Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

This is a very powerful full moon people and as it’s in Scorpio’s House it will all be about Transformations. So drag up or dress down but know this is going to affect you all to your core. It’s time to dive deeply into your emotional ocean and for some of us it isn’t going to feel that pretty. That said though, this is a beautiful opportunity to search your soul and face some hidden demons that you don’t need so that you can be reborn. After all that’s what this moon is all about, transforming. What makes this moon super powerful right now is that Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are all in retrograde and they are beaming down their powerful energies that are amplifying the energy of this moon in Scorpio. Exciting.

Each planet is shining it’s own torch on various aspects of the moon’s energy in Scorpio which deals with sex, intimacy, bonding, deep emotions, uniting, shared experiences, shared money, death, rebirth, growth and change. Phew! Just a few trivial topics then. Saturn is smashing about delivering Karmic Repayments, so as long as you’ve been good expect wonders to follow. Pluto is blasting us with extra intense transformations which play deeply into the House of Scorpio and Jupiter, the Bringer of Luck, will offer Karmic Blessings for all who deserve the detoxifying experience of soul expansion. Jupiter will shine luck and pleasure on those who have been acting with compassion. Wow! 

Woven in among all that is also where the sun is in your chart and which personal house the moon illuminates for each Star Sign. I link all these elements using eight cards drawn from different decks to offer you some insights on how to approach this moon and honour your own journeys. Get ready for this beautiful Karmic full flower moon in transformative Scorpio on Saturday 18th May at 22:11 BST (Hastings UK). Woke Starseeds will note this time as cosmically significant being a reverse master number combination heading deep inside the soul. This could prompt awakenings and ascension flu symptoms so don’t be alarmed. Let your higher consciousness in to work its magic. 


Seek your truth and you can start again with a clean slate.
Sun: Self – Moon: Relationships

It’s your moon for the self and relationships but first you must look inside and face the absolute truth of your relationship with yourself Taurus. Then you will be given the chance to explore your relationships with those around you. Your Karmic lesson is about protecting yourself with Arrow and finding the real pathway to yourself that only lives in absolute truth. If there are half truths to any of your friendships you will start to notice that they are not allowing you to be whole and true. Search for this wholeness as your new truth. The Montezuma Cypress is about seeking balance between the material and spiritual worlds. Don’t dilute your power by focusing on the trivial and the petty. This is about looking deep into your soul to find your new trinity.  

You are being given the chance of a clean slate that will come with a connection to the entire Heavens. The High Priestess has returned and she is connected with the moon. She is offering you the chance to look inside yourself and intuitively find a new life philosophy with the Knave’s Sword. If you can cut away the old worn out connections then you will be reborn with the seeds of fresh cosmic creativity in abundance as promised in the Ace of Wands. You need the moon to help you change everything and to release all the tired connections. You need to set them all free from your psyche and understand that you release them because they need to be set free on their own Earth Walks. The Three of Cups is the celebration that comes when you finally balance the mind, body and soul into one shiny being. If you can release those tangled connections you will be filled with new opportunities to connect with more like minded souls. New partners and friends. A Letter or email will arrive with unexpected news that will call for a celebration of much happiness. Be reborn as a complete person of truth its an easier path to walk.

Taurus Starseed: A download will likely occur bringing a chance to integrate new purpose to your Soul Mission.

Letter (27 2+7=9). Montezuma Cypress (0). The Heavens (1). Arrow (12 1+2=3) Ace of Wands (1) Knave of Swords (11 1+1=2). Three of Cups (3). High Priestess (2). 9+0+1+3+2+3+2=20 & 2+0=2 Union


It is your destiny now to create a union with your other self
Sun: Resources – Moon: Transformation

You’re going to find this very uncomfortable Gemini. The Cedar of Lebanon has been used to make temples for thousands of years and is a sign of spirituality. This moon will have you feeling uneasy Gemini. It is time to face the Great Smoking Mirror and look at your own twin reflection and establish which resources will help you move forward. It’s time to stop be polar and grab hold of your duality and become one single soul. I know it seems very harsh when asking this of any Gemini but you will feel wonderful if you do. This is the final element of the transformation you have been journeying through recently. 

