Tarot for Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Cancer

So for this new moon solar eclipse I created a special eclipsing moon reading. With an eclipse it is all about resetting goals and massive new beginnings so I thought I’d rustle up some Spiritual guidance for every sign using the Keepers of the Light Oracle cards along with the Mother Nature Oracle cards to switch things up a little. This reading explores a central spiritual theme and then two paths through the dark shadow side and the pathway through the light. This is illuminated with a third path between the two to give guidance on how to traverse the two energies to reach a successful eclipse. The new moon takes place on Tuesday 2nd July at 19.16 UT/GMT or 20.16 BST. The eclipse will take place from 16:55 UT/GMT until 21:50 UT/GMT across many places in South America and the Pacific. The central peak is at 19.21 UT/GMT. so settle in for some deep magical manifestations.


It’s birthday season Cancer and the Cosmos has bought you the gift of a solar eclipse. How splendid is that? You are also gifted with Krishna the Hindu god who embodies divine wisdom. And that peacock feather on his head honours the divine feminine. He will guide you to understand the love conquers fear. This reading for you is all about poverty and wealth.

Ocymum basilica tells of the fear of poverty and the Fish card of wealth and success. You need to surrender your fear to gain your desires Cancer. Your cards are blessed with an extremely light shadow task, perhaps because it is your new moon and your season in the sun. You start out as the King of Wands being in a state of Zen. Ideas, passions and creativity are yours to enjoy but how do you take these wonderful notions and turn them into a Karmic fruit machine?

Shadow Path: Strength is about the maiden and the beast. finding the divine female energy and wrestling with the male beast within you to achieve control of both forces within. You need to suppress the beast to allow the divine maiden to control everything you do. This doesn’t mean forgetting the strength of the male force just about keeping it controlled. Justice is there to establish the balance you require to move forward to a greater emotional happiness. A joyous contentment even in the darkness when the sun is blotted out you shine on.

Light Path: The Empress is all about abundance and fertility. She is Gaia manifest on Earth. It is time to recognise that you are fully able to express and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Let The Sun card bring you to a state of heightened happiness and joy so that you can begin anew to feel the love you deserve Cancer. Give yourself permission to be happy and have fun in the sun this birthday season. Judgement will soon be on hand to offer you a Karmic gift of more abundance than you thought possible. Release the blockages within and have a beautiful Birthday month Cancer.


So you have Quan Yin the Chinese Goddess of mercy, compassion and love. She is also a Bodhisattva and as such crosses religions to warm the hearts of all who call on her. She is a powerful healer and is often connected with Reiki healing. Recognise compassion within your self and apply it to you and those around you. Your path is one of odd happenings that guide you through luck to blossom with a fairy tale ending if you desire it enough.

Helleborus viridis is the card of strangeness and odd happenings Leo. This is about seeking out and watching for synchronicities all around you. Something odd will manifest and point you towards the luck that the Flowers card represents. The trouble is that you are starting out feeling overburdened and like you want to just stop and give up. Your destination is in sight though if you keep your eyes peeled.

Shadow Path: The Two of Cups is about union in love. You are struggling to find that loving union that feels real and fulfilling. You are trying to make things happen too quickly as the Eight of Wands warns without working on yourself enough. Look at the passions within and ask yourself how you can be more compassionate to both the male and female energies within you. Then you will find the balance, Justice you seek. By observing this within you can apply it to the relationships without.

Light Path: You need time to heal yourself and Temperance is on hand as a cosmic angel to water down all those strong emotions that are drowning you. By healing within you can be like the fertile and lovingly abundant Empress. Gaia-up in the real world. Quan Yin reminds you to step beyond others behaviours, mistakes and challenges and simply understand. To love with compassion you must move beyond desires and judgement and recognise the spirit all others as being cut from the same cloth as you. Only then will you be able to bring about the happy wealthy life that the Ten of Pentacles promises.


