Wassail Beautiful People. After using the Rune Deck I published in August it was time for the cards to be refine and shifted and so there are two new pdfs below with the latest cards on. Olga is still digging up clay and creating the paints that she is using for the designs of the cards. Its also giving all of the rune team time to gather information for the book that will accompany the deck.

There is so much work to do for all of the Rune Team, writing up spells, binding, rituals and just researching all of the roots, phonetics, tarot connections, astrology etc to make this deck rich in its symbolism and application. This is not the finished format by any means but it is a place where we are able to track our progress.

Each Rune requires artwork, history, descriptions, frequencies, esoteric magical connections and all of this for 78 cards. We are thoroughly loving this process even if it is much deeper and slower than we anticipated but we really want the finished product to inspire you all.

Just for a little premature excitement I have mocked up a version of the card Flewsa which means First Blood. The Rite of Passage of girls to woman. The first menstruation but also the connection back through the ancestral blood song lines to ancient family stories and behavioural patterns that seem caught in our blood as an echo through time that plays out in our own lives yet doesn’t necessarily belong to our inner truth.

Please remember that I am no graphic artist and I do not possess the computer software to create a proper mock up. That will be left to the expert eyes and mind of Olga.

Here are the two current PDFs available for you to download and play with. I am trying to complete a brief summery of each card to assist you. It might be better for me to create a live workshop to help you all so just give me a little time to set this up. For now here is a new video about working with the runes and their relationships to each other.


And the same deck without the rune images for you to draw your own. The numbers have change in some cases. Please have fun with them.

Hopefully these are downloadable. Last time I made a mistake and had to fix it. Thanks everyone for your endless kindness and support for this project.

7 Replies to “new runes for old – update

  1. Hi, you were on rob live chat and you were seeing things like burn victims etc.. I truly believe it was for me and so now I ask what is astral echo? My father is currently burned and blind.

  2. Thank you. I feel like the page of swords and am excited to learn more about the deck. I love to learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. May i gain much wisdom. God bless.

  3. Hello Dear Man – I know I am very late to the party, but I would like to offer my sevices in whatever way I can. I’ve done a bit of editing, writing, and, yes, the dreaded proofreading, in my day, and if that could be helpful, count me in. Diana

    1. Oh thanks. Seems like I am late to the party in terms of replying. Apologies. I do have to build a website soon for them so I’ll be in touch if you can assist us all

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