It’s full moon time again folks and this one is in Aquarius. The first Aquarius moon since the anchoring of the age of the same name. The Lioness Gate Portal has passed and what a full-on fortnight that was! Two eclipses have passed and the retrograde cluster of so many planets is finally falling apart as Jupiter shifts back and Mercury picks up speed as it heads for Virgo. The moon itself is directly opposite a chorus line of planets: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno all in the fixed and unbending energy of Leo. This will make us all feel like everything is very personal so be aware to not feel slighted by events unfolding. We might feel even more like outcasts but this is a test to not conform but to shine your inner truth even brighter. Don’t be a sheep but break free and be yourself. With this Aquarius moon and Leo in a T-Square with Vesta in Taurus we are being challenged to stay grounded And keep our inner Vesta flame alight even if nobody around us notices. 

This will be an odd full moon that has some very strange energies whirling around. Full moons are always about endings but this one is about preparing for a new start by shedding more than ever. I know I say this a lot but this moon is also smack bang in the centre of the Cosmic Source energy of The Great Attractor. This is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space that sucks in galaxies like plastic straws are going out of fashion. Oh, they are! We are about to be showered with beautiful magnetic energies from the divine force that created everything and with Earth’s magnetic shield so weak just now we are all going to be feeling this. 

So what’s the key advice? Just like the eclipses this is the last chance saloon for letting go. OF EVERYTHING!!!

You need to see this full moon fortnight as a point of total release. Everything you have in your past is done with. The stories we tell ourselves and others are finished. This is the reflective moment when you can start writing a whole new chapter of change as we head for the black new moon at the end of August. A black moon is when there are two in the same month. For many in the world this is a black moon. For some they had theirs last month. 

Uranus is ruling this moon phase and is retrograde in Taurus. This will bring flashes of divine inspiration to many. This will feel like a battle between the ego and the higher-self as to which holds the truth? You know the answer so don’t let the ego waste the inspirations. Do not doubt your inner wisdom. 

Retrograde Neptune is also in a precise trine with Cancer which will herald new ideas concerning our destinies and our spiritual pathways forward. But with Jupiter and Neptune square we are likely again to doubt this new path. Keep focused and prepare to move forward to new beginnings. 

The moon will be full on Thursday 15th August at 13.33 BST in the UK (12:33 GMT UTC).

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Pagans & Shamans

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior stretches out before you with the Toltec deity of the Left-handed Hummingbird, or God of War. Yes that’s right the tiny little hovering long-beaked bird is the God of War. Not the kind of war where lives are lost and bodies destroyed but the Spiritual War within yourself. For the Toltec this bird is sacred and relates to poetry, magic and Shamanic practices. It’s left-handedness refers to the left side being the ‘nagual’ or magical, mysterious side that is spirituality. The right is the ‘tonal’ side of reason and matter. 

Also the humming bird has the largest heart in nature compared to its body size and right now the heart, is the driving energy in the Cosmos. Witsilopochtli is all about bravery, strength, mysticism and determination to remain committed to its spiritual goal regardless of the circumstances. It shows that through inner conflict you can elevate and fly upwards and evolve into a higher state. Your challenge during this full moon is to seek to reach the top of your spiritual pyramid and plant the sceptre of of triumph. 

This is the sacred task of walking a path to purposeful living which is initially reached through Flint. Tekpatl is a carved flint in the shape of a knife that is used in everyday tasks as a cutting tool. It is the symbol of higher awareness. On the card a Shaman holds the symbols of self sacrifice in his left hand and from above a divine hand descends from the heavens which are awash with flints to offer protection as he is connected to the higher realms. It is also about the time a cutting action takes.

The bridge between these two Toltec cards are the Four of Disks and the Chariot. In this Thoth deck they are Power and Victory. This is to encourage the spiritual warrior inside you to move quickly now to achieve the birthing of magical forces deep within you. This is a peaceful struggle of light and dark and your flint knife will help to sever the cords that bind them together. It is time to cut free all that is done with, to reach the top of your spiritual pyramid. 

