This is download 4 and is brought to you by the spirits and guides of the Pagans & Shamans, otherwise known as the fairies and sprites that live among the natural world, so it’s full of magic. Their message though is for everyone so keep reading. I want this reading to unfold for you as it did for me so I’ve tried to include the way my thoughts were influenced as I channelled the message. I was not aware this was the energies I associate with the Pagans & Shamans magic folk as it started but it became clear quite quickly as you will hopefully see.

This reading began with the energies of 5 crystals to connect with Earth energy. Each crystal was set with an intention question of sorts and then I used the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck to get a grounding message before asking for greater insight using the Sacred Spirit Reading Cards.

Clear Quartz

We begin with clear quartz in the position of “What is the current energy of Spirit?”. This particular quartz contains a lightning strike through it along with patches of fairy magic trapped inside enhancing its energy frequency. It is a very power crystal and seeks absolute truth. It called on Owl spirit and they seemed to flow as one silvery energy. Static and solid watching and waiting. Alert but distant.

Look deeply into Owl’s eyes and what do you see? Owl is spirit and Owl is waiting. Owl is always waiting. Owl is always ready. When will you see Owl and allow Owl in, properly to guide you? Owl is impatient with you but Owl will wait for as long as it takes for you to work this out and call Owl down towards you.

Smokey Quartz

The dark cloudy quartz represents the question “What is grounding you?” and two cards flashed out to be with the grounding energy of the Smokey Quartz. Though they seemed magnetised to the crystal they both trembled with a hesitancy that seemed to shimmer with worry. Magic and the Earthkeeper.

It wasn’t in fact both cards that had a hesitancy as there was a flow of magic pouring down. It was the Earthkeeper that was scared to step forward. It is waiting for you to activate your magic by pulling down your Owl spirit. It waits for you to see the truth of the Earth and your place within it. Ah… this is the energy of Pagans & Shamans I thought. I get it now. Earthkeeper is an energy archetype that you need to wear by activating spirit and your personal magical flow. Wear your Earth cloak and let the forces of nature truly get under your skin and weave into your heart and soul.

Blue Kyanite

“What then is your truth?” ask the Blue Kyanite stone. I now properly called forward the energy of the Pagans & Shamans as I shuffled. Almost immediately the manifesting of their energy blew in with the arrival of The Ancient Ones. I love this card in their energy. I howled with delight and so did the card. “Hello, we are back and we bring more wisdom.” The fairy folk always cheer me up when they come forward as they bring such different messages to the other higher beings.

The Coyote and the Luminous Warrior. Beautiful magical numbers are spread across the three cards. 1 1 2 3 2 which totals 9, the Divine. 1 2 3 is also sequential suggesting true pathways. The Ancient Ones have come to declare that they will stop the divine detours and allow you to step into your truth of being a Luminous Warrior. Oh wow! But you have to slip on the energy mantle of the Earthkeeper first. You need to pledge yourself to Mother Nature and the bedrock through which she blooms all around us.

Green Kyanite

“What is your spiritual gift?” is the question Green Kyanite asks. What is required from you to shift frequency and become a Luminous Warrior?

Taming of the Wind, The Andean Cross and Standstill. The taming of the Wind is a high frequency master number 55 of the 5D reality… oh wow… that’s beautiful the cards are 5 5 2 5 2. That’s 109 or a divine completion which makes 10 and then finally 1, a new beginning. Fabulous. The gift is to tame the winds of change that swirl around the planet by allowing the flow of Source to nourish your soul and bring stillness and peace. Not sure what the 2 is asking to unify though but the message feels so calm and gentle. Like a fresh breeze. But what’s the 2? I can’t stop the 2 ringing in my head.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is an amazing stone that is all about cutting free from things that block you but as I shuffled the cards I didn’t know what it was asking. I kept repeating “What is your new…?” over and over again until the solution was delivered by the Ancients Ones just as two cards tumbled out. Frequency! “What is your new frequency?”. Of course.

Pachamama and The Gatherer. This was such a beautiful frequency. It was warm and joyful and promised that you will be so at one with the Earth that you will know all the abundances Pachamama has to offer. This was soon followed by the realisation that this was not here though in the sticky 3D but instead in the 5D, New Earth frequency. This is a big promise and a big journey but it is being offered. Or so they say.

