This full Moon in Leo reading flew off in a very unexpected direction. I knew I was going to be reading for the full moon in Leo energy that will be occulting Mars, Jupiter and almost Saturn as they line up in the sky on 18th, 19th and 20th as they are paving the way for the two new energy portals opening up on the 20/02/2020 (02/20/2020 US) and the 22/02/2020 (02/22/2020 US). However it turns out it’s all about preparing us for the energy of activating our divine blueprint. I know huh! Exciting stuff. So here is the video.I’m also posting a breakdown of the cards for you to look at in greater detail. The full moon is on Sunday 9th February at 07:32 GMT (UTC) in the UK. Oh and it’s a super moon, woohoo!

There’s so much going on in the cosmos right now as 2020 beds in with the new emotional masculine Earth Grid changing so much of the energy around us. I need to add a couple of brief notes though first. Venus is passing Chiron and nobody remembered to remind me to pick up on this during the reading but that’s guides for you!

Also though I need to clarify Mercury’s position in the zodiac as it plays an important role in the current full moon in Leo cycle. In the video it caught me by surprise and I was was a tad flummoxed as to its current position in the heavens. Not one of my guides thought to post that thought in my head during this reading. I can’t really complain though as each time I’ve sat down to read these energies my guides have flatly refused to participate at all, as it wasn’t the right moment to set off on this info before today. For some reason I’m still not privy to.

Mercury is in Pisces just so we can clear that up. So it’s a very watery and emotional placement and this is begging us to voice these feelings. To bring them forward for physical release. Mercury does goes retrograde on the 16th which will slow its energy down enough for us to voice these emotions. When a planet slows down it allows us to focus on the downloads it is offering us.

This full moon in Leo is all about the ego and how the ego relates to the Sacral, Ceres, now in Aquarius. Ceres is asking us to consider and think about how we self-love and replenish the seat of our emotions with that gentle and essential self-love, once we’ve cleared out much of the self-loathing. I was continually surprised by the energy to body connections in this reading. The energies are really firing up and preparing our bodies and auric fields for the divine masculine energies of the solar eclipse on 21st June. This is when the divine feminine Gaia consciousness (shh, Uranus) will finally lock down fully into our bodies to create a new appreciation of love like we’ve never known love before. All encompassing.

So there are a huge raft of ear ringing frequencies that have started again. So far I’ve heard C of Mars, G of Jupiter, F of Saturn, B of Gaia (shh Uranus) and today E of the Sun. They all need to be integrated into our bodies and auric fields so that we can translate their messages and shed the rough frequency edges so that we might be ready to pass through the new energy portals that are about to open. No rush though, they will remain available to all of us, as and when it’s your time to reach them. I’ve made a new video to explain the technique I use to pull these sounds into the body and remove the frequency from the ears quickly as the original reading when it cropped up was lacking the third element of the technique.

Full Moon in Leo Energies

So the theme here is about finding our truth through unconditional love but an unconditional love for ourselves, in order to heal our fragmented souls. The Andean cross is the energy flowing from the Galactic Centre of the Universe to fill the hole that is forming in our Sacral as it adapts to the new masculine flow.

We begin to glimpse how to return our frequency to the point of out conception. Personal frequency zero of our own primal scream that created our life as our consciousness kickstarted our existence in the womb. This is the vibration that started in the egg as the sperm entered and decided the divine pitches that would create us. This single cell contained the blueprint that formed everything we grew to become. However it was slowly infected with the mud and molasses of the 3D world and our interactions with others. We therefore need to reconnect with this original vibration and then draw it back though out cells for the ultimate healing that will lead to the divine abundance of living in our original blueprint frequency. Yeah I know that very esoteric and extremely hard to achieve but having a destination is an exciting pathway to skip along.

Moon Occult Mars 18th Feb

Magical Karma clearance is coming into play to help pull our divine feminine consciousness into the Sacral as a new truth of self love and empowerment. Finding our new self truth and power. It is also about changing how we place our fullness into the Earth Grid.

Moon Occult Jupiter 19th Feb

Now this was a huge surprise. Jupiter is the Thyroid and Thymus cleansing energy and is the only energy to flow in a different pattern, forming our light body energy wings. I have written about this in a previous blog. Today I channelled information that seemed so obvious that I wondered why I’ve never realised it before.

Jupiter is not just male energy but both masculine and feminine energy. It is so logical as it needs to cleanse both energies in our bodies. I naturally started calling it Juno. I know there is an asteroid of that name but I was seeking a divine goddess counterpart name for the great expansive planet Jupiter and early tarot decks had a card named Juno so this made sense during the reading and I’m not changing my choice of goddess now. Ha!

Think Juno here. I will have to change these guides soon.

Moon Occult-ish Saturn 20th Feb

So major thunderous changes this day, the 20th of February, including the opening of the new energy portal the Gate of Uraš. I will be creating a special reading for this new gateway and the Gate of Zababa that opens on the 22nd February. When I’m guided to do that. At least now though I know which two Babylonians these gateways are. Finally the veil has lifted on that personal blockage.

This is about earthing our newly purified conciousnesses into the Earth for the first time. This is beautiful stuff people. The fire of creativity returns to our bellies like never before.

Final Overview

The journey of transformation to return us to our divine blueprint is inevitable and very possible if we are willing to put in the effort. It is also where all humanity is being led now. How and when we all get there will vary in time and pathways. But The World card XXI suggests that it will be by 2021.

Looking forward to discovering what the new gateways have in store and to reading the Chinese Horoscope animals again for the forthcoming new moon in Pisces.

Wassail Russell


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

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By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

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The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado
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