This moon is bringing a huge shift of energy and unlike the overly emotional moon in Scorpio last month this new strawberry moon in Gemini is far more inspirational and kind. It’s in an air sign so it’s all about facts. However with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, ruling Gemini now in opposition to the sun and moon, might mean too much information coming towards us. For some this could be downloads while dreaming so grab a journal and jot down your night thoughts. This is a moon that will expand both your writing and speaking style. 

This new moon is square to Neptune in Pisces shining it’s watery mystery everywhere so there may be some confusion around. And as it rises with Pluto in Capricorn this energy tends to breakdown and reassemble the structures of control and traditions not just in large organisations but in the chance to enable huge personal shifts. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all this swirling energy just the clarity of inspirational thoughts coming your way. 

The moon will be new on Monday 3rd of June at 11.01am UK time or 1.01pm in Romania where I will be guiding a group to manifest their moon wishes on a retreat.


It’s all about you if you can just bust your way through the mountain.
Numerology 7 Potential
House of Self

With the sun and moon in your House of Self and your birthday season underway it’s time to focus on you Gemini. Not that I need to tell you that but as this moon is all about communications too you are needing to communicate yourself to the cosmos (and others – don’t worry you will get to tell everyone about you too). Your main energy is the Goddess Subhadra who is encouraging you to remove more of your usual illusions and seek your inner truth. Ask Sudhadra to bestow auspiciousness upon you and everyone around you. The Cedar of Lebanon is the World Tree of the Sumerians and cedar is the wood used to build temples. This will be a very spiritual new moon for you. The Mountain represents a blockage and that blockage is yourself. It’s the perfect time as this is the start of your astrological new year to begin afresh. Write a list of wishes and ask the moon to grant them. You are being blessed with The High Priestess energy who draws her Gaia energy directly from the moon. Use your intuition at the time to seek the answers you require and plug directly into the moon. The Star is a blessing that tells you that the Cosmos has your back and offers you healing and a boost to amplify your wishes. Writing and language are also unlocking just now as Takimol, the rain god, who gave languages to the world is offering you assistance. You will be able to express ideas and aspirations that have until now been shut up inside your soul. So grab a journal and write everything down especially any dreams. They Four of Wands is all about rewards and celebrations. This card offers you the perfect chance to link into ideas that have been hard to express and you will feel lighter and happier once you have recorded all those things that were stuck under the blockage of the mountain.

Starseed Advice: Search deep inside your soul to find the blockage that is stopping you from aligning with your higher self and true purpose. You have all the tools to succeed.

Subhadra (0) Taikomol (16 1+6=7) Cedar of Lebanon (0) Mountain (21 2+1=3) High Priestess (2) The Star (18 1+8=9) Four of Wands (4) 7+3+2+9+4=25 & 2+5=7 Potential


It’s time to sing farewell to the old and trumpet in the new.
Numerology 8 Change
House of Endings

When Narada Muni appears in a reading it is time to focus on your inner voice through music and song. You will need to sing to the moon to release the old year and unlock the joy of communication. The sun is in your 12th House of Endings, spirituality and closure, a chance to prepare yourself for the arrival at the end of June for your new start as the Sun enters Cancer. The Pipal tree is all about enlightenment. Vishnu sat under this tree to meditate and attain enlightenment so it would be wise for you to be more Vishnu and practice mediation but through mantras and song. Listen to the sounds of the world around you and search for the sacred music in all things. The Dreamcatcher teaches us to slow down and to allow patience into the heart so that we might observe and instigate revisions to our soul and life purpose. Consider all your actions of the last year and focus on finding a new path forward. The Death card is shouting to you to find endings and to release all that is serving no purpose so that you might embrace great changes and new opportunities. These new promises are glimpsed in the Ace of Pentacles card that is the seed card of limitless new earth bound opportunities to move forward reborn to take up a new place in the world singing with your inner truth. The double Star cards are telling you that the enormity of the Cosmos is willing you to heal and develop into a force of joyfulness. Strike your higher heart chakra and sing along with it. F# is the pitch that rings in the chest and the colour is pink. Surround your heart with the image of the Aquamarine Flame with a pink centre and feel compassion for all life sing from inside you. The more love you can project from within the more the Cosmos will mirror your intention and send this energy back two-fold.