Virgo Virgo Virgo! Revenge? Self-abuse? Seriously? No! Stop right now and sit down and take a deep breath. I can see that White Eagle has arrived just in time to stop all this. He is on hand to connect you to lineage and fixed those family wounds that you are using to hurt yourself with. It is time to heal that family wound. Whether it is from this lifetime or has been inherited through your DNA. White Eagle can create clear channels in your bloodline to identify the pain and cut the ties to it.

Aconitum napellus is the card of revenge and anger that is focused on others. This is a warning card to take a chill pill and seek wisdom with White Eagle. The Whip card is telling you that the anger you feel is hurting you every time before it hurts others. The other name for this card is broom and that is what you need to do. Sweep away the pain and anger to create a new energy. You are being offered a chance to heal a family wound but to do this you must search for a state of grace so you can open up wisely and heal the wound. You are overburdened and feel you cannot continue. The Ten of Wands is that card which says its nearly over and you can rest and recharge.

Shadow Path: The Six of Swords is all about harmony. The battle is over and there are no winners just hurt. But the card is about moving forward to better times. You need to heal. The Star card is that Cosmic chance to heal and to find a stillness in which to make a wish to move forward to a brighter future but you must see that there is so much more outside of you and your pain. The Cosmos is infinite and you are part of that vast wonder. Only then will you mirror the Six of Wands and find an inner victory.

Light Path: You need to be like the King of Pentacles and allow all that goes on around you in the real world to not throw you off course. The world is full of things both material and emotional and yet you are letting everything stick to your soul. Release all that doesn’t serve you. Clear your head and clear your heart so that there is space to let love flow naturally. The Ace of Cups is the great cup of purest love and it is waiting to wash you with warmth and joy if you will allow it to. When you can see that opening yourself to pure love and saying aloud that you love yourself and those around you the energy of The Sun will flow towards you. This is the ultimate happy card on your grand Cosmic journey. By denying love you cannot know true happiness. Know what loving others honestly can bring and you will have the entire world at your feet Virgo. When you hurt yourself you hurt those around you and vice versa. Try to open up to love and feel the divine spirit of happiness.


It’s solar download time Libra and you’ve a lot to accomplish if you want your rewards. Lady Venus your planetary ruler is on hand to help your journey. Lady Venus appears when you are receiving divine messages. Deep insights are promised from heaven in your dreams or meditations but you must clear some space first. You are needing to let the sensitivities within you melt away that anxiety and connect with your male energy if you are to be able to release your fear of poverty and bask in abundance.

Mimosa Pudica is the flower card of sensitivity. This sensitivity is making you brim with anxieties. The Nine of Swords is the anxiety card. You are misreading the signs around you by overthinking everything and this is stopping you from manifesting the life you desire. Lady Venus will help you to read the signs and symbols but you must slow down al the thoughts. Stop over thinking and you will be able to connect with the Earth around you. You need to be grounded like the Man card from the Lenormand deck. It’s time to seek balance. You are the scales but all that thinking is stopping you living your truth. Stop. Pause and reconsider what serves you and what you think you should do to serve others.

Shadow Path: You are the Eight of Swords. You have thought so much that you have trapped yourself, tied yourself up and added a blindfold so that you cannot see that the path out of this is actually clear. Let go and step out of your mind. It seems the fear is all about poverty and abandonment. You keep telling yourself that you are trapped outside the real world. You need to appreciate your own journey and realise that you are worthy of all riches if you are to walk into the light again free of the blindfold.

Light Path: Take up The Ace of Swords your own symbol of victory through truth and use it to sever the bad thought patterns away. Judgement awaits all who seek truth and release from bad thought patterns. Karmic Judgement is promised to reset you and balance you back on to your true path Libra. Once you allow this reset you will feel like the King of Wands, full of passionate thinking without the emotional entrapments that are holding you back. This will realise the seed card Ace of Pentacles that will allow you limitless joys in the real world rather than the no entry signs you build in your head. Let the downloads from heaven then begin so you may venture forth renewed and refreshed.


Scorpio it’s Lady Nada and time to use the solar eclipse to open your heart up fully and this Goddess of Atlantis is calling you to reveal the truth of your soul in a naked vulnerableness that makes you stronger. This moon passing before the sun is your chance to find inner strength to shine with absolute compassion and cut yourself free from all the pains in your heart. this is a pathway through false beauty to shine from deep within your soul and be really beautiful in everything you do.

