So it’s Samhain or Hallowe’en time and the veils between the worlds and dimensions are at their thinnest. There was a new moon in Scorpio a few days ago and the transformative energy is immense. This fresh moon is behaving like a big fat full’ne. It’s in the House of Scorpio so it’s all about transformations and changes. Clearing out and being reborn. This is why the veil is so open. Now is the time to honour all our ancestors.

A lot of repeat energies came up in these readings but the one that always worries me is Kundalini as when true Kundalini rises it is a vast and extremely overpowering energy and so I offer as promised, the link to my thoughts on Kundalini – Playing With Fire, the Kundalini Question


I begin with an additional reading especially for Empaths. I wasn’t at all sure why I was being asked to do this until the reading itself unfolded into one of my most treasured. I really felt the warmth of the energies that are opening to all Empaths. I felt the release of so much tension and anguish. The joy, swirling in the magic unfolding around you and heard the blissful laughter that is to come. Thank-you for allowing me to experience this energy.

Pagans & Shamans

I’m so sorry but there is a very odd story attached to the current absence of your reading. I always begin with yours. I started twice yesterday and both times somebody knocked on my studio window to say hello and share some coffee that I decided to postpone all the readings. This morning I got up and hurried to start afresh. I set up and began your reading and there was a knock at my door again. It was a homeless guy who wanted to use my toilet. So I paused again. Fourth time I got through and was jubilant to be underway. After finishing all the readings I went home to upload them and yours hadn’t recorded. I will try again tomorrow and add it in ASAP.

Tada!! At last. It’s a bit long but it took me a while to get what they were trying to tell me. I also edited out me walking into shot but since my iPhone upgraded that feature doesn’t offer the choice to create a new clip so it’s uploaded the bits I trimmed out. Also you shuffle is a bit long so skip that if it bores you.


The Ancient Ones are here with big news and massive energies that offer all Starseeds should want to invite through the veil.

Lightworkers & Healers

There’s so much pouring through the veil towards you but are you willing to accept the gifts that await you? There’s a Luminous Warrior waiting for you if you can play your cards right.

Psychics & Spiritual Mediums

They’re back and they are being a tad passive aggressive. It’s the Council and they’ve a lot to say about the Divine plan they have in store.

All my readings are general messages and you always have free will to decide which pathway you walk. Take these messages as gifts full of the highest promise to assist your Earthwalk.

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