Starseed Advice: It is time to start looking to consolidate your 12 energy centres into four chords of three notes and to let your energy centres open up to the 12 strand DNA that is hidden within.

Narada Muni (0) Dream Catcher (23 2+3=5) Cedar of Lebanon (0) Stars (16 1+6=7) The Star (17 1+7+8) Death (13 1+3=4) Page of Pentacles (11 1+1=2) 5+7+8+4+2=26 & 2+6=8 Change


Karma hasn’t quite finished fixing you into something new.
Numerology 7 Potential
House of Groups

When the sun is in your 11th House of groups and social activity Leos come to life and feel epic. You are the Jagannath, Lord of the Universe and you are at your best when in groups beaming out your world power Leo. The Garden card is all about social groups and fame. This new moon is your time to get out and get noticed but not for your magnificent mane of hair but instead for your mastery of mind over your emotions. The Ash tree is all about being objective and self aware. Let go of that selfish need for all the attention for how you look. It is how you deal with life that impresses people Leo. Feather is fragile and light and yet strong enough to carry a bird into flight. Feather enhances trust, strength, wisdom and power though its delicate structures. Our weaknesses are in truth our strengths if you allow them to be. Karma is visiting you to adjust your journey in this card more usually called Judgement. Let the moon deliver this Karmic lesson but plan the blessings that you most long for and manifest what you need to move forward. Write a list Leo and thank the moon for all the lessons you have received and all the things in life that you are grateful for. It is through this gratitude for everything both large and small that the Cosmos will then offer you the victories you seek. And it is plural as you have two Ace of Swords cards. These are the seeds of new thinking and thoughts. Clarity of direction and purpose. So dream big Leo. Reach out to others and bring joy and happiness to those around you.

Starseed Advice: Though you feel weak at times and confused these are your strengths as they allow you to witness and support weakness in others.

Jagannath (0) Feather (28 2+8=10 & 1+0=1) Ash (0) Garden (20 2+0=2) Karma (20 2+0=2) Ace of Swords (1) Ace of Swords (1) 1+2+2+1+1=7 Potential


Slow down Virgo and try to see how your behaviour is affecting others.
Numerology 5 Discord
House of Career

Balaram is the Wielder of the Plough and is all about work which is apt for your 10th House of Career. This God of hard work, service, loyalty and protection is asking you to think about how you plough your way through not just your professional life but the personal too. Just like industrious Beaver who is nature’s engineer builder who finds ingenious solutions to problems. The spirit of Beaver is about synthesising solutions with the natural world.  Look deep inside yourself to find the most elegant solutions to problems and relish solving them. Balaram is also all about releasing yourself from intoxications and Whip suggests that you need to stop all the damaging negative behaviours that are harming you. It often refers not just to smoking, drinking and drug taking but also to poor self punishment through poor sexual practises. All these this seem fun but they are damaging you health and emotional security. You are overburdened Virgo and have taken on too much recently. the Ten of Wands shows your struggling to keep up with everything at the moment. This is an ending card so it’s time to stop. Refocus yourself and look at life from a new angle. The Lone (Hanged) Man hangs in suspension seeing everything in his life from a different perspective. Only then can he climb down with new vision and a settles path towards a better future. Pomegranate is seeking a solution from within yourself Virgo. Your actions recently have been hurting not just yourself but those around you. This is the tail end of the death and rebirth from the Scorpio full moon last month and you need now to seek a new journey though inner peace. Then you are being promised prosperity in the form of the Ace of Pentacles which is the seed card of material joys and status in the world.

Starseed Advice: You have to stop now Virgo and face up to the deepest truth within you. Your actions are hurting others and that is not the truth of your soul.