Rosa Gallica is the tale of beauty for beauty’s sake. The rose is perfumed and gorgeous but it sits on a stem of thorns. You need to find balance between love and play and then a surprise event, the Rider card dashing in on a unicorn will uplift your soul. You are blind to your own charms, Two of Swords. You are keeping everything in balance, which is admirable, in your world but you are not seeing your own truth.

Shadow Path: The strength card is the maiden and the beast. finding the divine female energy and wrestling with the male beast within you to achieve control of both forces within. Look at the pains you carry in your heart that are disrupting you from this energy balance and see that you are not able to appreciate new love that flows towards you. The Lovers are indeed lovers but only because they have each faced their own search for balance so that they may each resonate with an awakened heart that understands true love and ultimate bonding bliss.

Light Path: This Seven of Pentacles is not talking about money due after a harvest but how you keep running into the world believing you are ready to receive love and yet there is no reward for your efforts. The High Priestess rules the moon and asks you to use your intuition to understand your emotional truths. You are not feeling truly worthy of real love because you are looking for someone to lift the pain from your heart when in truth you need to do that yourself. Then you will be able to achieve the emotional rewards of the Eight of Pentacles and find love flowing towards you. Someone will be coming Scorpio if you can awaken your emotional truth and release the pain. The Ten of Cups is joyous emotional completion and absolute happiness.


Soul expansion is your mission Sagittarius and you have Mahavatar Babji on hand to draw you out of the mind traps that are stopping you shine. You have not been feeling yourself but this time of self-reflection has been good for you preparing yourself for exactly this moment. You need to focus now on the connection to all things inside you and around you. This will allow all the worries to melt away and bring about your rebirth finally.

Narcissus jonquilla is in part about loving the self too much but is really about unfaithfulness and how you feel surrounded by this uncomfortable truth. Maybe it is others around you? Or if you are truly honest it is you projecting this and then it manifesting all around you. The pathway to change is promised though new knowledge and understanding as the Book promises but you don’t achieve this secret release without some inner effort. The Eight of Swords speaks of the mind and how your negative thoughts are trapping you. You are blindfolded to the truth that there is a clear pathway of escape if you just wake up and see the truth.

Shadow Path: The Five of Wands is the card of battles and rows but you are manifesting these conflicts and then suffering from them. Seek to understand why these conflicts make you feel alive. Root out the deceptions you are confused by and transform your attitude and yourself. The Death card is the wonderful chance to be something new in life. You are aiming to create a new flow of Zen when it comes to creativity and ideas. You have forgotten the passions within that the King of Wands knows perfectly.

Light Path: You are searching for a better focus in life and your creative passions. You feel that you have been working hard to learn your art, the Three of Penacles and there have been some rewards but you still feel that you are stuck. This is because conflicts exist within you that are stopping you from soaring high up to reach the joyous Ten of Pentacles. This worldly satisfaction is awaiting you once that shadow path is travelled and the Eight of Wands is all about rewards coming quickly once the work is done to reignite your creative passions. Then the Three of Cups offers you the celebrations and happiness that comes from the reunion of your mind, body and spirit. Expand your soul Sagittarius.


Well what a lovely spread of cards Archangel Michael is presenting to you. This is all about trust and honour Capricorn and you are starting out with a big fat cup of pure love from the Cosmos. This is the most stunning of readings as you reach the midpoint of your astrological year. The cards seem to be telling you that there is little to fear and promising you joys with little effort but there is still work to be done. Honour and happiness are your keys to this eclipse.

Punica granatum speaks of honour. This is not to be confused with pride and reminds us not to despise anyone or feel jealousy. It is also a test to not allow yourself to feel overly special or chosen. We are all chosen and all have a unique journey. Micheal carries a flaming sword that is a protection from dramas but you must work out when to wield that sword to cut away dramas and how to stop creating them in the first place. You are promised two Sun cards Capricorn and if that’s not showing off then your work is done if you catch my drift?

