OK, OK people I promise you I’m not trying to be controversial. I am simply passing on messages that shine through the cards. It’s Mercury Retrograde which means the planet of communication has slowed down and messages are able to drift through the thinned veil. But they are very very chatty and they had some many topics to arouse last night.

This rather awkward message came first and I did think about not including it as it might be misinterpreted, especially with my ham-fisted approach to new ideas. And I need to add that I do not have any definitive answers to any of this. I also need time to think about this message but I have to share it now or I block further messages from coming in. Think of it as just posing a philosophical and ideological playground puzzle.

Please read with an open and calm mind so that you can consider the information I’m about to discuss without getting on any high-horses. Neigh! This was the first of several huge downloads and as I said, I often feel uncomfortable sharing some of the messages as they create fissures in my own beliefs but by allowing them the space for creative thinking, I believe my understanding of life grows. I am not trying to undermine the faith and trust that many people and generations hold in such truths. Nor am I lambasting any established religious dogmas. I am just offering messages for consideration.  

So I was shuffling the Mystical Shaman Oracle and a single card danced out and bowed, face up. Standstill. The spirits and guides wanted me to focus on stillness as a theme, “And meditation” my ego immediately interjected. Do I not meditate enough? Maybe I don’t meditate properly? Then once more the feeling of mellifluous stillness descended all around me, I knew I was allowing my mind to try and hijack the message. I let go and ‘Mindfulness’ settled into my consciousness. “Was I not meditating at all then?” my naughty, chided ego attempted to jab into my mindfulness.

“Mindfulness!” they repeated. So I shuffled the deck and the first Tarot card to tumble out was the Seven of Cups, which usually shouts “Just look in the f***ing box!” was actually presenting its more traditional sense of fogginess. How was mindfulness, meditation or stillness creating fogginess? Stillness is about clarity, beauty and vision, surely?

I shuffled some more and was presented with two more cards, The Three of Cups and the Six of Wands. The Three of Cups is the emotional reunion of spirit, mind and body. The Six of Wands, victory after adversity. However the fogginess of the Seven of Cups was wrapped around both these cards and was making their messages confused. This is the nature of channelling though. It bends the truth of reality to create a background frequency that shifts forwards rewriting the truth as you perceive it as the energies flow through with ever increasing frequencies ringing in my ears. Even as I type this the ringing frequency in my ears has returned as I to insist I write this and share it.

Mindfulness is an amazing essential healing tool. Calming the mind showers the body with positive benefits. “And yet…” a guide wistfully offered “…it also has drawbacks.”. Stillness it seems, beautifully slows the flow of emotions and yet this can cause energies to stagnate within the body. What!?! This makes no sense. The foggy dense energies closed in around me until I stilled my mind to the message. The dark rain in the Six of Wands was becoming ever heavier and the promised rainbow was fading further away. I must allow the flow to unfold naturally so its fresh truth is clear.

I asked if movement, was essential to meditation and mindfulness? I’ve often found myself shifting and manipulating my body during meditations, much to the chagrin of many yoga teachers. I still twitch and stretch when meditating my way and two cards leapt out to answer my question.

Nine of Cups and Eight of Pentacles. The Nine of Cups is the wish card that suggests that the truth is almost fulfilled. You are nearly at the reward. Just keep focused on the missing fragment. The Eight of Pentacles seemed so comically truthful with its fast moving spider that create a web to trap its prey. This eight-legged arachnid was all about movement across great voids as it weave its magical threads that creates its world. This was shouting that movement is completely essential when seeking to still the mind and expand the soul.

Bamm. Yoga! This was mindfulness through meditative movements. Wow OK but many people know that as their truth. It’s established practice. This is not very profound.

Then I was struck with inspiration as the word channelling flashed into my consciousness and instantaneously like a lighting bolt two cards shot from the deck. The eight of Wands and the Ace of Wands. Pow!! Eight and one make nine. The divine nine of Source.

The answer was channelling. Channelling allows stillness and flow and so is the next step forwards after mindfulness. Now I know many of you will say meditation is the absolute truth and in many ways it is. That true but it’s also rooted in the energy of the Age of Pisces. We are now moving fully into the Age of Aquarius and everything is shifting and this includes spiritual practices. I’m not saying I know better than any Enlightened Beings or religious leaders. I am merely suggesting that everything is cyclic and everything changes and everything slowly transforms and renews through rebirth. I am just passing on the message that Channelling will be the next big step towards higher understanding of life (and the colour saffron). 

