October has been an epic month both for me personally and cosmically, with two full moons and the largest new super moon of the year, what else should I have expected? I just knew I needed to get out of France and spread my wings and pass through into a new energy portal. Hola Portugal. That Keeper of Carnac, I finally understand, was closing off a giant Janus passageway, on all my past traumas by holding them up in my face until I was able to integrate everything, that I still saw as a trauma. More on Janus later but first of all I had to explain the long, long shadow walk I’d been on as I wrestled to find my new inner light and truth of who I am.

With that heavy duty honesty off my chest it was time to look at the final full moon in Taurus that was shaping up to complete my birthday month. I was feeling so disappointed at my birth month of October being such a difficult period but facing the shadows improves the future so I pushed on.

This 31st of October full moon, is a blue moon as it’s the second full moon this month which is a rare, ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of occurrence. It only falls on Halloween about once every 19 years. This year it waxes full at 14:49 meaning that the entire world experiences its fullness on the same day. No time zone is a day ahead or a day behind. Last time that happened was back in 1944 so this one’s a real rare blue moon.

Yesterday I woke up all set on researching Sacred Rage and the the Divine Rebel but Spirit had other ideas. “Saturn! Look into Saturn!” I tried to ignore the inner nagging in my head head but all roads it seems, lead to Saturn today and for the next three. To be quite frank my head is rather fried right now. I love researching anything but this was unfolding in that way that only channelling ever does. Details expanded, pulling in such a wide field of esoteric wisps and echoes through time. I soon realised I was being guided to observe a unique astrological pattern involving an endless stream of Void of Course moons. I was both excited and frazzled after plotting everything out. Walking through all the astrological aspects, was an intense emotional rollercoaster ride past all the oppositions, squares, trines, textiles and conjunctions between the Moon and Saturn for the next eight weeks. Phew… that was some astrology quick step and then some.

Man of Mythological Magnitude

Saturn is one of the seven Titan offspring of Terra (Gaïa) and Uranus. There is so much shared ancestry between the Roman and Greek pantheons but not in all their names. The Greek Pantheon came first but when Greece fell to Rome, Roman names became prominent and the earlier heritage of the gods and titans were merged, rather awkwardly together. Some names remained the same if there was no Roman deity to step in but most were superseded by their Roman counterparts.

Louis Dyer

In the Greek origin story Gaïa (Terra) birthed Uranus all by herself through Cosmic womb magic. Together they created seven Titans, some still retain their greek origins other Romanised: Oceanus, Mnemosyne, Saturnus, Themis, Polus, Hyperion and Iapetus. Somehow Saturn became the chief deity when Gaïa (shh… Uranus) decided to become a Deus Otiosus or idle god. Basically having grown weary, retired from the scene. Saturn inherited the job and the Golden Age of Saturn began.

Louis Dyer

This is an era in ancient history and texts that are shrouded in deep mystery. Saturn as a planet was often referred to as a sun or star. It is speculated that Saturn may have been a brown dwarf star and that Earth might even have been a satellite orbiting it. However what is believed during this Golden Age was that humankind was a highly civilised species living in harmony, love and peace. Every person vibrating on such a high frequency that there were no ploughs, no laws and no hatreds. The Earth was abundant and supported its people wholly. This memory is said to be remembered in our DNA and why collectively we seek to return the planet and us to that vibration again.

Louis Dyer

Then something cataclysmically Cosmic happened. A collective Tarot Tower moment as Saturn exploded/imploded, knocking all the planets and their satellites into new orbits around the second star, our current sun. Everything changed and ancients texts talk of this being the start of the great deluge.

A series of civilisations followed leaving clues to this lost memory of the Age of Saturn, from the Sumerians, Vedics, Etruscans, Greeks and finally the Romans. Saturn was primarily, revered in Rome as the daddy of gods through the persisting memory of this Golden Age. Saturn therefore the master of agriculture, plenty, wealth and generation. This is why I associate Saturn with the lower heart chakra and the connection between our bodies and the natural world. Before the expulsion from this Saturnian Eden humankind never lifted a single plough to control nature.

Now often symbolised with the sickle or scythe it is easy to see how XIII, the Death Card in tarot links in with the imagery of this early form of Saturn even if the card is associated with Pluto and Scorpio nowadays.

Wil Kinghan

I have always believed that most planets and god frequencies are both male and female. These energies are like a polarity, yin and yang they continuously cycle through . At times they appear masculine and other moments feminine but at some times, they are a perfect balance, a divine merging of the two. This equilibrium season is when they are most at ease, most joyous and most inspired to be originally creative, being in their divine 13 frequency.