Shadow Path: The Three of Swords is all about waiting for your ship to come in and there is time enough to wait just now while you pause to heal, Four of Swords. But while you are pausing you need to ask yourself what your ship looks like. what is it you are waiting to arrive? When you are ready you will move very swiftly, Eight of Wands, to swim out and climb onboard your ship to future adventures. You must chose how to engage in your own presence to create your future voyages.

Light Path: Once you have decided just how to focus your cup of love you will find yourself manifesting a wish for your future happiness, Nine of Cups. Put that wish out onto the eclipse but be certain not to waste it. This is a beautiful moment to create something truly special. Once you are ready you will swing back into the world as the Empress, who is fertile and abundant and full of hope and life. It will feel like the World is yours. You will feel a massive completion of Karmic happiness and then you can wallow and bask in that second card of the Sun feeling truly loved and comforted in all you do.


I did laugh when the Keeper of the Cosmic Gateway, Horus leapt out for you Aquarius. You of all signs with your mysterious mind. It’s all making sense. This is your destiny haha. Ooo Wheel of Fortune is destiny! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. This spread is about balance, trust, Kundalini and Cosmic gifts. What!?! I know. Spin that crown centre! You have a stellar gateway above your head and it’s time to slice away all the crap that is blocking it and get it spinning again so you can spin yourself some magic and manifest some joyful gifts other than the ones the Cosmos already has in store for you.

Polygala amara speaks of trust. To summon up an excessive faith in your talents and to believe in yourself. The Snake card is Kundalini waiting to be birthed from the Cosmic Egg. Inside everyone there is a male and female energy and you need to open the pathway down from your higher self to connect the two as one single and very powerful flow. WARNING: This is a very powerful energy when it connects so check out my blog in the link. I mention this as I’ve passed out twice connecting these two forces so go easy. It represents the union of Isis and Osiris who are the parents of Horus. I’m a little uncomfortable suggesting this to you but the cards are saying Horus will guide you. All the same, go easy Aquarius. You start out with the Two of Pentacles and how you are juggling everything and trying to find balance. Instead try to see that life is cycles of highs and lows, ups and downs.

Shadow Path: The Five of Cups says stop looking behind yourself at the spilt cups of sadness that are spilt and done with. You cannot pick them back up and refill them. Behind you instead is the offer of new opportunities and fresh beautiful experiences in our futures if you would just turn away from the past and cut your ties with it. You must embrace the now to enjoy the future. The Queen of Swords slices away all the rubbish that does not suit her life. You must do this too. She is fierce and passionate about her own truth and does not hesitate to wield her blade. Once the pruning is complete you will become the Page of Wands. This start of a new singular mind and creativity. New ideas and passions will be planted to better serve you.

Light Path: The Four of Cups is the first Cosmic gift on offer. Again you see three cups that are serving no purpose and you are being told to grab the new cup on offer from the Godhead. Take this cup as it is your destiny to do this. The Wheel of Fortune is above you and is the card of destiny. Then it is time to reign supreme in your own world and become the Emperor. He is male energy that is benevolent and kind but he also brings order through editing all that does not serve his purpose with his sword much like the Queen of Swords in your shadow path. Then it’s time to set that Cosmic Gateway spinning and manifest some big big dreams. Finally you are presented with your second Cosmic gift in the Ace of Wands. This is like the Page of Wands but on a much bigger and grander, limitless scale. Are you ready Aquarius? Get editing to get manifesting.


What’s that gorgeous cloak you’re wearing? Did you get that from Kuthumi? Who? Well that’s just it. Was he high born and shed all his material possessions to walk the spiritual path forever? He is here to assist all lightworkers on their path. So what does he want with you? He’s here to teach you that wealth and material goods are worth very little without true love and compassion. He’s not saying give all your wealth away though. He is illuminating that love and spiritual inner truth is the greater value.

Trollius europaeus is the flower card of wealth. It is about seeking your personal ambitions aside from accumulated wealth. The Moon is a meditative wish card to expand your mind out into the greater Cosmos. To see that the answers you seek are within you not outside of you but that you must send them out into the vastness so that they might take form in your life. As you start out you have the Seven of Wands which is all about reaping what you sow but not seeing the actual profits or the rewards just yet.

