Olga, our amazing artist is scouring the land for seams of clay that she can wash and purify clean of unwanted salts and silicas to create the paints for the core of the cards. It’s just so amazing to witness the process of how she is guided to such stunningly colourful Earth shades to bring this deck to life with the soul of the natural world.

I shared the image with the rune team and and Rob instantly replied with a picture of him intuitively dress in the very same shade. I just love the magic associated with every moment of this project.

Rob and Reem are just busting out these runes which is totally amazing. I just need to spend every breathing hour trying to keep up transcribing all the amazing information flowing from their enthusiastic channelling. Luckily my Time Master skills are allowing me to work 28 hours each day and still find time to sleep. Here’s a quick reminder of the community runes at the start of this video.

So Reem has taken to rather daringly scribing the symbol she is about to channel onto the surface of water and drinking it. This is a beautiful way to amplify the magic but also comes with a warning to be careful of the magic you consume. In this video we are all certain that the Trickster frequency of Loki was hidden within the rune as she was throw into an energy of chaos as the world around her began to wreak havoc. It was so funny as the rune was about all the colours and frequencies of the wind are sent to test your resolve. Can you stand firm like the ash tree? Reem certainly did.

Unperturbed by this experience Reem and Rob, now rune addicts (we might have to set up a self help group for this condition) got together to read another cycle of runes in a joint live. Here the deeply powerful story of the god Tyr emerged as a journey towards the Bifrost rune. I suspect that Bifrost will be the final card in the deck but nothing is certain with these symbols.

They are planning another one of these fabulous sessions using another cycle of runes that looks to be telling the story of Loki’s misunderstood daughter, the goddess, Hel. Here are the runes they will be tackling for this next Rune Raking adventure.

Everyday I am excited by the adventures we are all running into as we explore all the magic emerging with the runes. The hardest part is going to assigning each to a tarot card to help crack open their frequencies. But the solving of the many riddle posed by the cards is the greatest adventure of all.

Their live video will appear here as soon as it is released.

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  1. Wow, I love the natural paint. I wish to grow woad and piss on it to dye fabric!!

    I am going to binge all this rune stuff for my own work! Thank you! Blessed be x

    1. HA! At 17 on a wind orchestra trip to Canada we visited ‘Ole Canada World’ and everyone, in this recreated historical settlers village, bought baseball caps and sweatshirts. I bought a book on traditional vegetable dyes used by the settlers haha

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