This is download 3 of an ever growing number that are pulsing through my head as it slowly melts trying to keep up!

It began as a Tesla Trap Divine Nine tarot reading and by the second step I was made aware that this reading was for Starseeds. This reading is all about the mind trap that is keeping you locked into the 3D world and stopping you from progressing to higher realms through Astral Travel. This is all about the steps needed to expand your consciousness through imagination to gain your own intergalactic passport home. What you choose to do once you have achieved those lofty heights is entirely up to you but I’m assured that you will return here to Earth feeling nourished and ready to set about your true missions.

The ten pairs of cards lay out a trap and then provide you with a code for how to break free and access all the realms that are hidden behind the locked veils. The trap is explained first and the code is then presented with the missing divine key code. However you will need to read the further downloads that I’ve yet to type up to fully get your head round the esoteric mind warp and have full freedom. Think of the stages as visas. It’s a cosmic Shamanic trip in which you need to practice stretching your infinite powers of imagination.

The first three steps are inner Shadow Work. The next three are outer Shadow Work. Then there is the binary lock and the last two steps are the Code and the solution.

Step One

46 The Serpent is about shedding a skin of fear and worry that hinders your Oneness. The Sun is trying to shine out from the dense sticky haze that clings to everything in the 3D world. The Sun since the July eclipse has been renewed and is now shining with Divine Masculine energy. This frequency change is why it is now possible for all Starseeds to move forwards and shed the traumas of feeling trapped and confused in the world. Before this solar rebirth the sun was raw male energy and this was an aggressive light full of fiery anger. By shedding your old skin you are able to stop being witness to the gloom all around you.

29 Open Intuition is reminding you to seek clarification to exist in the flow of the I AM frequency. This is a task in itself. You have to step into a level of absolute trust that you are being guided by a higher purpose. You need to shake off the skin of the serpent and stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Let the energies that you need flow towards you. I understand that this is hard but you need to demonstrate dedication to your desires to expand if you wish to receive the gifts that await you.

Step Two

18 Ground Your Light to let your soul shine. In order to raise your frequency you need to ground yourself to the Earth. This is why so many Starseeds struggle with their earthly existence. All the molecules that make up your physical body belong to the planet. The more you can ground your energy deep into the Earth the more you will open your Eye of Horus Crown Chakra. The greater the flow of cosmic energy into the body the more expansive your imagination will grow. This is the required medicine needed to grow.

35 The Medicine Wheel is the treatment pathway you need to journey along. It references the four compass points along with the cycles of existence. See how the Serpent is spilling out of the circle, the old energy frequency needs to be spilled out for the healing to occur.

Step Four

58 The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil is the card of codes and flow. When you can exist in the flow of the now, you are raising your frequency so that you can begin to access other codes that are hidden from normal perception. Yggdrasil is the coded energy that flows through all things. This is the map and routes to all realms once you have the keys to freedom. Just living in the flow will unlock the first set of codes needed to raise your frequency a little bit higher. See how the tree is stepping forward towards that new pathway.

17 Galactic Healer – Move forward with an open mind. You are being offered Cosmic assistance from your Cosmic ancestors. They are sending healing energy to assist those of you who are dedicated to expanding your consciousness. I keep repeating this need to prove dedication to your goal, as the powers you seek are not offered lightly or instantly. These abilities need a controlled consciousness so that you can roam freely without bringing darker intensions along with you to the places you wish to witness.

The next three steps are concerned with outer world Shadow Work and these demonstrate where most of us short of the successes we desire. Step forwards with Yggdrasil inside you and apply these new energies to the real world into which you are now fully grounded.

Step Eight

These two cards sent shivers all along my spine as I turned them over. The flow of energy was so warm and beautiful that I just sat and let it flood all through me. This is the rebirth from your chrysalis into something more divinely beautiful.

49 Soul Retrieval and 12, Divine Will – Let go of fear. This is less of a step needing to be taken and more of a step that needs to be observed, as the intention of what you are now wiling to let come towards you. Divine Will is the flow of I AM energy. Nothing matters other than to just be. To sit in the present and to allow the flow of nowness to reach every molecule of your being. It’s not about thinking of the future and what might be but trusting that what is flowing towards you is what you are meant to receive. This is a very challenging energy to settle into as you move forwards along your Cosmic Earth Walk. Your consciousness must be at one with your body and flowing with energy, not stagnating with any fears at all.

Step Seven

14 Curse is all about pre-inarnation Soul Contracts. The trap is being revealed now and the message is taking on a slightly darker and more disturbing tone energetically that will test your soul. This is where you need to show that you are willing to walk onwards truly free of fears and ascension symptoms. Ascension symptoms are when we are receiving downloads that we are unable to integrate into our bodies to increase our energetic flow.