For us on Earth only the female form can create life and does so from the divine frequency of 13. However souls inhabiting both female and male bodies can still create when they can vibrate in that same 13 frequency. The world we exist in is being held in a frequency of 12 with hours and months acting as the temporal walls of this prison. By removing yourself from these confines of work, appointments etc you allow yourself to truly flow out of this time frame and that’s where the magic resides to create great things. This is where we can tap into and discover new ideas, channelling, philosophising, creating music, art, literature, solving complex mathematics. All these creative endeavours are only reached when we step outside the schedules and simply go with the flow. That is the point at which the purest form of the Divine Feminine consciousness weaves into our molecules to super connect us with Divine Inspiration.

This feminine flip side of Saturn is the goddess Ops. Her name later relating to opus or work particularly in terms of working the earth, ploughing and sowing but also she represents riches, goods, abundance, cornucopia, munificence and plenty. Ploughing and sowing were then seen as sacred for they supported life.


Saturn was linked to generation and dissolution. The great leveller and equaliser, not in the Edward Woodward sense. The festival of Saturnalia was around the December solstice and was the largest festival of the Roman calendar. During the revelries everyone was seen as equal. public banquets, gift giving, endless revelling, gambolling was permitted, games were played and intoxication ensued.

It started on the 17th of December and run until the 23rd. Cosmically beautiful this year, is that Saturn enters the zero degrees point of Aquarius on this very day. The 17th of December is also associated with the celebration of Ops too, now this is getting exciting.

Louis Dyer

Aquarius is the bright and shiny ‘Ops-side’ home of Saturn, Capricorn being the darker one. Saturn is currently stepping from its male frequency home of authoritarian, top down aggression into its feminine house of joy and comfort, where the collective, bottom up frequency of benevolence reigns supreme. This is looking very good for grass roots equality and harmony. It will be joined two days later by their planetary son, Jupiter on the 19th December.

Jupiter is the non titan, god-child of Saturn and Ops. He who wields the chains that bind Saturn’s aggression. On the December solstice this year Jupiter will obscure Saturn from Earth’s view as it passes in front of Saturn. This is called a conjunction. As Jupiter throws its planetary magnitude in front of Saturn, Saturn will complete its gender fluid balancing act and reach its 13 frequency unity vibration. The hexagon tornado that rages above the north pole of Saturn has recently been growing taller and has changed from blue to gold. This is believed to be due to the orbit of Saturn reaching its summer period energetically.

This incomprehensible planetary magic is a huge indication of the energetic shift taking place on Saturn and one can only speculate at the things happening to other bodies in the Cosmos that we are unable to witness as yet. Saturn is shifting and so to is the entire symphony of the Music of the Spheres.

Louis Dyer


There was a second god worshipped alongside Saturn that I mentioned earlier, Janus or Ianus. Janus was uniquely Roman and was depicted as having two faces, being able to see the past and the future and was worshipped as the god of beginnings and ending, war and peace, gateways, portals and prophesy.

In Rome they built an Ianus Geminus a temple or passageway dedicated to the primordial god Janus. The speculation for the two faces is that the second face was to depict the polar opposite frequency of the feminine, Jana or Iana (Diana the moon goddess was associated later with Jana). Again we are seeking the importance of the twin energies, yin and yang, Gemini. It was only later that Janus developed two male heads and became the identical twin consciousnesses. It is important to note that the earliest deities in many religions were Androgynous half male, half female. It is here on earth that we have been divided into duality and polarity, to seek to understand how to unite differences.

This Ianus Geminus passageway, or Vaticinium was composed of twelve columns, for the twelve months of the year, or hours on a sun dial, was set within a walled enclosure. The passageway had a door at either end, Sun and Moon, to create the flow of energies. During times of war the doors were opened and only closed again when peace returned. In Rome the doors were always open!

Cameron Grey

Inside this passageway was a golden statue of Janus holding the number 300 in his right hand and 65 in his left, totalling the days of the solar year. Offerings and sacrifices were made in this walled enclosure so that the outcome of military deeds and actions could be foretold by the high priests or Pontiffs. These Pontifex were the bridge builders between the gods and mortals.

Prophecies were cast and read and then offered to Saturn as the Master of the motion of temporal transition and creator of new eras. When Greece fell to Rome, Saturn was merged with his Greek counterpart Cronus. Cronus was also Titan who controlled the flow of time, like welding the ability to decide what passed through the portals into reality. For the Romans what might come to pass through the Vaticinium of Janus was offered to Saturn to guarantee its flow through time. While welding time, Saturn was additionally endowed with the elemental truth of another Greek god Kairos, divine timing. Therefore we understand there to be a natural ticking of time the Cronus 12 frequency and the Kairos divine magic of the 13 frequency.

