It’s the full moon in Gemini on the 11th/12th December depending on where in the world you live and this is already caught in the growing energy of the solar eclipse on the 26th of December. This is the balance point of the July Divine Feminine eclipse. There was a cosmic pulse that exploded around the globe three days after that so be prepared for something amazing just as 2020 dawns. 

There are massive changes on their way as the heavens have created a cluster of planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Ceres in Capricorn. This is all about earthing a new magic that hasn’t been repeated for over 700 or so years. Oddly for me here in Hastings some of the energies were last felt here in 1066 when we like to say democracy began in the UK. So what will this bring this time? Well we are now in the age of Aquarius so it will be a logical transition to a new emotional beginning. 

It seems very likely that institutional power bases will start to crumble as the raw male energy is being evaporated by the new Divine Male energy flows down amplified by Jupiter the great cleanser. With Mars and Uranus pulling at the extremes of our souls we are all going to be feeling this transitional energy but with Mercury so close to the sun and being nudged by Mars it will be a tense time and many are already feeling the fury. It is important to watch your words as there will be a tendency to want to lash out verbally. 

This image is stolen from The Planets Today with my overlays. Its a fantastic website.

2020 is massively new now that Jupiter has just entered Capricorn after a year in its home house of Sagittarius. This is change and rebirth on a global scale. Lies and deceits will be amplified and Saturn, Pluto and Ceres will be harvesting Karma on a global scale. Those who live in an energy of greed and falsehoods will find their grip on reality collapsing. There will be an upsurge in people power challenging authority. This is already being seen across the world.

Neptune and Chiron are working to flush through the nervous system and Venus is opening our hearts and intuition as it flows through the moon to bring a new emotional melody to everyone. This is not just about those who are working hard to raise their frequencies but everyone. The changes are immense and so welcome. Corruption will be highlighted and busted apart. You can see this in many of the actions of global leaders as they throw their toys out of the Pham one last time. 

It really is an exciting time to be alive. The veils are falling away and global disclosures are certain. I spent a wonderful day with spirit preparing these readings and feeling the energies that are building. So for those of you who wish to sail forwards into the new energy that is already building I offer several readings to assist your journey. 


Your cosmic families and ancestors are now opening channels to you to assist you as you flow forwards. 

Pagans & Shamans

There is a new magic descending and the animals are breaking down the 666 grid to reveal their place alongside us on the Earth.

Empaths & Channellers

Your moment in the sun is here at last but you need to share all the esoteric downloads you are receiving. It’s important though to seek clarification on how to express these wonders in a way that people can understand.

Psychics & Spiritual Mediums

You are being asked by those who have passed over to bring new messages to the living from their dead relatives that will help them to move forward and engage in life. Now is a time to celebrate being alive. 

Lightworkers & Healers

Exciting stuff people. The new energies are going to bring healings to your clients that you couldn’t dream were possible. The energy balance that is shaping up will deliver healings that will last. 

Tarot Readers

I was asked to offer a reading from my guides that is asking us to stop confusing people with empty messages of hope. Now is the time to help people heal their soul before searching for love. Toxic codependency will not be tolerated as we all move forwards. This is funny as I struggle with my guides.

Personal Messages 

I was guided to deliver 5 messages to people around the globe who are not know to me at all. I hope that they hear their messages and might connect with me here to say hello and complete their stories. 

So excited by all these messages. I am already preparing readings for the eclipse and 2020. Have a great December people and enjoy the ride. It will be a tad tense as it kicks off but there are sweet results awaiting. 




Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 

Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards (combined as one deck)

By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans 

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans 

The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

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