The Eclipse Season is on hand and so too is the Eclipse Tunnel. What is this? It’s the energetic transitional frequency between the two eclipses. Either the lunar and solar eclipse or the solar and lunar and they both have different energies entirely. This Eclipse Tunnel is from the full moon on the 26th May, in Sagittarius, through to the rebirthing of the sun at the solar eclipse on the 10th of June in Gemini. What’s so extra special about this one is that it is in Gemini. This refers back the the Ianus Geminus temple in ancient Rome, dedicated to the god Janus.

For this reading you will need to know not just your Sun & Moon Sign but also the placement of Saturn in your Birth Chart. If you are feeling extremely willing there is a task for each of the 12 zodiac columns with a pause after the 6th column at Scorpio to speak with Janus on the 3rd of June at Null Island in a meditation.

SignTime StampHouseKey PurposeNatal Planetary Influence (sign specific)ColumnDate
Gemini3Communication with the CosmosSun 5º
Venus 21º
Mercury 24º
127th May
Cancer 4The Sacred HomeMars 20º228th May
Leo5Alchemy of the Ego(Proserpina, Hygieia & Apollo)329th May
Virgo6Your Health Patterns(Vesta & Minerva) 430th May
Libra7Balancing New Emotions(Æsculapia & Panacea)531st May
Scorpio8Transformation Magicicada 61st June
Janus noneMeditation at Null Island13th2nd/3rd June
Sagittarius9Walking Your New Philosophy Moon 5º
74th June
Capricorn10New Legacy IntentionPluto 26º85th June
Aquarius11Plugging into the CollectiveSaturn (R) 13º96th June
Pisces12Collective (Un) ConsciousnessJupiter 1º
Neptune 22º
107th June
Aries1New Unburnished SelfChiron 11º118th June
Taurus2Grounding a New Material PlaneCeres 5º
Gaia/Uranus 12º
B/M Lilith 24º
129th June

The easiest way is to look at your Sun & Moon sign and Saturn. I will during the reading list other planets that appear in each sign as directed by the cards but for now you can see if any listed above are where they were at your birth but that won’t include Neptune, Uranus or Pluto unless you are very very old!

You can also look at your own busiest houses and look at what that has to offer for your progression through the Ianus Geminus. So I am Sun in Libra but that is my 12 House. So I might look at Libra and Pisces as that’s the 12th House in standard astrology listings with the theme, Collective (Un) Consciousness. Same notion with the moon. My moon is in Aquarius but that is my 3rd house (Gemini) with the theme of Communication with the Cosmos, so I might look at both Aquarius & Gemini. My busiest sign is Virgo and in my natal chart that’s my house 10 so I will pay attention to Capricorn message too. It can be simple or complicated. It all depends on how much effort you wish to apply to this magical eclipse tunnel.

The dates at the end are for those who wish to look at all 12 aspects and the best day for each with a pause for time with Janus at Null Island on the 2nd/3rd June. You might have to adapt these dates as they are for GMT/UTC depending on where you are in the world. Don’t get hung up on this though. Rules only work if they are fluid.

One more little extra way to see if you should look at a particular message is if you have any of the following planets in a particular house or sign is included in the following table of extra specific placements if they appear in your natal chart

SignHouseNatal Chart Placement
Gemini3Venus in Scorpio
Sun in Capricorn
Cancer4Saturn in Cancer
Mars in Leo
Sun in Virgo
Leo5Pluto in Leo
Jupiter in Leo
Saturn in Leo
Mercury in Cancer
Venus in Aquarius
Mars in Scorpio
Virgo6Sun in Capricorn
Mercury in Cancer
Libra7Saturn in Libra
Moon in Libra
Sun in Capricorn
Scorpio8Saturn in Scorpio
Pluto in Scorpio
Mars in Scorpio
Mars in Gemini
Moon in Cancer
Mercury in Aquarius
Sagittarius9Jupiter in Sagittarius
Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn in Pisces
Moon in Cancer
Mercury in Aquarius
Capricorn10Moon in Capricorn
Saturn in Leo
Saturn in Libra
Mercury in Sagittarius
Aquarius11Moon in Aquarius
Venus in Aquarius
Mercury in Aquarius
Saturn in Aquarius
Saturn in Capricorn
Pisces12Saturn in Pisces
Mars in Scorpio
Aries1Moon in Aries
Venus in Aries
Mercury in Aquarius
Mercury in Sagittarius
Jupiter in Capricorn
Saturn in Taurus
Mars in Taurus
Taurus2Jupiter in Capricorn

The spread will be as follows. First the Moon Door showing what you enter with. The Sun Door is the exit. The 13th Column of Janus is the lesson or theme. The lower row is the guidance needed to get through all this. I’m so excited. This has taken weeks to percolate in my head and to garner all the astrology. It’s going to be fun. Today the final pice was slotted into place.