See, that is the illusion that being born under Gemini allows you to propagate . You are not twins but twin energies that need to come together now. Search for the balance between the male and female energies within you. Taikomol is the Rain God and he set up the rebirth of seeds after the waters from a storm. He is the energy of gestation. The Wheel of Fortune is the undeniable destiny knocking at the door to your soul just now. It is time to manifest the Magician’s powers and like him, be just one soul. The change that is shown on the hooded figure turning their back on all Eight Cups is about you seeking a new order of emotional language. The old duality of your feelings will not take you forward now. If you can integrate your duality you will find yourself entering your own birthday season in the sun and not just a brand new astrological year but with a whole new you. What a glorious opportunity that is. The Lenormand Moon teaches you that you can receive all your wishes if you are just clear enough when you dream up that better future for yourself. Go honour the moon by asking it to help you become a singularly new person. It’s for the best Gemini.

Gemini Starseed: Your mission is to integrate your Kundalini flow to become more whole.

The Moon (32 3+2=5) Cedar of Lebanon (0) Taikomol (16 1+6=7). Great Smoking Mirror (40 4+0=4). Wheel of Destiny (10 1+0=1). The Magician (1). Eight of Cups (8). Six of Swords (6). 5+0+7+4+1+1+8+6=32 & 3+2=5 Discord


Switching sides as you rebirth offers the sweetest victory.
Sun: Communication – Moon: Ethics

You are on notice that a Counting Coup has begun Cancer. This is a competitive war cry that signals a challenge is underway. A personal task with a personal and private victory Cancer. The Seven of Swords is all about carrying home the spoils of war or a personal victory over your soul and the ethical basis for your continued journey. You walk alone through this full moon as you must. The Ship heralds a voyage not over seas but deep into the soul to commune with the moon. You are being offered the chance through Beaver to look for new and creative solutions to the task at hand. Beaver is nature’s creative problem solving engineer and Camphor is advising you to begin by focusing on your breath. First pull earth air deep into the belly and up to the lower heart of the natural world. This is the Magician and his magic is all for him. Summon up the power of the card to manifest a transformation from him. The Magician uses tools from the Earth to manifest his desires but you must ask for a truly deep and magical rebirth. You are next going to breath in celestial Gaia energy through the crown Chakra and down into the higher heart. Now ask the Magician to manifest himself swapping places with Gaia the High Priestess. Her abilities are to manifest with only her thoughts and she does all her magic for the greater good of all people. Then manifest the lesson of the Four of Pentacles. This card is about not holding tightly to material possessions. By making things for yourself just like the selfish Magician you are blocking the free flow of your higher desires. Sharing will unlock a new energy that has more to offer through abundance. This will then unlock your highest potential.

Cancer Starseed: It is time for a lesson in letting the power of manifesting with words, tools and the hands upgrade to Gaia thought magic created for a greater good.

Ship (3). Camphor (0) Beaver (6)  Counting Coup (20 2+0=2). Four of Pentacles (4). High Priestess (2). Magician (1). Seven of Swords (7). 3+0+6+2+4+2+1+7=25 & 2+5=7 Potential


Step out of the vortex and pause to wake yourself to love.
Sun: Roots – Moon: Vocation 

