With the Raw Runes taking shape I have been pining for an astrology deck that would be as simple in its symbols but couldn’t find a form for the idea until I was stuck with the right subject and the title in a bright flash of action. Two days later the first 78 cards were listed and assembled so that the great task of exploring a deck can begin. So allow me to introduce…

The Alchemy of Astrology Deck

The Alchemy connection grew from a couple of videos spirit had nudged me towards involving how we are trying to clean up not just ancestral bloodline echos that course through our veins but also how our access to the dream realm is through a kind of bloodline related portal that is still cluttered with the echos of ancestors too. We need to clean both to unblock old echos that are unfairly burdening our pathways. This was clothed in the humours, the ancient understanding of how energetic fluids affect our moods and health.

This Pick a Bloodline Echo also involved the appearance on camera of a real live hummingbird. I don’t want to spoil your chance to pick that extra magical message but I will say the bird appears at the very start of one of the messages.

Then I was pushed to try and help people understand how our birth charts are a kind of energetic pull drawing us all towards the chaos of the ego. A difficult subject and all about four stages of Alchemy that were said to have been first understood and practised by a particular favourite historical figure of mine, Mary the Jewess. Her thoughts were later used by Karl Jung to understand and appreciate the subject of the Alchemy of the Ego and Self. It was after this reading that I knew the Astrology and the Alchemy were a hand waiting for its glove.

Eclipse Tunnels

It was that time again and a real favourite time for me… Eclipse Season. I am an Eclipse Tunnel baby as I was born in the corridor between a total solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse and so I seem to really respond the the magical and deeply mystical spaces between eclipses. Here’s a previous blog about the eclipse tunnel corridors that exist between events.

These deeply esoteric Cosmic moments of limitless possibilities require rituals to demonstrate our commitment to embracing the frequencies of the Music of the Spheres and so I try to connect and offer readings not just about the incoming energetic opportunities but also to find profound and engaging ways to honour the heavenly bodies through personal rituals.

I plotted the time and the pathway of the moon so that I could enjoy the spectacle of the umbra of the earth turning the moon not just blood red but also removing the veil of light that stops us from seeing the 3 dimensional reality of the moon. Ten as the hour drew nearer cloud coved the entire sky. I am always amused when the sky conspires to not allow the view you dream for. So instead I moved my table and cards inside to read the cards and to create an Eclipse Tunnel Ritual we could all perform.

Ianus Neptunus

It seems very apparent that we are being encouraged by the ancestors to start clearing out very long standing bloodline echos and traumas that have bled into our world for generation after generation. This eclipse tunnel is dedicated to Neptune as he is the cleanser of the past and the liver, kidneys and spleen in Sound Healing. He will also turn station/prograde on the 1st of December and so it seems he is the key frequency at play here.

It also seems the first half of this ritual from the 20th to the 25th of November was all about the goddesses who are one half of the Dii Consentus. This was about creating a new Philosophical Mission Plan to change our pathways entirely as we head towards 2022.

For time stamps for each of the first 6 days of the ritual see the pinned comment on the video. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the start of the ritual there will be a two day pause on 26th/27th November at Null Island with Neptune. I will include reading not just for Null Island but also the remaining six columns of the Gods and the exit portal at the solar eclipse on the 4th December.

19th Nov Lunar Eclipse
20th Nov Column 1 Diana Moon
21st Nov Column 2 Juno Mother
22nd Nov Column 3 Minerva Wisdom
23rd Nov Column 4 Venus Peace
24th Nov Column 5 Ceres Soul
25th Nov Column 6 Vesta Nurture

26th/27th Null Island

28th Nov Column 7 Neptune Declaration
29th Nov Column 8 Mercury Message
30th Nov Column 9 Mars War Purification
1st Dec Column 10 Volcan Spark
2nd Dec Column 11 Jupiter Amplify
3rd Dec Column 12 Apollo Sun
4th Dec Solar Eclipse

Today I posted the live follow up to the first 6 goddess columns and meeting Neptune. I really enjoyed this reading and the wonderful community that joined in for the Live Chat. Thanks everyone. Time Stamps are posted on the video.

Mary the Jewess

As part of the thirteen card extension to the Alchemy of Astrology it was essential to include a card for Mary the Jewess but unlike John Dee she had not had the ego to desire a glyph to represent her as the first and most supreme Alchemist, so I had to set about trying to create a glyph for her. I wanted it to have echos of the Temperance Card from the Thoth deck by the artist Frieda Harris. This was a difficult task and I just kept failing again and again to capture her essence until I set about drawing the thirteen additions and I headed her placement that the symbol drew itself. Based on an hour glass to show time and with gravel in the bottom and starlight in her heart it formed. Next the North Node of a destined pathway became her arms and the the symbol for the Triple Goddess Aspect became her head and senses. By including a dot in the centre of the full moon I created the sun and the crescent moons become the two faces of Janus, Ianus & Iana. I didn’t for a single moment doubt that this was what she wanted so then in the reading when the goblin appeared to my side to make sure I introduced her new glyph I felt the world behind the veil was pleased.

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