There are so many synchronistic elements to your reading that signs and omens will be leaping out at you everywhere. The double left-handed Shaman reference. The two sevens and two Pages along with the sequential numbering of Tekpatl (18) and Twin Gods (19) and the Cosmic Buffalo (20). 

Twin gods speak of uncertainty and are prevalent throughout many mythologies not just Native American. They often represent good and evil each fighting for supremacy. They are also Yin and Yang, night and day, life and death or summer and winter. Sometimes though they are also about working together. This is about stepping back to look inside yourself and see all the opposite sides of you that are hidden away and to learn from them. 

Tirawa and the Cosmic Buffalo represents fulfilment through challenge. Tirawa is the god of the heavens, creator of the Earth and guardian of the Cosmic Buffalo. The hooves of Buffalo are the pillars of the four eras that move until all is consumed. when the last hoof is consumed creation ends and then Buffalo is reborn and everything starts again. Know that everything ends and starts again. You are Buffalo. You must now rise again by transforming.  

So the double sevens are furthering the need to be the gentle inner warrior of the soul with the Rods being the Vesta fire of the soul which must ignite and burn away all the uncertainty that is clouding your pathway. The Cosmos is offering you many Cups of choice but you do not know which to choose. Stop and look at all the choices on offer and decide which will serve your spiritual path and which will be boulders in your way. Seek to discern those which will enhance the gentle warrior within and move forwards taking only those that serve the new beginnings you are heading towards. 

Karma (XX) is the shedding of past ties that are weighing you down and creating the mountain that is blocking your route. Karma is no longer working in the way it used to during the Age of Pisces. Now we can release karmic ties and soul contracts to take flight and soar upwards over the Mountain leaving behind the weight of our past. 

The Empress (III) is the goal that shedding all those ties promises. She is Gaia on Earth and is the card of fertility and abundance. She is the flow of new energy that you seek to move forward in life. What was blocked will stream again like rivers of joy. Below her is the card of Flowers. This is a surge of luck and wonder that will catapult your soul into a place of new beginnings with the seeding of new feelings and a new place on the Earth.

The two Pages of Pentacles and Cauldrons are the twin seeds of new soul aspects dealing with your rebirth back from the inner realm of your gentle warrior to find a new place in the outer world that has a fresh understanding of love, gentleness and forgiveness that is flowing from the Great Attractor as the full moon beams down. 

The last two cards are Adjustment (VIII) and the Hanged Man (XII). Adjustment is Justice in the traditional decks but here it is perfect as the energy of change for the better. It represents balance and harmony that exists once you have completed the Shadow Work that the entire spread is calling from you. The whole spread is about twin energies and the need to separate your light and dark sides so that you can trim and prune the heavy energies that are holding you back so that you can move into the beautiful energy of the Hanged Man and start a new pathway with a new perspective seeing everything from a fresh angle. He is the peace that comes from pausing and taking in life with the innocence of total trust that all is well and flowing as it should. 

What a wonderful journey you have ahead as this Aquarian Moon waxes full and then wanes to the reset button for a totally new and exciting path forward. Go and plant that Sceptre of Triumph on the top of your spiritual pyramid. 


What a green dominated spread you have here Starseeds. This is telling you that your focus during this full moon in Aquarius is all about healing the lower heart Chakra that connects you with the natural world. But to do this you have to go on an inner journey of deep Shadow Work to transform your entire outlook. You have the energy of the Indian gods calling to assist you in this path.

Yew is the starting point of this long walk to renewal but you are being told to embrace these magical changes. This is the tree spirit of regeneration. Yew is about shedding attitudes and parts of your life that are not allowing you to grow to your spiritual fullness. The ancient Greeks believed that the Yew was the guardian of the soul and that is what Yew is asking you to carry out. A soul review to renewal. 