That Devil of a vortex has you trapped and confused Leo. Day in and day out. It is time to let Snow Goose into your heart and soul. Snow Goose is love and her message is to seek relationships based purely on love. Purely on love means an exchange between souls based on absolute harmonious frequencies based on union and sharing only love. I know Leo it’s not all about you but that selfish gene has to be rewritten now. You have to change. The first Hanged Man says stop everything. Pause and search inside your deepest roots for a way to open your higher heart to compassionate love. Not self love but love for others. Yes Leo, love others first. Put others first. You will start this process by showing gratitude for all that you have. The Eight of Pentacles is about reaping rewards for your efforts but that will require effort to achieve. Meltdown! Back in the Nutri Bullet vortex while you try and blitz that new idea into the mix. Can you hear that alarm clock? That’s your Hour of Power going off. Everyone has an internal clock and your time is now. This is a card of awakening the heart with a purity of purpose. To embrace your soul’s true vocation, love. The Cherry is all about that too, allowing yourself to blossom with purity as its roots soak up the early spring rains. Look to the natural world around you and open your lower heart to the wonders of Gaia all around you. Now pause again as the second Hanged Man appears. Now feel your Earth roots pulls in the pure waters from beneath you. The water that is caressed by the moon’s cycles. Allow this emotional stream of joy to water your heart with compassion. Then sit back and allow someone new to enter your life with the same love and compassion. It’s a transformation from selfish to selfless Leo but you’ll sparkle with the results.

Leo Starseeds: It’s time to wake up your higher heart Gaia energy and this will flow with selfless compassion and this will strike you as very unsettling at first.

Rider (1). Cherry (0) Snow Goose (2)  Hour of Power (42 4+2=6). Eight of Pentacles (8). The Hanged Man (12 1+2=3). The Hanged Man (12 1+2=3). The Devil (15 1+5=6). 1+0+2+6+8+3+3+6=29 & 2+9=11 Master Number & 1+1=2 Union


Take some sacred secateurs and prune your soul for some regrowth
Sun: Creativity – Moon: Friendships 

This is all about finding growth from within Virgo. You are out of phase and your emotions are ruling your life. It is time to settle down with the emotional full moon and find a way to transform yourself by getting to grips with all the feelings that are drowning you. Yew appears to light the path to a magical adventure of regrowth. When Yew’s bark dies its creates new shoots inside and out and can live for thousands of years. This soul revival is all about the cosmos supporting you to end a huge Karmic lesson as Judgement is the penultimate card on the journey to a completion. So why two Kings of Pentacles cards? Trust. Trust. So key they sent it twice. You need to find clarity in your head to control the false worries created from your current emotional flood. You need to find a new pathway where you trust your thoughts over your emotions. Medicine Bundle is about allies and the best you will find are inside yourself when you really learn to trust your thoughts to create a purposeful life by allowing your emotions to flow with understanding. Do not let them be hidden for fear of controlling them. Let them rise up and acknowledge them and decide how if at all they serve you. Tomahawk will allow you the precision to cut away the false feelings that are creating anxiety. Know that the Tree card will grow stronger for a little pruning as Tree has vast roots. Then listen again to your soul and see if you can finally trust yourself to let the joy and pleasure of the Ten of Cups to illuminate your path forward. This card is about completion of your emotional battle. Step forward and allow the moon to help you on this new adventure.

Virgo Starseeds: This is about rewiring your matrix to function more effectively. Your emotions need simplifying to return you to purpose.

Tree (5) Yew (0) Tomahawk (29 2+9=11 1+1=2). Medicine Bundle (28 2+8=10 1+0=1). King of Pentacles (14 1+4=5). King of Coins (14 1+4=5). Ten of Cups (10 1+0=1). Judgement (20 2+0=2). 5+0+2+1+5+5+1+2=21 2+1=3 Pathway


The ultimate endings are finally in place for a totally new you.
Sun: Health – Moon: Endings 

