There’s so much going on up there in the cosmos that I felt after my overly long hiatus, I needed to post another little secret reading on some of the heavenly bodies that are moving and shaking everything up. It’s like being frisked by deities to check you’re not hiding an astrolabe down your pants.

So before you press play on another reading (I’m so spoiling you all again) here’s a little astro show you might want to start keeping an eye out for in the dawn sky from about now. With all the planets bunched up in late Capricorn to Taurus they are forming a Tiller Girls kick-line in the sky just before the sun rises. There’s a few asteroids in there too

Not all will be visible to the naked eye but Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mars and Saturn will be for sure.

So there’s been a lot of crazy heavy beef going down lately and a lot of this has to do with Jupiter & Neptune, both in rulership in Pisces having a rare conjunction that last took place here in 1856. Siblings can be so troubling at times and I feel this is exactly one of those moments. So buckle up as that conduction ain’t done with just yet. In fact it’s a bit of a miasma that will hang about leaving a foul stench for much of the year.

However Dark Moon Lilith has just stepped into Cancer and Mars has burst into the sibling trauma house of Pisces to bring something new from long ago. Oh oh oh and there’s a historic Stellium in Pisces on the 25th April until 27th with the Moon, Mars, Venus, Neptune & Jupiter.

Screen grabbed from

Enough with all the written stuff, you’re wanting to hear my dulcet toothless tones. Press play and enjoy another little reading from me. I love you all so much.

10 Replies to “the heavenly bodies are lining up for attention

  1. Loved the pic a rune reading. Wowza. So deep. Exciting to hear you back on line. Missed your insights, songs, humor, and wisdom. Blessings to you and thank you!

  2. I’ve not been on ‘the tube’ for a while now…too much going on without doing so much….it so happens that I decide to have a quick look here on your ever improving amazing website! …at Just the right time if you are just ‘back’ too. Hooray! Love from Hanne H Looking forward to your offerings!

  3. Yes thank you for wanting to talk. You sound great
    Even without teeth. Yes…feeling all of the shifts…quick healing to you.

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. I think years of voice coaching allows me to adapt my mouth quickly. I just struggle with Fs & Vs as they are labio dentals and require the upper teeth create them but I can kind of get there if I really concentrate

  4. Love love love thank you for the work you do and sharing it .. I appreciate you vary much

  5. ☆Bless You Russell♡missed you bunches, happy yer feeling better, sending you healing light and love, ty for all you do, yer an amazing reader/see’r☆

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