Lord Shiva is transcendence. Rise up Starseeds, the time is now to tame your fears and control your ego. Your fears and worries are blocking your progress to divinity and inner peace. You are all here to elevate the frequencies of Gaia and the planet that is your current home. You came from far away but your soul chose to be here for this exact purpose. It is time to begin your dance with the entire Universe. 

Lord Shiva is the divine father and is surrounded by stars to remind you where you came from. He holds a trident to show the three aspects of his brilliance. Creator, Defender & Destroyer. That last aspect seems disturbing and somewhat misplaced but it is not. It is his ability to destroy fears. This is the trinity that you must seek to shine out to the world as inspiration to others. Fears are your biggest hurdle and you spend too much time living with them, discussing them and sharing them with others. This is spreading those fears among those who need to ascend above them. Help yourself to dissolve them and you will help others to dissolve theirs. 

Kali Ma is the divine mother and though fearsome she is the most compassionate of all. She is demanding that you face your fears and release them. Kali Ma and Lord Shiva are twin flames. She is death and rebirth, fierce and gentle but she is so compassionate and loving that she has been known to slay Lord Shiva’s ego so that he might reveal his true loving self. This it what you must all do now. You must stop allowing your ego to be worn as a cloak of woes that stops your true divinity from shining. Fear is just wrong thoughts that create false emotions. These emotions are energy and the Universe reads this emotional energy that pour from your heart chakra and then reflects it back to you as your reality. Energy can be changed. Thoughts can be changed. Emotions can be changed. Now is the time to start projecting something better for the Universe to reflect back to you. 

Chundra is the original god of the moon and is the Sanskrit word for this heavenly body. Soma is the ambrosia of the gods and was brewed from plants growing on the Earth. So as the gods drink from the moon cup so it wanes before it waxes full again. Chundra was therefore the god of plants and vegetation. He was a lusty god with 27 wives for the 27 stations of the moon. His lust and desire to create life made him Lord of fertility and this is represented by the dew that nourishes plants each dawn. Chundra is to teach you that you must seek to recognise the lower heart chakra during this full moon. He is Lord of vegetation and asks you to ground yourself this full moon and to reflect on how you can help to honour the Earth. 

Hilarion is here to offer divine healing to you. He understands that the world can seem overwhelming to you and that you need to shut yourself away now and then so you can find time to seek peace and heal. This is very natural but Hilarion is also here to point out that the true purpose in healing is that you recharge and build your strength back up so that you might go out and heal others. Hilarion devoted his life to assisting those in need. This was his life’s mission. He offers to fill you with healing light so that you might go out to heal others and the world. He asks you to consider what your mission in life is? To hide or heal?

The Lenormand Tree speaks of the connection to the natural world but it also sees you as a tree. Steady slow growth and maturity. Having a good grounding and roots reaching into the earth to keep its and your vital life forces in balance and replenished. This is about learning to just be and not over thinking everything. Just pause and let the winds breeze through you. This is also about knowing who you are. Ancestry in the star and roots in this world. Good stability and wholly grounded.

As that stability and grounding takes hold sense the winds of change that are upon you and let the Storm Spirits whip through your branches to stir up your soul into dual forces of dark and light, fears and securities. This is Shiva and Kali Ma whipping up that storm to shake free the two aspects of your soul. You must allow this process to unfold and face the changes that are coming. Your higher-self is the divine female energy that will eventually sing OM to quell the forces of the winds of change.

The Nine of Cups is the intensely emotional card of near completion and is often seen as the wish card in the Tarot deck. What do you desire most in life? the Lenormand card of the Diviner (37) is stepping in to demand that you seek the inner truth that your life must be transformed. You wish must be to face the Death (XIII) card and rebirth. 

This Tarot card of transformation through Death is pure Scorpio energy and is one of the most beautiful cards to see in a reading. This is the omen of spiritual growth and change and is clarified by the Lenormand cards of Coffin (8) and Scythe (10) which tells of cutting away all that hinders growth and burying the things that are over. Then it’s time to fill your cart with the harvest of all that is good for the future. These are your fears that have to be left behind and your hopes for the future pathway. This is your healing and your rebirth back into the world.

