aspect with Mars who is in Taurus, earthing the fires within us. Then silently and elegantly the Moon will dance past Pluto without acknowledging its presence. Pluto is already behaving like a petulant child who has been left all alone in Capricorn. Pluto was having fun all last year by driving the over authoritarian frequencies of restriction with his big mates Saturn and Jupiter with him. They left last year on the 17th and 19th of December when they moved into Aquarius creating the Great Mutation from Earth to Air. A epoch changing energy that had lasted 200 years.

Grumpy Pluto

Pluto is the powerful planet of death and rebirth and just adores forcing us to look at our truths and to strike down and punish us when we cannot face our shadows. When in Capricorn Pluto feels additionally difficult. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, it likes to really bust things up and create obstacles that seem insurmountable. When Saturn and Jupiter are there too they are the triad of Karma and together they are the law and they do not behave kindly.

Pluto is feeling abandoned and lonely now though. It’s power has diminished and its vice like grip on the population is waning. Air Epochs are about truths. This is sword energy in the tarot and that’s clarity. It’s fast, cutting frequencies, slicing through lies and clearing the fog of deception. As the Stellium party lines up in Aquarius the six planets will create a barrier that will completely isolate Pluto and the energy of authority from the collective. Aquarius is the collective and it is Saturn’s second home in Classical Astrology.

The House of Aquarius

Aquarius is also the home of Gaïa (ssh… Uranus) in Modern Astrology, who is currently in Taurus, fixed Earth. Uranian energy is about breaking rules and traditions and from Taurus this energy can become the new normal as it is plugged into the Earth directly rewiring the last 200 years of greed and lust that has stripped the Earth of resources to create physical profit. With this Stellium in Aquarius and the Great Conjunction frequency now being Air, the emphasis shifts towards truth and clarity. People will find themselves empowered to lead society to change and develop fairness. It’s not a magic wand with an instant gratifying change but it is inevitable.

So what do we do with this 23 hour void? When there are voids and we are not asking specific Horary questions it is a period to explore our emotions knowing that no energy will ripple out into the cosmos and find its way back to us. It’s like a free pass to feel safe and comfortable in our own energies. To look at our shadows and to have fun and be playful. Then comes the real magic.

The Aquarian Stellium

This is such a wondrous moment that will upend the heavy toxic frequencies of the last 200 years. The key to this cosmic jigsaw is the moon. The moon is our emotions and the endless rapid fluctuations as this silvery esoteric body rolls around the globe racing through the sign and houses waxing and waning. Here’s my first reading glimpsing the Stellium energy.

what a beautiful face haha

At 01:21 GMT/UTC on 10th February the moon will finally slip into Aquarius to join the other five heavenly bodies that have already assembled there. Over the next 38 hours the Moon will pass in front of the other five one by one as well as forming a square with Mars as it wanes before it births anew and goes immediately void.

As you can see in the mini Ephemeris the order of the conjunction fly-by is Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and finally the Sun. This new moon will be at 19:05 GMT/UTC on 11th February however in China this will be the 12th February and is the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox. Remember I mentioned a mirror date earlier? Here it is when written the British way 12/02/2021. There will be another if you read the date the American way on December 2.

Galdr Incantation

The reading mentions creating an incantation to use to set your intentions for the coming Lunar Year of Metal Ox. I’ve since settled into the energies of how to activate this. Use the first void of course moon to focus on any shadow aspects you wish to transmute. During this no energy ripple that starts on the 9th February at 02:20 GMT/UTC work out the shadows that you wish to transmute and then give the shadows to Pluto. Do this at 17:20 GMT/UTC as the moon passes in front of Pluto. Thank the moon for her assistance in passing these shadows to Pluto and then relax into writing an incantation to move forward.

On the 11th February when the moon has passed in front of Mercury at 07:21 GMT/UTC and while the communication energy of Mercury is awake speak your incantation aloud, or sing it. Ask the moon with gratitude to hear your Galdr magic and then thank the moon. Now wait until the moon enters Pisces on 12th February at 07:24 GMT/UTC and say your incantation a further 8 times, which will total nine. Then you’re all set for the Stellium frequency to weave its magic.

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