After the initial burst to be seen the runes began to dance their way through some vast and deep frequencies. Surfacing from the soil they all were shaking themselves down to shed shadows, accumulated over time. Since arriving in here in Paradise, the runes have been shifting and settling in, to newer frequencies. Bedding back into their core songs and how these tunes perform in the modern world.

They were calling to be pinned-down and given Names & Frames or they were endanger of bleeding into each other. This temporary naming and framing of each rune has been a fabulous journey into the self and the world around me. There is so much to grasp from inside each ancient fractal symbol. The runes run deep in the fabric of life and offer us much food for thought.

Free Raw Runes

I’ve created a new working Raw Rune deck, well I’m halfway through, the neon orange pen ran out. I’ve also created two free PDF decks to share with all of you, as my gift to says thank-you to everyone who supports me on this journey. I’ve hand drawn all the runes and they appear on the cards with an Anglo-Saxon, Middle English name, a close translation and a word frame that opens the imagination to wander deep into a rabbit hole. This PDF is quite large (8.1MB) and I apologise if there are any errors, it’s taken three solid days of work, plundering my thoughts as the runes opened to me.

PDF Full Deck

Blank Deck PDF

I’ve also created a blank deck that has the frames and names but not the runic symbols. Idea is you print them and draw the runic symbols yourself, to personalise the magic. This is a much smaller file and drawing the rune symbols yourself will increase the personal magic attached to them.

Runes with a View

These are not final names and frames but just the next pathway each rune wishes us to explore with them now. It’s so exciting the way this project has a voice and philosophy of its own creation. This order is very fluid apart from the first 34 cards. 0 Ginnungagap – Seed or Void is the place before physical time. the limitless potential to be. 1-24 are the original Elder Futhark and it’s important to honour these as a separate runic tradition. 25-33 are the Anglo-Saxon additions to the Futhark (often spelt Futharc) to distinguish them. From Cealc to Bifrost remains a fluid landscape full of little life lesson cycles. For now we should all enjoy just exploring and playing with this 2nd draft or the runes. There are now defined meanings that I can share yet as this is a growing catalogue that needs refining as we shift this deck closer to production. Let’s all rake over the soil to find their hidden codes and magic within all the symbols.

What’s new then? Well to begin with there are 78 symbols that are mainly stable but from Olga’s artistic eyes that see energy there are a couple of possible removals that might occur still. I love that I don’t have control over this project and that all involved are helping to craft its form. I’m like the curator for the moment and the Runes will do as the Runes please. There is an Anglo-Saxon name for each with a close translation into modern English. Finally there is a framing word that are here temporarily to open vast rabbit holes to explore. These Names & Frames will evolve.


Here’s a few more Rune Raker Videos to enjoy. I am transcribing all the videos very slowly but I don’t have enough time in everyday to create new content and keep this all up to date. Please keep posting your thoughts as it all helps to refine the meanings of these runes. We begin with me, Rob and Reem all together.

Rob & Reem


Community Posts

Me and Magic

I will be opening up a series of pages too where you can submit your thoughts on the energies within the runes. These will be clearer as we move forward with this project. For now just grab the PDF that suits you, they’re totally free and then add the symbols to the frames yourself, or just print the ‘ready to roll’ deck and start exploring these magical frequencies.

7 Replies to “bloomin’ rune-shine

  1. Hello there Stacy here! I’ve been watching you and Cindy for over a year now. Thank you so much! I’m being called to illustrate a deck of cards I have worked with runes that I made out of clay for years. Would it be ok to work with your evolving deck I’d like to send you pictures of the results.

    1. Sure. You must enjoy playing with them as you’re move to. We have an artist, Olga who is creating this deck but I’m planning to start other deck projects too

  2. Wonderful job on the deck ! A beautiful collaborative effort!
    Thank You for sharing this with us!

  3. Thank you for the runes Russ, I appretiate all the time and effort you put into these for everyone to be able to enjoy!!!!!

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