The last Tarot card is another nine and so we see a reflective balance of a nine before and after Death. The Nine of Discs is the Earth energy card of the stable soul, back in the world as a stable and strong individual. This Nine of Discs is the solid individual that stands tall in the world and plucks the ripened harvest from all they touch. This is clarified with the Lenormand Key (33) card. Success and the third master number of spiritual fulfilment. 

European Beech and Camphor are the tree spirits of sustenance and clarity. Who wouldn’t want to achieve that? The European beech was worshipped in France as the god Fagus, the botanical name for this tree in modern times. It’s nuts can be roasted and ground to make a coffee like drink. This is a tree of growing knowledge and wisdom. And so with Camphor we are returned to where we began in India. In Hindu religious ceremonies Camphor is burned to honour Lord Shiva. This tree spirit along with the Beech is asking you to study breathing techniques to learn slow and steady breathing that will help you to hold all your fears at bay. The breath work will clear your mind and offer you clarity as you go back out into the world to spread your light and wisdom to all you meet. 

Blue Rays & Aquafarions

This reading is a pathway of two clear blocks of colour and light frequency with two separate messages that deal with the inner world of spirit and the outer world of the Earth. A transformation from the brilliant blue of the spirit and the rich verdant greens of the world. Plus when these two colours are finally mixed together in your soul they create the aquamarine that is shining in the centre of the Thoth Tarot card of the Universe (XXI).

Discover Your Sparkle. Brilliance (26) is the Secret Language of Colour card that resonates perfectly with both tribes in this reading and is all about change and transformation. This is the healing energy that will allow you wipe the slate clean by releasing fear and anxiety. 

There are double cards of two suns and two moons in your spread. It is time to step out of the shadows and the inner comfort of the spiritual moon and shine with all the brilliance of two suns. Since we have just passed through the Lioness Gate Portal we can assume that the two suns are that which light and nourishes this world. And the blue white star of Sirius has been beaming down new energies to us all even though they have been awkward to integrate into your body. The moons are that inner path of deep emotions that have now waxed full and filled you with a sense of knowledge that you have a purpose and a desire to stand out for the first time, secure in the understanding that everything is now making sense. 

The Four of Swords is the card of truce and healing. The truce is the ending of the life long battle inside yourself of not belonging or fitting in. Not seeing your place in the world at large. But you belong to each other and to everyone here on Earth as the trailblazers that were seeded long before the Cosmic frequencies were ready to allow your inner light to radiate out. The Two of Discs is change and balance. The infinite energy of the Ouberous snake that is the powerful Kundalini residing inside everyone. This energy is the flow of life and is divine. This is cycles and contrasts. Your life before this point and the future ahead of you. Yin and Yang. Light and dark. Sun and Moon. This is you becoming whole and shining with your brilliance. 

Nice sentiment I hear you cry as you hesitate to embrace the changes. How does that work then? Visualise yourself standing under a waterfall of sparkling Brilliant light and allow this energy to flow into your body through the Crown chakra. Feel the watery light glitter and fizzle and sparkle throughout you. Let it wash through every organ and cell. Cleanse and smooth away all your fears and anxieties. Feel every cell come to live and vibrate at a higher, brighter, brilliant frequency that fills your entire being with wonder and bliss. Recognise your divine wisdom and celebrate your ideas. Speak aloud the joy of being you and seek to manifest love and compassion to inspire everyone around you.

Calm Your Mind, Body & Spirit. Emerald (30) is another card that seeks to help over come fears, calming your soul, mind and body to release the frustrations that have been with you for too long. This is now your time. Dissolve any aggressions you might still harbour deep inside you and allow that broken heart to fully mend. Go outside and embrace the natural world. Find all the shades of green that grow around you and drink in their infinite varieties from trees, to leaves, to grasses and mosses. Focus on them. Imagine what it is like to be a blade of grass. Remember that you were once a plant somewhere in the Cosmos. Feel the divine in everything and pull that verdant energy back inside you. Everything is beautiful no matter how large or small and everything is part of you and you are everything. Therefore understand that you are beautiful too..