Balaram (0) Beaver (6) Pomegranate (0) Whip (11 1+1=2) The Lone Man (13 1+3=4) Ten of Wands (10 1+0=1) Ace of Pentacles (1) 6+2+4+1+1=14 & 1+4=5 Discord


Knock knock! Who’s there? Love. I don’t need you. Well I’m coming in.
Numerology 2 Union
House of Ethics

Well look at you Libra getting in touch with the ethics of honest love – except you haven’t. You’ve actually been hiding from it but that all ends with this new moon and Sri Krishna is on hand to make you change this self-denial and open up as the Lord of Love once more. Krishna bestows universal love and charity as well as humour and teaches us to find success in loving relationships. Heart is there blazing with love to emphasise that there is no more use in denying the need to allow love back in Libra. It is time to finish shredding that worn out unloved skin like the Snake and be reborn newer and bigger and stronger Libra. Snakes shed their skins and begin over many times. Snakes have duality and connect to the two energies of the earth and heaven often known as Kundalini. This is the connection of all the energy centres and just like rainbow it symbolises the joining of the sky and the ground and is also associated with rain. Without rain there is no rainbow and so no snake to act as a bridge between the two. You have a double date with destiny as you have two Wheel of Fortune cards. This is not a time to resist change but to seek union again with your heart. The Date Palm is thought to be the oldest cultivated food plant and for the Egyptians was home to Nephthys who greeted the dead with a tray of dates in the underworld. Learn to be more like the date palm and bend with the wind, after all you are an air sign. This tree teaches you to have grace and to accept your destiny. With the Nine of Cups again you are being granted yet another wish Libra so ask the moon to find you a love that is true and supportive that will last.

Starseed Advice: It is time to stop showing compassion for all things and start embracing some for yourself. Then you will find the love you offer to everyone reflects back properly on you.

Sri Krishna (0) Snake (12 1+2=3) Date Palm (0) Heart (24 2+4=6) The Wheel of Fortune (10 1+0=1) The Wheel of Fortune (10 1+0=1) Nine of Cups (9) 3+6+1+1+9=20 & 2+0=2 Union


Open your eyes and see the bigger picture that’s all around you.
Numerology 3 – Pathway
House of Transformation

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the Golden Avatar and is Krishna transformed as a golden being and after that powerful full moon last month in your sign of transformations you are still finishing off your rebirth Scorpio. It’s time to get compassionate about love and to reach inside and search out more of your humanity to wear. The Coffin is about shutting the lid on the old and moving on. All the work you’ve been doing to find the new emotional you is ready to be manifested but you really do have to let go of everything now that is no longer serving you. Cut the ties properly and release yourself. All the past that was you is done with. You begin again right now. You need to take time during this new moon to regenerate yourself through sustenance like the European Beech. This is a time to read and learn and to eat well and improve many things that will serve you better as you move forward. Beech feeds the forest with its nuts and they can be ground and roasted to make a coffee-like drink. Feed yourself from Nature’s pantry. Find simple foods to feed your soul and fill your belly. There are many rewards coming to you Scorpio but to achieve them you must learn to be more zen with your thoughts surrounding material possessions like the King of Pentacles. Let everything enter your life and reside as long as it is enhancing you. Once it no longer advances with you release it back to the world for someone else to enjoy. The Four of Wands is thinking, being rewarded. Security and celebrations amount friends and this reunion and happy harvest celebration is echoed in the Three of Cups. Doing all these things and asking the moon to help you be more zen with life will allow you to feel the wonder of The Heavens. The balance of the creative universal energy, sun, moon, the stars and the flow of the oceans. They are the book of life and reveal universal truths over and over again. The creator nourishes the world with rain. The stars record our stories. The moon marks time. Seize the moment. Act swiftly to cut away the old ties and surrender to the Heavens. Let the new bigger picture unfold around you.

Starseed Advice: It’s time Scorpio to step into the world as a Star Sign that is reborn and nothing like the person you were before. This will frighten many who know you but if they can’t keep up, they will fall away but you will remain strong.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (0) The Heavens (1) European Beech (0) Coffin (8) King of Pentacles (14 1+4=5) Three of Cups (3) Four of Wands (4) 1+8+5+3+4=21 & 2+1=3 Pathway


This is a massive new mission from big ole expansive Jupiter.
Numerology 1 Beginnings
House of Relationships