So I returned to the Shamanic Oracle to get the next part of the message and was presented with three extremely powerful cards.

Drum, Jaguar and Wild Woman. This noble and fierce trio of Male, Female and Animal energies is all about stepping outside of social norms and expectations. Trying to redefine who you are and what you believe right now. Are you who you are meant to be? What do you wish to become? Together they create the beat of a brand new rhythm of spirit, mind and body. They just ask us to do the same. To compose your own tune and to start a new song. It’s time to dance with the Universe of Now, today.

So I asked for this group to be clarified a little more because I felt the message itself was becoming slightly foggy again and three cards presented themselves into the mix.

The Five of Pentacles, reversed. This is the energy of stepping away from old and isolating thoughts that are keeping us trapped in the old fog. Time to renew everything growls the Jaguar, especially your thoughts and beliefs. “I dare you to seek answers to questions you never considered.” the dark beautiful animal spirit flashed his eyes fiercely but softly “I dared you, go on!”.

The Lovers is the energy of co-creation with Spirit. This about about creating something totally new and fresh. Thinking outside of the tiny box you believe in you head is a crate. Bang out a bold new beat. Dream the impossible as there is so much more than you can conceive of when the rhythm is full of magic. Everybody needs to shift their barriers and stake a larger claim within the vast expansion of consciousness. We all need to reach newer heights of imagination. Create something vast and fresh. Birth it.

The Empress promises that birth. She is fully fecund. Now is the birth of a new age in which her Divine Feminine energy will blossom forth and flower over everything. This Wild Woman energy will not be stopped as it is fresh and exciting. It is shifting and transforming everything we know to be our reality. She redefines life, love, emotions and the entire world around us. If we embrace our inner Empress.

We are all needing to connect with this new energy of the Divine Feminine by jumping into it, face on and being carried forwards. This energy arrived with a cosmic fanfare in July during the eclipses. She is picking up speed now as we progress towards the eclipse on the 26th December.

Boxing day as we say in the UK. This year think of it more as, thinking-outside-of-the-Boxing Day and get ready for the turbo charged blast as we race into the roaring 20s. The 2020s! There you will see that Channelling is the new Mindfulness. Get channelling people. Everyone can do it. It’s all about raising your frequency and that in turn, helps to raise everybody else’s. Collective super-consciousness creating. Birthing your own personal Cosmic Egg.


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado  

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

What the Fluff!

This all seems rather unfinished and it is. You need the complete set of downloads to understand where this is going.I suspect there are eleven steps as they are hinting there are more to come. The journey is very esoteric but ‘funcomfortabally’ illuminating.

The main theme is thinking, dreaming, imagining and creating your entire journey to the very end. This involves immense mental skill and cannot be achieved by missing out any level and wishing only for the big reveal. You have to build everything you can possibly create within your particular desire for Bliss.

It’s a massive undertaking and I’m not sure that I will achieve this myself as it is still unfolding. It’s a really deep puzzle. “Oh yes, I love a puzzle!” (I hear Joan Hickson in my head). I will of course try though because I really do love a puzzle. Codes to be cracked and combinations discovered. Reality is my Gaming Console of choice. Plugging-In!

Wassail Russell

2 Replies to “spirit wants a word with you…

  1. Russell my Beautiful Friend you are getting the same messages as myself! When I meditate i sway like a pendulum so to speak. Like the watches that haven’t a battery but require movement to keep ticking YES TO CHANNELLING! Haha We are an integrated species. Of the Three worlds. Balance within each of these world’s is essential.

    Just like an Asian Food dish . … A balanced mixture of Sweet, Salt and Sour creates a divine experience.

    Namaste My Brother

    1. How perfect. I’m so happy to hear that the messages are out there reaching others souls directly. Yes yes movement is key. Tick tock goes the clock. My soul is smiling just a little as I’m getting messages that there are so many millions of worlds but my head isn’t quite ready yet for that to fully sink in. Three is easier just now, even five but they’re hinting at not just endless worlds but also endless universes!! Melty head hahaha

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