This side contains a coil of cards that are circling towards the centre of the Universe and that is the Emerald pathway that lies before you. It begins with the Six of Wands the harmonious card of Victory that comes from the completion and acceptance of the healing you have performed on yourself in the Brilliance half of the spread. You have been in a tussle for your soul, mind and body and you have left the battlefield the winner. This is a time to celebrate the ending and passing of the old you. 

The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus offers you a second six with yet more harmony, the Six of Stars (Swords). This is again a card of moving forward after a struggle towards a brighter future and new beginnings. Here we see a dove bringing peace like the biblical bird after the great flood. The Page of Suns (Wands) rises like a new dawn bringing a message of hope and joy as the tides recede and you sense the newness of a hope filled future stepping towards you. This card represents the extraordinary person that you are. 

The Four of Wands is completion and is the card of happiness and celebrations often associated with family and the home but here it is the coming together of you and your tribe. Reach out and support each other. Share the joys that you now feel in your heart as you move forward filled with renewed purpose. These four wands are a wheel that shows connection and a willingness to start turning joyfully towards the future elevating you and those around you. 

The Knight of Rods is the Warrior you have now become, full of passions and creative ideas that you desire to share with all who will listen. The white flower of innocence is the staff this warrior takes forward into the world. Around his neck is a floral jewelled choker set on a white band. This symbolises purity of speech and word. The yellow centre is to show that the emotions now spoken come deep from the soul of the Sacral chakra and offer emotional insights worthy of your tribe. 

The reading ends with the card of the Universe (XXI). This is the final completion of a long Cosmic journey through the Major Arcana. This is not just about finding your place in the world but finding your peace in the entire Universe. What a beautiful ending for a spread. Focus on the aquamarine that surround the Universe card and remember that this Aquamarine Ray was used by the divine feminine energy Gaia when she created all life. This is the gift inside you. The Paradise Ray that will pave the way to healing everything.

Light Workers & Grid Workers

Well this is a tough call to untangle and interpret and is the only spread that lacks balance and harmony in some ways but is beautifully illuminated in others. Spirit is delivering you a message that is not clean and clear, as this is the confusion that you have absorbed during the Lioness Gate Portal but it is comforting and cosy too. So grab a drink and a pen and paper and settle in. The lesson begins. This is not a telling off but instruction and clarity of the unsettled feelings you are currently experiencing. Sorry. I love the look of this spread with its shiny metallics and deep purples with the juicy wet watermelon reds but there is a complicated pathway within it. I guess you understand that though, just now.

Silver (27) Be Persistent. Silver is the colour associated with moonlight. Silver is about calming nervous tension, settling into serenity and expanding awareness. Silver clears diseases and dense clouds from the cellular body, flushing out toxicity from the blood and tissues. As Lightworkers it seems you have had the hardest time integrating the downloads from Sirius during the last two weeks. This is because many of you have been having to continue working on healing others during this vast energy shift and this has hindered you from allowing your own shift to integrate the new frequencies that have flowed in. You have been open and vulnerable to the energies you have been removing from clients. These have built up a level of uncomfortable toxicity within you. 

The same is true for Grid Workers. The Earth grid has been transforming the raw male Age of Pisces energy into the divine masculine in preparation for the gradual switching of the divine male and female energies. This has allowed the raw toxic male energy to soak into your body causing a stagnation and discomfort. I feel bad as some of you Lightworkers have been encouraged to begin Grid Work alongside your healing work by me in my blogs but Spirit intended this to happen! So that you can learn a technique to remove it and also to understand that you must always focus on protecting yourself while working. Naughty spirit. I too have built up a toxic block that is causing pain in my lower chakras but especially the Solar-Plexus. Ouch! 