So I felt the Ancient Ones needed to clarify this promise as it didn’t seem to be very detailed. It was ‘fairy light’. So I pulled up the next deck and set off again from the start. I was not at all surprised by the arrival of the first card as it was calling out to me before it flew from the deck to join the Owl.

2 The Ascended Masters. Again a 2. What is it with the presence of the number 2. Union. Union of what? Nothing came but there was a sense that all would be revealed in time. This was the reading offering me its own divine detour. I knew however that all detours are created so that we might discover something wonderful, so I pressed on.

And the answer immediately came in the form of Hummingbird Spirit. Hummingbird was flying towards the magic. This was the missing piece of the puzzle and why, the number 2.

34 Spirit Messages – Observe limitations. It was the message the Ancients Ones keep delivering. It’s time to weave together the two heart chakras. Those who follow my YouTube readings will know that this came up during the last Pagans & Shamans spread and it took me most of the reading before I clicked. The lower heart is where we connect with the natural world and is the Earth energy Heart Chakra. This is the green energy that most are familiar with. The higher heart energy is pink and this is where we love others.

In my Sound Healing practice I’ve now witnessed the process of this transformation taking shape. The pink heart energy splits in two and resonants either side of the body around the upper arms. However it has a channel of energy that links the two orbs via the solar-plexus. The lower heart is raised up out of the body on the left hand side where it mingles with the higher heart.

The left side deals with older issues and the natural world was after all here long before humans. The two hearts are trying to dive through the solar-plexus energy of the new divine masculine sun to then push back up into the right side of the body to be reborn as one. As the two forces dive down they are also attempting to anchor into the Sacral Chakra where we love ourselves. This is deeply emotional healing.

This glorious new transformation of the flow and function of the two hearts into a single new frequency resonates with my favourite, aquamarine energy. This then is how you find the frequency to unlock the energy archetype of the Earthkeeper and that magic coat. The aquamarine colour is in the back of the Earthkeeper card! Red for the Root Chakra, the Earth and aquamarine of the new Heart Chakra. Fabulous.

There it is again the aquamarine in both the cards of the Ancient Ones and the Luminous Warrior. Here though the clarifiers are a message from the fairy folk who are Between Worlds waiting for you to pass through to the 5D.

Divine Will is here firstly to echo the promise to stop the Divine detours of the Coyote. Both cards are a 12. So the energy of the pathway remains the same but the flow changes. Secondly, Divine Will is here to remind us that the fairy folk are gods and therefore divine. They will will what they will (I’m sorry but they love to play and joke).

Then the big reveal was confirm with the presence of 22 Kundalini Rises. So now we have 5 5 2 5 2 2 2 which totals 23 or 5. I love the way they play with the numbers. The final code ‘obviously’ (it wasn’t at all obvious) is to shoot your kundalini through the Andean Cross. Simple! Oh my god no… the Andean Cross meets in the upgraded Heart Chakra. Yes, that’s the message. You need to pull the Andean Cross into your heart and it forms a geometric pyramid that unfolds into a new code that allows access directly to the 7th dimension. That’s head melty again! Oh and what’s wrong with the 6th dimension? I’m gonna ask that next!

So the key to being a magical Earthkeeper and becoming a Luminous Warrior is contained within a gift that was posed by Owl at the very start. Owl always has a gift for the spiritually dedicated. The gift is the code for the gateway directly to the 7D from the 5D.

I did try and say to the Ancient Ones that this was half clear but totally cloudy and confused at the same time. They replied it was all they were offering right now. It’s for a future time when things will be clearer (I hope you can now begin to see how channelling with the cards works?).

Sorry that this download has a vague ending but the key message is the tale of two hearts becoming one. “Learn that first!” they emphasised. The next few downloads are also more descriptive than Shamanic. They don’t offer actual journeys to follow as such. I was shown places so that our journey might have more destinations once we have understanding of all the possibilities.

So next up is the 6th dimension and why it’s not always the best place to stop.

Wassail Russell


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

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