This October New Moon is the Karmic adjustment we’ve all been waiting for. Saturn, the planet of Karma, that has been retrograde for most of this year turned direct on the 18th of September. This means that all those things that haven’t been working out for you, all year, will now start to rerun with the bonus of drawing in the expansive energy of Saturn’s closing Karma and moving you forwards with renewed vigour.

For all signs this means balance and adjustment. Libra is the astrological sign of balance and for those of you with Libra in any part of your natal chart you will have been experiencing a sense of introspection around that particular element or planetary influence in your life. For those born in Libra with the sun in their first house of the self, Virgo is all about the 12th House of endings. Venus and Mercury have already swung into the sign of Libra but Mars is still warring and fighting in Virgo trying to rake over the dying embers of spiritual change that became massively expansive on Spiritual Judgment day, the 20th of the September.

But this Libra aspect in any birth chart is also affecting how everyone has been feeling this last month. If for instance you have Mercury in Libra in your natal chart then issues around speaking your truth has been bubbling to the surface trying to get you to find endings to your sense of holding back your personal truth that needs to be voiced. If you have Venus in Libra then issues around the heart and love will have been putting you on shaky ground. Issues of the heart will have been stirring up and forcing themselves to the surface. This New Moon in Libra is the healing balance you have been waiting for to calm these worrying energies.

As a collective energy there are Cosmic forces working on everyone, even if you have no planets in Libra you will be feeling this Saturnian adjustment to seek inner balance. So this month I have been asked to create a video reading for everyone as these new energetic forces begin to build towards the bloom of the full Libra Moon in the sign of Aries. This will be about seeing the anger and frustration that has been dogging us all this year and learning to release them and benefit from the beautiful softening energy of balance from Libra. 

To top it all off and to increase the tension of needing to feel an ending, the Sun is now in Libra, since the Autumn Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere). This new energy though is being compounded by the moon currently in Virgo just before it births in Libra on Saturday. This is the moment of calm and healing this weekend that will benefit the entire world. We really do need to feel the balancing energies of Libra so that we can all pause and settle, to work out what needs to be transformed in a month’s time when the Sun will enter Scorpio the House of transformation. I know many astrologers will argue that this isn’t how the charts are read but it is another aspect of planetary motion and the way in which energies behave as the Sun enters the various Zodiac Houses. 

So here is my short video reading for the collective. I trust you will all enjoy the new energies coming in with Saturn’s direct spirit of Karma to bring change and successful manifestations. 

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