The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus offers three silvery cards all from the suit of Spheres (Pentacles). These are earth energies and are a test of your persistence. The Seven of Spheres is, unusually for a seven, not a clear potential. The two figures are discussing their knowledge and wisdom and how it is put to use for the greater good and crouching below them is a figure listening in and sowing doubt. This is the toxic flow that has crept into your body. 

The Nine of Spheres is cosmic energies seen through the actions of a comet. This is how astral energies, while signalling greatness, can be disruptive at times. This is about purifying yourself to allow the Sirius download to integrate fully and successfully. The figure stands lost in contemplation as the cosmic omens descends. 

The Ten of Spheres is the fixed nature of the Universe and the laws that govern it. This is the seer seeking to believe that all things fluctuate when they are in fact fixed. This energy might be new to you but to the Universe it is as it should be. It is also though a reminder that humanity was given free will but to work with the divine we must surrender to Cosmic Law. 

Stand tall and face the Moon and imagine silver rays of light intertwining around you. Allow them to strengthen your resolve and to hold you upright. Speak with the Moon in gratitude for supporting you and tell the Moon about what it is you wish to achieve or experience. Then send out a bridge of silver light from your mind and your heart to the Moon to create a pathway to your desired goal. For the next few days repeat this meditation. This is the persistence that you are being asked to prove. 

Purple (39) Develop Mental Clarity. Now to removing the negative energy that is bothering you. Light a purple candle and focus on the flame. See the flame consume and remove the stuck energies that are not yours. Speak to the flame as you release the toxic energy “Eternal Flame of Vesta please delete this negative energy from my body to free my mind and to cleanse my soul. It is done.”

The Divine Director is here to intervene and offer to correct your purpose. He is the facet of the heart of the divine and offers to help you to understand your true function and purpose. He is here to integrate your higher frequency download that went awry. The Knight of Cups who is the fast paced warrior of emotions is to be upgraded into the Queen of Cups. This will bring a higher frequency to your higher heart chakra and allow for a deeper level of knowledge about using compassion and forgiveness in your healing work. 

Quan Yin is the final stage of your Purple healing. She is the Bodhisattva of mercy, compassion and love and the embodiment of the Queen of Cups energy that you are upgrading to. She comes to thank you on behalf of all the Keepers of Light for all the work you do. She also offers you the advice that when there is someone you are finding difficult instead of trying to understand them just move beyond their behaviour. Do not try to understand, just be you and move forward with the best intentions. Move towards compassion and they will follow. 

Watermelon (3) Have Fun with Your Inner Child. This is the colour of gentleness and compassion. So the assumption now is that you are free of the stale energies and you are shining with compassion so its time to go out and play again. The meditation here is to listen to your inner child and honestly seek to do the things that excite your inner child. 

The final two Lost Tarot cards are the Cardinal (Knight) and Abyss (Queen) of Stars (Swords) and appear here to represent what a purely spiritual path can do to a soul, smothered in only piety. The Cardinal is Richelieu (1585 – 1642) who was the feared figure of the Church in the Three Musketeers novel by Duma. He is the synonymous with the corruption of secret power. The Abyss is Hildegard of Bingham (1098 -1179) and was given to the Church aged four. Though she was an expert teacher, musician, composer, herbalist and doctor she seems to have been denied a childhood. She was also a visionary and her messages and drawings are said to equal those of Nostradamus himself. Seek to be spiritual but remember that life is meant to be fun.

The three Thoth Tarot cards are the Ten of Cups (Satiety) which is the emotional happiness of completion though happiness and wellbeing. The Prince of Wands who represents the energy of creativity and youthful passion and the Sun (XIX) which is the card of absolute bliss and joy. This ending to a rather complicated spread makes the pathway through this Moon in Aquarius worth the persistence that you have been asked to demonstrate. Sorry this was so long and complicated but spare a thought for me weaving my way through it and typing it. Its been 14 hours and I’ve still got a final one to get through. 