Janus or Ianus. Janus was uniquely Roman and was depicted as having two faces, being able to see the past and the future and was worshipped as the god of beginnings and endings, war and peace, gateways, portals and prophesy.

In Rome they built an Ianus Geminus a temple or passageway dedicated to the primordial god Janus. The speculation for the two faces is that the second face was to depict the polar opposite frequency of the feminine, Jana or Iana (Diana the moon goddess was associated later with Jana). Again we are seeking the importance of the twin energies, yin and yang, Gemini. It was only later that Janus developed two male heads and became the identical twin consciousnesses. It is important to note that the earliest deities in many religions were Androgynous half male, half female. It is here on earth that we have been divided into duality and polarity, to seek to understand how to unite differences.

This Ianus Geminus passageway, or Vaticinium was composed of twelve columns, for the twelve months of the year, or hours on a sun dial, was set within a walled enclosure. The passageway had a door at either end, Sun and Moon, to create the flow of energies. During times of war the doors were opened and only closed again when peace returned. In Rome the doors were always open!

Inside this passageway was a golden statue of Janus holding the number 300 in his right hand and 65 in his left, totalling the days of the solar year. Offerings and sacrifices were made in this walled enclosure so that the outcome of military deeds and actions could be foretold by the high priests or Pontiffs. These Pontifex were the bridge builders between the gods and mortals.

Prophecies were cast and read and then offered to Saturn as the Master of the motion of temporal transition and creator of new eras. When Greece fell to Rome, Saturn was merged with his Greek counterpart Cronus. Cronus was also Titan who controlled the flow of time, like welding the ability to decide what passed through the portals into reality. For the Romans what might come to pass through the Vaticinium of Janus was offered to Saturn to guarantee its flow through time. While welding time, Saturn was additionally endowed with the elemental truth of another Greek god Kairos, divine timing. Therefore we understand there to be a natural ticking of time the Cronus 12 frequency and the Kairos divine magic of the 13 frequency.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Ianus Plutonus

Pluto went retrograde in Capricorn on 27th April 2021 at the full moon in Scorpio and will not turn prograde again until 6th October 2021 at the new moon in Libra. This period could be best described as the Ianus Plutonus or the Retrograde Tunnel that is the set up for the forthcoming Pluto return of the birth of the USA, the Industrial Revolution and the global banking system and it’s shares scheme. It begins a long trine aspect too with the 1892 Neptune/Pluto conjunction in Gemini.

Pluto dips into Aquarius on 24th March 2023 before retrograding back to Capricorn on 12th June 2023. It steps back in on the 22nd January 2024 and returns again to Capricorn on 2nd September. As Pluto is death and rebirth and is dancing between the controlling governmental aspects of Capricorn and the collective power of the people in Aquarius there will a huge tussle for control that will be won by the populous once Pluto has moved fully into it’s long journey through Aquarius. Structures will change, society will build a better future for itself and the planet at large.

Retrograding Planets

When planets are said to be travelling retrograde they are not actually spinning backwards. Their orbits remain the same but they appear to be moving backwards in the sky from our perspective on Earth. When this takes place it open the energy of the planet to expand and grow. The frequency is loud as we are not chasing the prograde orbits of the planets as they dance round the sun. Pluto opened this current retrograde season and during the Eclipse Tunnel it will be joined by Saturn and Mercury who are both in Rulership of their current house sign.

Saturn retrograde 23rd May – 11th October in Aquarius
Mercury retrograde 29th May – 22nd June in Gemini

But that’s not all. As we head towards the exit of the Ianus Plutonus on the 6th October other planets will also retrograde and throughout September. This was the September Virgo magic that turned up in a recent reading. 7 planets will be retrograding with Mercury joining the games at the end of the month in Libra season.