This Libra really is the final great ending that your double full moon the previous two months has been leading to. The Moon is in your house of endings and so Silver Birch is on hand to nourish you through this full flower moon. She is the mother of the forest and will teach you how to cleanse yourself by looking at your health and in particular your diet. Only eat what nourishes you but also flourishes throughout you. Eat clean healthy invigorating meals to help detoxify the body while sustaining its vitality. Then you will be ready to look again deep inside and search your soul for those last few troublesome patterns of poor thought that are holding you back from your grand rebirth Libra. This is the cosmic hand of Judgement guiding you towards the next step. It is time for a Vision Quest. Many native tribes practise the art of vision to reveal new purpose. Shamanic rituals are complicated gateways often achieved through fasting, purging and drugs but Silver Birch is reminding you to nourish yourself through this one. You have the first of two Kings of Swords. Control your mind with absolute logic and precision. This king makes choices of clarity and then stands by them. Slice away the final chords that are choking your higher heart and step through the transformative door of Death to become a whole new you. Smoke is to cleanse and be certain that no baggage is still attached to your soul. Ritual smoking away all bad vibrations. Try using Palo Santo or a sage smudge stick. Feel your rebirth after this ending. Bear has finally woken up after the longest winter and is hungry for life. Bear is powerful and strong and teaches you to take things more slowly. Life is pleasurable in every moment if we stop to observe it. See that you are different and then see how you are still the same King of Swords but now you are enthroned with a new connection to the stars. 

Libra Starseeds: This is about going on a Shamanic journey. You will receive guidance from your watchers to help you grown into your purpose.

Bear (15 1+5=6) Silver Birch (0) Smoke (30 3+0=3). Vision Quest (3). King of Swords (14 1+4=5). Death (13 1+3=4). Judgement (20 2+0=2). King of Swords (14 1+4=5). 6+0+3+3+5+4+2+5=28 2+8=10 & 1+0=1 Beginnings


Time to light the fire in your soul and purify your emotions
Sun: Relationships – Moon: Self 

This Karmic moon is in your sign Scorpio and it is all about fire. Its all about your health as Tree suggests and the need to ignite your soul to purify your emotions. Tree is all about having good roots in nature, deep in the soil of the Earth. Willow too appears to point the way to seeking balance and finding your joy in the splendour of the natural world. Willow is connected to the moon and speaks of the moisture to be found in the places willow grows always beside rivers and lakes. You are a water sign but this moon is about establishing fire in your belly and soul. Sacred Feather is the symbol of air from the birds and this will offer you a gentle breeze to fan the spark that you seek from deep within. It is time to let the moon as it waxes into your House of the Self and to be given the chance to look within and shine the cosmic light of Judgement on many of the worn out feelings that have been drenching you and stopping you from feeling quite yourself. Meditate on the things that need to change so that you might become something far more wonderful as this great moment in your astrological calendar blooms. Fire Medicine is Grandfather Sun that brings life to all things on Earth. It is time Scorpio to allow the fire inside you to leap up and scorch away all the bad emotions that have kept you feeling disconnected from everything around you. Fire Medicine teaches you that all life is sacred and all life needs to find balance, including you. The Tower is about burning down all falsehoods that you hold dear and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of your soul’s bonfire. 

Strength appears to show you that it is possible to unite both the male and female energies inside you. Understand that you can control your beast by letting the compassion of Gaia light your new future pathway. It is only by completing the union of the soul that you will take flight and soar high above the petty world you once called life. Once you allow the healing fires to cleanse your mind, body and soul will you feel the cascading new waters of the Ace of Cups. This Ace is a seed card offering you the hope of a new emotional whole that will allow you to find peace and journey forward along a new path of sexual pleasures that are bathed in the pure light of passion and creativity. You will still be Scorpio but you will find the new soulful connections feed you with greater joy than you have ever known before. 

Scorpio Starseeds: Purge your soul of unhelpful emotions with a fire storm to create the spark of the phoenix from the ashes.