Sound Healers

Now this reading is melting my head in its complexities and concepts and I hope I can keep up and you can make sense of it. Hold onto your hats and get comfy as this is deeper than I think I can write. Sorry. I must try to draw less cards and to ask Spirit to be more gentle. I’ve been at this for 15 hours now and I’m getting a bit frazzled but here goes. (I did have to stop and sleep to refresh my head to finish this one).

This spread is two halves and it dances around the Toltec cards of Ehekatl & Ometeotl. But getting to the route of these two names of the Toltec god spirit is quite mind boggling. But let’s have a go

Ehekatl is the Toltec wind/spirit and while it is seen as wind in the Tonalpohualli (Book of Destiny) it is also the word for God itself but not in the western sense of God sitting far away behind a veil. The Toltec God has many forms as The Divinity is a frequency in all things. Direct translations of Ehekatl are Spirit, breath and wind. This Great Spirit is the giver of life and is sustained physically through the breath and this happens through the air which is wind and therefore wind itself is sacred. Sound Healing is about breath and air movement and frequency. So far, so good. The card shows the medicine man and the bird-like mask he wears has a beak representing the wind currents. The serpent above his head is him meditating on opposite thoughts and seeking how to reconcile them as a harmonious oneness. You are being asked to enter a state of “teomania” (having God within oneself). To overcome the false perception of separation from God. This fundamental belief of separation creates and sustains all our anguishes about being alone in the world that is cutting us off from our connection to the Divinity.

The card of the Heavens echos this sentiment of Oneness in all things. The heavens and the balance of the creative universal energy is like Ehekatl. The sun and moon, the cosmos of stars and the flow of the oceans are permeated with the same spirit or force. Everything is the book of life and everything arounds us in the world reveals universal truths over and over again in endless cycles of life and death. The creator nourishes the world with rain. The stars record our stories. The moon marks time. Let the Heavens reveal the bigger picture from all the smaller things that exist around us and see Spirit unfold before you. 

The Moon Spirit Diana is a reminder that while divinity is in all things it is up to you to choose where to look in each moment to find the Divine. Mediate with the full moon to understand your true pathway in life as a Sound Healer. There are new and exciting ways to work with frequencies once you understand that there are Cosmic tones singing from within everything. 

Protection (38) is a gentle nudge to remind you not just to protect yourself but also those you work alongside and the clients who attend your healings. You must appreciate that within the sounds you create is the power and divinity of Spirit and this is sacred. Healing must not be shared without creating a true connection for all involved in it. It can be too easy to shift someone in a manner that they are not fully prepared for. Seek to connect with all involved in your healings as the sounds you create are so profound. 

“Music is My First Love” can be a dangerous ear worm, sorry. It is here though to show the two flowers in union with the wind, echoing Ehekatl as the wind spirit and to remind you that Sound Healing is music and music is frequency that sings throughout the Cosmos. This is the micro aspect of the Music of the Spheres. 

Movement (36) prompts thoughts on the effects of sound waves all around us. The rhythms and movements of sounds within us and the shifts those movements create, that occur during healings are sacred. The shape of sound waves as they perform their magic must be intentionally focused. Then there is the movement of chaos all around us in our noisy vibrational world that can cause disease in our bodies. Vibrations may heal and vibrations may also harm us on many many levels. Consider the slow loss of hearing as we age

Blue (37) Activate Your Healing Power. This is not suggesting that you do not already have healing powers that you use in your work. This is reminding you to focus on your intentions fully in all the work you do. Blue is the colour of calm and soothes the nervous system. How can you incorporate the healing blue frequency into your clients sessions to increase the effects of your work? Blue is gentle and soft and the opposite of all the red within the body’s cells and blood stream. It is a key light frequency that will extend the power of your healing.

The second half of your spread focuses on you and healing yourself. And here we go again with the deep meaning of Divine Spirit in the Toltec philosophy.