Shadow Path: It’s time to clear up and move on from the personal party that ended months ago. You’ve been sitting around and just kicking back taking it too easy since that triple sun reading a while back and now the Cosmos has decide to step in and shake things up a little with a Tower moment. Are you ready Pisces? The walls are about to come tumbling down so you get up and get on with things. This is where you might want to be wearing that cloak Kuthumi offered. This will shake you foundations and you will need to go deep inside yourself for your truth to reignite your lantern again.

Light Path: So off you go into the light with your new truth as the Knight of Wands. He who is in love with being in love like a teenager only to apply the breaks very quickly as you are faced with the cutting edged blade of the King of Swords whose energy is here to slice back all that careless bravado and help you to understand that love needs to be purer and more thoughtful. If you can get a better grip on how you view love you will be offered the Four of Cups as a reward with a joyous home life that will be further rewarded with the limitless potential of pure love through the Ace of Cups. But you must realise that all thee answers have always been inside yourself if only you would trust yourself more.


Well Aries it’s a good job Master Buddha is here to calm that fiery Mars spirit in your belly as your all fuelled up with notions of revenge thanks to those three swords through your heart. Master Buddha is here to help you move beyond the illusions of fear. All suffering ends Aries and it is now your divine duty to end yours. It is hurting you too much.

Aconitum napellus is the card of revenge and anger that is focused on others. This is a warning card to take a chill pill and seek wisdom with Master Buddha. He will help you access your inner teacher, your true wisdom so that you can move beyond your suffering and fear. Ship is the card of journeys especially within ourselves. So set sail to the heart of your issue and then release the pain represented by the Three of Swords.

Shadow Path: It is time to end all the over thinking and hurt that pains your heart. The Ten of Swords is that promised ending. It will allow you to begin a transformation that has been scaring you so very much. But you are meant to move on now Aries. Revenge will just create more pain. Let go and let the fortunes and joys of the outer world flow back towards you. The Six of Cups is that promise of Earthly balance again so that you can follow your light path too that will lead to celebration.

Light Path: With a mended heart you can now begin the serious task (like releasing the pain wasn’t serious) of finding union again between your male and female energies, the Two of Cups. Many readers say this is a soul mate or twin flame connection but that would be rushing things along somewhat. You’ve only just mended the pain in your heart. The Star card is the gift of Cosmic healing and regeneration. This is what you require right now. It is also the chance to make a wish. So go on Aries, make a wish. Oh did you wish for a Soul Mate? It looks like that might be granted with the appearance of The Lovers. This will then bring the Three of Cups that offers celebrations and the reunion of your mind, body and spirit. Wonderful.


There’s magic hidden in the darkness of a solar eclipse Taurus and who is that behind the veil of mystical illusions? It’s Isis and she has a gift for you Taurus and it’s not all about love or compassion it’s about a love of gold and cash haha. Lucky you huh? Isis is able to move between darkness and light and what could be more perfect than that during a full solar eclipse? This is the goddess who bought her lover back to life. She is all about resurrecting dead dreams back into reality. So get ready to ride inside the sun and sneak back out round the moon Taurus.

Dianthus plumarius is the card of weakness. What is your weakness just now Taurus? You can’t say can you as it doesn’t feel right to admit it but that’s why Isis is here. She offers you a path through your heart where you finally admit the truth within your heart. You just love money. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We live in a material world and money is as innocent as a lamb. If however you choose to slaughter the lamb and eat it you’ve done bad but if you love the lamb and offer it a happy life you’ve honoured the lamb. And so it is with money. So there you have your Sword of Truth Taurus. The truth is you love money. Say it out loud.

Shadow Path: This is a relatively easy path in that the Page of Cups is the seeding of a new emotional truth. The hardest part for you is the starting point of believing your own truth. The Strength card is the maiden and the beast. The tussle to control your beast within. The slaughterer of lambs. Can you control your spending habits? The Queen of Wands is the creative passionate monarch of business success and ideas. Not a very dark side but then you have Isis on hand switching darkness to light.