Tree (5) Willow (0) Arrow (28 2+8=10 1+0=1). Fire Medicine (30 3+0=3). The Tower (16 1+6=7). Strength (11 1+1=2). Ace of Cups (1). Judgement (20 2+0=2). 5+0+1+3+7+2+1+2=21 & 2+1=3 Pathway


A double date with destiny leads back home to yourself, renewed.
Sun: Transformation – Moon: Resources

It here at last that moment of transformation that has been evading you and Heyokah is here to make your rebirth a time packed with cosmic laughter as you explore what has been holding you back. Heyokah is the Sacred Trickster who will visit your meditations and have you laughing not just at life as you knew it but also at yourself for taking everything so seriously. Stop bleeding all your sacred energy on other people’s problems. Solve you and they will solve themselves. You are not their keeper you are their friend. You have reached the point in your cosmic cycle where destiny has sent you two Wheel of Fortune cards to make sure you know that the journey back to your inner light is beaming down on you from all directions. Tepee has appeared to remind you that it is time to retreat inside your own sacred spaces and look at how you have been your own worst enemy. Go to the moon and ask for guidance to illuminate the self imposed barriers your have erected and seek wisdom from above to find your new direction. The Eight of Swords is about those blockages that are stopping you from seeing the truth. Make a pact with yourself and the moon to open your eyes to the truth that you are not trapped but free to roam wherever you choose. Life is beautiful and your spiritual journey full of laugh out loud self realisations. Hawthorn is the tree of magic and the gateway to the fairy realms. It’s time you opened up to the laughter of the sprites that echos all around you. Fly back home just like Stork does but fly inside your spirit and see your truth as your home. You have all the resources inside you to find your new pathway back out of the darkness to your true life of limitless creativity that is the Ace of Wands. And laugh. Laugh until you hurt. See that you alone have created all that has troubled you and find it within you to chortle and guffaw at how simple the truth of your new pathway always was. Enjoy this full moon Sagittarius.  

Sagittarius Starseeds: You are about to download magical codes to help bust away your heavy blockages and to lighten up. Your mission is to laugh as you grow.

Stork (17 1+7=8) Hawthorn (0) Tepee (21 2+1=3). Heyokah (22 2+2=4). Wheel of Fortune (10 1+0=1). Eight of Swords (8). Ace of Rods (1). Wheel of Fortune (10 1+0=1). 8+0+3+4+1+8+1+1=26 & 2+6=8 Change


The moon wants you to open up to compassion and divine love.
Sun: Ethics – Moon: Communication 

Great Mystery is Original Source from which all things are created and exists within all things. We are all therefore co-creators of the world around us. Whether we choose to live in harmony is free-will but the Original Source has a divine blue print inside us all that includes so much more. You are being offered the opportunity to grab the Deer by the antlers and journey into the gentle realms of spiritual love that exists all around you in the natural world. Are you ready to reevaluate your code of ethics to include divine love for all? This is a very big ask Capricorn but the transformation offers new joys beyond your imagination. The Moccasins seen in front of deer are 100% non-animal and highlight the long pathway ahead on your new Earth Walk. Banyan is calling out to remind you of the need to anchor yourself in a new phase of growth. The Banyan tree creates multiple trunks so that it can march across the forest growing and spreading out. Banyan also asks you to focus less on other and more on yourself. You are there for friends but you will serve them better when you look after yourself first. You have two moons appearing in your reading Capricorn so it really is a time to stop what you are doing for everyone and settle down with the moon for a journey into your soul. The world around you is a grand illusion but if you focus deep inside and try to find the seat of your compassion in your higher heart. Then you will be able to greet the world with love that transforms all around you. By ridding yourself of old fears and by projecting love into the world around you, you can lift the old dusty veils and see the truth of a new world joyfully sustaining you with a reflection of the compassion from inside your soul. The Lovers is partly about love but also about reaching a conclusion on a difficult decision. Seek change within you to create change all around you. You will then be the Cosmic light of Garden as you shine and sparkle in the world. Heads will turn and you will be seen as that person who seems to have everything they wish for. You will be the centre of a social whirl and all will seek your counsel. The Nine of Pentacles is the card of abundance and prosperity. Feeling secure and intensely fortunate. Find the gratitude for everything you have and thank both moons for supporting you through this rebirth and become that Nine of Pentacles.  