Void of Course Moons

So Saturn is currently rolling towards its great transformation into a planet of creative balance. I realised that after the full blue moon on the 31st October, while Saturn is in its dying degrees of Capricorn, that each time the moon forms any aspect with Saturn, the moon immediately becomes void. What does this mean? Well it means the moon goes quiet until it leaves that house and transitions into a new house. This tells me that Saturn is creating energetic shifts with the moon and the moon is being used to release them. Absorbing and transforming them, unblocking them and allowing them to rewrite our emotional understanding, as Saturn grows closer to its Saturn-Ops 13 frequency balance point of divine creativity. There are eleven of these Void of Course moons leading up to the solar eclipse.

Jasmine Boland


The following list or Ephemeris shows the varying aspects of the moon with Saturn and some other astrological moments that I feel are essential to observe as we head through the next 8 weeks. It shows the numerology of the date at the end using the numbers 1 to 13. This list took hours to compile so if you spot any errors please let me know. All times are in GMT or UTC. I also included the true Astrological Point of Samhain, 23:14 GMT on 6th November, just incase you wish to celebrate it at its divine moment in Cosmic time.

These aspects vary from difficult to harmonious in the following order:
Opposition – Very difficult
Square – Awkward tension to simulate action
Trine – Supportive intellectual appreciation
Sextile – harmonious inspiration
Conjuction – expansive unison

To help us all on this journey I’ve added an action or outcome that might be of help to pass through these aspects with greater ease and understanding.

This is updated as there was an error on 6th November. Mercury is direct.

The big moments are of course the solar eclipse of the Luminous Warrior or Sacral Chakra on the 14th December. Eclipses are massive energetic changes and this one is enmeshed with Saturn and Jupiter heading into Aquarius and forming that conjunction on the December solstice of 21/12/2020. A mirror date, meaning that the day and month are a numerical palindrome.

This numerical magic is completed by the year being 20 & 20, a powerful repeating frequency of global healing of a pathway, 2 and a new beginning represented by the zero. 2020 has been calling to use to seek harmony and a new beginning for our sacral chakra, the 2nd chakra all year. Seek to find a new pathway to self love. Begin again. 2021 will be the energy of a new beginning in the real world with a healed Sacral. Emotionally balanced and stronger so this 21/12 is asking us to look into the future coming next year as the Music of the Spheres resets everything.

Notice the numerology of the solar eclipse, being 12 the frequency of the energy trap of the current world. Then notice that at the Saturn Jupiter conjunction we hit a 1. A new beginning energetically. Yay for the music of the spheres folks. It’s all about to change in favour of the masses, equality and social change.

So here is the reading for Saturn that was the purpose of this blog. So Saturn… what are you up to?


Les Chemins de L’Eveil by Dylan Collin, Illustrations de Cameron Grey

Moonology Oracle Cards by Jasmine Boland

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck  by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards (combined as one deck) by Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

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  1. Wow, what greatly detailed information and tie bits for us ! Thank You you have for the time and effort given to this! Blessings to You, light and Love..⭐️✨

  2. Amazing times we’re in’ excellent chart guide to bring us into the new 13th frequency. Beautiful Merlin’s blue storm monkey 13th pillar Libra Brostar you’ve done it. Love n light!

  3. Amazing, as always! What I kept getting when reading through this was numbers numbers and numbers. When I got to the part of the 13 equations, I could not help but look at how this adds to a 4, and how this magnificent powerful year is a gateway to such magnificent changes. The combination of 2’s and the 4, signifying our homes. Which I also believe represents Gaia. Foundations, being a 2, crumbling before our eyes. Thanks again for sharing your magnificent and endless well of wisdom and knowledge.

    1. Yes love numbers and their magical patterns. It’s good to reminded too the 13 is 4, as I include 11, 12 & 13 as powerful magic in their own rights. The foundations have been split. 20 in Tarot is The Judgement. 2020 double judgment. So really a lesson in moving past judging ourselves and others.

      2021 is 5. Change. But 21 is the World card. To complete a karmic lesson. Will be interesting for sure

    1. Thanks. It was so enjoyable creating it and observing a pathway forwards to a better frequency

  4. Ever changing…ever present. Riding the cosmic wave of frequencies from quantum to linear is the soul’s journey. The building up only to tear down is the creation of life force energy. It’s movement. Otherwise all existence would cease. Gaia knew this. Source approved. Excellent work Russell!

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