PlanetRetrograde DateSignDegreePrograde DateSignDegree
Pluto27th AprilCapricorn26º6th OctoberCapricorn24º
Saturn23rd MayAquarius 13º11th OctoberAquarius
Mercury30th MayGemini24º23nd JuneGemini16º
Jupiter21st June Pisces18th OctoberAquarius22º
Neptune26th June Pisces23º2nd DecemberPisces20º
Chiron16th JulyAries12º20th DecemberAries
Ceres24th JulyGemini12º28th March 2022Taurus27º
Gaia/Uranus20th AugustTaurus14º19th January 2022Taurus10º
Mercury27th SeptemberLibra25º19th OctoberLibra10º
Retrograde Planets 2021

Here’s the New Moon in Taurus reading that ends with the hint of this 3rd Nameless Goddess frequency rolling in in Virgo season. it will be fun to find out more about this at a later date.

What can we expect as we head through this massive retrograde season? By the June solstice on the 21st Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter the three Lords of Karma will all be singing extremely loudly as around the entire globe the declination of the sun stands still before seeming to reverse its motion. Reversal and retrograde are the key energies here. what of the past has a place in the future? With Jupiter stopping to retrograde and being the ruler of the 9th House of the traveller there would seem to be an energy of stopping but Jupiter is also in Pisces, the 12th House of the collective unconsciouness, where it in rulership. It is about to head back into Aquarius, the 11th House of humanity and technology to galvanise the collective Karma. This should present some interesting and expansive new ideas. Keep an eye on the internet. Saturn is in retrograde in the 11th house too and Pluto in the 10th House of legacy so I sense another huge pause in global movement coming as we wait for the next new energy to enter the frame.

What is that energy? Gaia (ssh… Uranus) the ruler of the 11th House along with Saturn, also the ruler. This is fixed Air energy and the great Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn from 21st December 2020 was in Aquarius and so now as Uranus, in fixed Taurean Earth energy, will shake the rigid structures of our global beliefs and philosophies to the core. This is a vast cosmic tower moment coming to burst through and change everything. If change frightens you I suggest you shut you eyes from the 20th of August as Leo season, of the old ego ends and keep them shut until the 19th January 2022. It’s going to be a fantastic ride but you must tap into Uranian energy and accept changes to your entire world.

9 Replies to “eclipse tunnels and the ianus geminus

  1. This article sent me scurrying for my Sabian Symbols book because the symbol/image for the degree of my natal Mars is “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows”, and the keyword for the degree is “intelligence”. The positive use of this energy “is a superb capacity for seeing both sides in every given issue and so bringing all the various phases of human enterprise to some unity of common purpose”.

    Bear with me while I add another dimension to this story because the symbol/image for the degree of my natal Pluto (which happens to be conjunct Mars – and my IC) is “a colored [sic] child playing with white children”, and the keyword for the degree is “intimacy”. (BTW, sorry for the offensive term; these symbols were channeled by a pychic named Elsie Wheeler back in 1922.) Anyhow, the positive use of this energy “is successful participation in every possible variety of experience”.

    For me, it feels like the interplay of these two energies is the thing at the core of this time tunnel. I love meditating on these symbol/images because they serve as vaulting points into incredible “flights of fancy” that very often turn into real, useable ideas, or at the very least, thoughts that should be pursued.

    I’d love to hear what you think about this…

    1. I’ll take a look later. My live failed to emerge tonight and the void of course moon is not allowing me to focus

      1. Ohhh I’m glad I checked here!! I wondered what happened.. Was getting worried about you!!

  2. Neptune calling…. anchoring energies and amplifying to leave possible legacy. Trine- existing Croatia: Zadar Sea Organ… to CoCreate in existing Parkland Yokohama: Yamashita Koen and then as rebuild in Fukushima to HEAL damaged souls. Be safe ,well and happy

  3. For your consideration and magic, I offer two beings that have appeared and reappeared to me in astonishing ways: Hestia and Mary Magdalene.

    SOOooo many lies and distortions thrown over them! For both, there are many indicators to numerous things your readings touch upon, including shadow work, self-healing power, and inner divinity (and, especially, balanced M/F aspects). I’m commenting in this post, but I see them being relevant also in your piece about Chiron and the big flipperooni to current structures and systems.

    I know there’s something important about Hestia and Magdalene in all this. Hope I’ve provided a spark to ignite your magic.

    Very grateful for your beautiful and generous spirit.

    1. Thanks. We are all here to share and offer our thoughts to the greater collective

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