Capricorn Starseeds: Open your eyes fully to the world and seek to master your telescopic vision by seeking the base truth behind everything. Then you will see a new abundant flow of life everywhere you look.

Garden (20 2+0=2) Banyan (0) Deer (2). Great Mystery (37 3+7= 10 1+0=1). The Lovers (6). The Moon (18 1+8=9). Nine of Pentacles (9). The The Moon (18 1+8=9). 2+0+2+1+6+9+9+9=38 & 3+8=11 Master Number & 1+1=2 Union


Birds flock around you to help you see more clearly and take flight
Sun: Vocation – Moon: Roots 

You are trapped in a Vortex of strong winds but know that these are the winds of change. These are also the winds on which all birds fly and drift and you are about to go on a journey with many of your feathered friends. The Vortex is about to drop and in the stillness Aquarius you will find the strength to look inside and become more birdlike. You will take flight and soar high above all the troubles you are staring at. Crow is the principal guide and is the Sacred Trickster Bird who traverses the dimensions. Crow also tells the gods to lighten up. Crow wishes you to know you have the gifts you need to walk the path of your own choosing and Acacia is telling you that you are being offered protection during this transformative Scorpio full moon so you can feel safe as you plunge the depths of your being. East Shield will help you to rub the mud from your eyes and regain the vision of the eagle to help you see the Golden Door of awareness. Reach forward and turn the handle Aquarius and step inside yourself to seek divine truths. Inside yourself you will find clarity after all the months of confusion. Here you will find the cosmic guidance of Judgement. You are being helped to lift the illusions of the world around you and the Cross is marks the end to a long Karmic cycle. The past is buried and it is time to take flight again. The Ten of Cups then marks the joyous conclusion that is so harmonious and up lifting. This karmic completion is then further crowned by the appearance of the World card. This is to say that you will find yourself in a state of total bliss as everything slots into place and the shackles of fear and mistrust are released to be replaced by waves of joy and deserved happiness. This is you time to grow your wings and take off to the skies.

Aquarius Starseeds: Stop hiding and wake up. Do not fear the changes but seek the offered help to step forward free of old Karmic ties. Let your guides cut them away. You are being blessed.

Cross (36 3+6=9) Acacia (0) Crow (11 1+1=2). East Shield (8). The Vortex (15 1+5=6). Ten of Cups (10 1+0=1). The World (21 2+1=3). Judgement (20 2+0=2). 9+0+2+8+6+1+3+2=31 & 3+1=4 Stillness 


Time to retreat and replenish and heal yourself, alone
Sun: Friendships – Moon: Creativity

You are feeling the pull and stress of everyone around you. There is a battle for your attention and it is draining your energies Pisces as the Five of Wands shows. Everyone is screaming for solutions but you don’t know where to turn for the best. You are standing at a Crossroads and you don’t know which path is for the best to take to recover yourself. All choices you make in life are the correct path even if the road seems hard to walk along. Tough journeys will offer lessons your soul needs to grow and flourish so do not fear the Crossroads. It is time to take a break and retreat. Retreating is not weakness at all but strength and wisdom. Go to your Moon Lodge, the place of women but go alone, the moon will be your sister and your guide. Sit alone with the moon and meditate. There is an answer in the energies of this full moon that will surprise you but you must sit and find your inner peace to hear the answer over the din of everything around you. The Five of Coins whispers a false fear of not being included or not being needed by those you love but right now you need to step back and recharge yourself. You are of little use to friends and family if your energy is depleted so find time to do somethings just for you. Search your heart for your personal truths that will integrate into your soul like an upgrade and show gratitude for the moon’s wisdom at this Karmic turning point.  Your spread has two Temperance cards, one called the Angel of the Ocean and they are both about divine spiritual healing. To temper was originally to add water to wine, to dilute. It is now your divine time to dilute all the chaos around you and return refreshed. The cosmos has your back as you sit back and heal you soul. Pomegranate is about the inner journey to the soul. It is about focusing on the tuning into your higher self to look for the truest themes of your current life path and honouring them and yourself at this time. Like Persephone who spends each winter in Hades and returns every summer reborn. You are undergoing a similar transformation but it won’t take you as long, just this full moon to reemerge fully charge for summer. You will find your mind, body and spirit recharged and singing with a heart brimming with creativity and compassion. 

