Wassail beautiful people. As you know I’ve been having teeth extracted and implant posts fitted. I rather rarely rejected them so I had to have a second surgery to remove all the implant screws. This means I’m still without any upper teeth and I really want to be able to share a smile with you all for my 500th video. 

I’ve been in so much pain since the 5th of March attempting to reject the implants that I have been unable to concentrate or speak without upper teeth. I’m feeling a lot better now, though I’m still rather tender of gob but I really miss all of you. Today I suddenly thought of a way to post a video and not spoil my next post being the 500th. Post it secretly through my website and here you are, having found it.

It’s Full Moon Pick a Rune. 6 gorgeous Rune cards from the new deck we’ve all been helping to inspire. It’s getting closer to completion. The Alchemy of Astrology was getting closer but I suspect there’s another huge leap in artwork to follow soon. Watch this space. 

So, six runes and then when you start the video you’ll find the time stamps listed. All you need to do is pick a Rune that sings your tune. Here’s the video for you all it’s audio and card photos until I can smile. You can only see this video here, it not public, it’s unlisted but I needed to say Wassail.

If you scroll down you’ll find photos of the cards that are a slightly better resolution than the video. I just trust I’ve put them in the correct order. It’s taken 12 hours so far and it’s midnight here, way past my bedtime and I’ve still to upload the video to YouTube and post this blog with the link and then let you all know how to find it. Have a beautiful full moon and don’t forget you can leave comments here or on YouTube.

Rune 1 Feoh & Pluto

Rune 2 Yarne & Ophiucus 

I checked the date that Mars enters Aries and it’s on 25th May 2022

Rune 3 Lagu & Ceres

Rune 4 Wendhorn & South Node

Rune 5 Wós & Chiron

Rune 6 Hel & Moon in Taurus

Chariklo is the deity who will willingly charge your crystals in the moonlight if you invoke her and ask her nicely.

14 Replies to “full moon pick a rune

  1. Aww Love You!! Sending you healing vibes Sweetheart I’m drawn to #2 and #4 so BRINNG IT ON! New job working in the disability sector as my own boss mostly. I receive my roster through an app. They provide everything. I’m a cleaner for now but was offered a job as support worker on my 3rd day! Wtf!? Honestly wasn’t trying to impress, just being me, but it sent me into a bit of a spin and I got heaps anxious about the whole ordeal. The driving also sparked my anxiety tbh. But I’m starting to settle and finally got my first pay 2 days ago. I earnt 60% more then the last job(where the sacks everyone outta the blue) for the same hours! And I love that I am helping people the really need it. Mr FKOW has tried to come back and I’ve finally realised(not just pretended to realise) that he just ain’t for me, nothing but a distraction from my empowerment.
    There’s some hot gossip for you I was literally just thinking about you today and you popped up. As you do. Just like magic xx

  2. Rune 5. Thank you Russell.
    I am going through a divorce and moving in two weeks time. It feels like I need to have my own space, need to feel like not suffocating like it’s been for quite some time. But I know I need to heal or this feeling keeps following me. So to see chiron with this rune was so spot on, I am healing deep wounds from my childhood and it is exhausting.
    I love my family and my husband is lovely, but I feel that it’s time to move on for the sake of really being the person that I am. Somehow I felt that when you said enviroment it meant physical being, the body. Well at least for me. I need to nurture and love my body, accept not hate it. One day the mind and the body will be in balance, I hope :).
    Thank you, love and blessings to you.

    1. I am sending you so much support. I’m sorry for the delay in your message appearing. The first time you write it has to be approved by me then you’re free to comment as and when you wish. I’m so happy to hear the mature and stable emotions you are following in your quest to know yourself

  3. Wassail Russell, have missed you. Thank you so much for doing this reading while you are healing. I can’t wait to join you for your 500th video I picked rune 6 and so interesting that where I live the oak tree is not a native tree but my husband and I moved 4 oak trees to our space at home which have settled in nicely and grown to be such beautiful trees. I will take my crystals outside tonight to bathe them in the full moon light. I have always been drawn to the moon. I am a Gemini moon. Sending you healing vibrations and lots of love❤ Heidi

    1. I love to hear stories of trees being planted. There’s an oak here that is covered in pink blossoms just now. It doesn’t seem at all like a oak but it is