You have Hanuman the Monkey God as you guide Sagittarius. He has superhuman strength to persevere with acts of kindness and service. It is time to give sacrifice so that you might grow spiritually. Bow down in homage to Hanuman the General of the Army of Apes. He who travels with the force of mind and the force of wind. This is what you must become this full moon to reap your massive psychic rewards. Juniper is the gatekeeper to the Spirit Realms and is reaching out to you, to help you, to assist as you open your psychic abilities. Provided you are ready to open them with the best intentions though. You must stop being ruled by your ego and try to find control over it and the thought patterns it adores. This is the sacrifice that you must offer to Hanuman. You are being asked to perform a transformation of your mind, heart and soul but it can only be achieved through benevolence to others. This doesn’t mean a loss of the self but the creation of a higher self Sagittarius. A new cycle. Circles are the symbol of the cycles of life. Both the Necklace and the Wampun (the belt) echo the cycles of the sun and the moon. To enter the circle is to be born and to leave it is to die again. You are protected right now so reach out and see the faults in others as weaknesses in yourself that you suppress and hide. Nurture yourself and others with compassion. Seek relationships. The Star is the Cosmos reaching out to you offering healing, renewed hope and happiness. This is a beautiful energy that is supporting you. You must learn to release the Magician within. He who sticks his head out of the void and creates all he needs with his hand magic. But you have to first learn to be the Emperor or you will manifest selfishly. The Emperor is the Magician once he has learned the balance between Magi and Gaia energies. He can perform both hand magic and mind magic but it is only always for the good of all. Learn to open your mind to all your relationships and you will be able to manifest great rewards from the moon as the Fish card shows. Abundance and wealth of all kinds but with a view to philanthropic sharing of everything. I know that’s a tough call but a worthy one. You got Hanuman, did you expect it to be easy?

Starseed Advice: Sorry Sagittarius but this time you have the epic journey but this one is massive and you are being offered huge rewards from the Stars. Will you be brave enough to accept your mission?

Hanuman (0) Necklace (25 2+5=7) Juniper (0) Fish (34 3+4=7) The Star (18 1+8=9) Emperor (4) Magician (1) 7+7+9+4+1=28 & 2+8=10 & 1+0=1 Beginnings


It’s an 11 and so you will need to swallow the bitter pill and grow.
Numerology 11 Master Number
House of Health

Well what’s this all about? Yama, the Lord of Death with his sickly green face leading the charge in the House of Health? Well he is all about righteousness in actions and overcoming the fear of death. He is steadfast in the face of judgements as he has complete knowledge of Universal law. He understands. Yama wants you to stop fearing death. He appears, not to collect souls but to remind them that when they meet again they will hug each other joyfully. It is a Ten of Swords moment Capricorn, an ending. Fearing death is stopping you from growing so it’s time to put an end to that thought pattern and trust in life. Yama doesn’t relish seeing you again in the near future he wants you to enjoy living first. So let’s mourn the passing of that fear by beating your inner Drum to start again. Drum is the big bang. Drum is the heartbeat of the world. Drum is thunder and lightning. Drum is creation and destruction. Drum can adapt to create different rhythms but all the rhythms are part of the fabric of all life. Find your own inner rhythm and play your unique beat joyfully. Dance with drum. Become one and be at one with drum and all the world. You then become Tree, the card of maturity and health. The tree has roots as wide as its branches. Tree has taken time to draw energy and water from the earth to sustain and nurture it. But you Capricorn are being offered the chance to be not just a normal tree but a Giant Redwood and its energy of Majesty. Giant Redwood teaches you that you are far bigger than you imagine. You are connected to things far greater and that greatness is within you too. Ask the moon to expand your mind and reach out to see that you are amazing. You have the Master Number 11 guiding you through this new moon. Seek to expand your thoughts and your soul will grow too. You are being offered The Star as your healing guide with its cosmic rays to embolden you to reach higher than you could imagine and then to shout majestic wishes that are being given to you by both the Star and the Nine of Cups.

Starseed Advice: It is time for you to expand yourself in a way you never dreamed was possible Capricorn. To grow and stand like a giant among people.