Pisces Starseeds: You really need to step back and recharge. Meditate for guidance from your guides, watchers or higher self and try to avoid Ascension Flu symptoms as you rewire and recharge. You’ve been doing too much. Take better care of yourself.

Crossroads (22 2+2=4) Pomegranate (0) The Heavens (1). Moon Lodge (17 1+7=8). The Angel of Healing (14 1+4=5). Five of Wands (5). Five of Coins (5). Temperance (14 1+4=5). 4+0+1+8+5+5+5+5=33 Third Master Number & 3+3=6 Harmony


Love is charging in to change your entire life.
Sun: Endings – Moon: Health

Banyan is calling out to remind you of the need to anchor yourself in a new phase of growth. The Banyan tree creates multiple trunks so that it can march across the forest growing and spreading out. Banyan also asks you to focus less on other and more on yourself. You are there for friends but you will serve them better when you look after yourself first. After the creation the Field of Plenty came into being as the realm of ideas and creative space in which dreams are turned into realities. This is the realm from which we access all that we wish to manifest into being. Looking at your spread which should be all focused on endings and health it would seem that you are all set to start bringing some love back down to earth for you to enjoy but that is not a simple task of just wishing for it. Your soul is a mirror to your feelings. If you can find love in your soul for not just yourself but also for others then you might fall at the first hurdle. If you can project love out into your world you might find love staring straight back at you.

Drum is the card that will beat out that new pathway. Drum is the big bang that created everything. It is thunder and lightning but it is also about looking deep inside yourself for the truth of who you are. Do you love yourself enough to waken your higher heart to ring out for all to hear? This is a journey to the very depths of your being where you will face the choice of The Lovers. This is the difficult decision to find love not just for you but for your greatest foe. Can you find the little piece of you that is in everyone and learn to love them too without judgement? If you can you will emerge from this full moon transformed. The Ace of Cups is the seed card of all love and emotions and is limitless in its potential. This will all happen much swifter than you imagine as the Eight of Wands is all about the speed at which this new energy travels towards you. It won’t be long before you step out into the Garden as the social stunner everyone wants to know. Heads will turn and everyone will see you as the potential lover with radiant health. The Two of Cups shows that this will lead to one particular head turning to face you that will light the fire of your soul. Are you prepared for this? If you are in a relationship then it is time to turn the heat back up to boiling. Either way if you can find a way to ring the great un-struck bell of the higher heart you will find life singing with happiness.

Aries Starseeds: It’s time to let your heart fully engage with the world around you. Let your heart be the beacon that shapes your entire world and you will find inner peace.

Garden (20 2+0=2) Banyan (0) Drum (32 3+2=5). Field of Plenty (38 3+8=11 1+1=2). Eight of Wands (8). The Lovers (6). Two of Cups (2). Ace of Cups (1). 2+0+5+2+8+6+2+1=26 & 2+6=8 Change


The Wisdom of Tree Oracles – Jane Struthers & Meraylah Allwood
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch
Native American Oracle – Laura Tuan, Massimo Rotundo & Kaya Walker
Sacred Path Cards – Jamie Sams & Linda Childers
Oceanic Tarot – Jayne Wallace
Tattoo Tarot – Johnny McCulloch & Megamunden
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Impressionist Tarot – Corrine Kenner & Arturo Pica

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