Light Path: Now here’s where it gets a little trickier. Kings are really the cards of Zen and are both male and female energy combined. So as long as you have got your beast under control this light path will be easy. The Kind of Swords is to be able to control your own mind. To remove doubt. To be certain. this will allow the energy of the abundant Empress to sweep in. She is the answer to those money worries and she will fill your purses, wallets and bank accounts to the fullest they have ever been. This will then allow you to get all Zen with your cash as the King of Pentacles. He of all worldly material riches. wow Taurus they say wish upon a star and the Sun is the closest star to us so go with Isis and make this magical manifestation happen so that you can enjoy being the Nine of Cups. The card of single handed abundance. You did all that. You created all the wealth and wonder around you.


You got Gaia Gemini. Yes Gaia. Gaia! She’s got your back oh yes and she is supreme among Goddesses. She is all about Earth and compassion and love. Wow Gemini go you! However she is about releasing the ego. Easy! Not. This is a mighty challenge but she hasn’t appeared if she didn’t think you could do it. She wants you to help yourself so that you can help the planet.

Hedera helix Loyalty will allow inner strength to flourish and doors to open. Gaia has you back and she wants you to know it through all the plants in her Garden. The Garden card is the place of fun and socialising. The Pleasure Gardens were the social media of the 18th century and you are going to find your fame increasing there provided you are talking about healing the planet. Her planet. So Gaia offers you the Earthly Ace of Pentacles to get you started here.

Shadow Path: You need to change everything that is your past. The Eight of Cups is the change card of all change cards. Turn your back on everything that does not serve your new possible future. The Queen of Swords is here to wield her mighty sword and help to cut ties to old outdated ways of behaving. She is the passionate beauty of the rose with sharp thorns that will cut those that cross her. Find your passionate darkness Gemini. The Three of Pentacles is the card of diligent work and you must craft to reawaken your passionate fire for life and the planet.

Light Path: Gaia is offering you the earth as an abundant playground in which to grow and transform into a teacher of Earthly bounties. You will need to reach out to others and teach them how to help rise up and save this beautiful Mother Earth. The Gaia will offer you a wish seen in the Nine of Cups. This will lead you to the Lovers. The card of Twin Flames as well as the card of Cosmic choices.

Starseeds General Reading 

Archangel Michael – Trusting Heaven 

The central theme is to trust heaven. Surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur. Michael is concerned with all your concerns. Starseeds you are letting concerns keep you from your true path. You are letting worries, illnesses and fears from the 3D matrix block your inner light. You are floundering and allowing the inner truth that lights your lantern of life to be extinguished somewhat. This is not the intended way. Your inner truth must be an eternal flame that cannot be blown out. The Five of Cups is all of us. We look behind ourselves at the spilt cups of sadness that are in our lives without realising that they are spilt and done with. You cannot pick them back up and refill them. Behind us all is the offer of new opportunities and fresh beautiful experiences in our futures if we would just turn away from the past and cut our ties with it. We must embrace the now to enjoy the future.

Iris germanica speaks of new messages. Divine messages that you have shut your eyes, heart and soul to. This solar eclipse is the moment to reset your path to the success, offered by the Lenormand Key card that will guide you to your truth and your victory. The limitless Ace of Swords awaits those willing to face their shadow side as well as their light side.

Shadow Path

It is time to open your heart to the Moon and receive intuitive messages from the divine Gaia. She loves all and will help all who surrender to her but she will not create boundless joys if you cannot mend that broken and sad heart that is blocking you from bathing in pure love. Take all three swords out of your heart. They are not real. They are thoughts and memories that you are allowing to hurt you over and over again. The Three of Swords is meant to be about releasing the blockages from the past not wallowing in them. This doesn’t have to be a sad relationship, it is any heartache you are wearing. Let it go as it serves no future purpose. The Three of Wands is about waiting for your ship to come in. Stop waiting people and go seek your ship yourselves. Life is meant to be filled with adventure and laughter. You are beautiful and divine. Do you think you were created to sit and moan from your heart? Find peace and open your heart back up to joy and love.