Yama (0) Drum (32 3+2=5) Giant Redwood (0) Tree (5) Ten of Swords (10 1+0=1) Nine of Cups (9) The Star (18 1+8=9) 5+5+1+9+9=29 & 2+9=11 Master Number


I’m not being funny but… no, You’re not being funny Aquarius.
Numerology 3 – Pathway
House of Creativity

This is going to be a deeply mindful and inner spiritual new moon Aquarius. It’s in fellow air sign Gemini and you are hosting Varuna, The Lord of the Seas and one of my favourite cards. You are going to look deep inside yourself and think your way out of the question posed by Varuna. Can you forgive others for their transgressions? Well Aquarius, can you? There’s prizes for those who can. Big prizes that you’ll want but first you gotta go on a journey. A double Hermit journey to see if you really are the Wise One you like to think you are. The Hemits are both nines, intensity. The point before a completion. They are about soul searching for a truth and then lighting your lantern with that truth and walking back in to world to illuminate others with this truth. But how do you find what this truth is? Apple is here to be the spark for your lamp. Apple is knowledge but it is also generosity. Bless others with an open heart not only when they please you but also when they annoy you. Let your actions be generous. Can you hear Varuna laughing at the little joke of the apple and The Snake in your cards? Yet here snake is about the sacred energy in all of us. Creation is inside all of us. We are the keepers of our own potential and this card reminds us that we are the key to our own successes. But we have to work to create the divine inside us but with this new moon you must seek a spiritual answer that will make you wise but also laugh. Remember that we all transgress and yet how dumb are the rules that frame the act as a transgression? That’s what you must seek. The ability to laugh in the face of all errors and mishaps that occur. Then you will be rewarded and praised by The Heavens. It’s about journeying to the place of our destiny. This is about the mind only now it’s on a cosmic scale. The creator nourishes the world with rain. The stars record our stories. The moon marks time. Seize the moment as transgressors will be struck down with lightning, only you know to laugh at that notion now. The Four of Wands is your material reward as it brings celebrations among true friends at your return to the outer world.

Starseed Advice: You’ve become too serious Aquarius. You need to learn to see the funny side to everything including mishaps and transgressions. Let go and laugh everything off.

Varuna (0) The Heavens (1) Apple (0) Snake (7) The Wise One (9) The Hermit (9) Four of Wands (4) 1+7+9+9+4=30 & 3+0=3 Pathway


Everyone around you is acting strange and it’s down to you to fix it all.
Numerology 5 Discord
House of Home

There is discord in the House of Home Pisces but this is all still hanging around from the full moon last month in Scorpio. There is trouble among those you call your family but have no fear. Gopal is here. Gopal is the Lord of Cows but not in the sense of the selfish cows you see all around you. Gopal is Lord of the Holy Herd of Sacred Cows. His calm and gentle herd is maintained through his higher heart chakra and its endless flow of love and compassion. You are struggling to maintain that flow around your family herd. Wolf comes to teach us about such struggles. The choices and the decisions you need to make. Wolf represents both a warrior and a thief. Life and death. Make space for new notions and fight to assert a fresh spirit to guide you into greater happiness. Wolf is about Death and rebirth as The Fool to a new beginning. Take a leap of faith to create a change in the energy around you. To bring this about Pisces you have to be the instigator of change for everyone else. You must look at each of those you love and see the patterns of behaviour they exhibit and realise that you alone created the space for that behaviour to play out by not demonstrating a better alternative. Clover is here offer a boost of luck that will allow the changes to take hold and root in so that everyone can start to flower. The Four of Swords hangs in stillness to heal everything that you ask the moon to help you with. Only then will you feel that the energy of sacredness that Sugi offers has been restored. Remember that the last full moon has affected everyone in very odd and emotional ways and you must find a way to smooth everything over. Sugi is the ancient tree that lives for thousands of years and often grows next to temples and shrines in Japan. You need to learn to be a Sugi tree. See the divine in others and all things.

Starseed Advice: Spiritual journeys are so often about ourselves but sometimes we have to go back into the outer world and make certain that everyone else is on track too.

Gopal (0) Wolf (4) Sugi (0) Clover (2) The Close (13 1+3=4) The Fool (0) Four of Swords (4) 4+2+4+0+4=14 & 1+5=5 Discord


You are being offered an intense moment to settle your energies.
Numerology 9 Intensity
House of Communication

