Wow people, you are all so amazing. Your collective enthusiasm for this Rune Raking Project is just so precious to us all. It feels so wonderful, exploring and sharing the creation of a new divination deck with all of you and how you are all offering up personal pearls of additional wisdom. When the project nears it end I will ask you all to submit your names so that you can all be included in the handbook in a section that thanks all of you for your contributions.

This is just the first page where I can link in the posts you are offering up to help us in understanding the infinite energetic layers that sit deep inside the rune symbols. When you sit down to record your contributions please remember that there is no single solution to any of these symbols. After all any reader worth their salt will always see other messages within tarot and oracle cards. It’s about what echos exist within your soul that reach out of the cards. Here again is the current set of runes that I would love you to look at.

This morning while still drunk on the frequencies of the Great Dolmen’s sacred cosmic portal energy yesterday, I thought I would shuffle a few cards on that tricky rune between the sun and night. I’ve not tried to read them but they’re here in case they help inspire any of you to look at the symbol with fresh eyes.

I’m also including the set that I think must link into the new rune that Merlin suggested yesterday was Owl or Úle. They feel connected as a mini cycle that connects with the Elven Ring yesterday.

I want to again thank Patrick, Riokoruk, for inspiring this idea. He’s diving deep into the energies and tells me how much he is learning about himself and his personal journey towards his truth. The same is true for Rob, Reem and myself. Working with these symbols is allowing all of us to break free of the old messages contained within the tarot, which can sometimes feel a tad stale and of a time. We all search for new tarot decks to seek new stories that relate to the changing world around us. These runes are unlocking forgotten stories that fill our minds with ancestral echos caught within our DNA that are begging to be lifted out and transformed. Eve, Everlong Mystic, has been feeling this echo particularly strongly and I am grateful to her guides for keeping that focus at the forefront of all our minds. So here’s the next Rune Shuffle from Patrick, with a text appearance from Rob being summoned back by Patrick who we all summoned in Rob’s live Rune Shuffle. The magic keeps appearing. Patrick has become a rune addict as has Barbara too. Scroll down to find Barbara’s contributions.

And here’s Patrick’s original Rune Shuffle

Eve, Everlong Mystic has spent today settling into the energies of the ‘troublesome rune’ I originally posted between the Sun and the Night. I love that the message here made Eve make cards which is at the core of the project. I just love the way as each of you enters into this project it delivers totally different perspectives. The runes are ancient symbols that are etched into our soul and they bind and flow within us with layered energies. There is no right or wrong to them. As a collective we are trying to pin them down to a broad frequency but just as reading the tarot cards teach us, any card can shift from it general flow as spirit speaks through them. So over to Everlong Mystic and the flow of the Rune through her. Thanks Eve for this it just makes my soul sing when you all post your feelings on these symbols.

I’ve been out visiting sacred sites today. Patrick has sent me a link to a video from JNouveau Tarot. I’ve not yet had a chance to watch it yet, so I’ll update this shortly. It’s just so important to share this video with you all. Thanks Jessica. Beautiful runes too that your husband created for you from Oak. Wonderful, thank-you. Rosemary for remembrance seems perfect for pulling out the forgotten rune messages.

I’m listing the new posts by you all. I’ll catch up with them now I’ve written up my Dolmen article. Just found these from Barbara at Mindset Unicorn. Thanks Barbara for these fantastic contributions. You are so amazing.

Yesterday I spent 14 hours creating a PDF of all 78 rune card symbols for the Rune Raker Team and Olga, the artist for the project. It was an endless day of cross-referencing symbols, runic alphabets, translating ideas into Old English and looking for ways to focus the runes into a growing clarity. I will be pausing now to catch up and transcribe all the amazing thoughts everyone is offering towards this project. In the meantime more amazing contributions keep popping up. Thank-you all, my heart soars everyday with all the enthusiasm you show for this project. You are all so ace.

There is lots more space here for all of you to have a go and join in this project. You know you wanna.

14 Replies to “collective rune raking

  1. Many thanks to you and the Rune Raker Team! This is such an exciting project and I can’t wait to see the next developments and future contributions!

  2. Hi Russell, this is an intriguing and inspiring adventure. Last awesome I came in the possession of a divination rune set made not from stone but from the wood of a birch tree. This is highly significant to me right from the hop as I planted a birch tree in my garden as a memorial to my sister.
    As of now I know very little about Norse mythology or the Norse runes and was delighted to find that you were.
    I haven’t made any youtube videos so this will be an interesting project for me.
    Have been meditating on the runes and love the synchronicities.
    Ciao for niao

  3. hi russell. i’ve been thinking a lot about the rune between “sun” and “night” – the one that’s roughly shaped like the number 4. and i keep coming up with something like “path” and how one needs to be focused in the “now” of a journey. see, the journey denotes the entirety of a trip, from start to finish. but each journey is made up from a variety of paths, and the path can change. and when i see this symbol it strikes me like a sailor’s navigation aid, and how one needs to “check in” to see if one is still on the right “path” – and i keep coming up with the moment between sun and night, of checking in and being mindful and focused on the moment, like “attentiveness to the now” or “checking in to see if you’re still on the right path” – but from there i can’t seem to reduce it further into a word. so maybe something like “moment” but also “path” or “orientation” and “direction” but also “place,” as in your place with reference to the larger context. anyway, not sure if any of this is helpful to you and your project, or not.

    1. Ooo navigation excites me as that was a big word association in Cascais. There was a road and church of the Navigators who sailed around Africa to reach India

      1. Interesting. I thought that as long as I gave you the link I could leave it unlisted. Is that not true? I put the link in my original chat here.
        I can make it public if I need to.
        Please let me know.

        1. Ah ok. I’ll look on my computer to see if the link is there Sheila. Or email it if you don’t want to go public yet

          1. No worries, I went ahead and made it public. Channel is “Sheila Roe”. lmk if you have issues.

          2. Oh cool. I was creating raw version of the deck today for Olga so I’ll have some time tomorrow to watch and add it to the post. Thanks Sheila

  4. Dearest Russell, my two cents regarding the rune between the sun and night. My approach was to understand the intention and connection between mind and hand. I traced my finger over the sun rune and asked why? Like your owl rune it could’ve been representative, a circle (example ), instead there’s motion and movement. I then looked at the night rune and noticed the small line crossed through the right and left verticals and wondered if these verticals represent dark morning (left), and the dark night (right), while the horizontal line between the two (the bridge), representing the actual light of day. Could the centre rune (between sun and night) at the intersections where vertical and horizontal lines cross represent sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk? I hope this makes sense. Thank you for your time. ✨

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