Light Path 

This is a path that can only be trodden once you face your demons. What a wonderful pathway it is too. The Magician is there willing you to manifest something glorious from this solar eclipse. Eclipses are super charged New Moons and they are all about massive restarts. New hopes and dreams and wishes. The King of Cups is the promise of finding a pathway to being more Zen with all emotions. Not letting them drown you but letting them ebb and flow like the tide. Seeing and understanding everything and letting them recede without clinging to your heart. This will allow you to breath freely and love honestly. Only then will the Nine of Cups grant you its wish you are seeking. Find your inner truth and soar.

Aquafarions & Lightworkers Special Message 

The following reading I have also been guided to include for Aquafarions and all Lightworkers who are aware of the Aquamarine Ray. After this eclipse is the time to light the Aqaumarine Flame and ignite the Indigo children and then eventually the Crystal and Rainbow children over time too. This message was channelled. I do not have any real understanding yet but have been guided to create this special reading for all those who need to read it. You must each connect to your guides, Thoth or Melchizedek to seek full understanding. I just know that it important and those that need to see it will see it. I am just told that it is time to activate the Aquamarine Ray so please begin. I can’t type fast enough but have done my best to write the words.


“I am entrusted with the task of keeping the Aquamarine Ray Flame. This ray was crated by the Mother Godhead Gaia at the start of everything and resides in all things. Since the Sumerian invasion the Flame has been disrupted here on Earth. We have been seeding many thousands of individuals here on Earth who can carry the frequency in their lightbody DNA strands. When activated it will eventually reach a critical mass that is essential to the healing of all things on Earth. The Flame is pure healing and extremely potent and will act as a defensive shield to all Starseeds to help them in their missions. 

You need to start at the point of truth, The Ace of Swords. Know in your soul that your higher self is with you and supporting you on this solar eclipse mission to awaken a new energy within. Polygala amara speaks of trust. A need for excessive faith. This is about the poverty of all life that exists without the Aquamarine Ray of pure love. This ray is hidden inside everyone’s DNA not just Starseeds. It is the female Kundalini Energy waiting to be birthed again from inside the Cosmic Egg that is within all things. By awaking this light ray we can open our hearts to pure love. 

Shadow Path 

This is a personal mission of Cosmic importance and will not deliver thanks or recognition to those that seek to follow this path. At least not now. This is a calling and those who hear it will understand it is essential to the future of this planet. Learn to transmute the Violet Flame of Archangel Michael into the Aquamarine Flame of Gaia. This is achieved through holding the Violet Flame inside your Sacral Energy centre and drawing up the Golden Flame of the Earth. This is the Page of Cups seeking those willing to meditate deep into their souls to master the control of the Gaia Ray. Then it will be possible to transmute the flame through your higher heart into the Aquamarine flame that can be used for healing. To seed a new kind of love that is purer than all that has been felt before. Only when you know the Flame is alight will you understand the inner vision of the Two of Wands and be able to flow continually with this pure Ray and birth the Ace of Cups in yourself and others. 

Light Path

You must seek the Queen of Cups and her unabashed flowering of all emotions both good and bad. Know that all emotions serve a purpose within life. Without the negative you cannot see the positive. Let all flourish and seek to reach the Karmic lesson of The World card. Everything is possible. This will allow you to reach the completion of emotional understanding that is glimpsed in the Ten of Cups. By working with the new Aquamarine Flame and igniting it in your soul energy Lightworkers are encouraged to use this Ray with great discretion to first activate the older Indigo children that seek the truth and the defensive cloak offered by the flame resonating in their Lightbody DNA. Some Crystal children will be ready for this too but as with all Lightwork you will know and understand when and how to use this gift. Everyone will desire this but only those that have been on an inner spiritual path will be able to tolerate its activation within them. As a healing tool it will be extremely helpful in all kinds of Lightwork in small doses. 

I wish you all well who seek to ignite this Gaia Ray within themselves. Go in peace and love all life with purity and compassion.”


Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Kyle Gray & Lily Moses
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch
Mother Nature Oracle Cards Lo Scarabeo

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