Brahma is God of Creation, Lord of all Creatures and Supreme. Brahma brings bounty and happiness. Brahma is the enthusiasm of life manifested and here Aries the cards having a little humorous nudge to remind us that Gaia energy matters as much too. The High Priestess is Gaia and she is ruler of the moon and intuition. She seeks to open your mind to all things and to focus on the supreme in all. She is vast and as infinite as the energy Brahma brings. Yin and Yang. Zest and Zen. Sweet Orange is all about finding a zeal and zest for life. It is about the infectious joy of your true spirit Aries. Sweet Orange is a gentle reminder of the true beauty of life. Before you can move forwards with this moon you need to make peace with some troubling issues among friends. You will need to find courage to speak up and seek truths. Justice is knocking and you are opening the door to let karma in. Justice carries the Sword of Truth and it is time to use this sword to discover that which is true with you and then release that which is not serving your higher self. The Cross is a card of Karma that needs to be let go of and buried for good so that you might be able to rise up like the crows and fly high, a phoenix reborn. This sounds harsh but it is in truth, kind and compassionate. The Calumet is here to guide you. This Peace Pipe is one of the most sacred objects. Woman of the White Buffalo taught man how to use this sacred pipe. It is used to seal deals, sign treaties and secure peace. Once lit it must be shown to the sun and then the earth and then the four cardinal points. This card is all about finding a peaceful solution to a problem. Be thoughtful and mindful of others to reach an agreeable covenant that honour and respect others. If they agree they will take up the Calumet too. Otherwise they will walk away. With this new moon ceremony complete you will be riding with renewed vigour and purpose in The Chariot humble in your victory.

Starseed Advice: You are learning to combine you Magi and Gaia energies to better serve your enthusiastic joy for life. This is a massive lesson of understanding and you will relish sharing this milestone on your spiritual journey.

Brahma (0) The Calumet (16 1+6=7) Sweet Orange (0) Cross (36 3+6=9) Justice (11 1+1=2) The Chariot (7) High Priestess (2) 7+9+2+7+2=27 & 2+7=9 Intensity


Why are you letting the wrong emotions have the upper hand?
Numerology 1 Beginnings
House of Resources

Sri Rama is beaming with benedictions for you Taurus. God of Dharma. This Dharma is hard to translate but means the behaviours that are in accord with life and make the universe possible. You need to seek a way to become more Dharma yourself. How do you learn to be a word that is hard to define? Woodpecker is tapping for your attention. Woodpecker taps at trees with that loud rapid drumming of the head. It echos throughout the woodland. Spirit is shouting loud messages to you but are you listening? The crystal on the card is about clarity. You need to change your thinking in the coming weeks and it is essential you have focus as there is much to learn. Get on top of you spiritual game again. Tap tap tap into your life’s mission. This new moon make it your mission to connect back up with your better emotions. Stork speaks to you of flying the nest and returning or migrating away from home with the knowledge that you can always return. You are full of emotions surrounding external worries. You have been letting the wrong emotions choke you and it is time to let the Knight of Cauldrons swing in with that young warrior energy that wears all he possesses on his sleeve. Feel alive with the flow of fast emotions that will power you back to life. The Date Palm is thought to be the oldest cultivated food plant and for the Egyptians was home to Nephthys who greeted the dead with a tray of dates in the underworld. Learn to be more like the date palm and bend with the wind. This tree teaches you to have grace and to accept your destiny as the destiny you create. The Magician can manifest all that we need to march forward joyfully but by making the moon assist you, you will soften any selfish edges that you wish for as the moon is Gaia and Gaia thinks of all. With all this flowing right for you again, it is time to start a new phase of achievement promised by the Eight of Pentacles. You have been working so hard and it time for some material gains but only if you can find a new path with happier and more nurturing thought patterns. Dharma up people and life will flow back to you and through you.

Starseed Advice: The Scorpio moon has knocked you sideways and left you on your knees trying to put the pieces back together. Your spiritual crown has slipped and it doesn’t suit you. Put it back on your head and stand back up and move forward with noble serenity Taurus. Start again where you fell off.

Sri Rama (0) Woodpecker (8) Date Palm (0) Stork (17 1+7=8) Knight of Cauldrons (12 1+2=3) Magician (1) Eight of Pentacles (8) 8+8+3+1+8=28 & 2+8=10 & 1+0=1 Beginnings


God & Goddesses – Insight Design
Native American Oracle – Laura Tuan, Massimo Rotundo & Kaya Walker
The Wisdom of Tree Oracles – Jane Struthers & Meraylah Allwood
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch
Tarot of the Old Path – Howard Rodway & Sylvia Gainsford
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Oceanic Tarot – Jayne Wallace

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