22 Kundalini Rising – Ignite your passion for life is telling you that you must begin to accept and celebrate your existence here on Earth. It is time to accept that you volunteered to be born here as a Cosmic missionary with a Divine purpose. You will only suffer discomfort and a draining sense doom if you cannot accept why you chose to come here. Personally I no longer suffer with any Ascension Symptoms as I am grounded and in love with my purpose and mission now. I urge all Starseeds to move into the acceptance of their mission. I dare you!

This is not about DNA traumas but you own past lives. By opening up the flow of Kundalini you are able to visit your past lives and witness the things that you need to resolved. For most Starseeds this means lives lived in other parts of the Galaxy. Some Starseeds have lived on Earth before and all Starseeds inherit DNA traumas that have been manifested into their current lives that need to be released too. By connecting through Kundalini to your past lives you can by pass the need to remove DNA traumas as they are related to your past life soul contracts. I will upload a video on safely connecting to your Kundalini energy after I have finished all these downloads as I do not want anyone attempting to raise this immense Earth-Soul energy without all the information that is part of these downloads. I’m sorry for this delay but you will understand my caution later.

Step Five

This is New Earth and this energy felt unbelievably beautiful. I sat for sometime allowing this bliss to permeate my soul. It is so warming and settled and creative that it is hard to express.

35 Spiritual Evolution – Set your heart free and 10 Corn are the abundant and ecstatic flow of New Earth. This is sometimes referred to as 5D Earth, which helps us in understanding it. It is a place we must all start to imagine so that we can raise the collective frequency and pull it towards us and others towards it. It is all about a new Heart Chakra frequency that is being established since the Lioness Gateway Portal on the 8th of the 8th this year. This is such a wonderful energy and we must all seek to reach this heaven on Earth portal.

The lower and higher Heart Chakras concern the energies of the divine masculine and divine feminine that is present in all of us. It is through the safe practise of Kundalini that we can weave together these two energies in the chest where the two breath energies meet to create a new single Heart Chakra energy. This will unlock our 12 chakra system in alignment with the planetary bodies and fix us into the moving energy codes that open all the portals to other realms and dimensions. This will also activate and bring online our divine blueprints and begin the reversal of the ageing process. I know it’s so very deep but Starseeds are meant to delve that far into their consciousnesses and retrieve their souls. The next download is all about this creation of the new Aquamarine Heart Chakra. I’ll start typing it tomorrow.

This 5th step will return us to step one until we have the code to unlock the true pathway forwards.

Steps Three & Six – The Binary Energy Trap

44 The Sacrifice and 3 Astral Travel vs 55 The Taming of the Wind and 6 Birth of Creation are the energy trap that holds us back. Notice the presence of two master numbers 44 & 55. Their frequencies are not understandable in the 3D Earth and so this binary energy is demonstrating how outside of the box you will need to imagine. You really need to think way wide of your current mindset to release the code for success and pick up your intergalactic passport.

To Tame the Wind and birth a new creation you must make a massive sacrifice to achieve the level of Astral Travel you seek. What are you being asked to sacrifice? Everything. You are being asked to let go of all attachments to all things. Yes that is massive. For some Starseeds that sounds ideal but stop and think about what this really means. Total surrender. You must let go of everything and everyone that you hold dear. You need to understand that by connecting with true Oneness you must be in total isolation. Your only companion will be Source energy, Yggdrasil.

It takes enormous trust and the total release of all fears to take this step. You need to accept that Oneness is everything. Once Oneness with Source is achieved you will discover that all the other souls you have released attachments to, are also part of the Oneness, only then will you be free to reconnect with everything and everyone. All people we know are real in themselves but the versions of them we experience are shaped by our own projections of who we think they are. This is very deep shit and I am sorry if this is rather head melty. I am just passing on messages as I understand them. It is very hard sometimes to put these into words that are easy to follow and comprehend but I do my best and try to keep the concepts as clear and simple as I can.

The Divine Step Nine

45 (9) The Seer and 24 (6) Light Codes – travel awaits you is the missing energy answer to what you seek. You must allow yourself to practice the task of reaching beyond your earthly understandings to seek the keys to your true travel plans. By practising this journey and setting the intentions to break free you will begin to understand all that is required to achieve your desires. At some point you will suddenly understand the answers and receive the Light Codes to unlock the gateways. This will require sacrifice and trust. Immense sacrifice and trust. There will be no more Soul Contracts and only then will the figure in The Curse card fade backwards from view as it did during the reading. This energy felt so light and free. You must push past the beliefs of your own reality.

The Portals Open

22 The Ghost Dance is another master number and comes with the Sacred Divinity 30. 3 is a pathway energy and now you can see the many paths that exist throughout everything. The card says there are two paths which is half true. The fact that the Ghost Dance is here, is to remind you that you can remain in the 3D world, where 22 is a lower frequency master number, taking the heavy slow path forwards or you can seek the Sacred Path with Source and step towards all the pathways with ease. Free will offers us all the choice to surrender and expand your consciousness or continue to trudge through the molasses trying to see a way through the gloom. The choice is ours to make. Which path will you choose? To feel trapped and isolated or to isolate yourself so that you can be free and connect with everything?


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

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