Ometeotl is probably the most commonly used name for God among all the indigenous people of the Toltec culture. The Dual God that represents the sacred union of the opposites. The meditation that the medicine man on the Ehekatl card was demonstrating through the snake above his head. Duality is the two complimentary realms of tonal (ordinary perception) and nagual (the magical and mysterious side of spirituality). Nagual is only perceived in the realm of the silent knowledge also known as the awareness of the other self. The higher-self. In many religious beliefs good and evil are separate and have no point of connection but the Toltec hold with the search for a middle or third way that brings harmony between the two extremes. This is the kinam. This is why Ometeotl the Spirit of Duality is in truth the deeper concept of the Trinitarian Duality. How’s your head feeling? Mine is imploding and I hope it is still able to make sense.

There are always opposites fighting within your head. Trying to solve issues within yourself and with other around you cannot be achieved without balancing your spiritual side into the equation to find the 3rd pathway of kinam. Every situation has two sides and you cannot deal with this until you can reach a place where both sides are acknowledged and eventually integrated.

Shamen (33) walks between the worlds and is the giver of thought and liberty. His passing between worlds has taught him a great many things and as a teacher he can guide others to new pastures but if you are to embrace your inner Shaman you will need to be brave. Shaman has suffered greatly to acquire knowledge. Knowledge costs and Shaman can guide others but you must pay a price for understanding this freedom. Look within yourself and see this as a time to gain greater compassion for others. Look inside yourself and be brave. Shine a torch on those things that hold you back and seek to integrate them through kinam. That which hurts is necessary to reach the 3rd way. To cut this thought away will hinder your progress to pure compassionate understanding of absolute love. You will become a better healer by owning both extremes of feelings and integrating them. Healing yourself through balance and you will be better able to heal others.

Rainbow Angel is teaching you that all colours and shades are needed in life. All emotions matter. If you are healing a client and their pain triggers a dark place within you that you believed was healed by cutting it away it will likely rise back up and sting you too. The greatest healers are those who have faced their demons and integrated them into their soul.

Hawk (11) is the master number card of omens and messages. Use this time to focus on seeing the Divine Spirit in all things and all things will then begin to open a dialogue with you. This is the true path of the Shaman Healing. Use this full moon to seek connections with everything and see the God connecting shining in all things and all people no matter how much they are drowning in pain and separation.

Harmony is the Angel of stillness and peace. This angel stands in a garden of her own making and is connected to all things around her. This Angel is also about seeking harmony in all we do as well. See a flower and search for its soul. The mystical energy that gives it life. You and the flower are one.

Dragon (24) is the powerful creature that you are seeking to become. Dragon’s power resides in its soul and not in its personality or ego. Your true power as a Sound Healer is your resolve in all you do. Create your own morality, integrity and resolve so that you might become truly whole and powerful. The power of the Dragon is true spiritual strength that cannot be broken. This strength is found within and never in the outside world. It is how you place your power and energy that creates the outside world around you.

Chocolate (13) is the sacred plant Cacao. It nourishes you. It has many marvellous properties and a spirit guide that will come to you and help you to heal yourself. Make yourself a cup of cacao or a bar of rich dark chocolate and sit back and enjoy the many ways it nourishes you. Think about all the things in life that nourish your soul. How can you make more time to enjoy the things that nourish you? By looking after yourself you will be a better able to nourish others.


Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards – Colette Baron-Reid & Gary A Lippincott
Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Kyle Gray & Lily Moses
The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus -John Matthews & Will Kingham
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I must try and write less. Sorry that these readings have become so deep now. I trust though that those who find them and read them will take nourishment from the words delivered by spirit to you. Please leave a comment below I love hearing from you. It makes the many hours spent casting and writing these so very rewarding.

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  1. I absolutely love your readings although I wish I had more time to sit and process them properly. You certainly have a gift, and it’s so wonderful you are generous and share this with your readers.

    1. Thank-you for reading and replying. It’s very true too that acting upon them does certainly take time. Just casting them and interpreting them expands my head so much that I need a rest after writing them.

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