  4. I had to comment again Russell because my heart dropped when you said you don’t have any family left Well, you may not have any blood family but remember we are your soul family Russell ❤ We have missed you too

    1. Thanks so much I’ve missed all of you. I’ve been hiding away to heal and can’t wait to get back to all of you

  5. I posted a comment but it’s missing .
    But big thank you, my choice was rune 5. Loved the vibes and messages it brought. Felt that the enviroment you were talking about was my body for me. Need to love and appreciate it. And I am actually moving in two weeks so it really did resonate. Blessings and love to you

    1. Oh absolutely it could be. Our bodies are made from the elements of the natural world and it is ultimately where we live, in our vessels

  6. Beautiful reading Russell! When you gave us that singing greeting at the start my heart felt happy to hear your voice again! Xo I picked card 5 and yes Scorpio energy ( several placements for me including sun) I was a little worried when you fell off the chair! I’ll meditate on this message as it was deep and I have spiritual practices that are beautiful but there’s been a growing sense of loneliness even though I enjoy my own company- I need to think about these two energies more and their interaction- thinking a lot about the frequency and vibration shift. Thanks as always for sharing your gift! Blessings XoG

    1. Yes that chair was such a bolt from the blue. The legs buckled and it just drifted backwards very slowly. Would have been wonderful if the camera was on. It was a joy to be back even in a dodgy chair to channel some new stories.

  7. Thank you Russell!

    As always being guided to you on the right time.

    I chose rune 4… And wow.

    I even had a profound and highly emotional dream last night, after finishing to listen to the reading.

    The dream had many layers but the most profound and impactful was about looking for my child at a pool where he was supposed to take swimming lessons with other kids and I couldn’t find him.

    I confused him with other children, looked desperately for him, it was as if I could feel he was not physically there anymore, like I already knew what had happened but was looking desperately to be proven wrong.

    And then finally when I am becoming even more desperate a woman comes with (for some reason) two children, one covered on a white cloth from head to toe (so tiny) and another… My son, dead and still.

    I obviously lost it, woke up crying and unsettled.

    My first thought was “ok, calm down this is just a dream”, then I started to ask myself questions, “is this a premonition?” “No” came back the answer, “is this related to my south node?” “Yes”, “And I said ‘show me more'”.

    Then I was shown keys, so many different keys, sizes, shapes, colors. All together on a huge silver ring. I grabbed them and kept trying to look for one that “fitted”, what I don’t know.

    The dream, this morning when I woke up completely, I thought immediately was of my unborn children from past lives, which I remember one of these. But for some reason I just knew the woman (who look angelical) was bringing me my children from other lives. But what struck me was that my actual son (who in the dream shared similarities but wasn’t identical to how he looks in this dimension) didn’t look like himself. But I kept calling him by his name.

    And I felt the guilt all over again and the rage I felt when I first saw/accessed the past live where I lost a child. But within the dream I was conscious that I’ve lost more than one boy in different past lives. One the veiled one (that the angel/lady only showed me covered but never gave me nor did I asked) and another that looked very similar to my current son in this current live.

    Throughout the day I kept trying to understand it all and put it together. Decided to look online for meanings of seeing your child die drowning (this is how, in the dream, my son was given, drowned but I actually never saw it happened)

    And discovered something that resonated which is water representing emotions (and the pool was crystal clear) and your child could be representing your inner child and not your actual kid.


    Just as I wrote this, I feel I’ve put it together. The keys are the endless possibilities available to me, the emotional triggers I had of rage + guilt around my children is what I need to let go of, and my son drowning is my inner child who is drowning from me not taking care of her and my emotions being scattered. Rejecting my inner most dreams of singing, writing and creating music.

    Curiously enough this week I am on my exact degree of Saturn return AND my North/South position actually talk about going from (past life) creating for my one self and pleasure without needing or wanting to share it with others to (this life’s north) creating to share with the world/creating to give a legacy for the community/world. So south was all inwardly and north is about taking the inward outside and share it for legacy.

    Wao. Thank you. Writing this comment really helped me bring clarity. I am also a Scorpio (Sun and lots of other planets there too) so Rune 4 really came to me at the precise divine time.

    I thank you and SO happy and blessed to have you back even if in drips.

    Sending you tons of love and healing energy your way… Can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again soon

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